by HumbugGirl

Author's Notes: 1) Inspired by the song 'Overdue' by Muse. This song is just beautiful and the lyrics given in the fic belong to it. This is not a songfic however. I just think the song perfectly fits a Chlionel scenario. 2) Angst and smut because that's what I write best. 3) Another future fic but not the too distant future of this one. 4) Written while doing biochemistry revision – I kid you not. Well, I needed to do something interesting. Lol.
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Title: Overdue
Author: HumbugGirl
Email: humbuggirl@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/powerandair or http://www.geocities.com/oddfiction Pairing: Chloe/Lionel
Rating: NC17
Summary: Future fic. Something always draws her back. Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: So not mine. The characters aren't mine, the lyrics aren't mine, nothing is mine but the plot. God, that's actually a bit depressing. Author's Notes: 1) Inspired by the song `Overdue' by Muse. This song is just beautiful and the lyrics given in the fic belong to it. This is not a songfic however. I just think the song perfectly fits a Chlionel scenario. 2) Angst and smut because that's what I write best. 3) Another future fic but not the too distant future of this one. 4) Written while doing biochemistry revision - I kid you not. Well, I needed to do something interesting. Lol. Feedback: Please.

You needed it when I was away, and no matter what I say, You'll never forget when I wasn't there, so why should I care, I'm young but I know that I'm aroused.

In the morning she knew she'd hate herself. She knew she would probably lay there, her fingers clutching the silk sheets, sliding over then and trying to hold on to something but that ultimately that same somewhat empty feeling she was now accustomed to would attempt to seep into her. She might roll over, burying her face into the overly soft pillow that had been beneath her head and let out a long, somewhat pained sigh that would catch the attention of the man lying next to her and cause him to wrap an arm around her body and drag her towards him. The action would be possessive and she'd hate that too but there was a part of her that would love it and feel an equal sense of satisfaction.

At the moment though... at the moment there was nothing that could have made her move from where she was laying, there was nothing that could have made her sit up and put out a hand to push away the man who was laid with his head between her legs with his tongue making a long sweep of her even as rough fingers pushed inside of her. The sensation of her body stretching around him, slick and eager to accommodate the digit entering made Chloe groan and arch her back even as she felt his tongue briefly swirl about her clit. Damn him if he didn't know exactly what to do in order to get her to react to him.

It had only taken moments for her to regret Gotham, to regret being away from her native Metropolis so long. She'd walked into the room with a small overnight case clutched in one hand and for a moment they'd just stared at each other. Chloe had shifted nervously for one foot to the other waiting for him to speak, the soft fabric of her top and skirt clinging slightly closer that was strictly necessary but in such as way that she knew he would appreciate. Lionel was seated behind his desk still elbows rested on the arms of the overly large leather chair and hands together in such as way as to make his fingers steeple. The look in his eyes was so blank that she found herself wondering whether she had made a mistake in coming even though stepping around the door and into the crafted room with its gleaming surfaces that stood in contrast to everything she was accustomed to the only thought in her heart was that this was right whether she wanted it to be or not.

Lionel's only real acknowledgement of her presence to begin with was to raise an eyebrow then glance at the bag which she lay down by her feet and up to her face. His eyes appeared to question her. "I've come..." she trailed off looking for the right word.

"Home?" Lionel suggested. Chloe said nothing, only continued to meet his gaze. "It's not a surprise of course."

"Do you have to sound so smug?"

The man shook his head a little then pushed himself out of his chair. Walking around the desk, the main obstacle between them besides the distance, he leaned against the edge of it. "Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. I always knew you were going to come back and so did you. The only surprise is that it took you this long."

A small spark of anger flashed in her eyes. "You knew nothing of the sort."

Lionel gave a small shrug of his shoulders, barely perceptible to the eye. "It was predictable."

"If you don't stop being such an ass Lionel I'm going to turn around and walk right back out that door," Chloe challenged. She found herself secretly delighted at the amused look that sprung almost immediately into his eyes.

"You don't want to do that," he countered pushing away from the desk and covering the last few feet between them.

"True, but I will anyway."

His hands came up to hold her upper arms. "Chloe..." he said softly.

"Yes Lionel?"

"Don't go."

For a few seconds she could do nothing but simply stare at him, wonder filling her that he had actually been so open, that he had actually gone so far as to voice a desire to have her stay for once. In the past, whenever they had had one of these encounters, Chloe had always been left with the distinct impression that it was she who had wanted them not to end and that fact in itself was one of the things that had continually driven her away each time. She didn't want to be dependant on him if there was nothing of the same reciprocated on his side. The idea of being stuck in yet another relationship where she was the one always being left behind looking needy horrified Chloe on more levels than she cared to count.

Bringing her hands up, she rested them on his chest, glorying in the feel of the familiar territory. Her eyes rested on her fingertips and the way in which they lay against dark plum coloured material. She drummed lightly. "I don't want to," she said again.

"Then don't."

A kiss followed. Unusually chaste by their usual standards and seemingly cautious and that felt Chloe yearning for more. With a hand she reached up and bring his head back down to hers, noting the way he came eagerly enough the second time. Hands slipped around her waist, gripping almost painfully dragging her up close against an alert, excited body. Her hands went upwards, moving behind his neck and drawing her body up and subsequently bringing them closer together and before long she felt Lionel finish the action and wrap his arms around her body in what turned out to be a wonderfully possessive motion that left her crushed against his chest. Warmth spread through Chloe at an almost frightening pace.

He turned them and walked Chloe backwards until her ass impacted with the hard edge of his desk. In a sweeping motion he moved aside the assorted clutter, most of it avoiding falling to the floor but some of it taking a tumble anyway. Something smashed though Chloe's attention was too rapt in the man who was insistently pressing her to sit on the table than to actually be able to look around and see exactly what had broken. She shuffled backwards, sitting on the edge and moving further back, parting her legs to allow him to stand between them. The skirt she was wearing rumpled as Lionel pushed a hand underneath, first touching her knee and then sliding strong digits up her thigh, gripping lightly as he did. Chloe let out a short groan as she felt him cup her groin, fingering her pussy through the lacy material that still separated them almost roughly.

Chloe's tongue darted out to brush along the line of his lower lip, tasting the slight saltiness of his flesh as she worked on the tie around his neck, eventually managing to pull it loose. She broke the kiss momentarily to drag the silk scrap over his head and throw it away and then began to work on the line of buttons down the front of his shirt quickly growing frustrated with them as Lionel renewed the urgency of their kiss and hooked his fingers in the elastic of her panties to drag them down her legs. Chloe gave a small smile of triumph when she eventually managed to do away with his shirt and putting a predatory look in her eyes she broke the kiss and leaned back on the desk, propping herself up with her elbows.

He was breathing heavy as he looked down at her and Chloe took the time to peruse the somewhat eternal fine physic that Lionel was holding onto. With a grin she hooked her heals around his waist and jerked him forwards so that the man half fell on top of her, his hands landing either side of her shoulders. There lips were so close together that Chloe could practically feel his breath gliding over her. Lionel never once lost the somewhat amused expression in his lust filled eyes. With almost agonising slowness he reached down and unfastened his belt buckle then worked on the button and zip, finally letting the pants slip down from his hips and pool on the floor. At the sight of the blue silk of his underwear straining over a rather painful looking erection Chloe gave his hips a little tug again, revelling in the sensation of their sexes rubbing together and the small growl that the man let out at the contact even if it was momentary. When he pulled back there was a wet patch staining the material that Chloe knew could only be her fault.

The underwear came off, Chloe watched appreciatively as it did so, letting her eyes stare and watching him twitch under her gaze. A heady little sigh and he was leaning over her again, half seeming to clamber onto the desk with her while hands reached for hips once again. Chloe pushed herself more fully into a sitting position, taking hold of his shoulders and letting herself to drawn against his body. A swift motion and he was buried inside her and Chloe was letting out a strangled little cry and the much desired sensation. Another smaller thrust and the joining was completed. Chloe dug her nails into his shoulders, bringing her face up to pattern his neck, then his jaw and finally his lips with kisses.

Lionel shifted, his body tensing momentarily under both their weights and then resettled them into a more convenient position, one that allowed him to slide in and out of her with comparatively more ease. The new angle caused Chloe to let out another small moan, her breathing becoming heavier, as his cock hit against the swollen walls of her pussy. He swallowed her mouth, eagerly snatching up kisses even as Chloe slid her hands over him. She grazed nails other his shoulders, down over straining biceps and over onto his chest. For moment she laid a hand over his heart, seeking out the powerful beat with the palm of her hand and then she moved across again, fingers nipping lightly at his nipples before tracing circles around the tender flesh. The action made Lionel jump a little and n return he bit at her lower lip, a delicious pain that made Chloe yelp into his mouth in return.

He was clutching her buttocks, lifting her off the desk with each deep thrust, actions that left Chloe reeling and eventually clinging to him almost desperately. She mirrored him, wrapped her arms around his waist suddenly then sliding the flats of her hands down to curl around his ass cheeks and ground the pads of her fingers in almost brutally. A hand on her shoulder and she was suddenly shoved back into a lying position on the desk. "Stay there," he growled as she moved to sit up again and at the tone of his voice Chloe decided it would be best to do just that. There was nothing tender about his movements anymore and Chloe clung to that fact, revelling in the shear animal desires that began to roll through her body. She tightened her legs around his waist against, squeezing as tightly as she could, barely giving Lionel to move. Still the thrusts came quick and strong; leaving Chloe knowing that she'd be bruised even as she began to tighten around him with the walls of her cunt beginning to twitch furiously.

Lionel groaned and began to tremble, his breathing becoming increasingly ragged even as the rhythm of his thrusts did. Chloe was oblivious; concerned only with precipitating her own orgasm, something that was quickly rolling over her and causing a short cry to escape her lips. Seconds later an expression of pure pleasure washed over Lionel's face and she felt him come swiftly inside of her. He slumped forwards, putting his hands on either side of her body to support his body further.

Exhausted Chloe let her legs fall from around him. She lay back on the desk, not even daring to want to move any further just yet and closing her eyes and hoping that some of her fatigue would pass quicker for doing so. Lionel was already stirring, stepping back from her and reaching down to grab a hold of his trousers and draw them back up around his waist. His shirt and tie came next and a quick run of fingers through his hair and it was impossible to tell the activity he had just been involved in.

"Chloe?" His voice was gentle, questing and deceptively confident. She pushed herself up into a sitting position in order to look at him, half tugging her skirt back down her legs. Seeing he had her attention he said, "I'll call a driver to take you to the house," while moving around the desk and reaching for the phone, not even really looking at her for longer than a few seconds.

"You're not coming too?" she asked, hating the slightly pleading quality in her voice. The expression he shot her was amused and Chloe narrowed her eyes at him almost scornfully as she said, "You just screwed me on your desk Lionel, is it a little too much to ask for some actually quality time together?"

"You don't call that quality time?" he asked and the suggestive nature of his voice left her blushing.

Chloe managed to shake her head. "I'll wait for the driver in the lobby," she said and stood up and wandered over to where her bag was waiting. After picking them up she headed towards the door.


"Yes?" she replied turning slightly. A flimsy piece of lace suddenly flew through the air at her and she barely had time to react, catching it before she had fully realised what she was doing. Chloe looked at the panties in her hand for a moment then balled then up and threw them directly back at him. "Keep them."

She glanced back over her shoulder once more before she walked out of the office, just in time to catch sight of Lionel lifting her underwear and breathing in whatever scent lingered there, the quirk of a smile on his face. A thrill of satisfaction ran through her.

Without Lionel there the house in Metropolis had always seemed ridiculously large and this time Chloe found was no exception. The driver left her at the door where the butler, Charles, met her. There was a small smile on his lips as he greeted her at the door with a, "It's good to see you again Miss Sullivan." He even dared a brief hug seeing as Lionel was nowhere to be seen. Stepping back the tall man in his odd penguin suit uniform said, "The usual set-up?" as if she hadn't been away for the past year and this was just like any other of her little escape attempts. Neither of them acknowledged the fact that this time she had very nearly managed it. Absently Chloe wondered whether Charles thought she was weak. The man was twenty years her senior and had works for Lionel for most of that time. Doubtless he had seen many young women walk in and out of the man's life and the idea of being classed with them when they both knew she need not be pained Chloe.

She looked away from him and nodded, "The usual," she replied and knew that when she needed them then her bags would be packed away in the bottom of her side of the wardrobe in Lionel's room and her clothing and other personal items would have found the little homes that were reserved for them. Chloe never really thought of the bedroom she shared with Lionel as theirs, but rather it remained his and it wasn't really a concept she wanted to change because, like part of the attraction to being with the man, belonging to Lionel was something to be treasured, something she found oddly attractive and frustrating all at once. Chloe had never been one to take the easy road in a relationship after all.

The rest of her afternoon and most of the evening was spent in a kind of limbo where Chloe found herself wandering aimlessly around the house while waiting for its owner to return. She moved from room to room, re-associating herself with the various rooms and their own individual little atmospheres, trying to find a way to settle back in and yet finding herself at a loss as to how to do so exactly. The servants watched her with amusement she knew, her pattern of behaviour so much familiar to what they had recognised in her before and because of that fact, Chloe knew that in past times she wouldn't be entirely happy, entirely at home, until Lionel came back, swaggering through the front door with his usual innate confidence and she could easily slide back into role she occupied by his side. Familiarity was a concept Chloe found herself dying to re-submerge herself into even though she knew that it was perhaps wrong to want to do so.

Lionel came home and a flurry of activity came with him. She stood in the entrance way, trying to assume an air of disinterest as she saw him walk through the front door and failing miserably by the evidence of a delighted smile on Lionel's features. It took seconds for Chloe to realise that he had probably stayed longer at the office than was strictly necessary just to irritate her. The idea inflamed her, as typical as it was of him; and the blonde woman turned away sharply and stalked through to the dinning room where their meal had just been laid out.

Evidence that Lionel liked to keep her close when they were around each other could be seen in the way in which the table was laid. Instead of being seated at opposite ends of the ancient look monstrosity that dominates the dinning room like was normally the custom, Chloe's place setting was adjacent to his giving the scene an intimate air. There wasn't a part of Chloe had hated the meal, instead she found herself loving the easy conversation that flowed between them and the brief little touches, his hand brushing hers or her foot inadvertently rubbing against his leg.

They were barely finished dinner before Lionel was standing and taking her hand to gently tug her in the direction of the staircase, looking at her expectantly over his shoulder even as he did so. She could have been stood in the same place, the same situation as she had been twelve months ago when she had made her last final decision to leave him. She knew now just like she had then that being in a relationship with Lionel would mean being in one that she might loose herself completely in and yet this time, this time she found she just didn't care anymore. Even as he drew her up the stairs after him and into his bedroom, even as she found herself stripped of clothes and desperately clasping her body to his, needing the contact between them as much as she desired it Chloe knew that she might not agree with the reasons she was here again, she might not want to be there but that there was something in Metropolis, in this house and in Lionel's arms that she couldn't escape. A traitorous little segment of Chloe's mind told her that it was simply all about lust, about knowing that a man such as Lionel could want her as badly as she wanted him.

The thought made her stop the small writhing motions her body had been undergoing. Seeming to sense the change Lionel looked up at her from his position low on her body. "Chloe?" he asked and his voice betrayed a further question.

She curled on the bed, moving herself into a sitting position and bringing their faces close together before she uttered simply, "I think I love you," then kissed him. His lips curving against hers was her answer and whatever the exact meaning, Chloe found she was happy with it.


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