Lingering in Sin

by HumbugGirl

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Title: Lingering in Sin
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: or Pairing: Chloe/Lionel
Rating: R (overall)
Summary: Some touches are worth lingering over. Spoilers: `Exodus'
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One moment she could breathe and the next it was as if the air had been forced from her lungs without her having any say in the matter. One moment she was quietly discussing the deal and the next... the next she was in a place she didn't even want to think about.

Well, not entirely at least. There was one part of her that had not only moved to that place but had set up residence there with a brightly coloured flag that screamed `oh God yes!' in something much too much like ecstasy for Chloe's tastes just because she could feel fingers pressing lightly into her shoulder. It was the briefest touch and although Chloe knew she should be thinking about Clark, his new girlfriend and Lana's betrayel and more than that she knew she should be concentrating on the deal before it got out of her control. That said the only thing actually in the whirlpool that was her mind was the sensation of Lionel Luthor's hand on her shoulder.

Chloe felt her body freeze with something akin to anticipation. His fingers feel more than a little like they're burning into her flesh but still it feels good.

The touch made it seem like everything was happening all at once. Chloe felt the utter calm of reassurance settle over her and then a rush of something that could only be confusion and then... oh God help her there was no denying the rush of something much, much warmer. A flood of what could only be described as desire flared in her suddenly, spreading out through her body eventually settling in several distinct areas; one as a lump of nervousness in her throat and a sting behind her eyes that warmed of threatening tears to remind her of broken promises. Another lay heavy in her heart causing it to pound wildly and fight to beat at all and finally, another sinking low in her body that hummed and refused to sputter out of existence, not that Chloe even made any real effort to make it do so. She revelled in it, craving the contact more than she might ever have imagined would be possible.

His hand on her shoulder made her pause. It made her breath erupt in a little sigh and she closed her eyes, realising she wanted him to take that final step closer in order to eliminate the simple annoyance of a matter such as the distance still between them. Chloe wanted to feel him pressed up against her back, his body larger than hers, more powerful in everyway from what she could tell and more importantly she wanted to feel the evidence she was sure must exist that proved he was already aroused. She wanted him to slide a hand around her body; starting at her waist with the firm presence of the flat of his palm over her stomach, pinning her against him, stopping on that slight rise and going down to places it certainly shouldn't go despite whatever they both might want. In her mind she saw the hand then disappear beneath the waist band of her skirt and come to rest over the mound of her satin covered sex, cupping her and perhaps fingering her lightly through the rapidly damping material. She wanted to hear a groan of approval come from his lips close to her ear even as one threatens on the edge of her own.

Chloe forced herself not to rub her thighs together even as she felt eyes fall on her in purely masculine appreciation; waiting for some reaction from her as if it were some predetermined decision that she absolutely had to react in some way.

As her reply Chloe let her head fall back slightly. She let her eyes flutter shut and the expression of pleasure she had been experiencing in her body slipped over her face. In that instance Chloe wanted him to be stood before her; she wanted him to see what that briefest touch from him caused in her. More so she wanted him to acknowledge to her face that he knew what he was doing to her, how he was manipulating her without any of the masks he was so skilled at throwing up to confuse and disarm his opponents.

A soft little sigh escaped Chloe before she could stop it and then she sharply drew in breath, holding it, waiting to see whether Lionel would grant her the acknowledgement she sought. The touch seemed to linger and Chloe found her senses aware of hot eyes on her once again, playing as much with her body as fingers did. The thrill it caused echoed throughout, moving not just through her but between them even as Chloe reluctantly pushed it away; burying and yet keeping it for later. Preserving it for when she could safely take it out again and roll it through her mind and truly enjoy the experience.


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