In Flight Entertainment

by HumbugGirl

1) My only excuse is the plot bunnies made me do it. 2) This wasn't going to be PWP but. well, it kind of turned out that way. 3) This is a general future fic. *When* in the future is actually a little unclear but not really particularly important. Chloe is well and truly out of high school and working as a reporter. 4) Yes, I know it's a weird crossover. Lots of people have told me so already. 5) I've only really recently started to read fic with Logan in it and I've come across some *horrible* 'accents' and I point blank refuse to use one.

Title: In Flight Entertainment
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: or or Fandom: Smallville/X-Men
Pairing: Chloe/Logan
Rating: NC17
Summary: Future fic. An interesting journey. Spoilers: Nothing really.
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. I'd love it if they were but they're not. I deal with this fact; you deal with it too. Author's Notes: 1) My only excuse is the plot bunnies made me do it... 2) This wasn't going to be PWP but... well, it kind of turned out that way. 3) This is a general future fic. When in the future is actually a little unclear but not really particularly important. Chloe is well and truly out of high school and working as a reporter. 4) Yes, I know it's a weird crossover. Lots of people have told me so already. 5) I've only really recently started to read fic with Logan in it and I've come across some horrible `accents' and I point blank refuse to use one. Feedback: Would be loved and adored.


The steady sound of recycled air being fed into the cabin filled Chloe's ears as a constant sound as she sat slumped in her business class seat. Ever since she had been trapped in a coffin underground when she was a teenager the blonde woman had found herself with a slightly nervous reaction whenever she was forced to breathe air that had been around a room more than once. Evidence of this phobia could clearly be seen in the form of a double shot of vodka in a plastic glass sitting on top of one of the paper coasters that the airline always handed out and which rarely actually did anything other than stick to the surface of the little plastic tables. With a slightly shaking hand Chloe reached out and clasped the glass, raising it to her mouth. The alcohol tasted sweet in her mouth but Chloe didn't pause to savour it. Instead she quickly took a serious of smaller sips before placing the cup back down and half wishing that she had avoided the complementary ice she had been given as it made her teeth ache. Equally though she wished that someone had discovered a way to consume vodka intravenously so that it would have the desired effect all the quicker.

Leaning back and snuggling herself further back into the supple leather of the aeroplane seat Chloe closed her eyes and attempted to take her mind off the idea that she was currently suspended thousands of feet above the earth where she should have been and that the only thing that was keeping her from plummeting to her death was a small tube of metal. That said she found herself also praying that she wasn't inside said tube. Chloe couldn't decide which idea was more appealing; plummeting to her death or being trapped inside a tube with recycled air and germs. The very thought of either left her feeling disquieted.

A small shudder ran through her and the blonde woman reached for her drink again, raising the cup to her lips and sipping. Even as she did so Chloe felt the man who was sat next to her glance out of the corner of his eye. She could say she `felt' him do it because that honest to god was like. His gaze was so intense; the entire aura around him was so intense that Chloe had felt like she was sitting next to a living breathing emergency flare since the flight began. She also knew she wasn't the only one who had noticed the fact either; the other passengers around them kept casting the occasional glance in their direction as if their eyes were draw to him of their own accord.. Chloe couldn't decide whether she liked it or not, she supposed that if he had been a little more talkative then she would have been happier about the situation but he wasn't. The man was as silent as a rock but a lot more active. They had been on the flight for just over an hour and he hadn't been able to sit still for longer than a couple of minutes at a time which made Chloe think of a caged animal, or at least a trapped one. If Chloe hadn't been so worried about his fidgety feelings infecting her nervousness and multiplying it then she would have felt sorry for him.

The worst bit was that she couldn't stop glancing at him as well. It was like he was magnetic; the sort of man who wasn't conventionally handsome but was doubly attractive because he was unconventional. Lana would no doubt have described him as `a bit of rough and tumble' and Chloe would be inclined to agree as the somewhat restlessness that was an innate part of him seemed to translate over to into who he actually was making him what Chloe would only describe as `all man'. It was the type of factor that could make a woman's knees melt at twenty paces and that didn't change just because she happened to be already sitting down when he boarded the plane. The one thought that had been running around her mind when she first realised that he was going to sit next to her was that she simply must have done something right in a previous life to get herself sat beside the incarnation of the essence of male being that this man was.

She still hadn't managed to get the image of his perfect jean-clad ass out of her mind yet.

Gritting her teeth Chloe tried to rid herself of the sudden sense of frustration she was experiencing and reached again for her drink. A hand suddenly covered her wrist, holding it against the plastic fold down table with nothing but the force of its weight. Rolling her head to the side to look at the man next to her Chloe let her eyebrows rise in a silent question and tried to ignore the flood of warmth that ran through her at the contact of flesh on flesh. You need to get yourself a man Sullivan, she told herself quietly while waiting for the man next to her to say something.

"Don't you think you ought to be taking it easy?" he rumbled; his voice every bit as deep as Chloe had imagined that it might be. "We haven't been in the air long enough for you to be drunk yet."

"This isn't drunk," Chloe replied.

"No but its getting there."

Okay, she couldn't argue with that. Instead Chloe said, "Drunk is better than hysterical." He raised an eyebrow at her and Chloe added, "Enclosed spaces," by way of explanation with a little wave of her hand.

"So how come you're flying at all then?" he asked and removed his hand. The area where he had been touching her suddenly seemed overly cold and Chloe pulled her hand back and rested it on her lap after briefly covering it unconsciously with her own hand. She found herself slightly disgruntled at the loss of contact.

Realising she had been quiet for a little too long Chloe said, "I had to get across country quick."

An easy grin broke onto his features. "I'm not sitting with a fugitive am I?"

"Hardly," Chloe laughed. "Actually, I'm a reporter. A real big interview chance came up and I'm rushing across country trying to catch it before the opportunity is gone."

He seemed to look at her again and Chloe got the impression she was being evaluated. Under his gaze she took a deep breath, only half aware of the way in which it made her breasts strain against the top she was wearing and emphasised her figure. She found herself suddenly wondering whether her hair was still looking okay from being pressed against the high backed seat and had to resist the urge to bring up a hand to play with it.

"You don't look like a reporter," he said finally.

"Is that a compliment?" the blonde woman asked.

"It isn't an anything. It's an observation." Giving her that same appraising look he held out a hand and said, "Logan."

Smiling a little Chloe slipped her hand into his, instantly feeling his grip tighten around hers with surprising strength. The action was almost comforting. "Chloe."

"Still planning on getting drunk Chloe?" he asked causing her grin to widen.

"I think I might be able to stop myself if I had the right distraction," Chloe quipped and then felt a slight blush appear on her cheeks. Okay, she hadn't planned to be that forward but it was difficult to keep her thoughts in a correct line as she found herself gazing into warm amused eyes that were probably capable of playing her like an instrument and belonged to a body that really should come with a health warning that said `Warning, close proximately may cause excessive drooling'. To her delight the small quirk of his lips turned into a bubble of laughter; one that left her wanting more. It lit up his entire face and Chloe was able to see a wealth of humour there, just lingering beneath what she suspected was a too serious surface at times. Chloe shot him what she hoped was a dazzling smile.

"That's better," he said seeming to relax back into his seat some what. It was the most relaxed she had seen him since boarding the plane and taking the seat.

Keeping her eyes wide with apparent innocence she exclaimed, "Oh?"

"When you're smiling; you look really good when smiling. It's a whole lot better than the grip of terror you had on the armrest before."

"I wasn't that bad," Chloe objected and seeing the disbelieving expression on his face she rolled her eyes at him and amended, "Okay so maybe I was." She paused for a moment and then she said, "You're good at this."


"Reassuring people; it's quite a talent. A lot of people pretend they can do it - trust me when I say I've taken enough flights with overly compassionate passengers sat next to me to know - but they can't. Not really. You though... you're different." Chloe held her hand out in front of her so he could note the lessened degree of shaking, oh it hadn't stopped completely but it was definitely less than it had been for the majority of the flight. "Just look at me; nervous wreck turned into almost confident flyer and just through a few words on your behalf."

Logan shook his head and went back to looking at the seat in front of him. "I don't think it was just a few words," he murmured almost too low for Chloe to hear although she found herself in two minds as to whether that was actually his intent.

Swallowing her momentary embarrassment at apparently having been so transparent Chloe shrugged her shoulders and said, "Hey, a little flirting never did anyone any harm." When he next looked at her his expression was incredulous; almost as if he hadn't quite believed what he had just heard. "What?" Chloe asked, imitating her earlier innocent tone.

With a shake of his head Logan said, "I just wasn't expecting that."

"What can I say? I'm a fun loving kind of gal."

For a second he seemed uncomfortable and then he shifted slightly in his seat and turned to face her once more and a curious glint in his eyes. "Just how fun loving would you say?"

Chloe's eyes darted up to his face, betraying her for an instance before she managed to get her expression under control again and evened it out. Even so she found herself suddenly confronted with eyes that held more than a little promise of... of well something if she wanted to go after it and the accompanying flutter that sprang up inside her, low in her belly, told Chloe that there was at least one part of her that wasn't exactly entirely opposed to the idea. Hell, who was she kidding, Chloe thought as she allowed herself to roam her gaze over Logan, what this guy seemed to be offering, what she thought he was offering, was like waving ice cream in front of a starving child. In other words, it was very nearly irresistible. Thoughts of licking the man before her all over quickly filled Chloe's head and for a second she had to close her eyes and take a deep breath just in order to push them away and allow coherent ones back in.

She had a choice of course. Clearly whatever had been going on was going to turn into more than a simple round of flirting if she continued but... but if she wanted to walk away from it she still could. The question was whether she wanted to; whether it was seriously a realistic proposition that she should actually consider taking up. She knew what her answer should be; that was obvious but the problem was that while her mind was saying that her answer should be `no' her body was insisting that she say yes and the latter voice was about a hundred times louder than the first.

Oh stop thinking like an old woman, Chloe told herself as she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye noticing for the first time that his shirt was slightly unbuttoned a way and that she could just see a hint of a wonderful chest outlined underneath. Biting her tongue Chloe suppressed a groan as her previous thoughts involving her tongue and his body returned with vengeance. Whether she wanted to acknowledge it or not she wanted him. Besides, she thought, it's actually kind of romantic. Strangers meeting on a plane and falling in love... well maybe not love be definitely lust.

"I'm sorry, I guess I was just being presumptuous," Logan said suddenly turning back in his seat, taking her silence as rejection. "I just go rushing in; not thinking about consequences. Always jumping to conclusions..."

"No!" Chloe exclaimed. Even before she could stop herself she found herself reaching out to touch his thigh and a soft sigh escaped her at the feeling of lean muscle beneath the tight denim that covered it and the way his body seemed to tighten under her touch. Forcing herself to relax she trailed her fingertips across the surface of the material. "You weren't jumping to conclusions. Well you were but you were jumping to the right ones."

She kept her eyes steady on where her hand lingered as she found herself unwilling to look up and into those eyes in case she had made some colossal mistake somewhere along the way and that wasn't what he had meant at all. The idea seemed ridiculous of course but she had never been particularly brilliant at reading men and what they wanted so she knew how to be cautious as a result although it had taken years of practice to remember to be that way. A line of tension ran through his body though that told her she was anything but wrong this time and Logan's hand covered hers, stroking the back of her hand and eventually knitting their fingers together so that his thumb was still brushing against her in an almost hypnotic pattern.

Chloe shot to her feet with one thought in mind; it probably wasn't the most intelligent one she had ever had but hey, what the hell? This seemed to be the right time to be adventurous anyway. She slid by his easily, brushing past his knees briefly and then leaned down to place her lips close to one ear. "Follow me in a couple of minutes," she whispered and then broke the contact between them and hurried up the aisle, smiling at one of the flight attendants as they passed each other. The woman gave her a curious glance but didn't say anything and soon Chloe was hurrying on further, excitement building in her veins along with anticipation.

The aeroplane bathroom was small but surprisingly clean but Chloe guessed that was probably more to do with the amount of money she had paid for her seat that anything else. Pushing down the seat she took a moment to look in the mirror and take in her appearance. Her hair wasn't as bad as she feared it would be; in fact, it looked kind of sexy in a `just got out of bed' way. She didn't have her purse so there was no way she could renew her lipstick unfortunately and instead Chloe opted for wiping what remained of the last batch off. Standing as far back as she could manage she undid another button on her shirt, displaying a daring amount of her full cleavage and tucked her hair behind her ears. "Why Miss Sullivan," she said quietly to herself. "You look almost ready to have fantastic seedy sex in an aeroplane bathroom."

Muffled laughter from outside the bathroom caused her to spin around with wide eyes. She reached for the door and unlatched it, peering outside cautiously. Seeing the tall man stood there with an amused smirk on his features Chloe reached forwards, grabbed hold of his shirt and yanked him inside. With two of them it was a tight fit, even tighter as Chloe attempted to manoeuvre them so she could lock the door once again and then turned to the man who was suddenly a hundred times as imposing now she was alone with him. He actually seemed to fill the room, not just from a physical perspective but from just being and Chloe found her breathing hitching slightly as she stared up at him and the heat that was all too evident in his eyes. Their lips were together before she had even fully realised what was happening and Chloe realised she was now leaned back against the door with his hands on either side of her body supporting the Logan's weight. She pushed one hand up behind his head, fingers brushing over surprisingly soft hair and drawing his closer as she let her tongue dart out and taste his lips. He responded by slipping his hands lower and bringing them down to grasp her hips and give her a gentle tug forwards; almost too gentle and Chloe found herself smiling into his mouth and saying, "I won't break," to which he didn't reply but instead gave her another small tug that pulled her flush against his body. The movement gave to Chloe all the evidence she needed of his desire to by in their current situation as she felt his hard against her even through their clothing.

With a wantonness that surprised her Chloe rubbed herself against him and brought her hands swiftly down to tug the shirt he was wearing out of his jeans. At the same time he mirrored her action, drawing the material of her own top forth and carefully setting to work on the buttons until the shirt was parted and he swept in with one hand to cup a breast, squeezing the flesh and letting out a murmured of approval even as Chloe gasped and arched into his hand. There was blood pounding wildly in her veins as Chloe found herself reaching inside his shirt and running hands over the wonderful chest she had seen hinted at being present. Breaking their kiss she lowered her head and ran her tongue across his flesh finding it heated almost to the point where she was certain he was burning. Leaving a fine line of salvia behind her Chloe's lips closed over one nipple, sucking it into her mouth and making Logan groan. She swirled her tongue around the taut flesh, tasting the flesh and noting the way it seemed to scream `male' at her while wondering when it was that a man's physic had so matched up to what she had anticipated. There was something utterly virile about him, something that made her want to devour him entirely and claim him for her own even as she felt him push the skirt she was wearing over her hips and let it pool on the floor unheeded.

Her hand went to his belt buckle, eager fingers momentarily struggling with it and then managing to unfasten it. His jeans were a button up affair and Chloe quickly moved down the line of them until she could slip a hand inside and cup him. Logan made an audible growl as her hand slid over him, sending a shiver through her that seemed to pool directly between the blonde's legs. She drew back from her oral examination of his chest, keeping her eyes steady on him as she slowly drew him out of his pant - not surprised to find that underwear getting in the way wasn't going to be an issue with this guy - and held him gently. Logan's eyes gave a little roll as she began to stroke him and one hand flew up to impact with the wall as he slumped forwards, almost seeming to curl around her with his entire body. The motion made enough noise that Chloe became certain that someone was going to come along at any moment to see what was wrong but when there was nothing to indicate anyone else had heard she let out a heady sigh of relief.

Logan grew in her hand, swelling even more and for a moment there was utter silence in the small cabin with the exception of their breathing. Then a rustling noise as Logan reached into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a worn looking wallet and flipped it open easily. Moments later he came up triumphantly with a small golden foil packet which was opened with a skill that betrayed the fact that he had done it before a few too many times. Not that Chloe particularly minded at the moment considering the burning sensation that felt like it was going to rip her right out of her own body if she didn't get a little more flesh on flesh soon. As he tended to slipping on the condom Chloe stepped as far away as she could manage in the claustrophobic space of the bathroom and shimmied out of her pants, noting the small wet patch at the crotch as she did so and left them in a pile with her skirt. Stepping forwards again she kissed him, felt hands cup her butt cheeks and then suddenly she was being lifted into the air with surprising ease. Strong hands held her in mid air for a moment again and then Chloe wrapped her arms about his neck as he allowed the blonde woman to slide down his body until the cock that had been poised at her entrance slowly began to breach her and enter her body. Chloe groaned and wriggled around a little as she adjusted to his size. All the while the one though inside her mind was that this was all just perfect in a kind of strange and twisted way.

He braced them both against the wall, Chloe's back to it and spread his feet slightly even as she wrapped her legs around his waist with the somewhat wonderful and frightening realisation that she might actually end up hanging on for dear life if the shear strength the man seemed to possess translated into actual, real, all manly-man strength like she strongly suspected it would do.

"Ready?" he asked his voice deliciously throaty. Chloe looked into his eyes, noticing the way in which he genuinely seemed to be concerned for her comfort and then as Chloe nodded her reply he grinned broadly, moments later the first real thrust coming. Suddenly Chloe realised why he had been asking her if she was ready. The feeling of him sliding in out of her was startling in its forcefulness. Not that Chloe didn't enjoy it; on the contrary she loved it and she found herself clawing at his shoulders and holding on for dear life even as his pace sped up and her own body began to react with small little thrusts of its own. The friction between them was delicious and when she realised she was close, that at any moment her body was going to begin to quiver in delight, Chloe wrapped her arms even more tightly around him, digging short nails into the muscles of his back. It seemed like mere seconds since he had entered her and yet for once Chloe found she simply did not care.

With a deep groan she collapsed against him, letting his strength support them both even as he leaned in against her more fully, trembling against her.

"That was..." Chloe began and then let her voice fade out. She wasn't entirely certain what that had been; wonderful just wasn't a big enough word to cover it.

The only sound that Logan made in response was a mumbled little agreement, the tone in his voice more telling than the actual words. Fingers moved over her and Chloe found herself lowered to the floor. Still, he didn't let go completely immediately and instead wrapped his arms around her shoulders so that Chloe could lean again him. She found herself nuzzling the finally sculpted flesh, revelling in the scent.

"We should... we should get out of here," Logan said slowly. Even as Chloe was about to object though he added, "But damn I don't want to move."

She chuckled, ran her hands up and over his chest and then wrapped then around the back of his neck while looking up at him. "We don't have to," she suggested.

"I think someone is going to come looking for us soon and I'm pretty sure there's a law against what we just did somewhere."

With a smile she said, "And here I was thinking you seemed like the type of guy who'd be unconcerned about that."

"My concerns were more directed towards you actually."

"Aw, that's kind of sweet."

Logan gave a little chuckle of laughter, he half glanced around. "I thought you didn't like small spaces."


"The bathroom... it's kind of small."

"Oh! Well, I think they'd have been less impressed if I'd tackled you in the aisles and ravaged you right there and then."

He raised a cheeky eyebrow. "That was an option?"

She slapped him playfully on the arm and dipped down to reach for panties, hearing him draw in a quick breath as she glided down his body and then back up again. Quickly she pulled them on and drew up her skirt. When she looked back up at him the heat had returned to his eyes and Chloe found herself saying, "I thought we had to leave."

Logan's eyes slipped south, drifting over her body while he said, "I might have been wrong."

At the sound of a questioning voice at the other side of the bathroom door Chloe said, "I think you might have been right somehow."

"Maybe they'll go away."

"Maybe." They stood in silence for a moment until there was a brief knock on the door that caused them both to grin. "Guess not. Come on, time to face the music."

Chloe reached for the lock and heard a sudden scurry of movement behind her. When she was certain that he was dressed then she unfastened the door and slid it aside to reveal the face of a startled looking female flight attendant. The woman's bright eyes darted from Chloe and her slightly ruffled appearance over her shoulder to the tall man who stood behind her. Chloe felt herself begin to blush as the other woman's mouth fell open so slightly and flew into a broad grin just before saying, "I don't blame you honey," while she eyed Logan appreciatively. The small, fat balding man who was stood marginally behind the woman looked less forgiving so Chloe flashed him and grin and quickly hurried off back down the aisle.

When Logan sat down next to her she said, "That was... confidence inspiring."

He glanced at her again out of the corner of his eye. "Oh?"

"I mean, I think you've managed to cure me of my fear of flying for life."

Logan raised an eyebrow before reaching across and taking her hand. "I don't suppose you have any other phobias you need help with?"

Chloe shivered a little at the deep suggestive resonance of his voice even as the corner of her lips quirked up in a smile. "Give me a moment and I'm sure I could develop a few."


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