by hurlingturtles

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Lex watched Chloe enter the restaurant, his eyes hooded with sexual anticipation. Her blond hair gleamed in the soft, dim lighting and her hips swayed gently as she walked.

Lex was happier than he ever thought he'd be. He knew that he felt more for Chloe than lust, though their sex was mind-blowing. He loved her. He loved everything about her-body, mind, heart, soul. He wanted to lose himself so completely in her that he couldn't tell here he ended and she began. His heart still raced in his chest when she entered the room, even though they'd been dating for several years. When other men watched her stroll by them he still wanted to rip their heads off.

Chloe slid into the curved cushioned bench next to Lex and kissed him. She grinned. "I'm graduating this month."

Lex rolled his eyes, draped his arms around her shoulders, and nuzzled her soft neck. "So you've been telling me everyday for the past month." Chloe was graduating from the Metropolis University, her major in journalism. She and Lex and begun dating when she was a senior in high school and Lex followed her to Metropolis without thinking twice about it. "Have you decided whether or not you're going to accept the offer to work for The Topeka Daily News?" he asked.

"Not yet."

"Well, tell me soon. It's going to take me a couple weeks to relocate my office to Topeka. And I still have to find a place to live." Lex placed a hand on her thigh, yearning to touch her smooth skin. His pants grew a bit tighter at the thought. "Do you want an apartment, a penthouse in a condo, or a house of some kind?" They'd been living together the past couple years.

"You're coming to Topeka?" she said uneasily.

Lex gaped at her. "Of course! Do you think I'd have gotten you the interview if I wasn't? I couldn't bear being away from you." He tensed. "Why? You're not thinking of breaking up with me, are you?"

"No, I just feel bad. First you move away from Smallville for me, and now Metropolis. Maybe I should just accept the job at the Daily Planet."

"Listen, I love you. I'd be more than happy to move as long as I'm with you. Work wherever you want. Don't restrict yourself because of me." He pulled her skirt up, thanking God for the table cloth hiding their lower half from view, and stroked her hot inner thigh.

Chloe flushed, her mouth hanging slightly open. "Lex! We're in a public place! What if someone sees us?"

He nibbled at her earlobe. "They won't. The table cloth is in the way and it's really dark in this corner. Besides, I own this restaurant, this is my private booth. I can do whatever I want."

He raised his hand slowly higher up her leg. Chloe's breathing got noticeably more ragged. Lex's erection throbbed in his pants. He moved to brush his thumb against the crotch of Chloe's underwear to find she wasn't wearing any. Chloe gasped.

Lex chuckled. "You naughty girl."

"This dress looked better on without underwear," she rasped.

"Don't ruin my fantasy that you discarded them just for me." He rubbed her hard little clit and Chloe moaned. She fumbled at his pants.

The waiter stopped by their table. "Can I get you something to drink? Know what you want to order yet or do you need more time?" They both froze for a moment. The waiter gave them an odd look.

"Get me a rum and coke and my date a strawberry daiquiri. We'll both have whatever the special is today," Lex said shortly.

"That would be the linguini with clam sauce and shrimp scampi."

"Yes, yes, fine, now go. I don't want to be waiting forever for our food."

"Lex, that was rude!" Chloe protested.

"Hmmm, so it was. I'll apologize later." He kissed her passionately, caressing her lips with his tongue. His fingers continued her exploration and Chloe unzipped Lex's pants.

Chloe took his hot, hard cock in hand. She trailed her fingers up and down the length of him and hips jerked in response. He growled and plunged two fingers in her wet cunt. He moved his fingers in ways that made her dizzy with feeling. She clasped his cock firmly but gently and began jerking him off. They were both lost in a world created by their own lust.

Their food arrived at the table. The waiter set the dishes carefully down.

"Wow, that was quick," Chloe commented breathlessly, Lex's fingers were still moving in her. She increased the pace of her hand and Lex grunted softly.

"Can't keep the boss waiting," the waiter told her amiably. She smiled up at him and Lex slipped another finger in her. She thought she was going to climax right there in front of the waiter. She gritted her teeth and tried to hold on to her sanity. "I hope the food has been made to your liking," the waiter said.

Chloe removed her hand from Lex's cock and he moaned quietly in frustration. The waiter was oblivious. She dipped a few fingers in the clam sauce and slowly licked the white crme from her fingers. "Delicious," she said suggestively to Lex. Lex's eyes blazed with heat.

"Go," Lex told the waiter. "And don't come back to this table, walk by it, or even let anyone look in this direction for at least a half an hour."

The waiter stared at them for a moment before walking away, shaking his head and muttering to himself.

Chloe returned her wet fingers to Lex's rock-hard cock. A guttural "Jesus Christ!" slipped from his lips.

He removed his fingers from Chloe's cunt and she started in surprise when he picked her up by the waist to lower her on his cock. Fully impaled, Chloe threw her head back. Remembering where she was she gazed at the people at the other tables. They were all chatting quietly with each other, not noticing the couple fucking in the dark private corner of the restaurant. The danger of being noticed at any moment was unbearably exciting. She was glad she was on birth control and didn't have to worry about condoms. She didn't think she could have waited for him to slip one on.

Chloe moved and began sliding up and down on Lex's cock. His face was screwed up with intense passion. He buried his face in the V of her dress. He lightly nipped the swell of her breasts and the kissed the spot he bit. Chloe moved faster and Lex participated as much as he could, thrusting harder and harder in her. Chloe was engulfed in heat and could feel sweat gathering at her hairline. The keening noise that always escaped her before she climaxed slipped from her lips and Lex open-mouthed kissed her, swallowing the sound. Then she came, shuddering in exquisite response. Lex snarled and came inside her, bathing her vagina with his seed.

They sat there for a few moments, panting until they reluctantly separated themselves. Finally, Chloe grinned up at him. "Okay, I'll stay in Metropolis as long as we visit this restaurant at least once a week."

Lex threw back his head and laughed

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