Forty Dollar Tip

by HumbugGirl

1) Yes, I'm well aware of the inherent 'wrongness' of this fic but what can I say? I'm not the first and I don't think I'll be the last. In my defence, if they won't give me Chlex scenes on the show then I'm going to take advantage of the snippets of Chlionel they throw my way. 2) This fic is rated NC17 for a reason. Look, I'll be honest. It's virtually PWP. 3) Un-betaed because I simply don't have the time and my beta reader went 'ew' when I said I was writing this.

Title: Forty Dollar Tip
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: or or Rating: NC17
Pairing: Chloe/Lionel, hints of Chloe/Lex Summary: Future fic; perhaps a year or two into the future. Limo smut. No, really it is. Spoilers: Based on spoilers for `Witness', please note I haven't actually seen the ep yet at the time of writing this. Disclaimer: None of the characters of Smallville are mine. Author's Notes: 1) Yes, I'm well aware of the inherent `wrongness' of this fic but what can I say? I'm not the first and I don't think I'll be the last. In my defence, if they won't give me Chlex scenes on the show then I'm going to take advantage of the snippets of Chlionel they throw my way. 2) This fic is rated NC17 for a reason. Look, I'll be honest. It's virtually PWP. 3) Un-betaed because I simply don't have the time and my beta reader went `ew' when I said I was writing this. Feedback: Please.


Inside the limo the air was almost impossibly still despite the fact that the heater must have been turned up on full. Having the dial turned up so high undoubtedly meant that the inside of the limo was very nearly sauna like but the only concession that Lionel had made was loosening the tie around his neck a little. As always, his suit jacket remained on and his shirt fully buttoned giving an almost impossible degree of business professionalism to his exterior appearance. He even appeared calm although at that moment there was festering away inside him that just refused to go away even as the limo raced away from the horrible meeting he had just been forced to endure and the even worse phone call that had followed. Learning that Lex was staging yet another minor uprising that that his younger son, Lucas was cooling his heals in a jail cell yet again all in the same day was hardly a desirable occurrence. The most disturbing fact was that while he was sure it would be simple enough to remedy the Lucas problem, well, as long as the boy hadn't done anything too serious of course, he also knew that it would be more difficult to settle things with Lex this time.

Reaching for the small mini-fridge Lionel pulled out a bucket of ice and used the tongs that were hung on the side of the fridge to place two ice cubes a piece into two separate chilled glass. That done he replaced the ice and reached for the bottle of twenty year old scotch that was also sat on the side, perched safely behind a bar and pulled two measured into each of the glasses. Leaning back into his seat once again and feeling the pliant leather move around him Lionel sipped at his drink while the stock report sounded on the television in the background while looking out of the window onto the snow strewn landscape that came into view as they left Metropolis.

Twenty minutes later and Lionel was still bristling inside when a small somewhat bedraggled figure came into view along the roadside. For a moment he was tempted not to tell the driver to slow down, knowing that his present emotional state being taken into consideration that it perhaps wasn't the best idea in the world then rejected the urge and pressed the intercom button uttering a sharp, "Pull over."

As the car pulled to a halt by the side of the road, the tires crunching on the frozen gravel Lionel pressed the `down' button on the electric window and let in a cold burst of air. A face appeared at the other side of the car door, her cheeks an almost ferocious red, her lips tinged slightly with blue and droplets of moisture forming on her brow and running down. Peering inside the limo she snapped, "If this is some kind of joke then it isn't funny. Unlock the door and let me in. It's freezing out here."

"No greeting Chloe?" he asked and smirked at the deep frown on her features as he flicked up the lock. Within a second the door was open and the girl climbed in with a flurry of snow that dusted her shoulders and hair. She pushed past him leaving a light trail of rapidly melting snow across his knees and slumped onto the seat next to him, quickly slipping out of her coat and throwing it to the front of the limo. Lionel lets his eyes roam over her taking in the way in which the expanse of flesh sitting over the low neckline of the pretty little red top he liked so much was dappled from the cold and that now that her heavy winter coat was not obscuring it the black skirt rode high up her legs revealing the tops of lacy black stockings. His eyes travelled upwards again over the flat of her stomach and to the perfect roundness of her breasts and the way they threatened to spill over the top of the little red woollen camisole. A rush of heat went straight to his groin at the sight of harden nipples straining through the delicate material and the sudden memory of what it felt like to roll his lips around them filled his mind.

"You don't deserve a greeting," the blonde replied as she ran her fingers back through her hair, the dampness in it making the strands cling to her scalp and revealing her fresh face. "You kept me waiting out there for nearly an hour."

Lionel shrugged signalling to the driver to go on and reached for the glass of whiskey that had been sitting on the side waiting for her. "A meeting ran late."

"There is always a meeting running late," she murmured but smiled charmingly as he turned to her with the drink, gratefully accepting it and sipping at the warming liquid. Some of the normal colour instantly came rushing back to her face and Chloe made a small satisfied noise as she slumped back further against seat. The skirt had ridden higher and now as Lionel glanced down he saw a line of the pale flesh of her thigh in stark contrast to the darkness of the material around it.

Turning away he said, "Unfortunately the world of business does not just stop whenever I feel the need to bury myself in a piece of flesh."

She gave a little faux sigh before saying, "And here I was thinking that you might actually want to talk with me first."

"About what?"

Chloe shrugged her small shoulders. "I don't know. You could ask me how I am or what I've been up to. You could even ask me whether I've managed to dig up anymore dirt on Clark or Lex."

Lionel looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "I have other people to do that for me now."

A little self-satisfied grin crept onto her features. "But no one as good at it as I am."

"True I suppose," he offered her in conciliation. After a moment he added, "So what have you found out?"

The blonde girl downed the rest of her drink and placed the glass back on the side. From experience Lionel now knew that her head would be spinning ever so little and her tongue would be more pliant. In more than one way, he thought unable to suppress a wolfish grin at the same time. A small pout came onto her lips however and she said, "I don't think I'm going to say now."

"Chloe..." he growled, the sound unmistakeably that of a warning.

"I'm not wearing any underwear," she said quickly, her voice so throaty that it sent a shiver of anticipation running through him. He looked at her sharply and realised for the first time that her hand had been playing on her thigh and was now disappearing beneath the hem of her skirt. Lionel covered it quickly with his own and stopped her; pushing her fingers away to be replaced by his own. Underneath his touch her skin seemed marvellously smooth and ever so slowly he moved his hand up her leg, pushing the skirt with it until wisps of blonde pubic hair came into sight. The erection he had been nursing swelled further at the sight of the hair already glistening with the slick juices seeping from her wet lips.

"And here I was thinking you wanted to talk," he murmured as he tenderly stroked a finger against the engorged flesh and she bucked her hips against his hand. Almost agonisingly slow he pushed his index finger just inside of her, easily finding the heated bundle of nerves there that he circled with small actions causing her to moan.

"I did," Chloe said breathlessly, arching her back against the seat as her eyes flickered shut and pushing pert breasts out before her. "I want you to fuck me with words as well as your body."

For a second his eyes widened and Lionel found himself speechless and then a small smile drifted over his lips. He removed his hand from between her heated thighs despite the small moan of protest she gave and trailed it up her body, pausing only for a second over her breast and then continuing to travel up the column of her neck, over her chin and to her lips. Her eyes still closed, Chloe's nose flared for a second as she caught scent of her own juices and then her tongue darted out, lathering his finger and cleaning him. Expertly she sucked his finger into her mouth, shifting on the seat to allow them both better access as she rolled her tongue around him. Eventually he withdrew and green orbs opened again to look at him as she sucked for a final few seconds on the pad of his fingertip.

The look in her eyes was heated, almost needy as she waited for some indication that she would be allowed to move. As he watched she brought her hands up to cup her breasts, squeezing them roughly through the material of her top and then pinching the nipples hard and causing a small groan to echo through the limo. Lionel could almost see the muscles of her belly clenching as she worked on herself and determined not to allow the girl to finish herself he removed her hands by taking hold of her wrists and pushing her off the seat and onto the carpeted floor. Chloe looked up at him stunned, innocence showing in her gaze for a second and then she kneeled before him, resting her hands on his knees and sliding them easily up well muscled thighs to his hips. There she pushed his legs apart and moved between them running her hands over the proud bulge in his pants and causing Lionel to suck up air sharply.

Still she moved closer and then dipped her head, the drying tendrils of hair slipping about her face as she used her hands up unfastened the button but took the zip between her teeth and tugged it down. When she paused and looked up at him next there was a cheeky look in her eyes and then Chloe reached inside the material of his designer briefs and gently freed him from the confines that had covered him for far too long. Lionel looks down his body at himself standing erect in the air, veins bulging ever so slightly in the reddened flesh of his cock and the telltale shine of white pre-cum at the tip. Chloe took several heavy breathes as she once again put her hands firmly on his thighs and looked up at him until finally Lionel found himself commanding, "Get on with it you silly little bitch!" while pushing the fingers of one hand through her hair and forcing the girl's head down roughly to envelop the hard flesh with her lips. For a moment she stumbled and a short moan of protest escaped her and then the talent mouth that he loved went to work on him, her tongue stroking his length while she sucked. Lionel pushed deeper, pressing her head down further and further until he felt himself hitting the back of her throat as his hips began to thrust up of their own accord until he was going deeper into her mouth than he had ever been before. Sharp little nails dug into his thighs as she desperately tried to cope with the full length of him inside her, her teeth meeting the flesh of his groin and his balls striking her chin. Chloe struggled against him, attempting to push away and escape but Lionel held her in place with superior strength as he felt his balls begin to tighten and then as he shot his load deep into her throat as the blonde girl made little slurping noises as she swallowed, trying not to choke on him.

Finally he let go of her head, pushing her away from him as he tried to steady himself. This time as she fell back against the floor, her legs parted displaying to him the wonderfully tight cunt he knew nestled there in all its glory and her ragged breathing made her chest seem even more voluminous than it really were, there was a frightened look in her eyes and the wetness of tears. A thin line of cum escaped in a trail from the corner of her mouth and under this intense gaze Chloe darted her tongue out and caught it. Still, she made no move to cover herself and Lionel knew in that instance that the mouth between her legs was still wet and aching for him. The thought sent yet another line of heat to his cock and although it had previously gone flaccid in the mouth of the young girl on the floor before him Lionel felt himself beginning to grow hard again. With one hand he gripped himself and began run his clenched fist up and down the length of the hardening flesh, feeling it respond with vigour - eagerness even as Chloe scrambled away from him.

"I thought you wanted to be fucked my dear," he purred, eyes gleaming with a predatory light as he continued to pump himself. Her eyes watched his motion and while she shook her head it was a tiny sound of lust that came from between her lips and made him smile at her. "Tell me my pretty little bitch," he said letting the sound of the emphasise he placed on the final word play around in the limo until it had built up an almost sinister quality. "Have you ever taken it from behind?"

Chloe's eyes darted up to his face and then back down to where his hand had slowed its pace as she shook her head. Lionel stroked himself gently knowing that he was now fully hard and ready to be buried in her body. "Lionel..." she all but stuttered as she gulped down a breath of air. "I don't... I don't think I can."

"Wrong answer. Now, get undressed."


Putting the full force of his voice behind it Lionel boomed, "Do it!" and the girl visibly jumped before she moved into action. She reached down and took hold of the edges of her camisole, dragging it over her head and throwing it away before twisting her arms around her back and unclasping the black bra she wore. It fell forwards and for a moment Lionel found himself fascinated by the way in which her breasts now hung free, swaying slightly with the nipples still as hard and as reddened as he had imagined them to be before his attention was draw south as she unzipped her skirt and eased it over her hips letting him see the full beautiful lines of her hips and the lines that ran down to the apex between her legs. "Don't," he said as she reached to remove the stockings adding, "Leave them on. Now get on your hands and knees."

"Please Lionel..." she moaned but was already moving herself. She turned in the small space, brushing against the cool leather of the seat with a shudder and then raised herself up on her hands and her knees, displaying to him the wonderful roundness of her rump.

He left her there in silence, wondering what was happening as he slipped from the seat himself and removed his jacket. The tie came next and then his shoes and socks before trousers and his boxer briefs, piling the clothes in the corner and hoping that they wouldn't get too rumpled. Moving forwards he slipped a hand between her legs while patting her ripe bottom with his other hand. He heard her give a little groan as he parted her thighs finding them wet and sticky with her juices and his hand moved further up, parting the swollen lips of her cunt and drenching his fingers in the rivulets of the sticky lubricant flowing out of her body. Chloe's body moved against him as he accidentally brushed against her clit and Lionel found himself uttering a little warning against any further action.

Taking his wet hand he lathered his cock ensured that by the time he was through he slipped easily through his own fingers and then he moved a finger up to her puckered hole and very slowly inserted it listening in rapture to the little gasps of pain and pleasure that Chloe drew in. "Stay relaxed," he warned when he had one finger fully inserted into her anus and then slow began to move it, slicking the sensitive flesh with her own juices and readying the muscles for the larger intrusion to come. Taking hold of her hips he felt her tense for a moment and waited while she relaxed again. Then positioning himself at her entrance he thrust inside abruptly listening as she screamed out his name in shock.

Without giving her time to pull away he drew out sharply and thrust in again feeling himself moving easily against her and yet with the delicious resistance of the tight opening. Harder and harder he gripped her hips, digging fingertips and manicured nails into the heated flesh, driving into her with force each and every time as deep groans began to erupt from deep inside his chest. She grunted like an animal as he thrust into her, eventually putting a hand out to rest against the partition wall that separated them from the driver as their action became so violent that it became clear they were in danger of falling. Gradually Lionel became aware that her moans of protest had turned into ones of pleasure and she thrust back against him, their bodies building up a rough, uneven equilibrium where both fought for control.

In a moment of sympathy Lionel reached around the front of her body and between her legs to find her heated cunt and hear her gasp as he nipped at her clit, rubbing the tiny bundle of nerves mercilessly until she screamed out in pleasure, coming hard around him with a force that he had never seen from her before. Chloe's arms suddenly gave out and they fell forwards, Lionel still buried deep inside her ass. He thrust once, twice and then a third time and came inside her, filling the girl's small shaking body with his seed before collapsing on top of her while breathing so hard he wondered whether his heart was going to burst. Small aftershocks of her organism continued to run through Chloe's body and she whimpered in a mixture of contentment and perhaps a little pain. Making an effort to move Lionel slid out of her and rolled onto his side, drawing the girl with him before spooning around her. He gripped Chloe's hips lightly and drew back against him before wrapping an arm around her waist and burying his nose into her hair to inhale the lingering scents of her shampoo and perfume and sweat as well as the overwhelming one of their combined sex. For a moment she lay stiffly against him and then seemed to find the will to relaxed and her body softened against his, one of her hands coming up to cover his as it rested on her stomach.

She trembled ever so slightly against him as the rapidly cooling interior of the limo began to touch her skin and against his better judgement Lionel found himself drawing the blonde girl closer to him still. To his surprise she turned suddenly, shifting onto her other side and in the second before she buried her face into the crook of his neck he saw tears glistening against the pale flesh of her cheeks. The sight shocked him somewhat; having only seen the blonde girl upset a handful of times since he had first encountered her it was entirely unexpected. The feeling only increased as she curled arms around him and clung to him, pressing their bodies tightly together in order to whisper in his ear, "I hate you."

Lionel took a deep breath and then leaned back to look into her eyes as she looked up at him expectantly, the look in her eyes more telling than he supposed she intended it to be. It wasn't hate he saw lingering there.

Smirking Lionel patted her bottom and then sat up suddenly while saying, "Chloe, if you hated me then I rather believe you would be more vocal in your protests before you opened your legs."

"Stop being so crude."

Lionel looked back at her over his shoulder taking in the sight of her body as she propped herself up on her elbows. With speed he rolled over and crawled his way up her body until his face was directly in front of hers and his weight was resting ever so slightly upon her. Unconsciously Chloe parted her thighs and let him nestle in-between them and the smirk on Lionel's face grew bolder. "Did I offend you my dear?" he asked keeping his voice low and suggestive. "Did I hurt your feelings?" He tipped his head slightly to one side as she wriggled a little and his body responded instantly, his cock twitching to life against her thigh.

"Why do you do this to me?" she asked quietly, sadly even as she lifted her legs to hook them around his hips.

He rocked against her weeping cunt as he answered, "Perhaps I find the idea of screwing my son's girlfriend intriguing." She looked at him sharply and Lionel laughed out aloud. "You didn't realise that knew Lex had made romantic overtures towards you?"

"Bastard!" she hissed and tried to pull away. Grabbing hold of her wrists Lionel immobilised them above her head and shifted his lower body slightly, drawing back and then easing himself inside of her. Lionel gritted his teeth to hold back the contented little groan that threatened low in his throat as he felt the soft warmth surround him. Chloe was not so controlled as she made a mewing sound and bucked up hips towards him.

Leaning closer to her ear he asked, "Have you been to bed with him yet? Hmm? Tell me, do you compare notes on us both?"

"I haven't," she protested pushed her head back against the vibrating limo floor so that her breasts were thrust towards his face. Lionel let himself give in to the moment and nuzzled in the valley of her breasts and gently nipped at the sensitive skin. When he looked up again placing his lips on her in a gentle kiss Lionel found himself meeting her eyes as she looked down at him. "I haven't," Chloe repeated. "I wouldn't. It was just to get closer to him and find out more. I promise you Lionel..." Her voice trailed off as he covered her mouth with his own, the kiss abrupt and bruising as he forced his tongue inside her mouth and found her eager to respond to him. In the chasm of her mouth they battled for dominance, teeth clashing and tongues violently, desperately fighting against each other. For a second Lionel thought he tasted a hint of blood and then it was gone and she was groaning into his mouth as he built up a rhythm inside of her. Her small body seemed to pulse beneath him, floods of heat washing around him and Lionel felt her muscles begin to clamp around him as he quickly brought her to the edge of an orgasm. Chloe's breath came in short bursts, intermittently spaced as he pushed her further and further and a soft sigh escaped her as she came. Lionel thrust inside her clenching cunt several more times and then let out a groan as he came, shooting himself inside her and enjoying the momentary purely masculine pride at her slack, pleasure drenched features.

Taking hold of her chin and forced her to look at him Lionel said very seriously, "We made a deal and despite the fact that the resulting physical aspect was hardly part of the original agreement its here now."

Her eyes widened and she raised an eyebrow at him as she said, "You want a monogamous relationship?"

He snorted laughter. "Hardly but I do expect some level of loyalty."

"And let me guess; that includes not climbing into bed with Lex."


She sneered at him. "Why Lionel, are you getting sensitive in your old age? I remember a time when you wouldn't have thought twice about bedding down with one of Lex's hand-me-downs."

"You're hardly a hand-me-down," Lionel replied with a slight roll of his eyes. "Indeed, unless there is something you've been keeping from me, I believe it would be Lex who would be enjoying my cast-offs this time."

"There's no need to look so smug about it," Chloe said, her face falling slightly. She gently pushed him off of her and reached for the small pile of her clothing. Lionel sat back for a moment feeling waves of fatigue begin to wash over him as he watched her young and nubile body disappearing beneath layers of clothing. While she gave no outward sign that she had been fucked within an inch of her life apart from the occasional wince he himself was beginning to feel as if he had been run over by a train. Slowly he reached for his pants, pulling them on and fastening them over his shirt before moving back onto the seat and reaching for the remainder of his now warm glass of whiskey. Chloe joined him there, sitting so close to him that he could feel the warmth of her body even through the layers of clothing. "This won't last forever," she said after they had been sitting in silence for a good ten minutes. Lionel declined to answer and instead poured them both another drink. "I mean, you can't keep expecting me to come running like this whenever you feel like screwing me. I have a life."

The words sounded weak, almost pitiful and somehow Lionel gained the impression she was looking for something from him. Reaching between them he clasped her hand in his and felt Chloe's weight shift as she leaned against him, her body naturally curving against his. "Of course you do Chloe," he offered and to his surprise, it seemed that it was enough.


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