by mobiusklein


They watched as the people began throwing kryptonite rocks at the man tied to a stake. He was bleeding with purple blotches and cuts marring his once perfect skin. The man cried out in pain and kept calling out, "Lex! Chloe! Please!" For Lex, this gave him a bitter pang of nostalgia. Had he known what he knew today, he would never have taken him down. Still, seeing his former best friend bruise and bleed from the onslaught made tears come to his eyes.

Chloe sobbed quietly next to him. Lex put his arms around her. "You don't have to watch if you don't want to."

She shook her head. "No, I'm here until the bitter end."

The people throwing the rocks had all been harmed by the man, no . . . alien who had presumed too much. He had accidentally killed a lot of undercover cops and destroyed several undercover operations due to his arrogance. There had been civilians who had gotten caught in the crossfire and died. Their families wanted revenge. He had thought he was judge, jury and had come to believe he was executioner as well and that would justify everything.

Chloe and Lex had found out while they were all in Smallville about his alien origin. They still believed he had good intentions, that he was not a bad person. In a way they still believed this, however it turned out that Clark or Kal-El was not fit to wield the powers that he was blessed or cursed with. Between Chloe's investigating and Lex's access to several sources, they found out just how wrong things had turned out.

So, it had come to this. For all his arrogance, he had been easy to trick. Chloe had invited him over to tell him about her engagement, promising to tell him who it was only if he'd come over and to show him her ring. Once close enough, she had taken off her lead lined gloves and the green mineral caused instant weakness. When Lex walked into the room holding a briefcase full of the toxic substance, he was helpless and his fate was sealed. "Enough," said Lex at the rock throwers. "Enough." Lex sighed, pulled out his gun and put a kryptonite bullet through Kal-El's head. "He's dead. Enough." His guards stepped in to hustle the angry people away from the scene.

After Kal-El's body had been cremated on a remote hillside and his ashes scattered into a nearby river, Chloe and Lex looked at each other, took off their green kryptonite rings and walked off together to their awaiting limousine.

The End

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