Lost in Dark Passages
Author: DebC
E-mail: debchilson@yahoo.com
Rating:  NC-17
Keywords: frottage, smut, pwp
Characters: Lex, Bruce Wayne
Archiving: TT, L3, SSA, LexSlash
Pairing: Lex/Bruce
Series: none
Spoilers:  Not many
Disclaimers:  Lex and Bruce belong to the WB, DC Comics and other people with more money than I.  I'm just playing with them.  Or they're playing with me.  Can't be sure which.
Summary:   Lex and Bruce "get lost" in Wayne Manor
Author's Notes:  So, Tham and LaT issued a cool frottage challenge and many people responded.  The deadline in fast approaching and my muses finally gave me a good idea

"Lost in Dark Passages"

It'd been a while since Lex had worn leather pants.  Almost two years now, ever since he'd left his partying days behind him to forge a new life amid the wilds of Smallville.  He'd forgotten how hot they were and wondered why he'd even brought them with him on his business trip to Gotham.

Oh yes, he reminded himself as he caught sight of a dark-haired, dark-eyed man watching him intently from across the crowded room.  Because Bruce had said something about having some fun while he was there.  Fun... and the next thing Lex knew, he was being invited to an incredibly exclusive party in an equally restricted wing of Wayne Manor and wearing leather pants that were currently making him sweat.

But at least he'd chosen the right ensemble, as Bruce hadn't taken his eyes off him since his arrival.

Bodies writhing on the dance floor blocked his view of his host--just as he was mouthing something Lex knew must have been meant for him--and Lex began to push his way through the crowd.  It was impossible to move without bumping into someone, though, and he knew most of them from his wilder days.  The 'crowd.'  The people he and Bruce Wayne had partied with since before they had been old enough to know how to party.

"Wanna get lost for a while?"  Bruce turned to him, his eyes sparkling with mischief and very thinly veiled desire.   'Get lost' in Bruce-speak meant something altogether different and a lot more fun than this mindless partying.

Lex nodded and followed Bruce to a dark corner of the room.  His host reached out, touching the wall in a spot Lex was sure he'd never have been able to locate and the wall swung back.  "Come on!" Bruce waved him on, and the wall swung back into place behind them, leaving them both standing in a dark passage that smelled of dust and mold.

"Doesn't anyone clean these passages?"

"Alfred doesn't know about this one," replied Bruce, leading the way further the passage.  Hence the lack of lights, Lex noted as he stumbled.  Bruce reached out to steady him, and Lex felt his pulse begin to pick up at the first contact they'd shared all evening.

"Where does it come out?"  Lex asked, as he continued to follow his host, this time up a narrow stairway.

"Here," he was told rather cryptically as his friend pressed his palms against another spot on the wall in front of them--and how in Hell did he find it in the dark--and began to push.  It opened slowly, scrapping across the floor to reveal a very stark chamber.  "It's one of the older turrets," Bruce explained.  "The ones on this side were closed off years ago, by my grandparents... I think."

There was nothing.  No furnishings, no lights save the moon shining in from a window near the very top of the room.  It could have been a prison tower save for the fact that the room was devoid of the usual shackles and chains.  Just a big, empty room.

Not that Lex had much time to examine it, really.

Suddenly, Bruce Wayne was pushing him up against the wall, cold stone biting into flesh through the mesh shirt he wore.  The air went out of his lungs in an audible whoosh, and before he could catch another breath, Bruce's mouth was on his.  It was rough and hungry, with lots of teeth, and Lex had to bite back--hard--before Bruce let him up for air.  Gasping to fill his lungs, he was surprised to see blood glistening on his friend's lips.  He licked his own and tasted copper.

"Are you...?"  He started to ask, but was cut off by another kiss.  More copper in his mouth, on his tongue, and then it was gone, having been washed away by their dueling tongues.

"So long..." his lover rasped, wrenching his mouth away before latching onto a patch of skin at the base of Lex's neck.  His body pressed into Lex, pinning him between living hardness and stone.  Pressing, pushing, grinding into him, and Lex felt his body responding, growing hard with need.

It *had* been too long indeed, at least for them and this.  "Bruce... "

There was an urgency in his voice, a desperation almost.  Which Bruce met by sliding his hands down Lex's chest and lower abdomen, constantly pressing, and never breaking contact.  Lex moved into the touch as much as he could, even as the other man's hand found his hips.

One hand stayed there, gripping his waist firmly, while the other moved lower onto the leather.  The touch was different, light at first--so much so that Lex could barely feel it as it skimmed along the front of his pants.  His hips jerked of their own subconscious need for the teasing to end, rising to meet the hand nearly hovering above them.

He could feel Bruce's smile against his skin, and low chuckle that reverberated across the broad chest pinning him in place.  "These are nice..." he murmured, and his hand was pressing against the soft leather... petting.  "So nice."  He was not gentle now, his hand heavy as it stroked the bulge at Lex's crotch.  "I know what you want," he whispered, voice darkening into black night.

Oh, yes... Bruce knew... and Lex almost whimpered when the man holding him dropped to his knees before him.  The hand on his hips moved up, pressing into his abdomen, keeping him trapped against the wall.  Sure fingers continued to move along the front of his pants, pausing thoughtfully on the snap.  Caressing the swell of Lex's erection languidly, as if he suddenly hadn't a thing to do but this.

Lex reached out to take his hand, moving it to the snap insistently, hips rising into even that touch.

Bruce shook his head, pushing the hand away, and instead, leaned in, bowing his head over the spot he'd been paying the most attention to.  He pressed his mouth into the leather, teeth sinking into the soft material that served only to dull the sensation of the bite.  Lex's reaction was a sharp inhalation of breath.  He hadn't expected it, but as his lover continued to mouth him through his clothes, his shock faded.  His hands moved to the dark head bobbing at his waist.  His fingers sunk into hair--soft and damp with the beginnings of sweat--and pressed down, silently urging things to progress.

They were going to anyway.

It was like a chain reaction: Bruce mouth on him--moist and insistent--his hands cradling Bruce's skull, indistinguishable moans from two throats... and he could feel the pressure building inside him.  His cock ached--longing to be free of its confines and surrounded by the mouth that tormented.  His body ached--enjoying the torment too much now to let it end.

He moaned, arching against his lover, hips struggling against the arms that restrained him.  "Bruce..." he groaned once again and Bruce bit yet again--harder still--dragging his teeth roughly across Lex's throbbing erection.  Too much pressure and the leather was too hot.  So hot, so tight... and Lex was coming, hard.  The hands were back now, stroking the now rippling leather as if milking Lex of his fluids and not stopping until Lex weakened and sagged against him.  Both of them slid to the cold stone floor, tangled up in each other.