House Warming

by DebC

House Warming
Author: DebC
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: Helex romance, First Time challenge Category: Romance
Characters: Helen, Lex
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Pairing: Lex/Helen
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Spoilers: Not many, unless you count Helen herself as a spoiler Disclaimers: Lex Luthor and Helen Bryce do not belong to me. Summary: Lex helps Helen christen her new apartment Author's Notes: For Wild Coyote's First Time challenge, I decided to make it a themed thing. Not only is this fic about a first time, it's also my first time writing a new pairing.

"House Warming"

Lex was frowning. Helen didn't think he was even aware of it. It was the same unconscious silent, thoughtful expression which had been on his face for the last two apartments. It was kind of cute, she mused, flattered that he was so analytical about her new apartment.

"I think this is the one," she whispered as the realtor went on about the apartment's prime location in the heart of Smallville, which afforded her another smile. Smallville wasn't big enough to have a "heart"yet. At least not by her city-born standards.

Lex responded by slipping an arm around her waist in a protective gesture. "Are you sure?"

She was sure. It was the best one so far--spacious rooms, ample closet space, a gorgeous view of the lake from the living room window. She could turn the second bedroom into a den easily. Smiling, thoughts of further plans filling her mind, she gave him a slight nod.

The furrow on Lex's brow deepened as his frown increased. Again, his territorial instincts where she was concerned were adorable. Lex Luthor. Adorable. Three words Helen Bryce was certain hadn't been linked together--even in thought--since he was a child. She grinned.

"I'm a big girl, Lex," she said, leaving the obvious implication that she could take care of herself unsaid.

"That I knew," he replied, his voice smoothing to an almost seductive timbre. "I only wish you you'd let me help you find the right place."

She laughed. "None of them are 'the right place' as far as you're concerned, Lex. You wouldn't be happy if I took up residence in your gate house."

"That wouldn't be a bad idea, actually," he countered, considering it, a playful smile on his face. "You could be moved in by noon."

Rolling her eyes at him, Helen interrupted the realtor to ask about the lease.

Moving wasn't Helen's favorite thing, especialy not when she had to use up her sick days at the hospital to do so. She was still on call, though. Thankfully, it was a slow weekend by Smallville standards and by Sunday evening, she was almost unpacked. Only a few boxes remained in the living room when she gave up.

She headed for the bathroom, which she'd stocked earlier--having had a premonition of just this moment. It was the only room aside from her bedroom that had actually managed to get completely unpacked today--mainly because she figured she'd need both of them right away unlike the 'fine china' her grandmother had given her when she first moved to Smallville and had yet to see the outside of the box it came in.

Right now, she wanted a nice hot bath, she thought, confiming her earlier assumption about the bathroom. The rest of the kitchen boxes and the stuff for her computer could wait until tomorrow. Instead of worrying about them, she busied herself with setting candles of varying sizes around the room--on shelves, the sink... on top of the toilet. She lit them methodically, inhaling deep as the soft scent of lavendar filled the air.

Sighing happily, she turned on the hot water and began to fill the claw-foot tub. As the water ran, she reached for a bottle of bath oil and poured a generous and very non-measured amount of the scented oil into her bathwater before slipping out of her clothes and easing into the steaming water.

Heat permeated her tired body and her eyelids grew heavy. Heaven, that's what it was. The only thing missing now was...

Her doorbell was obnoxious, and when it went off--buzzing echoingly in every room in the apartment, it seemed--it snapped her out of a happy little fantasy.

"Damn," she exclaimed as she jumped up from the tub, her feet slipping a little as they found cold tile. She reached for her robe and wrapped it around her still-dripping body and headed for the front door. "My water better not get cold," she muttered under her breath as she threw open the door, not caring if the person on the other side saw her au naturelle.

Lex Luthor's face greeted her, its brief astonishment flickering away to reveal amusement and a look of definite appreciation as his eyes breezed over her barely clad body. Helen willed herself not to blush under his gaze. She was older than he was, damn it, if only by a little bit, and she refused to let him reduce her to a whimpering school girl in her own home.

"Well, I was hoping to surprise you with this," he began, holding a bottle of champagne up as his smile widened. "But it appears you were expecting me."

Helen felt her mouth twisting into a wry smirk. mirroring his own devilish smile. A laugh rose in her throat. "I wasn't expecting anyone," she countered, still laughing.

"You always answer the door in your bathrobe, then?" Lex inquired, arching an eyebrow as he stepped around her to enter the room. Their bodies touched briefly and despite the draft coming from the open door and her near-naked state, Helen felt warmth spreading from the point of contact.

"Interesting decor," he commented. She could see his analytical expression returning as he assessed the mis-arrangement of the room in general.

"I'm not finished. I was just.. relaxing a little." She closed the door behind her guest.

"Maybe I could help you with your little procrastination problem?" he offered, setting the champagne bottle down on top of a cardboard box. His words were accompanied by his usual cynical tones and a slight upturn of his lips.

"You want to help me unpack?" She couldn't keep in the incredulity out of her voice. The thought of Lex Luthor pawing through her moving boxes was quite absurd, once you got down to it.

"I suppose I could do that, too," Lex chuckled. Before her brain could process what he was doing, Lex had wrapped his arms around her-- hands slipping inside her robe to find her oil-softened skin.

Her surprised gasp was swallowed up by the first hungry kiss of evening. He took what her willingly offered him greedily: lips teasing her own, parting them with ease, his tongue searching her mouth in bold, fierce strokes. Consuming her.

His hands gripping her ass, pulling their bodies together until he'd practically crawled inside the robe with her. So near, and Helen's eyes closed languidly under the weight of the desire she saw in his. She opened her mouth to say something, but it came out as a moan, and she decided it must not have been worth saying after all. She'd quite forgotten what it was, in fact, letting herself get swept up in the moment instead.

He chuckled now--as if he knew exactly what he was doing to her and enjoyed it--his breath warm on her neck just before he sucked an earlobe into his mouth. His lips were moist, and the words he murmured against her flesh were the sweetest nothings she'd ever heard. Her responses were whimpered against the side of his face, and Helen knew she was losing herself in this man.

And she couldn't care less, as it felt so good. So good.

What was more, her hands seems to have minds of their own--as they were currently tugging at his cashmere shirt in a clumsy attempt to get it off him without breaking contact.

"Leexxx..." she breathed when her hands failed in their task. "Please." God, she was begging. Begging him. Begging for him.

The sexy-as-hell smirk on his face told her that he knew it, knew that he was making her beg for contact. And loved it. "Yes," he responded, and then he was sliding from his clothing in smooth, practiced movements. She didn't even want to think about how many people he'd had to take his clothes off for to perfect such exhibitionist movements. She was certainly enjoying them, however. Especially when he ran out of his own clothing and turned his attentions to her simple terrycloth robe. It was white and tied in the front with a thin belt of the same material. The belt had been loosened by their activities, however, and one swift jerk of his hand untied it completely.

It fall to the ground, pooling at her feet like a white, fuzzy snake.

"Hel..." Lex breathed out her name in husky desire. He pulled her hard against his bare chest, skin pressing into skin. His hands skimmed smoothly over her shoulders, knocking her robe off and sending it to the floor as they moved down her arms and finally wrapped around her waist. There they tightened, sealing their bodies together in a way that made her very, very aware of his lust.

"Gorgeous," he said, both his eyes and voice intense with meaning.

No, she wanted to tell him. She wasn't gorgeous; she was plain old Helen Bryce. But then his mouth found hers again, and her protest was chased away by a sigh too breathy to be coming from herself. "Make love to me," and it wasn't her voice at all, but some young nymphette swept up in the attentions of a handsome man.

And the man complied, hands trailing down her body in affectionate strokes as he.dropped to his knees before her on the carpet. A moist, kiss-swollen mouth found her flesh, leaving wet trails across already-quivering skin with his tongue as his descended lower. Arms wrapped around her thighs--steadying her shaky legs--and firm hands found her ass... kneading and squeezing less gently with each touch.

"No," he said suddenly, "Don't close your eyes, Hel." It took her brain a moment to process the fact that she had closed her eyes. She'd been so enraptured by the sensations his touches were evoking within her. He had that effect on her. They hadn't been together long, and yet, being the object of his affections was like a drug to which she was fast becoming addicted.

And that... scared her. She'd spent much of her adult life trying to make it on her own, without help of her father or anyone else. She considered herself strong, independent and free. Yet, her growing need for Lex Luthor seemed to negate those very things. When she was with him, he treated her like she was the only special thing on the earth--and she'd come to depend on that feeling.

She'd become a slave to it.

"Look at me," Lex pleaded and for once, she heard his begging. She looked, down into blue eyes brimming with passion and vulnerability.

He needed her, too.

Her body reacted to that acknowledgement even before her brain did. Reaching out, she ran her fingers across the smooth curves of his scalp. His skin was soft, and she felt as if she were touching him for the first time. He moaned, rubbing her hand with his head much as a cat would rub into a pleasing touch. She hadn't understood-- hadn't realized--that she could affect him the same way he did her.

Leaning down to kiss him, she allowed herself to be lowered to the floor until she knelt beside him. Her hands roamed his body, seeking new ways to make him shiver. He leaned into her touch, guiding her to places which left him mewling when she skimmed over them with her fingers. Mewling. Lex Luthor. Just of thought of him having this reaction to her brought confidence to her touches. He was groaning in response to her boldness, and the sound was exhilarating.

Somewhere amid the kisses, touches and moans, they both wound up on the floor--Lex sprawled out, arms just barely supporting them both as Helen stradled him. He was hot and hard between her legs, his erection seeking the heat between her legs. Her body allowed it, rocking upwards towards him just enough to part her legs... just enough to... Another rocking movement--back this time and then forward again--and she was guiding him inside her.

They both sighed as her warmth enfolded his length, Lex's head falling back slightly. Open pleasure showed on his face. The thudding of her heart sounded in her ears amd her breath was ragged. Oh God, what he was doing to her--what she was doing to them both... and then she was moving fast against him, grinding harder as she rode him until their bodies were slick with sweat and his skin beneath her lips tasted salty.

His arms were tightening now, bracing themselves as his hips struggled to rise up to meet her. Giving himself to her. Her muscles tightened around his, her body ready. Giving herself to him. Their rising moans harmonized into a passionate symphony of two becoming one at last.

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