Where There's A Will

by NiteLite

From the first season. Comments welcomed.

Summary: Lex makes a few provisions for Clark's future. Just in case.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Written for fun only.

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Most people would opt for root canal surgery or endure a month with the in-laws than face this particular task. Even Lex agrees it is rather morbid, all things considered. However, living in Smallville the past several months has opened his eyes to many things and possibilities.

Especially the possibility of dying.

He has only to think of Jeff, Earl, Amanda and Phelan, not to mention the bridge incident, to know he's been seriously tempting fate. So much so, his karmic scales should have tipped over long before now.

Strangely enough they haven't yet, thanks to a certain dark-haired high school student with an impeccable sense of timing.

While Lex is young, he's also a realist. His father's training has seen to that. So he knows there may come a time when he won't be smart enough, or resourceful enough to out maneuver a determined enemy or one of Smallville's mutants. Not even Clark can be around him twenty-four hours a day, as much as he would like that.

Lex finishes the form on his laptop, taps a key and adds his electronic signature.

This will give his lawyer's office plenty to do, and his father fits, if he ever finds out. The thought cheers him immensely.

He props his head on his hand and goes over the figures one last time.

It's really not that much money; it'll barely put a dent in his own trust fund. But he'll sleep a little better at night, knowing that if something were to happen to him, he can still make his best friend's life a little easier. Clark will be able to buy a decent car, attend any college he chooses and not worry about his parent's farm being foreclosed by the bank.

Finally, a legal way to make the Kent family accept something, from a Luthor. Lex imagines the look on Jonathan Kent's face and slowly smiles.

He has a knack for pissing off fathers.

His mother would agree. Then again she's the one who taught him to look out for the people who matter most to him--the ones closest to his heart.

He quickly skims the rest of the document. Aside from making sure the Kents are taken care of, as long as his final resting place is next to his mother and Julian, the rest is just details. Pressing the send button he sits back and watches the laptop screen.

He doesn't plan on dying anytime soon. But it never hurts to be prepared.

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