Wasting Time

by Joyfulgirl41

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Notes: I was cleaning out my folders and I came across this little snippet I wrote awhile back. So I dusted it off, reworked it a little and here it is. Title is from the song "Stay" by the Dave Matthews Band.

Thanks to Autumnyte and JacynRebekah for giving it a quick read and assuring me this was worth posting. I nub them both.

Feedback: It's like a happy daydream. Except, not. Okay, that was a bad analogy. But you get the idea, right?

Chloe loves Clark. She has since the day she met him. He's just so loveable, like a puppy. They're cute and sweet, and occasionally they do things that piss you off. But then, when you go to reprimand them, they look at you with those sweet puppy-dog eyes and you can't stay mad. They don't realize that what they did was bad, or so you keep reminding yourself as you're scrubbing the pee spot out of the carpet. But maybe she's taking the analogy too far.

Chloe loves Clark, but sometimes she wants to swat him on the nose with a newspaper because he's so damn clueless.

Chloe loves Clark, which makes her fantasies about Lex Luthor feel that much more illicit. She feels like she's cheating. Occasionally, to get rid of the feeling of guilt, Clark is there too, and that is titillating in a vaguely uncomfortable way. Which just makes her feel perverted, but not necessarily in a bad way and there are times when she thinks that real-life Clark really wouldn't mind the scenario.

And sometimes Chloe wonders if she's normal. Good girls don't think about sex, do they? She's overheard other girls, upperclassmen, talking about it, but those are the girls she hears the guys refer too in terms that she doesn't want applied to her. Because good girls don't think about sex and they certainly don't wonder if the guy they're in love with is in love with another guy. And even if they do wonder, they probably don't think that it's sexy. Except that she does, so what does that make her?

She supposes that Lana never thinks about sex, or if she does, it's in a vague 'on my honeymoon' way where there is kissing and champagne and after that the camera angle moves to the fire and it fades away to black. She's pretty sure Lana would have a heart attack if Chloe ever told her that she thinks the idea of two guys is hot. Because Chloe is pretty sure that girls aren't supposed to find that erotic. Sometimes, when she's feeling particularly cynical, she suspects that girls aren't supposed to know the meaning of the word erotic.

But really, what is she supposed to do? Her science teacher is droning on and a girl can only doodle for so long before dying of boredom. Science has never been her thing. So she shakes away her suspicions about Clark and Lex and fantasizes about Lex instead, wondering how it would feel to run her hands over his head.

In her mind, she unbuttons his ridiculously expensive shirt and scrapes her nails lightly over his chest. Chloe suspects that Lex has a really nice body; she'd like to know for sure. If Clark is a puppy, Lex is a panther, all sleek muscles and predatory grace. She imagines his skin is smooth and hot under her hands as they follow the delicious curves of hard muscles. She thinks that maybe Lex is hairless everywhere, which is also something she'd like to know for sure.

She's just gotten to the good part of her fantasy, Lex has his shirt off and has started undressing her, kissing and licking as he goes along. He is always so attentive, his gaze is focused on her like she is the most beautiful woman in the world, like there is nowhere he'd rather be. Fantasy Lex scrapes his teeth across her collarbone as he unbuttons her jeans, his hands warm as they...

The hand on her shoulder causes her to jump and she bites her tongue to keep from moaning. It's one of those times that Chloe is glad she's a girl, it means that there's no visibly physical reaction to deal with. Clark is standing there looking at her, a sweet, puppydog look on his face. She feels incredibly guilty and has to force herself to look him in the eye. She wonders if her guilt is from fantasizing about someone other than Clark, or fantasizing about someone she thinks of as Clark's.

"Hey, class is over. You gonna sit there all day?" He smiles.

Chloe shoves her books in her bag, trying not to blush. "I guess I spaced."

"I'm going over to the Talon to meet Lex for coffee. You wanna come?"

She reminds herself that Clark has no idea what she was thinking about and the question is suggestive only in her mind. "No, I think I'm gonna go home and take a nap."

He raises an eyebrow, studying her for an uncomfortable moment before shrugging and smiling. Chloe wants to give him a biscuit.

She'll take a nap, but not before fantasy Lex finishes what he started. Chloe smiles all the way home. She thinks again that maybe she's not quite a good girl, but she knows that worrying about her fantasies isn't nearly as fun as having them, so she decides to worry later. At the moment she has better things to think about.

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