There's Porn in the Closet

by jessica

Disclaimer: The verbs, nouns and prepositions are mine. The only things they own are the names.

Notes: for Jack, who thought that even with Nicky, Clark and Lex would still have porn in their closet, and for Pearl-o, who agreed.

Feedback: gets lost in my closet.

Summary: Even the married people have sex on videotape.


Clark stands frozen, receiver caught in the air, finger poised over the buttons. Lex watches from around the corner, waiting for Clark to hang up the phone.

"I wasn't," Clark argues. "I was just ordering a pizza."

Lex watches with narrow eyes and doesn't believe a word he says. He steps forward, pulls Clark toward him and away from the phone on the wall.

"I don't believe you."

"I like pizza," says Clark in defence.

"I know," Lex agrees. "But I also know our son likes pizza. And that you feel guilty ordering it when he's not here."

Clark smiles. He's been caught.

"I was calling."

Lex nods, because he already knew, and he's already forgiven him.

Lex wraps his arms around Clark who tilts his head down for a quiet kiss. A lot of their kisses are like this. Quiet kisses fit best in a room full of Nicholas.

Tonight, the kitchen is just the two of them. With Nicky at Lois' for the weekend, Lex had planned for more than quiet kisses.

He slips a tongue into Clark's mouth, playing. He walks them backwards, and traps Clark's body between the counter and his own.

"Wait." Clark lifts his hands to Lex's chest, an intimate gesture any other night, and pushes him back a step.

Lex refuses, hands on Clark's hips, and steps close again.

"See, that's the thing," he says into warm skin. "Tonight, we don't have to wait."

Clark lets his eyes close at Lex's teeth biting down on his shoulder. Lex is hard; Clark can feel it now and thrusts forward to meet him. It's hands at Lex's back, fingers pulling the sweater up and off, and digging into soft skin beneath.

Lex moans into Clark's neck with the shivers running up and down his spine, finding their way to all his most sensitive points. Clark's hand comes back up to his chest and Lex readies another argument. It's a cry that falls from his lips instead, which only encourages Clark to lick his fingers and twist the nipple harder. He works at it, ducking his head to suck when fingers aren't enough.

The touch is gone for only a second as Clark boosts himself up on the counter. Legs spread for Lex to step between. He wraps them around Lex, pulls him closer and finds the forgotten nipple. Lex has to stretch himself up to rub against Clark's hard cock with his own. Lex holds himself upright with a burn in his calves that has nothing to do with sex, and he's only now remembering why they stopped doing this in the kitchen. Lex stills his movements and tangles his fingers in Clark's hair, pulling his focused attention upwards.

"Are we doing this?"

"This was your idea, Lex," Clark says, before taking his mouth again.

It's a wet kiss with teeth biting and pulling; it's the kind Clark liked to possess Lex with back when he thought Lex needed possessing. These kisses are loud and usually took place in a club to match.

This is the Clark nothing like the one that had to be pulled from the phone, from worrying about his son.

This is the Clark Lex keeps hidden on video tapes hidden in the back of their closet.

His mind goes back to those tapes and Lex laughs, wondering just how hidden they still are.

"This isn't supposed to be funny, Lex," Clark frowns.

"I'm sorry."

Lex pushes Clark's t-shirt up and puts a kiss on his stomach in forgiveness. Clark runs a hand over Lex's head, a gently petting in sharp contrast to where this encounter was headed a moment ago.

"What were you thinking about?"

Lex laughs again and shakes his head, rubbing his nose in Clark's stomach.

"Tell me," Clark says, pulling at Lex's ear.

He looks up at Clark looking down at him. He's still running his hands over Lex's head, idly, waiting.

"I was thinking about the tapes in our closet." Lex grins. Clark returns, licking at the greedy smile on his own lips.

"Yeah? You wanna watch a movie?"

Lex stretches up for a quick kiss.

"I was actually thinking about what we could say to Nicky when he finally finds the tapes in our closet."

Clark stops, frozen again.

"I thought you wanted to have sex tonight?"

"I do," answers Lex, confused.

"Then why the hell would you say something like that?"

Lex takes a step back when Clark lets him go. He watches carefully as Clark works through in his head.

"And I thought we had already childproofed the house," Clark laughs. "I've lived with you long enough, I probably should have allowed for the possibility there might be porn in the closet."

Clark hops down off the counter, and he's out of the kitchen and up the stairs before Lex can move to follow.

"Hey," Lex calls after him. "That's your porn too, you know."

Upstairs, Clark is already in the closet. Shirts are thrown backwards into the air with shoes that Lex has to duck.

"Clark, just calm down."

"Yeah, how about I do that after I find the tape we made on my 21st birthday?" Still in the closet, but Clark isn't hard to hear. He's nervous and the agitation is rising in his voice along with the volume. "You know, the one with me, naked, on all fours and screaming 'Harder, Lex, harder'. Why don't we show him that one, the next time Nicky asks to see home movies?"


He turns his head, looking at Lex over his shoulder, looking defeated. Clark gets up out of the closet, walks a few steps and collapses on the bed.

"I don't want to worry anymore, Lex," Clark says softly.

"I know." Lex joins him, lies on the bed. He presses a warm hand on Clark's stomach then slowly works his way up, under the t-shirt.

"Nicky's fine. What am I worried about?"

"I don't know. Maybe if you weren't such a woman-"

Clark cuts him off with a grin, rolls over on top of Lex.

"Are you gonna put those videos away?"

"They are away," Lex tells him. "He doesn't have x-ray vision like his dad."

"Good," punctuated with a kiss. Clark calms himself. "We're all alone tonight," he says carefully.

"I know."

"You wanna get naked and pretend it's my 21st birthday?"

Lex rolls them back over, pinning Clark to the bed. It's not often this Clark comes out to play; Lex wants to make sure he sticks around to the end.

Lex leans down to Clark's lips, starting them off with those quiet kisses before pushing his tongue inside. He runs his hands up Clark's sides, under the t-shirt again. Breaking the kiss, Lex pulls the shirt off and Clark arches up to press their bare chests together. Nipples rub against each other, hardening places deep inside their bodies.

Lex sits up on Clark's hips, grinding down just enough to keep him moving. Lex leans down again, attaching his mouth to Clark's throat and feeling the vibrations of the moans. Clark pushes himself deep into the pillows, fisting his hands at his sides.

"Touch me, Clark," he has to say before the large hands are on him.

He draws his tongue down Clark's body, from the jut of his shoulder to the hollow at his hip. Getting his fingers under the waistband, Lex pops Clark's jeans open. He buries his face in the boxers, smelling Clark in the wet spot. He mouths Clark's cock through the fabric, making it wetter.

He pats Clark's hip, getting his attention. "Lift up," Lex says, and pulls the rest of their clothes off. He climbs back on top, holding Clark still between his thighs. Rocking back against the hard cock beneath him keeps the rasping noises falling from Clark's mouth.

"Can you hand me the-" Clark is already there, putting the lube into Lex's waiting hand. "Thank you," he says with a kiss.

Lex squeezes the clear gel into his hand, rubbing it in with two fingers to warm it up. He reaches the two fingers back and pushes them up, inside himself, watching Clark's eyes focused on his own. Clark runs his hand over Lex's thighs, relaxing him with the touch and soft words.

"I love watching you," Clark whispers, and it makes Lex even harder.

His other hand wraps around Clark, stroking and slicking him up. Clark lays still, his cock standing tall, steady in Lex's hand. He grips at Lex's hips and helps him lower himself. Clark takes a breath and Lex does the same, exhaling with a sigh as he fits Clark inside.

Lex starts moving, up and down with tiny, fast movements. Clark tightens his grip on Lex and slows him down.

"We have all night."

"I know," groans Lex, reaching down for another kiss. He starts the rhythm fast again while he has Clark distracted. "But I can't wait to be inside you next."

With Clark, there's always heat. It's in the eyes, and it's everywhere that Clark touches him. Clark reaches out for the erection jutting out from Lex's body. But orgasm surprises him from behind and Clark is gone before Lex can follow.

Lex is propped up on his side and looking down, when Clark finally opens his eyes. Clark pushes up on his elbows to meet Lex's lips. He complains about their 'married kisses', but the quiet ones are still Lex's favourite.

"Sorry," murmurs Clark. He reaches up, running his fingers over Lex's wrinkling forehead.

"What are you sorry for?" Lex asks quietly.

"You shouldn't have to finish yourself."

Lex grins, knowing that Clark will never stop worrying. It's the reason he finally said 'yes' when Clark wanted children.

Lex picks up the remote from the bed and points it at the TV. It starts quiet but gets louder, and Lex finally see the recognition in Clark's eyes. The voice is a little younger, but still Clark, begging for Lex to fuck him.

"Don't worry," says Lex against his lips, fingers moving slowly back down Clark's body. "I wasn't alone."

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