by Marag

It was almost three A.M. by the time a weary Lex Luthor let himself into the Penthouse.

Lionel had been in rare form and Lex felt like he'd gone fifteen rounds with the champ three weight divisions up.

All he wanted was a hot shower, and with any luck at all, an even hotter lover. He was feeling tired and needy - and not a little put out to discover his lover wasn't home. He showered, and wandered into his office to see if there were a note, and to catch the headlines on CNN.

If Superman were dealing with a major disaster, at least Lex could get some idea of when he'd see Clark again. If Clark was covering a story, who knew when he'd be back.

There were a stack of messages waiting for him. Most of them were from Lois. She had taken to calling the penthouse when her partner did one of his vanishing acts. How this woman could claim to be an investigative journalist when she managed to miss the biggest secret going... Roger Nixon, may his soul rot in hell, had the IQ of a cumquat and he'd managed to figure it out.

His Cell phone going off shook the memory of Nixon from his mind. "Lex Luthor."

"Mr Luthor... Lex, it's Lois Lane."

"Lois... How the hell did you get this number?"

"Clark gave it to me - sworn to secrecy and for life and death emergencies. Have you seen Clark? Is he alright - he was so angry..."

"Lois. Slowly. What the hell is going on. Clark isn't here."

"Oh God. He was served around noon. I've never seen him so upset."

"Served with what? What are you talking about."

"Clark's being sued for Libel."

"You're joking - Clark? Libel? Captain Truth? Who the hell has those kind of balls?"

"Victoria Hardwick."

It was a nuisance suit, quickly dealt with. It was also only the first straw of what was fast becoming a large bale.

First Victoria, then Sir Harry, then a "concerned citizen" who felt Clark was unfair in his reporting about Superman...

Twelve lawsuits in three months. Even Lex was impressed.

Then Clark was arrested and Lex was suddenly less amused.

The written apology from the Mayor did little to improve Clark's mood. Perry White had been doing what he could, but there were rumblings from the Society of Professional Journalists and the word 'ethics' was being tossed around.

The biggest problem Lex and Clark had was that they had no idea as to the reason for the campaign, other than to drive Clark off the deep end.

So that meant that Lex had to be the target, and anyone who really knew Lex knew that he had precisely one weak spot.

It certainly shortened the list of suspects. Lex could smell a familial rat.

If it were an attempt to drive them apart, it was failing miserably. If Clark had been upset, then maybe, but Clark was angry - and an angry Clark was also a horny Clark. That was the good part; the bad part was that an angry Clark was also a silent Clark.

Lex knew the dam would break - he just wondered when. Higher Ground sounded like a plan. Maybe it was time to head to the Castle for a while.

It had been a decade since Lex had seen Clark sweat.

Over the years, as Clark had grown stronger and more impervious to the elements, he never became hot, sweaty, or breathless.

Lex leaned against the wall of the gym and watched Clark pounding into heavy bag with a mixture of arousal and concern. Clark's shirt was soaked; rivulets of sweat ran down his face and neck.

Lex wanted to taste them.

Arousal faded fast when he looked closer and saw the green veins pulsing along Clark's arms. With a vicious curse, he pushed off the wall and sought out the source. Seconds later, he was across the room, closing the lid of the large lead case. The chunk of Kryptonite inside had to weight ten pounds; enough to kill Clark given time and exposure.

Lex turned to Clark and glared at him. "You want to tell me what the fuck this is all about?"

Clark didn't answer, didn't look at him. He simply left the room and a few moments later Lex heard the shower.

He found the letter on his desk.

" is therefore the opinion of this board that your personal relationships with the CEOs of both LeXcorp and LuthorCorp seriously compromised both your ethics and integrity..."

As pink slips went, it was concise and elegant, and had to have hurt far more than that damned rock.

Clark had obviously been - impressed - with it; he'd had framed it and left it sitting in the middle of Lex's desk.

Fired, officially censured by the ethics committee, and thereby rendered unemployable by any respectable media outlet in the country.

Lex figured that he should be grateful that the mansion was still standing.

He wondered if his father was still alive or if Superman had dropped him into the Pacific somewhere.

Oh, there was no proof, and there wouldn't be, but Lex could smell that rat again - and it was decidedly Lionel shaped. Getting Clark angry was one thing - but pissing off the Alien....

No, thinking about it, Lex knew better. The final straw had arrived, but instead of defending himself, Clark had retreated into his ever-present messiah complex and tried to kill himself.

Lex wondered if Clark would mind if he killed Lionel.

What really annoyed him was that he knew he could make the whole thing go away with a couple of phone calls. The fact that if he did, he stood a good chance of loosing Clark's trust angered him. Helpless was something that didn't sit well.

Clark was hurting and there was not a goddamned thing Lex could do but watch him suffer.

Lex didn't see Clark for three days. Superman however was making the news everywhere.

A bomber who made the mistake of threatening school children found himself hanging from the Central City Court House - suspended by his testicles.

The Flash called to see if maybe Lex could get Superman to take an alien Prozac of some kind.

The next phone call came from Batman. Who suggested methods a tad more drastic.

Wonder Woman's conversation was laced with an over-the-top concern that made Lex's teeth hurt.

The phone call from the Secretary General was almost enough to convince Lex to have Lionel killed after all.

It seemed that five thousand years of war in the Middle East came to an end when Superman gathered the leaders together and simply told them to reach an agreement or he'd kill every last one of them and use the territory as a beach resort for the Justice League.

He'd hosted that little meeting in the Antarctic, just in case the desert dwellers had any doubts about his dedication. So much for non-interference in "human affairs".

Oddly enough, it was the phone call from the National Enquirer put Lex over the top.

He did something he had done only once before. He made contact with the League and ordered Clark to come home. Moreover, he made it clear that Superman was not welcome.

Then he planned.

If Lex had hoped for a subdued lover, he was disappointed. Clark strode into his office, anger flowing off him in waves.

"You summoned me, Master?"

The sarcasm was thick, but Lex had known this man for a long time. Lex stared at him a moment, holding in a sigh. "Honestly Clark? I don't get it. This isn't you."

Clark looked at him - eyes blazing. "Well maybe being a martyr got old. I hate that bastard Lex, and I'm angry. I've been annoyed, hurt, pissed - but I don't think I've ever really been quite this angry before. It's pretty fucking powerful; I finally get why you embrace it."

Direct hit. Lex only just managed not to wince.

They stared at each other a moment longer, and Lex made his decision. Without a word, he tossed the box at Clark's feet and turned away.

There was a tense moment, but then Clark bent and picked it up.

Lex stood with his back to him... waiting.

A curse and a hiss of not-quite pain told him Clark had opened the box.

"Never forget who raised me, Clark. Strip and put them on or get the hell out of this house and don't come back. Ever."

Another hiss and then the rustle of clothing. Lex was so hard it hurt. That told him more about himself than he wanted to know.


"Do you love me?"


"Do you trust me?"

"Without a second thought."

"Then why the hell didn't you let me help?"

Lex shook his head at the silence. "It wasn't supposed to be rhetorical, Clark."

"It hurt."

"Yes, I imagine it did. So you decided that if it hurt physically as much as it hurt emotionally it'd balance out." Lex turned then, wanting to see Clark's eyes. "Did it?"


"What the hell have the last three days been about?"

"They have no right..."

"And since when is that your decision?"

Clark didn't answer as Lex had known he wouldn't. The words were Clark's own, used on Lex years ago.

Lex wanted to sigh, and just gather Clark in his arms - but he needed to do this. Clark was dealing with emotions that were - pardon the expression - alien to him. Clark didn't "hate" - it was against his nature. He needed some form of emotional purge - and it was Lex's job to provide it. He strengthened his resolve and tried not to be ashamed of how aroused he was.

"There is just enough Kryptonite in the cuffs to weaken you. It won't have any long term effects as long as I remove them within a few hours."

Clark stood in the middle of the room, naked except for the leather on each wrist. They weren't restraints; they were more like crafted bracelets.

The sight of Clark, weakened but not helpless, naked and willing to do whatever Lex wanted was the hottest thing Lex had ever seen.

"This is a hell of a turn-on Clark. You could still leave, still snap my neck, but you won't. Get up against the wall."

Clark moved - arms braced against the wall, waiting.

Lex had to look away - it was that or come from the sight of it.

"I'm going to fuck you. And you are going to feel it. Really feel it."

"You need to be reminded that while you look like a human you are not one, and you have to be held to a higher standard. I don't give a fuck how angry you are, you can not become the school yard bully."

Lex leaned in and whispered into Clark's ear. "I love you. I think you need to be reminded how much. I don't think you feel anything any more. I am about to change that."

Lex ran his hands along Clark's back. Clark arched into the touch and Lex dug his fingers in a little harder.

"Fuck! So tell me Lex, do I get a safe word?"

A hard slap brought out another expletive. Lex was amazed to watch the hand shape red mark standing out on the otherwise perfect ass.

"You. Do. Not. If I even think I've let myself lose control to the point you'd need one then this stops."

Clark made a small sound; it turned Lex on even more.

He was still fully dressed; he hadn't even loosened his tie. His lover stood braced against a wall, naked. Waiting for whatever Lex was willing to give.

"Total surrender looks good on you, Clark. I wonder what the world would think if it knew how much Superman liked being fucked up against a wall by a Luthor."

"Not a Luthor, never a Luthor."

"Fuck Clark, even you can't be that naive. I'm a Luthor - maybe this will help you remember that."

He began stroking Clark along his back and sides, as if gentling him. Clark's breathing was harsh, and a quick exploration told Lex just how much this was turning Clark on.

"But it is reassuring to know that you wouldn't let my father fuck you."

"I'd break his fucking neck first."

Lex hid his smile. The anger was finally surfacing and being directed where it belonged and not at the innocent population of a third world dictatorship.

Lex was still going to kill his father with his bare hands.

"I wonder though... would you feel if it was him? He'd take you dry - no lube, no preparation... is that what you need from me?"

Lex felt the shudder of pure lust that went through Clark at the words. He was a more than a little ashamed of the matching one he felt in himself.

Wondering if he was going to regret this, he ripped open his fly and pulled out his aching erection. He parted the cheeks of Clark's ass and shoved into him in one stroke.

Clark threw back his head, opened his mouth in a silent scream, and came violently.

Lex fought to maintain control. He started fucking Clark; fucking hard. Clark continued to writhe and pant as if his orgasm was unending.

Clark's knees gave out; Lex followed him to the floor, never letting up his almost brutal thrusting.

He reached a hand around and wrapped a fist around Clark's cock. He was hard again, or maybe still, either way all Lex cared about was making sure that Clark came again and soon.

This time Clark's scream wasn't silent. It was a wail of pleasure and of anguish. Lex let go then, letting the frustration and worry gel in his mind and take form. He pounded into Clark until finally his body gave his mind peace. Lex's orgasm, when he finally came, felt like the top of his head being blown off.

They lay together on the floor for a long time. Finally, Lex pulled out and sat up. "Clark? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, that was... intense."

"Was it what you needed? I've gotten pretty good at getting you off of your guilt trips but this was new ground. Clark, please, in the future, let me help, especially with Lionel."

"Yeah. Damn, I can be an idiot can't I? I just didn't know how to handle it. Every time I put on that stupid outfit I'm in effect lying; finding myself fired for a lie I didn't tell - well, Clark couldn't fly into a rage cause mild mannered Clark Kent.... but Superman, now there is untapped potential."

Clark closed his eyes, needing to apologise to the world, and not having a clue as to how to do it. He waved an arm in Lex's general direction, "So can we take the cuffs off now?"

"My fingers feel like boiled noodles. Take them off yourself."

"Look, as sexy as Alpha Lex is, submissive Clark needs to have a shower, get his shit together, make nice to the Justice League, and figure out how to cook Lionel's balls in boiling newsprint. Can't do that with Meteorite bracelets."

Lex snorted, "Get real, Clark. There was a bit of dust on the inside of the box - a bit more on my hands - enough for you to feel that slap. The effect lasted maybe three minutes. The cuffs are leather Clark, nothing more."

Clark's jaw fell open. "You unbelievable bastard."

"My father's son Clark? I love you beyond all reason. How could you for one second imagine I'd use those fucking rocks on you?"

"I love you."

"Good, now get off your ass and go figure out how to get your job back - damned if you're going to freeload off of me for the next fifty years."

Clark grinned then pulled Lex into their first kiss in days. "Yes, Master."

Clark stood up and walked toward the door. The sound of a silk tie being slowly pulled through the collar of a silk shirt stopped him dead.


The grin was predatory and Clark felt himself harden instantly. "I just realised that I never bothered to remove my clothes."

"Imagine that." Clark smirked as he came back into the room...

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