by Marag and Terpsichore

Lana Lang looked at Whitney, really looked at him, for the first time while eating pizza.

She wasn't sure if she liked what she saw.

Whitney was typical of a small town: no ambition, no real future, just a vague dream about professional football.

Whitney would simply grow up, eventually take over management of Fordman's Department Store; at least until a Wal-Mart moved in and shut them down, and live out his life just like his father and grandfather.

Maybe he'd drink. Small town football hero living life vicariously through his sons. Get a job coaching the Crows. Pretending not to laugh when some poor wimp is found crucified in a cornfield. Heart Attack at 50. His wife at his side; raising the children, ignoring the infidelities.

Suddenly, blindingly, Lana realised that no matter what her future held, becoming Mrs Whitney Fordman was not part of it.

Lana looked at herself, and for the first time in a long time felt so much the small town virgin princess she knew everyone thought she was.

Lana put down her knife and fork, her taste for pizza gone.

...Her taste for Whitney gone.

Laughter from another table caught her attention. Chloe and Pete were there, together with Clark and Lex.

How sweet, a double date

The realisation of that thought jarred her back to reality.

/'a double date'. Oh. My. God.?/

Clark and Lex??


No, no, no, no, no.

Clark was...


Whitney asked a question and Lana agreed without knowing what he had said; she hoped she hadn't just agreed to have sex with him.

Whitney had been pushing lately. he wanted more, and it's not like she could remain a virgin forever. But somehow...

She glanced over at Clark

Lex was whispering something into his ear - his lips seemed to be almost touching Clark. Clark closed his eyes as he listened and Lana felt a slow anger building in her soul

Whitney shifted beside her, and Lana realised that he had finished so it was time to go. Lana never had desert or coffee, but he could have asked.

He never did.

Clark had a chocolate sundae in front of him now.

Lex reached over and stole the cherry from the top and ate it without a second glance.

Lana decided she hated Lex Luthor. No one should be able to do irony with that much ease.

Whitney put his arm around her with a possessiveness that usually made her feel protected, but tonight made her feel trapped.

They walked by the other table, and Pete and Chloe waved. Clark looked up, smiled quickly, then went back to his sundae.

Lex looked her in the eye; "I've won" his expression said.

No, she thought to herself, not just yet Lex Luthor, not just yet

Whitney pulled the truck over just before the turnoff to her house.He didn't ask, he just assumed; he'd always been right before because Lana knew the rules - you get to play innocent, but you still had to put out a little - you let it happen and he keeps his mouth shut and keeps it from going too far.

You get to keep your virginity, and your reputation.

You still get to be the Fairy Princess.

His tongue in her mouth felt fat and slimy as he pawed at her. No finesse; he made her feel like a football.

She didn't stop him

Whitney had a temper, but she knew how to control him.

"Whitney please, it's late, Nell will be wondering where I am."

"Yeah, so?"

She pasted a smile on her face, she knew it made her look vapid, but if it got her out of the truck she didn't care.

"Whitney, don't be silly, I have to get home."

Whitney huffed out an obscenity, but he started the truck and drove her to her door.

"I had a nice time, goodnight." Lana was out the door and into the house before Whitney had a chance to open his mouth.

Lana didn't sleep well that night.

Neither did Lex.

Something about the look Lana had given him earlier had made him pause.

Lex firmly believed in the adage "keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer". For the most part, the Talon accomplished that.

He'd been watching Lana watching Clark - he had not liked what he had seen.

There was most assuredly trouble in paradise. Quarterback looked like his usual Cro-Magnon self. but something about the Princess seemed out of the norm. It was one thing to have to cope with Clark and his puppy love, but he'd be dammed if the object of his obsession was allowed to look at him the same way.

Clark can look, that can be tolerated

Lana is NOT allowed to look back - that is unacceptable

The surge of possessiveness that often came with such thought presented itself in the usual manner.

Lex closed his eyes and reached for his erection. There was no fantasy, no finesse - just random thoughts of Clark - his hand instead of Lex's; hard, a little rough...


Lex arched his back, eyes and jaw clenched tight.

"Mine, Goddamnit, Clark is mine you bitch."

He pulled harder, faster - needing to come - needing to come now !

He felt the familiar tingle and new he was close. He let his hand become Clark's mouth...

...and came violently, Clark's name a scream trapped in his throat.

Sleep still was a long time in coming.

Lana watched as Clark helped his mother load up the truck, laughing at some comment she'd made. When had Clark gotten so handsome?

Lana sighed as she felt a beefy hand on her shoulder...

Clark's hands were huge, but she bet they were gentle. Not like Whitney's.

"Hi Whitney, are you finished at the store?"

"Yeah. Are you ready?"

Lana took one last look at Clark. "Yes, I guess I am."

"C'mon then."

Lana followed Whitney to the truck "So, where to?"

"I know just the place." Whitney put the truck in gear and pointed it out of town towards the clearing the kids all referred to as the Crop Circle.

Lana suspected where they were going but stayed silent. Last time he had touched her, she had felt nothing save a vague sense of disgust.

Maybe this time it would be different.

When Whitney stopped the truck and slid across the seat to pull Lana to him she didn't resist.

Whitney tasted stale. Faintly of beer and cigarettes and sweat and Lana pulled back reflexively.

"Lana, what is your problem?"

"Nothing, nothing Whitney, um, have you been smoking?" Lana pasted a smile on her face to take the accusation out of her words. She tried to ignore the hand still on her breast.

"Yeah. So what. It calms me down. Let's get back to what we were doing."

"What are we doing Whitney?"

"I'd think you could figure that out, Lana." Whitney squeezed the breast under his hand and slid his free hand high up on Lana's thigh.

Lana managed not to pull away from the groping hands. She couldn't hold back a shudder. Whitney didn't notice.

Whitney's hand slipped from her breast and he lifted the hem of her shirt, tracing a return journey underneath the fabric

The feel of his bare sweaty fingers on her nipple was the breaking point. She couldn't do this.

"Whitney - no"

"Lana! Stop being such a fucking tease. You do this every damn time we come out here. I am going to die of blue balls."

Whitney's fingers tightened on both her breast and her thigh.

"No - please - I don't want to do this now."

"You never want to do it `now'. It's always 'You know that I want to save myself' or 'Later Whitney' - only so far, Whitney. 'That's enough, Whitney'.

'Wait, Whitney'." His voice was mocking, "You get off on it don't you? Getting me worked up and then cutting me off."

"If you loved me..."

"Shit!" Whitney backed into the driver's seat. "Same song, same verse, never ending... If you loved me you would.... If you loved me you wouldn't.... That's always your argument. You always fall back on that one." Whitney hit the steering wheel with one fist.

"Oh Whitney, you don't understand. Nell always says..."

"I understand alright. You're an uptight prude, which is really a laugh since your role model is one of Lionel Luthor's whores."

"Nell and Lionel may have had a relationship, but that has nothing to do with us. Look Whitney, I've been thinking..."

"Yeah, right. Since when?" He muttered under his breath

Lana paused, but didn't outwardly react; Clark wouldn't treat her like this.

Clark worshipped her.

"Whitney, I think we need some time apart... Maybe we should see other people"

"What?!? Are you dumping me?"

"I'm not breaking up, just suggesting maybe we need some space, try to become friends again."

Whitney snorted but didn't say anything.

"I'm not saying we have to date other people.."

"Who is it?"

"What? Who is who Whitney?"

"Who's got your panties in a twist? Who are you dumping me for? 'Cause what ever pretty words you want to use, that's what you're doing."

"It's not like that - we're friends, just friends"


Lana pulled back a bit at the rage in his voice.

"You are so full of SHIT Lana. Just friends. Right. You think we should date other people. You won't let me touch you. It's obvious your hot for somebody, and it's not me, because you never give me any. Ever."

Lana turned away. "There is no one else. I just think I need to spend time with other friends, without a boyfriend."

Whitney barked a humourless laugh. "Right. Lana Lang. Alone."

"It's not like that Whitney. You know that I just want to save myself for someone special."

"I thought I was your someone special."

"I'm standing in your way Whitney. You want to get out of Smallville you want a future in the big world."

"You've always known that."

"I'm just a small town girl."

"Why does that suddenly make a difference now?"

"I don't want to be your biggest regret. I love my life here, I can't imagine ever leaving; the land is in my blood. You'll move on. I'll be left behind."

Lana was pleased as the sincerity in her voice, she didn't want to hurt Whitney; not really. She just wanted Clark.

Lex can't have him.....

Whitney snorted again and looked away. "That's not what you're worried about.

I'm standing in your way. Your way to somebody else."

"I'm sorry, Whitney."

"Whatever, Lana." Whitney started the truck. "You explain this away any way that will make you feel like a Princess, but I know what a bitch you can be."

The truck skidded slightly as Whitney turned back onto the main highway.

Lana wondered where Clark was.

"Who are you thinking about, Lana?"

"He's not... there's no one else"

"HE who?"


"You said `He's' not. `He', who?"

Lana gathered her thoughts. "The only people I hang out with are you, Clark from time to time, and of course.... Le... my boss. Not that many `He's' in my life."

Whitney looked over at Lana. "Lex? Lex Luthor? You've got to be kidding me!" He began to laugh, genuine laughter. "If that's who you mean, you haven't got a shot."

Lana wondered if she should be insulted or relieved. "Oh? What makes you so certain of that?" If he thought she was after Lex, he'd leave Clark alone.

Whitney glanced at her, a smirk stretched across his face. "Face it, honey, you maybe be the best thing going in Smallville but, I've seen the type of women that Lex gets. You don't stand a chance. You aren't even close to being in that league. Lex Luthor. What a fucking joke."

"Whitney, I'm sorry if I hurt you, but what I feel for Lex is something you just couldn't understand." /Contempt/ she finished to herself.

Whitney pulled the truck to the side of the road. They were still about a mile from Lana's house.


"First, I'm not stupid. I think even you know that there's no way you could get Luthor. I don't believe it's him you're after. Which just leaves Clark Fucking Kent and if you think you're going to get him you are truly delusional, sugarplum, cause I may not know Lex Luthor well, but I do know that he doesn't share. You aren't even a good liar. A lousy kisser. And yeah, you're breaking up with me for your own reasons, but I've got a feeling you're doing me a favour." Whitney reached across the seat and opened the passenger door.

"Goodbye Lana."

Lana took a moment to check her hair, then got out of the car and walked to the door of the Kent farm with a confidence she honestly didn't feel.

"Hi, Mrs Kent, is Clark busy?"

"Lana? Clark is in the barn, but isn't it a little late for you to be here?

"I know, but I really needed to see Clark - I hope that's okay?"

Knowing her innocence let her get away with things, Lana was still pleased when Mrs Kent sent her out to the barn.

Pasting what she hoped was a sincerely worried expression on her face she headed up to the barn/loft where she knew Clark hid.

"Clark, are you up here?"

"Umm, yeah. Lana?"


"Hi." Clark stood at the top of the stairs and looked down at her. "What's wrong? You ok?"

"Yes. I just, well, l I needed to talk to someone"

"Oh! Uh, c'mon up."

The smile was genuine. "Thanks."

Lana looked around; it was a barn, but it was a strangely comfortable place to be... or maybe that was just because Clark was here.

Clark stuffed his hands in the back pockets of his jeans. "You want to have a seat or something?"

"Um, yeah, thanks." Lana took a seat, and took a deep breath to gather her resolve. She knew she was taking a chance here. "Clark, I wanted to tell you something. It shouldn't be hard, but it is."

"What is it Lana? Are you ok?" Suddenly Clark was all concern, crouching in front of her, an earnestly worried look on his face.

Lana decided it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. She reached out and gently ran her hand along Clark's face.

"Whitney and I broke up. He said... well to be fair, we both said things to each other, and this time there is no going back." The hand stopped and cradled Clark's cheek.


Lana ran her thumb along Clark's cheekbone.

"It's for the best"

Clark pulled back slightly, but not very far. "Are you okay?"

"I know Whitney and I want different things out of life. It hurts, but not as much as I thought it would."

"That's rough, Lana. I'm sorry."

The thumb continued to caress, Clark wasn't reacting much, but he wasn't pulling away either.

"There's more Clark, and I feel a little foolish"

Clark reached out and rubbed her shoulder soothingly. "What is it?"

The warmth of his touch was incredible, it was all Lana could do not to purr.

"Whitney thinks, well... he thinks there is someone else."

"Is there? Sorry, none of my business. Lana, he didn't, well, he didn't do anything did he? I know Whitney has a temper."

Lana leaned in to the hand on her shoulder. "No, but I'm a little afraid he might hurt... hurt the person he thinks I'm interested in. I mean I'm not - not interested in that person but it was easier not to correct him; to let him think there was someone else. I didn't want to hurt him, and he just jumped to conclusions... and I let him."

Lana let her had drop. She really did feel like an idiot. She knew that Whitney didn't for a second believe her tall tale of trying for Lex, but Clark, well if he discovered and misunderstood...

"Who Lana? Who does Whitney think...?"


"Lex?!?" Clark stood up fast and backed away a couple of steps. "You let Whiney think that..." He took a deep breath and his eyes narrowed. "Lana, you don't like Lex do you? I mean as other than a friend?"


"You just let Whitney think you did." Clark ran his hand through his hair and took another step back.

"Even if I thought for a second I was in his league, well, I'm hardly his type, am I?"

Clark turned to look at her again, "What does that mean?"

Lana looked up into confused, angry eyes. //Oh. My. God. He doesn't know//

"Nothing. I'm sorry Clark. I.. it was easier to let Whitney believe"

"Lana. Just." Clark sighed. "Shit."

"Lex can take care of himself."

Clark barked a laugh. "Right. Like he hasn't been beat up by this town enough. Now you've sicced Whitney on him."

Lana stood up. "I'm so sorry, but I was less worried about Lex than about..."

Lana sighed and walked over to Clark and put a hand flat on his chest.

"Whitney won't be able to get into the castle, so he's fine toni... Lana?"

"You see Clark, there is someone, someone very important to me, and I didn't want Whitney to hurt him."

Clark blinked and looked down at the hand on his chest.

Lana smiled sheepishly up at Clark. "I guess I should go."


Lana slid her hand up his chest and around his neck. Standing up on tip-toes, she put pressure on Clark's neck to bring his head down to hers.

"Lana, what are you.. mmmmppphhh."

Clark's words were cut off as his lips met Lana's. His hands went automatically to her hips and he held himself very, very still.

Lana. Kissing. Him.

Everything he wanted.


Lana had intended to keep the kiss chaste, but when she felt Clark's hands on her hips she felt a surge of passion and opened her lips for him.

Clark deepened the kiss for a second.

He hoped Whitney wouldn't try anything with Lex before he could warn him.

Maybe he should go see Lex first thing in the morning.

Movement of Lana's tongue brought him back to the moment.

He was kissing Lana.

Kissing Lana, and thinking of



He slowly lifted his head and took a deep breath and pressed a kiss onto Lana's forehead.

"Wow, Clark that was... amazing"

"Lana. I, uh..." Clark backed up a step.

"What's wrong Clark?"

"Nothing! Nothing. It's just that it's late. And..."

Clark backed up another step.

Lana followed, invading his personal space, there was no real need to keep a distance now.

"Won't Nell be wondering where you are?"

"Oh, I guess it is late."

"Yeah. Late."

"I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Sure. Maybe. You're working right? We'll come get some coffee tomorrow afternoon."



"You said `We'. Oh God, Clark you're not dating Chloe are you. Oh Clark, it never even occurred to me....."

"What?! No! I meant Lex. Now that Whitney is after him.... Maybe we shouldn't come by the Talon after all."

"Please come, I'd like to see you."

"I don't want Whitney getting the wrong idea about Lex."

"Clark? Was I wrong?"

"Hmmm? About what?"


"Us, who?"

"You and me?"

"What? I don't... No. Umm, yes."

"Clark, I really like you"

"I like you too, Lana."

"So you'll come by the Talon tomorrow?" Lana tried not to make it sound too much like an order.

"Sure. Probably."

"Good. Okay. Goodnight"

Lana reached up and kissed Clark lightly on the lips. Both of them too focussed on inner thoughts to hear the sound of a sports car drive away

"Night. Be careful going home." Clark sounded distracted.

Lana was pleased that one kiss could have such an effect. She had figured she'd have to fight Lex for Clark. Maybe it would be easier than she had thought, Clark's innocence was going to work in her favour.

Lana couldn't keep the grin off her face as she drove home.

Martha looked up from her book as Clark came into the living room

"Mom. I'm going for a run. Be gone a while."

Martha checked her watch and frowned at the time. "What's wrong, dear?"

"Lana and Whitney broke up."

Martha looked at Clark and knew that this was not the good thing it was supposed to be; "I see."

"She kissed me."

"But?" Martha prompted when Clark didn't continue.

"But, umm, it didn't really do much for me. I didn't... And."

Clark paused, but went on before Martha could speak

"She told Whitney that she was interested in someone else. She let him think she had a thing for, for Lex."

Martha only just managed to contain her laughter. "Did you call Lex?"

"No. I don't think this is a phone conversation. I'll go by and see him in the morning. I'm just going to go for a run." Clark ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, like maybe to Oregon."

"Okay... Clark?"


"I won't wait up for you."

"Thanks, Mom. Love you."

"I love you too, I'll see you tomorrow - try not to leave your chores too late."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Clark arrived at Lex's castle just in time to watch him throw what was no doubt an expensive crystal decanter at the fireplace

Maybe now wasn't the best time to talk to Lex. Run first. Talk later.

Clark jumped quickly over the fence and started off at a slow jog for the benefit of a passing truck.

As soon as the vehicle was out of sight, he was gone.

He could feel the wind in his face, distracting him from his increasingly erratic thoughts.

Clark ran for a long time.

Alone inside his Castle, Lex was regretting his earlier abuse of fine scotch.

Shattering the decanter had made him feel better, but left him minus the contents.

Heartbreak deserved fine scotch. White wine just wasn't doing it, and old movies or not, Lex just couldn't bring himself to drink bourbon.

What he needed was to get laid.

Yeah, like that was currently an option. He had a choice, vapid beauties, far more interested in his money than in him, even the ones who wanted to see for themselves just how bald he really was.

Or, he could go clubbing, pick up someone to take his mind off farm boys...and have his father riding his ass far harder than any trick ever could.

The bottle of wine went the way of the scotch.

With a disgusted snort Lex gave up, and headed up to bed.

It always both pleased and annoyed Clark that it was ridiculously easy to "break into" the castle.

There was a security system.

But only on the most obvious entrances. There was no way to wire every door and window in this place. Or, Clark guessed there was a way, and Lex could certainly afford it, he just didn't bother. The gate, the front door, the kitchen door and several other entrances all had carefully and artistically hidden keypads and Clark even had a code of his own. Lex insisted.

Of course Lex also knew nothing of these middle of the night visits.

Clark didn't use the code. The security system recorded when someone punched in a code. Whose code it was. What time. Everything.

Everything your average alien stalker doesn't want.

Lex slammed the door to his bedroom and stalked across to the bathroom.

Setting the shower to just slightly cooler than boiled lobster he stepped in and began to scrub - as if soap could wash away the vision of Lana kissing Clark.

He jerked off hard and fast, refusing to even allow himself a fantasy.

This was physical relief; nothing more.

He dried off, got into his flannel pyjamas, thinking that Clark would find them amusing, and climbed into bed. Expecting to toss and turn half the night, he was instead asleep in seconds.

Clark slipped in through the door to Lex's bedroom. He'd heard the shower shut off and waited a good ten minutes. Considering the mood he was in earlier, Clark thought it would take Lex a while to get to sleep but he was surprised when he heard Lex's breathing deepen and even out not three minutes later.

Clark blinked. Flannel pyjamas? Those were new.

He kept his snort of laughter soft; the castle did seem to be perpetually cold.

He held his breath when Lex twisted from his side to his back. A minute later, when he was sure that he wasn't going to wake up, he slowly let out the breath and leaned against the wall by the bed.

The dark blue flannel made Lex's almost translucent skin seem even more pale.

The sheets slipped down even further as Lex twisted again.

/He's safe, Clark. Nothing will happen to him here./ Somehow the words didn't make him feel better.

He could get in. Other people had gotten in. Whitney had to be angry.

There was no way that he was actually going to stop and think about whether or not it was even possible that Lex would ever be interested in someone like Lana. He would just be angry and looking for revenge.

Clark watched as Lex slept. He was curled up into a tight ball as if trying to protect himself. Clark moved closer. Lex sighed, but unfolded himself, settling onto his back.


Whitney could hurt him. Why would she do something like that? How could she tell Whitney that she wanted Lex?

Lex murmured something in his sleep. <...bitch...>

Clark snatched his eyes back to Lex's face but he was still asleep.

Clark watched Lex's hand grope the empty space beside him and wondered who he was reaching for.

/what would it be like if he was reaching for me?/

Clark inched closer to the bed and reached out and lightly stroked Lex's arm.

Too light to be felt really, but...

Clark leaned closer and ran one finger across the frown lines on Lex's face.

His eyes fastened onto those lips and he leaned even closer.

Lex twitched and Clark was across the room pressed up against the wall before Lex could take another breath.




Watching was one thing but molesting was entirely another.

Damn. Ok. Time to go home. Maybe one kiss. One. A goodnight kiss. On the forehead.

Clark let his head fall back gently against the wall and groaned silently.

/Ok, dumbass, now you know why Lana's kiss wasn't doing much for you./





And now, oh yeah, gay!

Could he get any weirder?

Knowing his life, the answer had to be `yes'.

Clark slipped back beside Lex and slid to his knees again. He leaned close and pressed a light kiss to Lex's forehead. "Sweet dreams, Lex.".

"Clark? You want some breakfast, honey?"

"Yeah, Mom."

Clark rolled out of bed and onto his feet. Two minutes later he was showered and dressed and on his way downstairs.

"Morning. Did you get much sleep?"

"No. Not really. Brazil is pretty, though."

Martha blinked, and handed Clark a plate.

"This is good. M'hungry"

"You managed your chores pretty fast this morning - what time did you get in?"

"Umm, four-ish. I did my chores about five. Thanks for letting me sleep late."

"Honey, you weren't kidding about Brazil, were you?"

"Oh. No. I wasn't. I guess I had a lot on my mind. Ran further than I intended."

"I had a talk with your dad. He agreed that he'd be there if you need him; but he is willing to give you a little space. So am I."

"Wow. Dad said that?"

"It's a parent thing dear, just go with it."

Martha sat down with her coffee. "Clark?"

"Hmmm?" Clark chewed and raised an eyebrow at his Mom.

"I promised myself I wouldn't pry, but you seemed so troubled yesterday..."

Clark continued eating without looking at her.

"Lex called."

Clark choked on his toast, "What? When?"

Martha sighed, a random thought suddenly not so random. "He said he wanted to talk to you, he'll be by in about an hour."

"Oh... Um, Mom?"

"Yes dear?"

"Yesterday when Lana kissed me..." Clark took a deep drink of his coffee. "I, uh, I didn't feel much of anything. I mean, it was ok, I guess, but..."

"You didn't feel what you think maybe you should?"

"No. Not really."

"I thought I would be happy that she broke up with Whitney, but I don't really care. I mean, I feel sorry for her, but that's it. Is that weird?"

"Clark, is it because you have feelings for someone else?"

Clark could feel the blush running up his neck and across his face. and he ducked his head.

Martha smiled softly. "Clark, that isn't weird. It's normal."

"Mom! But it's..." Clark trailed off and tried to memorize the pattern of the tablecloth.

"Lex?" she asked softly

Clark's head jerked up for a second and he stared at her before looking away, "Yeah." His voice shook a little but he couldn't lie to his Mom about this. "What were you saying about 'not weird' and 'normal'?"

"Honey, the first time I saw you I was hanging upside-down in a truck during a meteor shower and you were in a cornfield standing beside your broken spaceship. Clark, the standard for 'weird' in my life is set pretty high."

Clark snorted and grinned at her for a second before the smile faded.

"Honey, do you trust Lex? Think about it for a second because it's a very important question. It's more important than love, more important than anything."

Clark took another drink of his coffee before looking up, straight into her eyes. "Yes. I know Dad doesn't trust him and doesn't think I should, but I trust Lex. Totally."

"Then maybe you should tell him how you feel."

Clark blinked. "Mom?" He fought down another blush. "You really think so?"

"Clark, love is about taking chances. Sometimes you get your heart broken, but sometimes you don't."

"Do you think Lex...."

"Does she think I what?" Lex asked through the screen door.

"Hey! Lex." Clark jumped up and went to the door, "Mom told me you were coming over."

"And I have arrived. Good Morning, Mrs. Kent."

"Morning, Lex."

Martha rose from the table and put her cup by the sink. "I have some work to do. Clark, I'll make a deal with you."

"What?" Clark wasn't sure if he wanted her to leave or not. "You take care of your problem, and I'll make sure your father doesn't take care of it for you."

She kissed his cheek, and headed for the door

Lex wasn't sure why, but for some reason a cold shudder went through him at her mention of Jonathan. He watched Martha retreating back with some confusion.

The Luthor in him knew he had just missed something important.

Shaking his head, he turned back to Clark, who was handing him a cup of coffee.

"Sleep okay?"

"On and off. You? You look tired - that's not something I'm used to seeing on you."

"I went running last night."

Lex took a sip of coffee. "Something on your mind?"

"Yeah," Clark took his own sip of coffee and glanced away. "S'no big deal."

"Hey? What is it? I thought you'd be in a great mood." Lex silently cursed himself as the words left his mouth.

"Really? Why?" Clark ignored the questions and latched onto the statement.

"Nothing. I guess I'm not as awake as I thought. This is superb coffee - where did you run to last night, Columbia?"

Clark spluttered and choked a little. "Just, uh, just good old Maxwell House."

"Hmm. So what was on your mind?"

"When? Last night? Oh, uh. Just heard some news."

"Good news? No, I guess not?"

"I thought I'd feel one way about it, but..."

"But...?" Lex was genuinely confused. When he'd come over to talk to Clark, the last thing he'd seen was Lana kissing him.

"It's just..." Clark glanced at Lex and then turned to look out the window.

"You know how you sometimes think you want something and then you get it, and you find out you didn't really want it after all? Does that make any sense?"

Lex closed his eyes against memories he'd rather forget. "More than you know Clark, more than you know."

Still wondering what he had missed, he braced himself and ploughed on. "Clark, what's going on here?"

"Lana broke up with Whitney. I always thought I'd be happy about that. And I guess I am. For her. I just don't feel about it like I thought I would. So, yeah. That's what was on my mind. Last night. When I went running. Well, that was part of it."

"So Lana finally saw the light about the Quarterback."

"I guess."

Lex plastered his least shark-like smile onto his face. "Well then, it's only a matter of time before she turns your direction. That's great - you should be..."



Lex reached out a hand to comfort Clark, but dropped it when he realised just how close together the two of them were standing. He wished that he could consider the total lack of a personal space bubble between them to be a good sign.

"Clark? What is wrong?"

"She already has. She came here last night to tell me. About her and Whitney. But... I just didn't care. That much. Even when, when she..."

"When she?"

Clark blushed and ducked his head again, "When she kissed me. I didn't feel, well, I didn't feel much of anything. I guess it was an okay kiss. It just wasn't what I wanted. Like I thought I did. So, yeah."

Lex turned away quickly. Lionel himself would have been unable to keep the look of sheer joy off his face. Covering his actions by fumbling with the coffee, Lex schooled his features. "Lana kissed you? And you're not walking on air.

Okay, now I am confused. Something about Lana has changed?"

"No. I guess not. I mean, yeah. She's paying attention to me. That's a change, I guess but." Clark set his coffee on the table and dropped into the chair. "I always thought that if Lana ever kissed me, that you know, BANG!

Fireworks. But, ummm, no. No fireworks. I guess I'm what changed. I'm just not as interested in Lana as I thought I was."

Lex felt this very un-Luthor-like desire to pump his fist in the air and yell YES at the top of his lungs.

Instead he put on what he hoped was a "concerned friend" face...

...and not a "how fast can I get you naked" face.

"So, you have what you want, and it's not what you thought it was. No wonder you're upset. Listen, I have to go to the Talon, Nell did something a little - odd - and I need to talk to her. I was going to ask you to join me, but given..."

"I'll go."


"I don't mind. It doesn't bother me if... I want to go." Clark stood up and made himself shut up before he made even more of an idiot of himself.

"Okay then." Something wasn't right here. Lex hated being out of the loop.

Ah well, as Papa Kent would say, more than one way to skin a cat. "So, you too tired to drive?"

A grin broke across Clark's face. "Never. What car?"

"This one" Lex walked to the door, tossing the keys over his shoulder. /No greater love/ he thought to himself, stepping out to make sure he got a good look at Clark's face when he saw the latest Lex acquisition.


Lex watched, and decided orgasmic was a good look on Clark.

Clark ran one cautious finger across the gleaming surface of the hood of the new Panoz Esperante and looked back at Lex, a huge grin on his face. "I should ask you if you're sure you want me to drive, but I'm not gonna. You gave me the keys. Too late to back out now!"

"Look at the keys, Clark."

Clark held the keys up and looked. "Lex, these don't look like your keys."

"That's because they aren't my keys."

"Lex. These are.. Are these? These have my name on them!"

"I thought it would save time. Besides adding you to my insurance actually brought my rates down."

"What?! Lex. Wow. Oh. Wow. Are these gate keys too?!? And door keys?"

"Maybe now you'll tell me how you keep getting in without them."

Lex looked at Clark's face. Something unfamiliar tugged at his gut.

Clark stood stock still. "I, I don't know what to say." He cleared his throat and blinked rapidly before wrapping Lex in a bear hug. "Thank you. And not for the keys to the car."

Lex had that feeling he'd missed something again. But he wrapped his arms around Clark and tried not to writhe. Damn but this felt good

Clark pressed a quick, soft kiss to his temple and Lex swallowed a whimper.

/So warm/

Lex allowed himself the weakness and clung a little longer

"I gather you're pleased?" Clark's arms tightened for a moment before he let go and took a tiny step back.

"You could say that."

Lex looked up at Clark and knew that there was more showing in his eyes that he wanted, but somehow looking at the face close enough to kiss, he just couldn't bring himself to care.

"We'd better get going."

Clark grinned and rubbed his hands together. "Buckle up!"

Lex moaned dramatically, but couldn't keep the smirk off his face. Even when the Tack hit 90,000.

As the Panoz screeched to a halt in front of the Talon, Lex took a deep breath and silently apologized to every passenger he had ever driven.

"Okay. Look, I need to yell at Nell in private. Are you feeling up to dealing with Lana?"

Clark tried to smile but it came out more like a grimace. "I guess." He twisted in the seat, "there's something else I have to tell you."

Lex looked at him, not sure he was up to much more. "Something else happened with Lana, didn't it?"

"Yeah. She, well, she told, ok, she kind of implied to Whitney that..." Clark stopped and sighed.

"I'm not going to like this much am I?"

"Probably not. She, umm, she let Whitney think that she was, you know, interested. In you." Clark plucked at a loosed thread in the cuff of his shirt and braced himself.

Lex looked stunned for a second, then threw his head back and laughed. "Oh my god. Even Quarterback can't be that stupid."

Clark looked up and grinned, "I wouldn't count on it. Just be careful around him. Okay?"

"I'm not worried. If he tries anything, you'll save me." Lex got out of the car and headed inside before he could say anything else too stupid.

Clark grinned and blushed and followed Lex out of the car.

Lex took a deep breath, centred himself and went into 'business mode'. Funny how he never had to do that except after time spent with Clark. He strode into the Talon, and saw that Nell was, as usual, hiding in the office. Without a glance at the rest of the place he headed to the back.

Clark slipped in behind Lex as unobtrusively as possible and quickly found a seat.

Lana looked up from behind the counter and beamed at him. ""Hi Clark. I was just going to take a quick break." She slid over to Clark and took a seat beside him.

"Hi, Lana. How's it going?"

"Fine, great. I slept really well last night. Good dreams."

"That.. that's good, I guess." Clark inched away to put some space between them.

"So," Lana moved closer and put a hand on his forearm "I was thinking..."

Clark tried not to flinch and pasted what he hoped was an interested look on his face.

"Maybe we could get together later, see a movie? Or, whatever."

"Um, well, Lex and I are supposed to..."

A hand came down on his shoulder

"Clark is busy later."

"Oh Lex, I didn't know you were here." Lana's smile looked genuine, but Lex knew how appearances were deceiving.

"I needed to speak to your Aunt on a business matter."

"Well, surely you have time for coffee? Here, let me get you both some."

Lex moved a chair a little closer and sat down beside Clark.

Clark smiled at Lex, "You want to stay?"

"I did what I needed to do, the rest of my day is yours. I hope my rescue was the right move- you seemed uncomfortable with her attentions."

"Yeah. She uh, well. I guess she's looking for a replacement for Whitney and I don't think I'm the man for the job. I don't want to hurt her feelings, though."

"You're more than man enough for anyone, Clark." /fuck did I just say that out loud? What the hell is the matter with me today?/

Clark blushed and ducked his head. "Thanks."

/Well, the reaction is worth it./

"Gentlemen, your coffee."

Lex raised one graceful eyebrow as he noticed three cups on the tray.

"I've been here since six, I hope you don't mind if I join you for a moment."

Lex suppressed a sigh and motioned to a chair across from, and not beside, Clark

"So, Clark, what were you saying about a movie?"

"Clark and I are going to catch up on some of the newer films I've missed."

"Heading for the Multiplex - perhaps I can join you."

"We were planning to watch them at my place."

"Surely a theatre is more fun?"

"I have a theatre Lana, beside, this way no one can comment when we start necking."

"Lex!" Clark sounded strangled, and blood rushed across his face, suffusing it in a deep blush.

Lex looked at Clark, trying for sheepish, but knowing he just looked smug.

"Sorry," he said, not meaning it in the slightest.


Clark blushing was amazingly sexy.

"Wow, Lex, your place sounds wonderful. Maybe I could join you there. I promise not to ask Clark to sit in the back row with me"

Lex leaned forward and grinned, showing lots of teeth

"Somehow I don't think that would be much of a problem Ms Lang."

"Well." Lana sat back, "Its a date then. I'm off work here at 4 - shall I meet you later? Or maybe Clark could pick me up?"

Clark found his voice at last. "Ummm, sorry Lana. By four we're not gonna be in town. We're just watching a couple of movies this morning and then, we're going somewhere this afternoon."

Lex looked over at Clark. He knew, he just knew, that grabbing Clark and kissing him senseless was a bad idea.

"Sorry, Lana. Ready to go Clark?" Lex let Clark proceed him out of the Talon, and didn't say a word until the two of them were comfortable in the quiet of the car.

"Clark, what the holy hell was that?"

"What? What was what?" Clark tried to look innocent.

"Try that look on someone who doesn't know you, Farm Boy."

"Well, I said I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I don't want her to, you know, again, so...." Clark trailed off and looked down. "Sorry."

"Clark, what exactly happened last night? You seem a little too worked up over a kiss."

"All she did was kiss me but... I get the feeling that she wants to do more.

And I just don't..." Clark sighed, frustrated.

/damn, damn, damn/ "Clark, is that all this is, she's ready for more than you are? I sometimes forget that while there is only a few years between us, I was never this innocent."

"It's not that!" Clark suddenly sounded fierce. "Just not with her! I don't want her!"

Lex suddenly felt a great wash of sympathy for the Quarterback. "Chloe?"

"No, not Chloe" Clark sighed, "Can we just go watch the movie?"

Lex sat back and let the leather warm him. "Sure. Suddenly I feel the urge to see the Princess Bride."

Clark snorted a laugh and started the car. "As you wish."

/This,/ Lex thought to himself as he stood under the shower, /has been a good day/

He scrubbed himself, and then reached for his cock, replaying the day in his mind, and letting a favourite Clark fantasy carry him over the edge.

Feeling happy, and oddly complete, Lex pulled on the bottoms of his pyjamas and went to bed.

Back at the loft, Clark's thought were along a similar vein.

"Clark? Are you up there?"

"Shit," Clark whispered.

"Can I come up?"

"I could come down." Clark quickly stood up and headed for the stairs.

Lana met him at the top.

"I know it's late, but I really wanted to talk to you. I just wanted to tell you that you impressed me today, the way you reacted to Lex."

"Why?" Clark backed up a step.

"When he made that comment about you and he ... well Whitney would have freaked, but you just treated like a joke. It made me realise I needed to be more honest with myself and you about why Whitney and I broke up."

Lana moved closer.

Clark backed up another step.

"You see, Whitney wanted our relationship to move forward."

Lana advanced.

"I thought I wasn't ready, but I realised today that it wasn't me, it was Whitney."


"I am ready, Clark. I am ready to give myself to someone. Just not to Whitney."

"Oh. Lana. I should..." Clark inched to the side, trying to keep the stairs in view.

Lana moved closer and wrapped her arms around Clark, one hand slid into his hair.

"Lana!" Clark's hands hovered over her shoulders but he didn't touch.

Lana pulled his mouth down to hers and initiated a kiss.


Lana broke the kiss and smiled.

"Lana," Clark stepped back. "Maybe you should think about this. You just broke up with Whitney and..."

"I broke up with Whitney because I realised that my future wasn't with him, it was with you. You make me feel things; warm and safe."

"Lana. We can't." Clark took a deep breath. "I can't."

"Clark? What's wrong?"

"Lana..." Clark removed her hands from around his neck and held them gently "I don't think this is a good idea."

"I thought we could... I thought this would be easy. I mean, I've never made love with anyone, but I thought you .... Maybe I should just go."

"Maybe that would be best, Lana."

Lana looked genuinely surprised. "Oh, ok. Um, well good night." She moved in to kiss Clark.

Clark pulled his head back out of range. "Goodnight, Lana."

Lana turned and headed back to the stairs. With one last longing look she left.

Clark blew out a breath and shook his head.

She just wasn't going to get it. Not until he ended up hurting her feelings.

And he really didn't want to do that.

He shuddered and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth; he wanted her to kiss him even less though.

Clark groped for the thick ring of keys in his pocket and smiled. No need for breaking and entering tonight. Just entering. Somehow he doubted that this is what Lex had in mind when he handed over the keys.

He listened for Lana's car and ten seconds after it turned out of the drive, Clark jumped down from the loft and headed for the Castle.

He unlocked the gate, grinning as he did. It would have been quicker to jump over but, having the key and the tacit permission to come on the property whenever he wanted was nice.

Clark slipped in quietly, as he had so many nights before, and quickly made his way up the stairs and through the dark halls to Lex's bedroom. He eased the door open and crossed the room to his usual spot. It gave him a perfect view of the entire bed but put him in the shadows where he would be difficult to see should Lex wake up for a second.

The first time Lex had stirred, Clark had been so startled that he nearly said something but Lex just punched his pillow into shape and curled back into his usual ball.

He knew that the many nights he has spent watching Lex should be weighing on his mind. He really was a stalker; this was just wrong. But he had been doing it for so long now. He'd come here first time the night Earl nearly killed them; it wasn't nearly watching Lex die that triggered it; it was the look on Lex's face as Lionel hugged him.

That night, he had just wanted to reassure himself that Lex was really alive.

But it had taken Lana's kiss to really make him understand why it was he kept returning.

Lex murmured in his sleep and uncurled, the sheet slipping down to his waist.

Clark suppressed a whimper.

Lex didn't have on a top.

Every other night, Lex wore either heavy cotton, or more recently, soft thick flannel.

Top and bottom.

Lex moaned and stretched before settling onto his back.

Tonight. Of course tonight, right after he figured out how he felt. Tonight of all nights, no top to the pyjamas.

And, oh. No hair.

At all.

This time the whimper actually escaped.

Clark focused on Lex's chest. No. No hair at all. Not even around his nipples or low on his belly. Which meant...

Probably. Maybe. No hair. Anywhere.

Lex moaned again, softly as if reacting to a dream. One pale hand settled on his chest and began stroking lightly

Clark wiped his sweaty palms on his thighs and tried not to reach out to Lex.

Lex's fingers brushed over his nipple and another soft moan emerged.


The sheet slipped again.

And Clark forgot how to breath

Lex was HARD


"Oh." Now he was hard and it was all he could do not to crawl across the floor and into the bed with Lex.

Lex's hand slid further down the smooth chest, stopped for a heart bursting second... and then Lex reached for himself. Still asleep, he began a gentle rocking of his hips.

Clark moaned before he could stop himself and Lex sat bolt upright in the bed.

"Shit." It was barely a breath.

Clark froze for a long second then slowly let himself breathe again when Lex didn't look his way.

"Damn you, Farm Boy." He sighed and quickly stripped out of his pants.

Clark bit the side of his hand to keep the moan inside. His eyes felt like they were going to pop out of his head as he stared at Lex.

Lying back on the bed, Lex reached down and stroked his hands along his thighs,

one hand moved to fleetingly stroke his erection, eyes shut tight.

"Oh, God. Oh, Clark."

Hands moved up to pinch and twist his nipples.

"Harder... please..."

"Oh yes, you know just what to do..."

Lex stretched one hand out blindly and fumbled with the nightstand and grabbed the lube.

Keeping one hand pressed to his mouth, Clark pressed his other hand to his aching erection. It felt like it was going to push it's way out of his pants and over to Lex on its on, with or without Clark's cooperation.

Lex was writhing on the bed, hands everywhere - moaning, giving himself totally over to the fantasy.

"Clark, oh, GOD, Clark,"

He ripped the top of the bottle, hissing as the cold lube hit his burning skin.

"So warm, God so warm. Never cold. I'd never be cold with you." Lex spread his legs wider, one hand slipping down behind his balls to play with the opening.


"I'd give myself to you..." one slick finger slipped in.

"Only you..."

"Ohhhhhh," Clark felt his cock jerk and...

Lex moaned and let go. Two fingers of one hand were pistoning in and out of his ass; the other hand reached for his aching cock.

"Clark, oh, GOD.... Why can't it be you...."

"Lex. Lex. Oh..." Clark scrabbled at the zip to his jeans, his whispers escaping without his permission. He whimpered softly as the cool air hit his erection, his eyes never leaving the sight of Lex twisting and thrusting on the bed.

Lex stroked harder, faster.

Clark thumbed the moisture beading at the tip of his cock before beginning to stroke in time with Lex.

Lex arched his back, hand moving faster, neck stretched, so pale, so inviting.

"CLARK!" Lex screamed out the name, coming hard into his hand.

"Lex!" Clark's scream was silent.

Lex whimpered as he continued to stroke himself lightly. After a moment or two he stopped and reached for his pyjamas, using the discarded bottoms to clean himself.

"Farm Boy," Lex sighed. "How many more times am I going to make you watch that stupid film before you get it."

With a harsh sigh, Lex wrapped the blankets around himself, curled up into a tight ball and settled into sleep.

Clark choked in the middle of his furtive clean up and grinned. Lex casting himself as Buttercup?

Clark listened for a moment until he was sure Lex was deeply asleep then he eased up to the edge of the bed, brushed a soft kiss onto Lex's forehead and sped out of the castle and over the gate before he could change his mind and simply take what Lex hadn't even realised he'd offered.

Clark ignored the idiotic grin that spread across his face at the sound of the sports car in the drive. At least it felt idiotic. It felt like it was stretching all the way from one ear to the other.

/Be calm. Be calm. Don't jump him the instant he walks in the door./ Clark brushed stray pieces of straw from his shirt and ran his hands through his hair. /Calm, cool, collected... I just need to pretend I'm Lex./

"Clark? You around?"

"In here, Lex."

Lex couldn't suppress his smile as he walked to Clark's Fortress. "Hey, mind if I come up?"

"No. Yes. I mean, sure, c'mon up." /Idiot. Babble much?/


"Good Morning," Clark tried to smile normally and not to stare. Last night he'd seen more of Lex than he'd ever thought he would and the memory burned.

He refused to allow himself to look through the layer of Lex's clothes.

/But last night I watched you touch himself and pretend it was me. You screamed my name when you came, one hand on your beautiful cock, your other hand... God,

fingers deep inside your body, feverishly wishing they were my fingers...

...or... maybe... something other than my fingers./

"Clark? Something wrong?"

Clark nearly swallowed his tongue as Lex's words interrupted the vivid memories of the night before. "No. Nothing. I'm good. You?" Lex was the light to Clark's moth and he drifted closer.

Lex grinned, his lower lip vanishing for a second under his front teeth.

"You're looking at me as if you can see through me."

"Not through you."

Lex looked at Clark for a second, then turned his head away. "Yeah, well sometimes I wonder about that."

"What do you mean?" Clark reached out and put a hand on Lex's shoulder.

When people reached out to touch Lex, he usually sidestepped. He could usually avoid actually flinching, unless the hand reaching out to him belonged to his father. Either way, it wasn't lost on him that he stood a little straighter, as if to increase the pressure of Clark's hand . /so warm, always so warm/

Clark's thumb rubbed in gentle circles on Lex's shoulder "Lex?"

/Goddamnit, I'm a Luthor, I am not going to start purring/

"I just meant.... never mind, I'm not sure what I meant." Lex knew he needed to put a little distance between them - now -

Lex moved as if to step back.

Clark tightened his grip on Lex's shoulder, and moved forward another half step. "Lex..." Clark whispered the name. Not meaning anything really. Just. Lex.

Lex was breathing too fast. He had to move away.

"Um, I guess I should go..."

"No. Don't go. Stay." He gently turned Lex toward him until he could grasp both arms. "Stay."

Wide eyes looked up to meet Clark's. What he saw there elated and terrified him. /he's going to kiss me. Ohmygod Clark is about to kiss me/

Lex tried to move away, he did! Moving away was the smart thing, the Luthor thing, so there was no way he was really sliding his hands up Clark's arms.

"Lex..." Clark slid the hand on Lex's shoulder around to the nape of his neck and stroked his thumb across that bump that he'd always wanted to touch. He leaned forward. The brush of skin against skin. The feel of Lex's lips against his.

He pressed their lips together softly for a second.

Lex closed his eyes and leaned into the strong hand that held him in place as surely as chains could.

Clark pressed gently forward, his mouth opening, his tongue tracing lightly over Lex's lips. He paused to suck helplessly on that little scar that had taunted him for so long.

At the first soft touch of Clark's tongue Lex gave up pretending he was anyplace but exactly where he wanted to be. "This is so not a good idea" he whispered against Clark's mouth, not even trying to get away from the delicious, tantalizing feeling of his scar being... worshipped.

"This is a great idea. The best idea I've had in ages." Clark grinned bright and quick and dove back for another kiss, his tongue sliding in deep, his hands tightening their grip.

Lex felt himself melt into the kiss. His hands were wrapped around Clark's neck and he realised he really was clinging to the boy.

It was the realisation that he was hard that brought him back to reality. Lex was about control; sex was about power. He became aroused when it suited him, and not from the comparatively chaste kisses of an inexperienced boy.

Clark moaned and slid one hand around to grasp Lex's ass pull him even tighter against him.

/FUCK!/ Lex had to regain control. He had to take control.

Clark shifted his grip and lifted Lex onto his toes, pressing their erections together.

Lex nearly lost it at the feel of Clark's answering heat. He pulled his head away from that sinful mouth. "Clark? God we can't do this."

"Lex..." Clark tried to follow Lex's mouth with his. "Why not?"

Lex was doing his best to channel some blood back into the head he was supposed to be thinking with. "uuuhh"

"You want me. I can feel it. I want you," Clark pressed his hips forward, "and you can feel that, can't you?"

Lex whimpered, he actually whimpered.

Clark pressed kisses to the smooth, smooth skin of Lex's head, his cheeks, his lips. "Lex," It was a moan.

/I'm going to come. I am going to come from the sound of someone saying my name./ "Oh God, Clark, you have to stop."

Clark pulled his head back a fraction but didn't loosen his grip on Lex's body, "Why?"


"Why?" Clark leaned in to lick the scar again. "Why stop? I don't want to stop. I want to keep going." The lick turned into a suck. "I want more."

"More?" It was the squeak he heard in his own voice that finally gave Lex the strength to gently push Clark away. "Ok, right. I, uh..." Lex tried again to get his breathing under control. "I don't believe this."

Clark panted, and curled his fingers deep into his palm to keep himself from reaching for Lex again.

"I'm insane. Clark, we need to talk about this."

"I'd rather kiss you some more."

Lex caught himself as he swayed closer. His brain might be confused, but his body was quite convinced. "You're not Gay."

"Um, Lex. You may not have noticed," Clark blushed but refused to look away, "but I am hard. From kissing you. You're a man. I would say that puts me somewhere in the 'less than straight' category."

Lex took a couple of steps backwards and placed his hands flat against the wall behind him. It was that or he was going to climb Clark.

"You were straight - you are straight. You love Lana, you're a normal healthy heterosexual son of a Kansas farmer and I am going straight to hell. Kansas,"

Lex continued, knowing he was babbling, not really caring as much as he knew he should. "Damnit Dorothy, we're still in Kansas, I don't even think it's legal for me to hug you in this state."

Clark's laugh bordered on wild. "First, I don't love Lana. I had a crush on Lana. Different things. Secondly, I'm adopted - I'm not really from around here. Again, I'm going to point out the fact that seeing as how I was and am hard as a rock from kissing you, so not straight. It is legal for you to hug me. As for the rest, I don't really give a fuck about the legalities. It's a misdemeanour, and anyway, it's not like I want to do it with you on the six o'clock news."

Clark stepped forward with each point until he was again right in front of Lex.

Lex's not insubstantial exhibitionist streak reared its horny head at the six o'clock new comment. "Okay, um, you are making a few assumptions here. You're assuming that I want you...." Lex looked down at himself. "Never mind, stupid argument, dead people three states away have figured out that I want you. But,

and I can't believe I am about to say this, I think we're moving too fast." A brief disgusted look passed over his face "Did I actually just say that?"

"Yeah. You did. I disagree but... You aren't saying no totally. Right?"

Lex knew that if Clark looked at him through those eyelashes again that he was going to have him naked and on the sofa in seconds. He closed his eyes and banged his head against the wall. "I'm going to Hell; my father is Lucifer, you'd think that would cut me some slack. No Clark, I am not saying no."

"Good." Clark leaned forward

Lex put out a restraining hand, using all his strength to keep it from turning into a caress. "But I am not going to take your virginity in a hay loft. That is just too Mayberry for me to handle."

Clark blushed and snorted a laugh. "Just a kiss then?"

Lex looked at that blush, and as he often did, he had to dig his nails into his palms to keep himself from ripping off Clark's clothes to see just how far that blush went. "For a virgin Clark, your version of 'just a kiss' is pretty hot."

Clark ignored the virgin comment. "I'll be good. I promise."

Lex parted and licked his lips, totally unaware of his actions. "One kiss, then we stop."

"One kiss," Clark nodded and opened his arms. "And we stop. For now."

"We have to stop. I lo..., uh, I care about you Clark, and I need to pretend to be mature about this." Lex said the words and wondered what that strange pain in his chest was. "This is so new to you. I don't want to lose your friendship over this when you figure out you made a mistake." Lex shook his head, and pushed himself away from the wall and into Clark's waiting arms. "Since when am I this fucking noble?"

"I don't know, but it's annoying." Clark pulled Lex close and dipped his head down to brush his lips across Lex's smooth cheek to his even smoother mouth.

Smooth except for that delicious scar.

So much of the darker parts of Lex wanted to take control, to take this boy's mouth and make the kiss something.... less.

And it was then that Lex understood just how much danger he was in.

He gave up, and let himself melt into Clark's arms

"Clark, are you up there?"

"Shit." Clark pulled back from Lex reluctantly and rested his forehead against Lex's smooth scalp, trying not to laugh at the look on Lex's face.

"We don't look ready to receive guests, do we?"

Lex looked at Clark and laughed, ignoring the slightly hysterical note to it.

He stepped away from Clark and took stock.

"Let's see, Lana is downstairs about to walk up here; I have an erection that would do a porn star proud and which my exquisitely tailored dress slacks are doing nothing to disguise. You look like a debauched angel, and the smug look on your face is worthy of my father." Lex managed a half grin; "so. no Clark, I don't think we are ready for company, but as the young lady in question is now standing at the top of the stairs looking like she is about to faint I think the entire conversation is moot. Good Morning Miss Lang."

Clark gulped and the blush that spread across his face would do a ripe tomato proud. "Hi Lana."

"Hi - uh I guess this is a bad time?"

"God hates me. Of course God hates me, I'm Lucifer's son." Lex didn't even bother trying for a dignified exit. "I have to go now. Bye, Clark."

Lana edged away from the stairs as Lex approached.

Clark's blush had faded to just the other side of magenta, but he didn't duck his head and hide. He looked straight at Lex and smiled. "Lex? I'll uh, I'll see you later."

Lex's breath hit the back of his throat. "I...." Lex shook of the urge to go back to Clark. He left quickly with as much grace as he could manage.

"Lana," Clark ran his hands through his dishevelled hair and turned his back for a second to adjust himself, too quickly to see of course, "What can I do for you?"

"I was hoping we could talk. I thought we left a lot unsaid last night ."

"Now's really not the best time." Clark didn't even bother to put an attempt at apology in his voice.

"Clark?" This turn of events had caught her totally off guard. "What's going on? I mean..." It was her turn to blush as she realised what she was asking.

"Lana, can we not do this now?"

"I guess I'll see you later?"

Clark leaned over the railing watching her leave. "Lana? I'm sorry."

"That's all right Clark. There's still time."

Dear Diary:

The first time I ever saw Lex Luthor he was naked in a swimming pool making out with a girl. I was a child, I didn't know what `sexy' was.

Lionel looked - well, I was glad I wasn't in the room later when they had a chat.


Strong, arrogant, ruthless.

Unbelievably sexy.

Nell doesn't talk about him, but I know that if he called her, she would drop whatever or whoever she was doing and run to him.

But she never looked at Lionel the way she looks at Jonathan Kent.

That was my first lesson in the difference between sex and love.

Lionel is sex - amazing sex, power, heat, fire.

Jonathan is about love. Safety, security, loyalty.

And I wondered why Whitney thinks I'm screwed up.

I made a mistake earlier - I left when Clark asked.

I've been going on one assumption - that Clark looked at Lex the way Nell looks at Lionel.

Today I learned it's more the way Nell looks at Jonathan, but what has me really worried isn't Clark. Clark is - well he's Clark.

He'll do the `right' thing.

I had thought...

Lex has never been about love.

Lex is power, and sex and mystery.

Lex isn't love.

Lex is Lionel.

Luthors can't love... but Lex is in love with Clark... it was so clear, so plain.

So now what? I am not ready to give up.

I want Clark, he's strong and smart and beautiful. He's got a future outside Smallville, but if he chooses he could be happy here.

He just needs someone strong by his side.

I need advice.

I tried to talk to Nell earlier but I couldn't figure out what to ask.

I wish I knew a bit more of the history between Nell and Clark's dad.

I wish I could ask her about what I saw this morning.

I have never seen anyone look at Clark the way Lex did. Like it really didn't matter if I were there or not.

So Nell, what was sex with Lionel like, cause I think Lex is having sex with Clark and I want to know if I stand a chance...?

Yeah, that'll go over well.

I hate Lex Luthor

Because I still remember the look on Nell's face when Lionel would leave her room, and I would go in hoping to talk to her.

The son is more of a man than the father ever could be. And if love is involved...

I can't compete.

"Dinner was great, Mom. I'll be outside." Clark stopped at the door and looked back.

"That's fine, honey. I'll see you in the morning." Something about the soft, measured, utterly calm sound of her voice makes him feel that everything will be fine. No matter what. No matter who.... At least he knew he could count on his mother to always love him.

Clark didn't try to stop the smile that spread across his face and he walked back to wrap his arms around his mother and squeeze very, very gently. "I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, Clark"

Clark climbed the steps to the loft and flopped back onto his couch.

/I kissed Lex!/

The thought went round and round and round in his brain.

Clark smiled. Wondered what Lex was doing now. If he was thinking about this morning. About the kisses. About Clark's mouth on his. His tongue, their tongues, twisting together. Sucking on that scar on Lex's mouth. Making him moan. Making him hard.

And Lex. Lex hard. Lex might be shorter than he was, but... Lex's cock. Clark shivered. Well, there was nothing 'short' about it.

/and totally hairless, god....../

Oh. Clark felt his own cock stir and grow an inch at the thought. Lex. Bare.

Naked. No hair. Anywhere.


Clark shifted and stretched, loving the warm feeling of want seep through him.

Lex's beautiful, smooth skin. Absorbing his heat.

Lex was always so cool. Clark loved warming him up.

Being the one who could touch Lex. The only one who could touch Lex. The only one Lex would lose control with.

He'd been on the edge earlier. Close to losing his control. /Oh./ Clark whimpered softly. He wanted to see that. So much. Lex free. Free to feel. To feel everything that Clark wanted to do to him. Physically. Emotionally.

Clark pressed the heel of his hand against the base of his cock. Not now. Later.

With Lex. For Lex. To Lex.

Lana's voice cut through the erotic haze like a blunt axe. "Clark? Are you up?"

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Clark felt his cock shrink in his pants.

/Well, I was./ He sighed.



"Uh, hi?"

Clark suppressed another sigh. He didn't bother to smile though. He just sat up and looked over toward the stairs, "Hi, Lana."

"You don't seem happy to see me."

"No, it's not that. I was just lying here. Thinking."

"I didn't mean to disturb you. I just thought that after this morning, well we needed to talk."


Lana let out a nervous laugh "Why?"

"Yeah. Why? What do we need to talk about?"

"Don't be embarrassed Clark. Sometimes even handsome princes need to be rescued."

"I'm not embarrassed."

"Oh. Good. I'm just glad I arrived before Lex could take it too far."

"Lana." Clark did sigh this time. "I wasn't in any danger of being 'overpowered' by Lex or anything. I'm bigger than him, you know. Stronger too."

"Lex is so strong a personality, I understand how you could be led... talked into something against your nature.... I just wish I could have arrived sooner."

"I'm fine, Lana. I can handle myself. I'm not in danger from Lex. Believe me."

"You seemed.... Clark, I didn't really come here to talk about Lex."

"Good." Clark shifted in his seat. "What did you come to talk about?"


"Ok." Clark moved down a little more and gestured for Lana to take a seat.

Lana sat down close beside Clark. Goodness, he was so handsome. Why had it taken her so long to notice? "I've been thinking. I guess after what Lex tried to do to you this morning, I came to some difficult decisions."

"About what, Lana?"

"Well," Lana reached over and took one of Clark's hands in hers. "I guess that sometimes it takes a shock to realise what you want has been there all along."

She began to gently run her other hand up and down his forearm.


Lana closed the space between them and place a gentle kiss on his sweet mouth."I guess I've been looking for something that was far away, instead it was right there all along."

Clark blinked and blushed. "Uhh, Lana..."

Lana looked away with a soft smile. "Clark, I'm sorry it took me so long to really see you."

"Lana, I uh..." Clark tried to think of something to say, something that wouldn't embarrass both of them. Or that wouldn't embarrass her. He was used

to embarrassment. "I don't..." He trailed off. Nothing was coming to him. It was hard to look into her shining eyes. For so long Lana had been what he thought he wanted. Now she was here and seemed to want him. Finally. And he couldn't... didn't care. Not really, he just wanted to not hurt her.

Lana reached up and sank a hand into his hair. She gently massaged his head, not forcing his head down, but letting him know that she would welcome his mouth.

"I'm just glad I'm not too late." Then she did pull his head down, opening her mouth as his lips met hers.

She closed her eyes, savouring the feel of Clark's tongue as it met hers briefly before pulling away.

Clark kept the kiss as gentle and chaste as possible, trying for a second to see, if maybe... but no. It was not like kissing Lex. His tongue met hers and it was. It was nice. But that's all. Nice.

Not hot.

Not consuming.

He didn't feel like pushing her down onto the couch and grinding against her.

And Lex. Just from kissing him, he felt as if he could have fucked him through the wall.

Lana felt a warm shiver course through her. She pulled back, smiled against Clark's mouth. "Wow." She brought her arms up to circle his neck.

Clark rested his hands on Lana's shoulders, "Lana, I... I don't think... this isn't a good idea."

"Oh Clark, you are so sweet to try to protect me, but I understand now." Lana was elated. She was not too late, Clark was hers. "And I know that I am ready."

"Ready?" Clark held himself still and didn't pull away from her, he wanted to though. 'Ready' made him want to be across the room. Across the yard. Across town. At Lex's.

Anywhere but where he was now. Where embarrassment for both of them was looking to be a certainty.

"Oh yes" Lana replied breathlessly. With a quick shift she turned and straddled Clark's lap. Arms tight around him, she dove in for another kiss.

/Sorry Lex,/ she thought to herself, /you tried too hard, too much. too soon, and he is going to be mine./

She deepened the kiss, moving her body closer, longing to know the effect she was having. She knew that she make Whitney stiff. On him it felt disgusting

...with Clark....

Lana moved her body against his. There was an odd, tingly feeling between her legs. It felt good, so she wiggled against him again.

Clark pulled away with a slight jerk of his head. "Lana. Stop. We can't."

"Yes we can, Clark, that is what I have been trying to tell you."

"No. I mean. I'm not..." Clark looked at her and said softly, seriously, "I can't. I won't."

Lana pulled back slightly, but didn't move off his lap. "Clark?"

"Lana, I'm sorry. But." Clark didn't know what to do with his hands. It was hard to have a conversation with someone sitting on his lap, "You can't just decide one day that I'm finally good enough or whatever and think that we're suddenly going to be together or something. It doesn't work that way. We haven't dated. You've been with Whitney. You've ignored me for years and now, what? You've decided that you've changed your mind and I'm supposed to just fall in line?" Clark sighed and looked away. "I can't."

"Is this about Whitney? Or about Lex?"

Clark looked back at her. "This is about me. What I want."

"I guess I just thought you wanted me. Clark, Whitney will move on, which he needs to do. He's thinking about joining the Marines. And once Lex understands that we're together, he'll forget about trying to get what he could never have had anyway. But I don't want to pressure you. That is one of the reasons I ended it with Whitney. I'm willing to wait..." Lana slid her hands back into his hair and leaned back in and whispered into his mouth "... at least for some things."

"Stop." Clark, with the slightest pressure of one hand on Lana's shoulder held her back. "Just. Stop. I don't want to..." Clark could not continue this conversation with Lana still sitting on his lap.

Clark stood up, one hand cradling Lana's hips so that she wouldn't fall, and deposited her gently back onto the couch.

He ran both hands through his hair and shook his head before looking back at her, "This isn't about Whitney. What's between you and Whitney is your business. This is about me and what I want. And as for Lex...."

Lana looked up at Clark, no more able to stop the tears quietly falling than she could stop her heart from beating. "What about Lex?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"Lex can have," Clark hated the sight of the tears but he had to be honest.

He'd tried subtle. She needed to understand. "Anything he wants. He already has me. Even if he doesn't know it yet. I'm his, Lana. And he's mine."


"Yeah?" He crouched down in front of her, wanting to wipe her tears, wanting her not to hurt, knowing it was too late.

Lana decided a little honesty of her own might help Clark to see the truth.

"Lionel used Nell like a whore. Lex is his father's son. I understand you think that Lex can... but Luthors don't give, they take." Lana looked into Clark's eyes. She saw the love there and it hurt to know it wasn't for her.

"Lex will hurt you."

"I'm sorry about Nell. I... But Lex is his own man, Lana. I know what most people in this town think of Lex. I know. Lex knows. And still he's done nothing but try to help. To make things better. He... Look. Even if Lex does hurt me, and I don't think he will, I get to decide. I get to choose. I choose Lex. Or, life chose Lex for me. I don't know. I just know that Lex is what I want."

Lana sniffed and took a deep breath. "Right, well I guess that puts me in my place, doesn't it." Taking another breath, she stood up, without looking at Clark, and walked to the stairs. Stopping, she turned around and walked back to where Clark was now standing by the sofa. Without a word, she reached up pulled his head down and took his mouth with hers, demanding, and getting a reaction.

She broke the kiss as suddenly as she as began it.

"Lex was raised by Lionel, but never forget I was raised by Nell. When Lex treats you like the rest of his so-called lovers, I will still be here, and I will be ready for you, on your terms."

Lana turned on her heels and was gone.

Clark rubbed a hand across his face.

He'd say one thing for Lana. She was determined. But even if things didn't work with Lex... 'ready for you, on your terms.' Something about that struck him as wrong.

He almost laughed. Almost. Lex would never say that. Lex would never even think it.

He and Lex would wrangle over terms.

They would argue. Fight. Make up.

Lex would never be meek.

And that thought pleased Clark more than he thought possible.

He didn't want meek.

He wanted to wrangle.

He wanted to fight.

He wanted to make up.

Oh, how he wanted it.

He wanted Lex. Lex! Lex FUCKING Luthor! This time he did laugh out loud.

Lex was asleep when Clark arrived at the castle. But this time, when Lex called out in his sleep, he was answered.

"Hi, Lex."



"My invocation of your name was actually a question. As in, Clark: why are you here? In my room? In the middle of the night? Not that I'm complaining per say, just curious."

Clark moved out of the shadows and closer to the huge bed.

"I was watching you sleep."

"Oh. Why are you watching me?

"Because." Clark paused beside the bed. "Because, when you are asleep I feel like I can really see you."

"You can see anytime you want to, Clark."

"No. not really. I... a lot of the time all I ever get to see is what you want to show but when you're sleeping...."

"Clark? What do you see?"

"I see how lonely you are, almost as lonely as me; sometimes sad; always...."

"What? I mean no. I mean. Lex sighed, something he noticed he'd been doing a lot in the last few days. "Clark, you see what you think you want to see..."

Clark twisted the impossibly soft sheet between his fingers, a soft smile on his face.

Lex wanted to look away from that smile; wanted to kiss it off Clark's face. "You're so young."

"Not that young, Lex. Not so young that I don't know what loneliness is. Not so young that I don't know what sadness is. Not so young that I don't know...."

Lex wondered when he forgot how to breath "Who are you?"

Clark looked up into Lex's eyes. "I'm Clark Kent. I'm in love with you." He blushed but didn't look away. "That's me."

Lex reached out a hand, but stopped before he could touch the young man's cheek

"You see too much."

"I'm yours." It was a breath.

"I don't deserve you. But, god help me, I need you"

"Lex, please." Clark reached out hesitantly.

Lex caught the hand in midair, and just held the wrist gently, not moving away not letting Clark move closer. "Do you know what that means, Clark? Do you understand what that means? I need you, Clark, and I don't need anything."

"Lex. I want. I want everything."

Lex wanted to turn away. Wished he could close his eyes against the raw honesty he saw. "Who are you?"

"What do you want me to say, Lex? I'm yours. You already knew that. You've known it all along."

"Who am I?"

"You are everything."

"Everything? What is it you think you see?"

"Oh Lex, I see so much. I see your beauty. Your loneliness. Your sadness. I see the love you try so hard to hide from me."


"Yes." Clark smiled. "I see it. I see it when you sleep. I see what you hide.

I see love on your face when you whisper my name in your sleep. I've been watching you sleep for months. Wanting... wanting so much."

"Are you really mine?"

"It works both ways, Lex. You're mine too."

"I'm a virgin, Clark."

Clark grinned hugely. "So I'll teach you to love and you can teach me everything else." He leaned against the bed. "Deal?"

"Appealing to the businessman?" The wetness on his face was sweat, it had to be....

"I love you, Lex."

"In God's name why? I'm not what you need. I'm not a good man. I'll destroy you...."

"Lex. Shut up."

"Damn-it-to-hell Clark Kent, WHO ARE YOU!"

"I am who you need. I am your love. I am yours. And you are mine. You are what I need. You are what I want. You won't destroy me. You're going to end up loving me so much...." Clark laughed a little at himself, wondering at the sudden confidence. Lex's fear. Odd as it was, that's what gave him the confidence to stay, to fight for what he wanted.

"I already do. Don't you understand Clark I already do.... I'll bring you down with me."

"No. We'll lift each other up. Without you, I'll become... well, something not quite human."

Lex ran a hand over his scalp. "I don't think I am qualified to be someone's conscience... not even my own."

Clark laughed again and brushed a hand across Lex's cheek, sending a deep erotic rush through both of them. He leaned in and whispered softly into Lex's ear.

"Trust me, our friendship will be the stuff of legends."

Lex closed his eyes, shuddered soul deep, and came. "Oh my God, who are you?"

Clark stroked a thumb along the fine cheekbone, gentling Lex through his orgasm. "Who or what?"

"I'm not a romantic Clark, I'm a scientist. I don't believe in soul mates, or happy ever after. I love you - did I just say that out loud?"

Clark sighed, Lex was being damned stubborn for someone who had just come in his pants. "But?"

"You're a child. It's not enough, not for you, you deserve so much more. I'll lie to you. I'll hurt you. I'll betray you. I'm the scion of Lionel Luthor..."

"You're something alright. Lex, don't you get it? Listen to yourself, you're already trying to protect me. Look, I may be younger than you - there is some question about that, but where emotional health is concerned I think I'm a little ahead of the game. We'll work on it, together, see what long-time unconditional love can do."

Lex let out a laugh that sounded suspiciously like a sob. "I don't know what that is."

"I told you already. I'll teach you - by example. I'll show you. I'll love you. Forever. Even if you send me away tonight, Lex. I will still love you.

And I'll be back tomorrow, and the night after that, and the night after that, and the night after that. Not just because I love you - but because I know that you love me."

"I... I do you much. I've never said the words and meant them." Lex felt suddenly cold. He was hard again, close to a second climax without so much as erotic touch.

Too much, too new.... Control. He had to find a way to take control. "So lie down and spread your legs and we can get to it farm boy... No...?"


"... What's the matter - not up to your roman... What did you just say?!?"

"Finally, no more of your odd moral objections!"

"That's amusing Clark, Luthor and Moral are not often used in the same sentence... Clark, what are you doing...?"

Clark twisted Lex under him on the bed so quickly that the words stopped with what could almost be called a squeak.

"I'm pouncing. I'm about to get to the kissing. And then move on to the licking. From there I thought I'd give sucking a try. And then it's only a short jump to the fucking. That okay with you Lex?"

"Fucking?" Lex almost rolled his eyes at the sound of his voice.

"Fucking... making love."

When Lex didn't say anything Clark grinned down at him, "Why Lex? don't you want to fuck me?"

"Clark I am not going to fuck you."

"Yes, you are. Please?"


"Pretty-pretty please?"

"Clark if I touch you I am going to take over...."

"I've been told I have a cute ass, don't you want to see for yourself?

"You are not going to be... oh fuck! Clark stop. I'm about to lose total control here."

"So lose it already. I'm waiting, ready, extremely willing..."

"Who are you? Dear GOD TELL ME! How are you able to do this? I'm Lex Luthor.

So what if I sound like my own damned press releases, I am Alexander J. Luthor... and a teenager is blowing through my defences like dust...and I don't really care because I am going to kiss you now."

"Thank God."

Lex lowered his mouth gently and bestowed a chaste kiss on the soft lips. Pulling back a bit he licked his own, then gently kissed Clark again, softly, so very softly.

Clark moaned in frustration. "Lex.. c'mon...give it up... more... you've kept me waiting so long...."

"Shhhhh. The last 24 hours may not have given you much of a clue, but I do know what I am doing." Lex leaned back in and placed several soft licks against the bottom lip of the soft wet mouth. "I've wanted your mouth for so long." He pulled back, and placed gentle soft almost kisses on the corners of the tempting mouth. "Ever since we met I've wanted to know what that mouth would feel like worshipping my cock."

Clark whimpered and twisted under Lex, his mouth opening automatically as if to fulfill Lex's wish.

"Hmm, you like that idea, do you? You want to know what I taste like? I'm very glad. And I want to know what you taste like, too. I want to taste your come, I want to taste every part of you." Lex continued to nibble and kiss and suck at Clark's mouth. "Mmmm, what lovely sounds you are making..."

Clark moaned and panted. He wanted to act but he was mesmerized by the sound of Lex's voice, by Lex's words. He could only listen and want.

Lex stopped his gentle torture of Clark's mouth. "Nothing to say? Do you like the idea of me tasting you?" Lex followed his words with actions licking a broad swath from collarbone to chin. He then repeated the move, stopping to nibble oh-so-gently on Clark's Adams apple, "Hmm, so tasty. I wonder what else I can find to nibble on?"

Lex grinned a very feral grin, and began opening the buttons on Clark's shirt...

...with his teeth.

"So smooth, almost as smooth as I am. But you taste much better."

"Oh." Clark whimpered again. He fisted his hand in the sheets to keep from grabbing Lex and just making him go faster.

"You have no idea how much those whimpers are turning me on, do you? Kinda makes me wonder what kind of sounds you'll make when I lick your cock like an ice-cream cone...."

Lex licked first one nipple then the other. "What sounds you'll make when I suck on these until you beg...." Lex wrapped his lips around one delicious nub and sucked hard.


Clark's hand flew to Lex's head and gripped it lightly.

Lex grinned and bit.

"Ahhhh," Clark bucked against Lex, need running through him.

"Such pretty sounds. They are doing such wild things to me." Lex lifted his head and licked his way across the broad chest with tiny flicks of his tongue.

"I'll have to try to decide which I like better, the sounds you make when I lick - like this... or when I bite - like this...."

"Fuck. Lex. Please. Harder."

"Oooh, begging already. That's good. I want you begging." Lex sat up and straddled Clark. "I think I am going to rip your shirt off you now."

Clark sucked in a deep breath and grinned before relaxing completely.

"Be my guest."

Lex studied Clark's expression for a second.

"Oh? Maybe I should just leave it on... then I can go exploring for hidden treasure...." Lex leaned down, nuzzled the shirt aside and began licking Clark's shoulder and armpit. "I told you that I want to taste all of you."

"You are just evil." Clark glared balefully up at Lex.

Lex reared up. "Full sentences? Now, we can't have that." He leaned back in and very slowly and very gently began biting a trail starting from the waistband of Clark's jeans and ending with tender nips to the earlobe. "I wonder," he whispered.


"I wonder if you'll be able to talk when I taste inside you." Lex shifted, balancing all of his weight on his knees and hands so that no part of him was touching Clark save the lips at his ear. "What sounds will you make when my tongue is deep in your ass?"

"Oh. Please." Clark strained up trying to bring his body back into contact with Lex's, his voice trailing off into whimpers.

"Please what? Touch you? Stop touching you? Yes, that must be it." Lex sat up and climbed off the bed.

"Hmm" He stretched like a sleepy cat. "You are so warm. Your hands are hot..."


"...they burn where they touch me."

Clark sat up and glared.

Lex flexed an eyebrow, and slowly stroked his hands down his body, stopping at the top if his pyjama bottoms. "Did you need something?"

"Get your ass back over here or I'm gonna come get you."

Lex peeled off the bottoms, casually wiping away the remains of his first climax. "You can always try...."

Clark was off the bed and over beside Lex quicker than was probably wise. He snatched the bottoms out of Lex's hands, and grabbed Lex and walked him backwards toward the bed.

"Not so fast... Lose the clothes farm boy."

The temptation for super-speed was there, but Clark found it in him somewhere to move slowly. He was a long way from giving a strip tease, but he want to be sure Lex knew that he was sure.

Lex watched; appreciation evident in the sparkle in his eyes. "Clark, I think I just became a size queen."

Clark's laughter spluttered out of him and he knew he was blushing again.


Lex's smile was less feral and more honest. "I was wondering if my virgin was still in there somewhere." The smile fell off of his face as he considered his own words. He half sat, half fell onto the bed behind him "What the fuck am I doing?"

"Don't start Lex, please." Clark climbed onto the bed beside Lex and stroked his scalp. "We've been through this. I'm not a child. I know what I want. I want you."

"You're not a child, but you are a virgin right?"

"Yes. But if it would make you feel better, I could go fuck someone else and then come back."

The reaction was fast and violent. Lex had Clark flat on his back and was straddling him, glaring down at him, cold anger in his eyes. "Like fuck you will, you belong to me and don't you ever fucking forget it."

"Well, then, stop this - whatever it is you're doing - and let's get back to what we were doing." Clark smiled as sweetly as possible, knowing that he'd won. At least for the moment.

Lex turned his head away, a rueful smirk gracing his features "How the hell do you do that?"

Clark looked up at Lex solemnly for a second, but then the smile broke through.

"It worked didn't it?"

Lex's eyes narrowed. "Yeah, it worked." he growled as he took possession of Clark's mouth.

Clark moaned softly and relaxed into the kiss, his tongue coming out to greet Lex's.

Without breaking the kiss, Lex shifted and lowered his body so that Clark was taking most of his weight. He slowly pulled his mouth away with a series of gentle kisses. Another sensuous slide of his body and he brought their erections into contact.

He let the kisses become wet and hot and messy as he began to gently thrust against Clark.

Clark groaned into the kiss and thrust back in counterpoint.

"Come for me."

Clark's breath came in pants and he was moaning continuously. "Lex!" He arched up hard once more and came, wet heat spreading between them.

Lex almost came himself from the sounds and feel of his lover's reactions.

"Perfect. So perfect." He held Clark, gentling him through the aftershocks.

"No one else Clark, no one ever."

"Oh God. Lex, that was incredible." Clark kissed Lex gently. "I love you." Lex enjoyed the gentle kisses, thrusting gently against Clark. He was in no hurry to come, and it felt good. "That Lover, was just the beginning."


"You sound rather smug."

"I feel smug."

Lex sighed, that streak of nobility threatening to rear its inconvenient head. "Who are you?"

"Yours." Clark peeked up at Lex through one barely open eye. "But there's more, I'm..."

Lex suddenly - urgently - leaned up and silenced Clark with a savage kiss.

"No. Post coital confessions tend to lead to very messy morning-afters." Lex paused, seeming a tad stunned at his own words. "I don't intend this to be a one night stand. I want you to be able to look me in the eyes tomorrow morning when we are having coffee with your parents."

"Ok Lex. Not now. But soon. I love you. And by that, I also mean that I trust you."

"That is still probably not one of your brighter moves, but no way I am even going to pretend to be noble enough to fight anymore." Lex rolled off of Clark, still hard, stunned to the core of his being. "I love you."

Clark leaned up and over Lex, smiling down into his face. "I know."

"I hate irony."

"You'll live," Clark predicted and dropped a quick kiss onto Lex's lips.

"Yeah, I know I will."

"Now, isn't there something you'd rather be doing? I mean, I love lying here talking to you, but, ummm," Clark couldn't stop another blush. "It looks like you've got a problem here. Want some help with it?" Clark's hand skidded down Lex's chest and over his stomach.

"Somehow, with you here, I can't think of it as being a problem."

Clark let his eyes follow the path of his hand, "God, you are so beautiful, Lex."

"Beautiful? Hairless freak..." Lex paused when he saw anger flash briefly in Clark's eyes. Sighing he offered another home truth "There have never been a shortage of people willing to share my bed, Clark, but it's never been about love, hell it's rarely ever even been about sex.... People want me because I am Lionel Luthor's son and heir. But I've seen the revulsion behind the money-lust."

"Lex..." Clark looked up into Lex's face. He reached up to stroke Lex's bare scalp and then down across his face, down his neck, back down across his stomach and gently gripped his cock. There was nothing overtly sexual in the touch.

Clark never looked away from Lex's eyes. "You are beautiful to me. I don't know what you've been told or what you think, but..." Clark sighed softly,

"when I think of beauty, I think of you. I don't know. But..." Clark paused, offering a few truths of his own. "One of the nights that I watched you... well, you woke up and stripped off your clothes... Oh fuck. Lex I damned near came in my jeans seeing you naked." Clark hoped Lex understood how hard that kind of confession was for him. "Please believe me, Lex. I love you. The fact I think you are sex on a stick, that's just kind of a bonus."

"So out of curiosity, has losing your physical virginity been half traumatic as losing my emotional one has been?" The trademark smirk was back.

Clark continued a gentle stroking of Lex's cock, loving the feel of the soft skin stretched over the hard length. "Not really, but then, I've not actually lost my virginity yet..."

Lex closed his eyes and arched into the touch. "I thought I was supposed to be in control here."

"Just so you know," Clark grinned wickedly with more confidence than he was actually feeling. "I'm going to lick you up and down. And then I'm going to give you my first ever blow job. I've been imagining it long enough. I'm going to suck you until you come. In my mouth. Until you lose control."

Lex swallowed a very un-Luthor-like sound. "Oh really? Suddenly confident are we?"

"I just really, really want to taste you. All over."

"Hmmm..." Lex looked up at Clark "That reminds me..."


Lex flipped Clark up and over onto his back in a move Clark would have envied if he had the ability to think as Lex straddled him and claimed his mouth in a series of hot, possessive kisses.

"I believe, before my last attack of misguided nobility, that I was in the middle of something rather enjoyable.... And you, my love, owe me a taste..."

"Oh God...." Clark arched up into Lex's body

Lex smirked, then bent himself into an impossible angle and deep throated his unsuspecting young love.

"God! Lex!" Clark jackknifed, pushing his cock deeper into Lex's mouth for a moment before collapsing back onto the bed, moans issuing constantly from his mouth.

Lex was almost savage. Control... love or not, the need to control was still all but a reflex. He worked the cock in his mouth like a pro, one hand fondling Clark's balls, the one finger on the other one circling the tight hole again and again.

With a last, hard, suck, Lex pulled off. "Turn over for me." Lex brought his lips close to Clark's ear, "I want to taste the rest of you."

"Oh." Clark shuddered hard and slid gingerly over onto his stomach, trying to get his erection in a semi-comfortable position.

"Perfect." Lex's voice was a sigh along Clark's spine. Lex nipped his way down the vertebrae. "Clark, that late night confession you offered? Will it explain why I am biting you hard enough to hurt my teeth without marking your skin?"

"It, yeah. It would." Clark's voice was shaking a little with passion but he immediately answered and looked back over his shoulder at Lex.

Lex lifted his head only for a moment. "Good." Then bent back to his task - his concentration total.

The nips and licks didn't end at the base of Clark's spine "Oh, Lex." Clark moaned and spread his thighs immediately.

Lex chuckled a rather dirty chuckle against Clark's skin, then began to lick broad strips from the back of Clark's balls to the base of his spine."Lex. Please." Clark tried to hold still but couldn't stop but couldn't stop wiggling slightly, pushing back against Lex's tongue.

"Beg. If you can still talk, then you can beg. Tell me what you want."

"I... I want. Oh, God. Lex, I want you inside me. Please."

"Hmm, nice, what part of me did you have in mind?"

"Your tongue, your fingers, your cock. Anything. Anything. Please, Lex."

Lex surreptitiously reached down a hand and tugged his own balls hard - as begging went, this was beyond good. He leaned back in and began stabbing at the hole with his tongue, listening to the wonderful sounds Clark was making,

waiting until there was the slightest edge of hysteria to the voice before plunging his tongue deep inside.

"Lex, please. Please! Take me. I need you." Clark pushed back against Lex's tongue, his voice shaking.

Lex pulled back with a final soft lick and a kiss on each cheek. "I'm losing my touch - that was almost a sentence."

Clark groaned at the loss of contact. "Please." It was the only word left in his brain at the moment.

Lex kissed his way back up Clark's spine, and reached over to get supplies out of his bedside table. He opened the lube and poured a generous supply onto his fingers. "Clark, I need to know... have you ever... do you, I mean when you... do you.... Oh shit."


"This virginity stuff is for the birds... No, no, not yours...." he added quickly when he felt Clark stiffen beneath him "...mine."

"What, what's wrong?"

"I think, well maybe, I'm not actually sure, because it has been many, many years, but..." Lex shook his head and slid one slick finger deep into Clark.


A second finger joined the first. "I'm too old and too experienced to be shy.

I don't want to hurt you, so I have to you play Clark? Has anyone, or anything ever touched you here before?"

"When, when I'm thinking about you while I, uh, oh, oh, God. While I j, jerk off. I. Yes. Oh. Touch myself. There. Good."

"You like this." It wasn't a question.

"Yes." Clark hissed an answer anyway.

Lex pulled his fingers out and shifted himself into position, his cock nudging softly at the entrance.

"Lex. Oh, fuck." Clark instinctively brought his knees up under himself and pushed back.

Lex made a sound that was not entirely human as Clark impaled himself completely on Lex's cock. "Don't move," he hissed holding himself very still. "Clark,"

he continued, his voice tight, "if you so much as breathe I am going to come and I forgot to put a condom on"

Clark forced the words out through gritted teeth, "I. Don't. Care."

Lex snaked one hand around to grasp Clark's cock. "Me either" he whispered as he used the other hand to grab the headboard, using it for leverage he began to fuck Clark hard.

Lex pounded into Clark; he knew his grip was too tight, but he knew Clark didn't care. A litany of filthy, emotional words were spilling from his lips, and he knew he should be embarrassed, but he just didn't care. Lex felt like he'd been hard for days; and it was suddenly all too much and he was coming and Clark was coming and he was certain that one of them was crying but he didn't think it was him and then he decided it really didn't matter after all.

Sleep was almost upon them when Clark said the words. "I'm an alien."

Lex closed his arms tighter around Clark. "Go to sleep babe. Your biology doesn't matter, you're more human that I can ever hope to be."

Clark snuggled in and let sleep, let peace, take him.


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