by Marag

If Clark noticed that Lex was strangely quiet tonight he made no comment. Standing in the middle of the bedroom, they were both naked, passion building, when Lex put a restraining hand on Clark's chest and wondered if he was losing his mind.

No, not really, they'd been lovers for months, and still this hung above them like the Sword of Damocles. It was long past time to deal with it.

Shaking his head and ignoring the questioning look he could feel boring between his shoulder blades, he walked over to the bedside table and got the leather restraints out of their case. They were new, custom made. He didn't want to read too much significance into that - after all he'd used similar ones before.

"Clark, look, whatever your secrets are... You have to know that you can trust me..."

Lex stopped, sighed, and fastened one of the butter soft leather cuffs to his wrist.


Still facing away from Clark, Lex slowly buckled the second restraint to his other wrist.

"...more to the point Clark,"

Lex closed his eyes, turned around and held his arms out to his lover.

"You have to know that I trust you... with everything... with anything."

Without opening his eyes, Lex sank to his knees in front of Clark taking a deep breath; he lifted his head - keeping his eyes closed - and crossed his wrists behind his back.

"I'm yours. There is.... "

Lex stopped as his voice cracked;

"there's a..., ...collar... in the box."

Lex lowered his head; shivering slightly as he felt Clark place a single finger under his chin to raise it.

Still, Lex kept his eyes shut tight, waiting for a reaction...

...waiting for permission.

He felt Clark's warm fingers touching the skin of his throat and couldn't contain the whimper

"There is something else you need to know... I've never..."

Lex swallowed, this was proving to be much more difficult than he had ever imagined.

"I've used these - on other people...they've never - I've never..."

/ Fuck Lex, get this out/

" one has ever...."

Lex shook his head, too ashamed to continue. In his short life Lex had tried pretty much anything and everything sexual that man or beast could dream up.

Except for one thing. He was too much of a Luthor - too much his father's son.

"I'm a top - I'm always a top."

Lex could not believe what he was about to do.

Only the sound of Clark's harsh breathing reassured him that he was still in the room. His young lover remained still, one hand still resting on Lex's neck. He hadn't said a word.

Lex adjusted the restraints - a quick flick of the wrist and they were locked together, behind his back. They would remain locked until someone else released them.

He slid forward, adjusting his position so that his knees were as far apart as they could go. His eyes were still closed as much from fear than from lust or obedience.

If he opened his eyes and saw revulsion or pity he knew would shatter.

He just might anyway.

His throat felt dry and tight, he wasn't even sure if he was hard or not, he couldn't focus on anything but the feel of the leather on his wrists.

Lex bent forward and touched his forehead to the soft carpet.

"I'm a virgin Clark, ... and I'm yours."

Lex felt a soft breeze, the only indication that Clark was no longer standing in front of him.

"Do I need the collar Lex? Or is the fact that I love you enough?"

Lex didn't - couldn't reply. Clark didn't sound angry - he just sounded like Clark. A bit breathless perhaps, but not upset or not in control.

"Do you want me to fuck you Lex?"

Lex knew he shouldn't be stunned at how well Clark knew him. He knew that if he were less than honest here, Clark would know, and this would become simply another lover's game. Lex in control.

Lex always in control.


"Then say the words Lex." Clarks voice was soft, gentle, as if he understood how close to the edge Lex was at this moment.

"Ma... " Lex paused, his throat dry.

"The words Lex."

He shivered, when had Clark moved so close? "Make love to me... please."

Lex felt the world shift. He'd been in an earthquake once and the feeling was similar. When the world and his head settled he was face up on the bed, the leather was gone, but Clark's strong hand encircled his wrists and his long hot body pressed him against the mattress.

He couldn't move

"Open your eyes"

Lex shook his head.

A lubed finger suddenly pushed inside him.

"No one else?"

"No. No one.... never..."

"Open your eyes."

No trace of his shy farm boy in those words. It wasn't a request - it was an order. Lex kept his eyes closed

"What are you afraid of Lex?" A second finger accompanied the question and Lex thrust hard. It didn't hurt. It was supposed to hurt.


"You're afraid of me?" Clark shifted his body again and Lex lost the bit of mobility he'd had.

Lex knew than that he was truly trapped. "No, what you'll see."

"What will I see Lex?" Clark added a third finger and twisted gently.

Lex couldn't move, couldn't thrust. The physical pleasure was intense.

The emotional ride... well that was so far beyond intense Lex lacked the vocabulary.

"Me, you'll see me."

Lex was shifted, his wrists still trapped by one of Clark's incredibly strong hands. The fingers were withdrawn and he felt Clark position himself.

"What will you see Lex?"

Lex opened his eyes in shock. God damned if his farm boy couldn't teach him a thing or two. He met Clark's eyes and Clark entered him in one smooth stroke.

"What do you see Lex?"


"What am I?"

And Lex finally got it.

"I don't care!"

Clark shifted and Lex wrapped his long legs tightly around Clark's waist. Clark's thrusts became harder and faster and Lex arched his back to meet each one.

"What do you feel?"

"Everything" Lex gasped out.

"What do you feel?"

The tiny part of his mind that was still functioning rebelled. Why did Clark have to drag feelings in this? Why couldn't it be just about sex? "Love, I feel love."

Clark thrust deeper and Lex wondered if he'd survive. There were no words to describe what he was feeling; pleasure just seem inadequate.

"What do you feel?"

"I.... I...."

Lex felt Clark's hand on his wrists tighten slightly.

"Say it."

"I... oh GOD. Trust! I... trust you"

Clark's hand on his wrists vanished and he felt his reality shift again.

Clark sat back on his heals, Lex clinging to him, still impaled and somehow Clark was still thrusting ... faster...

... harder.

Lex tightened his legs and wrapped his now free arms tightly around Clark's neck.

He tried to focus; tried to think about the thick cock in his ass; tried to think about anything other than the whirlwind of emotions going through his mind and tugging at his soul.

Clark thrust once more, deeper.

Then stopped.

Lex felt himself being held closer, felt Clark's soft breath in his ear.


Clark thrust a deep sharp thrust, and Lex shattered.

The sun was high in the sky when Lex awoke the next day. He was tucked into bed, the sheets were clean, he was clean and was very, very aware of his ass.

It hadn't been a dream.

There was no sign of Clark, but he knew Clark had chores. There was a vague memory of Clark slipping out of bed at first light.

No sign Clark had ever been there except for the ache in his ass, and the leather.

What had once been a leather restraint had been shredded into a hundred soft thin threads and braided into a finely crafted bracelet, securely wrapped and fastened onto his left wrist and somehow fused together.

It would be impossible to remove without aid of a cutting tool.

Lex smiled. He would rather cut off his arm.


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