Mile High

by Marag

written for the first CLFF Challange

"Smallville! Telephone"

Clark went back to his desk with a wave of thanks to Lois. "Clark Kent"

"Hello Clark Kent, this is Lex Luthor."

"Mr. Luthor. To what do I owe the honour?"

"I thought I would save you and the intrepid Ms. Lane the effort of digging through my garbage in the hopes of finding my itinerary. My father has demanded my presence at a meeting tomorrow afternoon. Seems my time in London is to be cut short."

"I see, thank you for the update. Your father has, of course, been keeping us busy, but his schemes somehow lack your style."

"Gracious, is that a compliment?"

"You could take it as one."

"I think that I choose to."

"Was there anything else Mr Luthor??

"Just one thing. I've made a discovery, one that you may find intriguing."


"The last eight weeks have convinced me categorically that sleeping alone sucks."

"What, no extra curricular research?"

"No. Celibacy all the way ? well, there was a close call one night three weeks ago, but he had to fly off ? something about an earthquake..."

"Spare me the details."

"Why Mr Kent, how could a reporter want that?"

"You may have a point, perhaps we can arrange an interview? Tomorrow after your meeting? Maybe you can, uh, fit me in?"

"No, it's going to be the other way around actually because tomorrow Farm Boy, I expect you to be in our bed naked, lubed and ready for me fifteen minutes after this stupid meeting ends."

Clark smiled at the dial tone and replaced the receiver. "Hey Lois, I'm taking a personal day tomorrow, think you can take over the world without me?"

"Lex! It's 8:30 on a Tuesday morning get out of that be... Oh, I see, that explains the why at least. Where is my son?"

A morning person out of necessity only, sleeping in was still not a luxury Clark allowed himself often. So having it interrupted by his ersatz father-in-law did little for Clark's mood.

"Lex is in London,? Clark checked the time and suppressed a groan. "To be more accurate, Lex is on a plane on his way home from London."

"If Lex is still away then why are you here?"

"Lionel, do we really have to do this now? Lex and I have been living together 11 years. Get over it."

Luthor senior perked up a bit. "Goodness, Hephaestion, you're feisty this morning." He strolled over to the bed, looming over Clark. "Though I am always ready to concede a valid point. Perhaps it is time we called a truce."

Awake or not, Clark was instantly suspicious. Annoyance surpassing modesty Clark got out of bed and reached for his robe. "Lionel, is there something I can do for you?"

Lionel smiled and reached out his hand, the backs of his boney fingers stroked along Clark's cheek. "Bored with the son ? interested in a taste of the father are you? I?m sure that could be arranged. Perhaps later."

Showing more speed and strength that was wise around this man, Clark never the less had Lionel pinned to the wall by his throat in a matter of seconds. He pressed close, and was disgusted to note that although there was a quick flash of genuine fear in Lionel's eyes, there were also delight, and the unmistakable signs of arousal.

"Get. Out. Now."

Lionel beamed at him, looking almost proud, but left without another word.

Superman was not known for subtle entrances.

However, judging from the utterly stunned faces staring at him from the ruins of what had once been a well-appointed LuthorCorp boardroom, he figured he'd outdone himself.

"Su,? Lionel stopped to clear mortar dust from his throat "Superman. How lovely to see you again."

"Stow it Luthor, I don?t have time." Superman turned the force of his attention onto Lex. "Your son however, has a little explaining to do."

"Me?" The squeak in Lex's voice was genuine. Something had truly angered Superman, and Lex knew first hand that pissed off aliens were not always fun to be around.

Superman grabbed Lex by the collar and lifted him bodily into the air. "A moment of your time if you please."

"Superman put my son down and make an appointment, I simply cannot allow you..."

Still clutching Lex, Superman turned to Lionel. "Luthor please don't humiliate yourself any further by interfering."

He was pleased to note Lionel pale slightly. "Lex, I?ll inform Hephaestion you'll be late tonight."

Superman shifted his hold slightly and securing his grip, rose into the air. "Coming Lex?"

Lex's scream as they disappeared could be heard for miles.

A soon as they were out of Metropolis airspace, Superman shifted Lex into his arms. This pleased Lex until he realised that this as been done in order for Superman to more efficiently remove Lex's clothes. Five rather terrifying minutes later Lex found himself naked and lying on an equally naked Superman, the red cape surrounding both of them like a silken tent.

And Superman was clinging to him as if he were the one keeping them 50,000 feet in the air.

Knowing he had missed something vital, Lex simply let himself be held and stroked, soaking up the heat of the arms that held him. When the fierceness of the grip lessened slightly, Lex shifted to look in Superman's eyes. What he saw there chilled him to the bone.


"Clark what the hell is going on?"

"I almost killed him Lex."

"Killed who? What are you talking about?"

"He touched me, he insinuated... oh God, I could smell it on him."

Cold anger replaced concern. "Who. Touched. You?"

"Oh God, Lex. Make love to me, make me feel clean again."

Lex shifted himself slightly and kissed Clark, pouring all the love and comfort he could into it. He feasted on his lover?s mouth until he felt the first shivers of genuine arousal from Clark.

"Easy babe. Tell me what happened, please."

"Your damned father. Fuck! I should be used to his games by now, but like you said celibacy sucks and when he suggested... Lex I damned near snapped his neck."

"Shhh, shhh, it?s okay, it's okay. He's not here, only us, just us." Lex stroked and soothed his lover, until arousal again overcame the fear. "Where are we anyway?"

"Uh... the North Atlantic."

"We heading to the Tent?"

Lex relaxed slightly as his less than appropriate nickname got a snort of amusement.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, just tell me what ?Wonder Father? did this time."

Clark snuggled Lex close. "Later, when we get to the - Tent."

Lex loved this place.

Lex despised this place.

Lex simply itched at the dichotomy of that. "Clark, it's fucking cold."

Clark patted the empty space beside him, "If you would stop pacing for a moment I can warm you up." As much as he enjoyed watching Lex stalk around naked, he would enjoy getting right to the fucking even more.

Lex glared at the pornographic nightmare that was the traditional mating bed of Krypton "What I want is for you to move this damned Fortress to Hawaii."

Clark knew he could distract the scientist in Lex just by saying the words "Crystalline structures", but then again, anger wasn't always a bad thing where Lex was concerned.

"How dare that asinine, arrogant, megalomaniacal, hirsute - skeleton touch you!"

Angry Lex often fucked Clark into the next universe; something Clark needed right now.

"Bottom feeding, mitochondrial, BASTARD..."

Okay, enough of this. "Lex, I haven't had sex in eight weeks so if you don't get that gorgeous cock of yours somewhere into the vicinity of my ass soon I am going to go take your father up on his offer."

Lex stopped dead. Clark watched as Lex gathered himself; he?d known him for fifteen years and he never tired of watching as Lex stood a little taller, moved just a little - as if something were slithering up his spine. He seemed to grow a little taller, a little broader, and impossible as it might seem, a little sexier.

"Get up. That bed looks like something Lionel would design for one of his whores. I may plan to fuck you like I paid for it, but I'll be damned if I'll let anything remind me of dear old Dad while I do it."

Clark reached down and grabbed his balls hard to keep from coming on the spot. Biting the inside of his cheek to keep a grin contained, he stood up, grabbing one of his capes as he did.

"How do you want me?"

"On your back and begging, but I'll settle for bending over that console. You ready for me "Superman"? Are you slicked up? Is your ass twitching at the thought?"

Clark bit back a moan. He needed Lex primal, needed to forget Lionel. He spread his legs and bent over, waiting... needing...

Lex strode across the room, grabbed Clark by the shoulders and shoved inside in one fast deep thrust.

Clark reached behind himself and wrapped one arm behind Lex's back. With the other arm he swirled the yards of red material around them both and then simply flew.

The second his feet left the ground, Clark could feel as Lex started to come back to himself. Not what he wanted, not what he needed. "Your Whore wants to fly Lex."

Lex held on tight, still buried deep inside Clark?s body. "As long as you're my whore and no one else's I really don't give a fuck what you do."

Clark levelled them off and let the cape swirl around them. When Lex didn't do anything except hold on, he clenched the muscles of his ass tightly.

"JESUS... surveillance, N-Sat, Geo-Sat... radar, wandering 747's..."

"Nothing can penetrate the cape, not even the cold ? so will you fucking MOVE!"

Lex moved. Balancing his shins against the back of Clark?s knees he used Clark?s shoulders for leverage and began to thrust.

"Harder - oh god Lex more..."

"Any harder and my dick is going to break off!"

"I'll risk it ? HARDER!"

Lex Luthor, son of Lionel, wanted to comply. Lex, Clark?s lover, couldn't, and it was the lover who was slowly regaining control. They were flying naked 80,000 feet in the air with nothing but a red cape to protect them and Lex understood that Clark was about to shatter. He knew that Superman might want to be fucked into next Thursday, but Clark didn't need that. Damn his father to hell anyway.

Hardening his resolve to the sounds Clark was making, he pulled out. "Turn over"


"Turn. Over. I don't want to fuck Superman, I want to make love to Clark."


"I want to look into your eyes. I want you to see, to know who is inside of you"

Clark manoeuvred them around. Lex took a second to rearrange himself then slid back inside.


"Yes, there, like that, slow and steady and deep and forever. Just us, only ever us..."

Slowly Clark started to relax. Lex was thrusting slowly, a deep, smooth movement that seemed to touch his very soul. "So good."

"What you need?"

"God yesssss."

"Good, then take us back to the Tent."

"We're safe ? I won't lose control."

Lex leaned back and looked into Clark?s eyes. He grinned, a very shark-like grin. "Oh yes, Clark, you will."

The landing was a little rough.

"Lex? You can't possibly still be... Oh good morning Hephaestion, is my son around?"

Clark groaned and looked at the clock "Lionel, it's four o'clock in the fucking morning ? my father isn't up yet!"

"Having met your mother, I'd doubt that."

Clark didn't bother to comment, but he did offer a withering look. "Why are you here?"

"I wanted to talk to you."

"At four A.M.?"

"I was in the neighbourhood?"


"Lex impressed the hell out of me yesterday. Less than 24 hours after Superman made a mess of what promised to be an extremely lucrative venture, Lex managed to save LuthorCorp several billion dollars. Instead of being vilified in that rag you work for, we came out smelling like a rose."

"Should you not be telling Lex this?"

"Clark, do you know why I call you Hephaestion?? Lionel raised an eyebrow at Clark?s silence, ?Alexander the Great once asked if anyone could tell him the difference between his two closest friends and advisors - Craterus and Hephaestion. When no one could answer him, he explained that Craterus loved the King, but Hephaestion loved Alexander."

Lionel strode deeper into the room and knelt beside the bed. He reached one hand out and touched Clarks bare shoulder. "I haven't been allowed to touch my son since shortly after his mother died. No one is allowed to touch my son. Only you."

"Clark, for the first time since Lillian died, I am at peace with my future. Alexander will support the empire, Hephaestion will support Lex."

With a swirl of cloth and hair he rose and strode back to the door. "Do tell my son I dropped by and I expect to see him in my office at seven sharp. And Hephaestion; next time you drop in on a meeting... use the door."

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