by Marag

It's been over twenty years and I still never tire of watching Lex sleep.

There is no great mystery as to why - he trusts me enough to let his guard down completely and that is such a huge turn on...

I remember the first time. We'd been lovers about six months. It was the first time he took me. God it was an amazing evening all around. I was waiting for him to go all Alpha on me, instead he turned into a blazing romantic.

A state, I am delighted to report, he never left.

But anyway, we'd made love - sweet gentle perfect love - and Lex just looked into my eyes for the longest time after...

Finally, he kissed me, and told me that he loved me.

Then he did the most amazing thing. He fell asleep.

In that moment I understood that Lex had offered me something far harder for him that his love. He'd given me his trust.

Unconditional Trust equals unconditional Love. Only love is a weakness, except when it's a strength; there is no such thing as unconditional trust, except when there is.

Welcome to the mind of a Luthor.

The first words out of my mouth when he opened his eyes the next morning were "I'm an Alien"

His were "that's nice".

It took me another year to understand that talking to Lex prior to his having ingested several gallons of coffee was really rather pointless.

Two weeks later, he opened his eyes and said "So I guess that makes me Xenosexual."

I hit him with my pillow.

We've had some of our best moments before Lex has had coffee.

I love to just lie here and watch him, and think.

The first few years, I remember feeling almost guilty. Like Lex sleeping was something sacred or something.

Hey, I was young. And spending the night with him wasn't a regular occurrence.

In time, it shifted, from being sacred, to being, well sacred - but in a completely different way.

I explained it to my father once.

I had imagined that when I finished high school, I'd be packing up to head off to University. Instead, I was packing to head North, to try to discover who and what I was. Dad and I were talking about things, and the conversation turned to Lex.

I told him that I had been granted a unique privilege. I alone in the world knew whether or not Alexander J. Luthor snored, or drooled in his sleep, or hogged the covers, or...

I thought my father was going to have a heart attack. I have never before or since seen him laugh that hard. But when he calmed down, he looked at me with new eyes.

Five million dollars spent purchasing Crown Land in the extreme edge of Northern Canada didn't convince my dad that Lex loved me, but letting me kiss him with morning breath did.

Go figure parents.

Either way, it didn't matter. My dad looked me in the eye that day.

And understood.

There were a few years when I didn't watch Lex sleep.

It was when "Superman" first started patrolling. It took me a long time, and not a few lectures from my parents, Lex, and select members of the Justice League before I began to understand that I couldn't save them all.

Frequently in those days I'd wake up to find Lex watching me.

It was Batman who clarified it all for me.

"Kal-El, you're scaring the living shit out of him."

Bruce was amazingly good at perspective. Unless of course it applied to his own life.

I took his advice anyway. I banned Superman from the bedroom, and took Lex on a long overdue honeymoon. Even Lionel couldn't reach us at the North Pole.

Six months later, I kidnapped Bruce and Dick and forced them to spend a week together at the Fortress. When I brought them back to Gotham, Bruce was furious; but you couldn't have beaten the smile off Grayson's face with a stick.

Oracle still sends me flowers on their anniversary; seems Batman and Nightwing were a hell of a lot nicer to be around afterwards.

Lex and I have had good years.

We've also had bad ones.

I watch him more often then, which I can do because as bad as things have gotten at times, I have never voluntarily slept away from him.

Lionel got careless once, and Superman went after LuthorCorp with a ruthlessness that almost made both Luthors proud. Problem was, LeXcorp got caught in the middle. One night, after a battle with a couple of Lionel's henchmen, Lex and I got into one hell of a fight.

I asked him if he wanted me to leave.

He looked at me as if I were insane. "Not going to happen Alien. I don't care how much my dad pisses you off, you're stuck with me for eternity."

Then he took my hand, took me to bed, and rocked my world.

I watched him sleep for hours that night. And vowed that LuthorCorp and Superman were never again going to interfere with Lex and Clark.

It was easier than I thought. I invited Lois out to dinner, and introduced her to a few of the family skeletons.

Lex laughed himself sick; but I woke up the next morning to find him watching me.

I wish I had words to express how much I love this man

He is everything. Friend, lover, foil, antagonist, protagonist...

He is what I need him to be whenever I need him to be it. He isn't a chameleon, he's just Lex

When Clark Kent needs to get rid of frustration, Lex is the receptacle. When Superman finds it all to much, Lex can hold him and make him feel safe.

And when I need him - when I am just Clark, the farm boy who loves him - he is Lex, the man who loves Clark beyond all reason.

He has lied for me, he has killed for me.

The first couple of years I knew him, I almost let him slip away from me before I finally understood, and saw Lex for what he is.

Just Lex.

Complex. Simple. Both, and neither.

Lionel never really understood him. He tried, he did, and towards the end of his life he really wanted to.

I never could find it in my heart to forgive Lionel. Lex stood tall between my mother and I, and never once blinked during the funeral.

But it was my father who threw us all out of the room later, took Lex into his arms, and held him as he shattered.

I ached that it couldn't be me, but I never understood. It's the only time I felt as if I failed Lex.

He told me not to be an idiot. I was his and I was perfect.

I asked him what he was going to do.

"I'm going to grieve; for him, for myself, for what was, and for what wasn't. I'm going to make love to you until I need a crane to get it up, then I am going to get over myself, get some sleep, and move on."

Neither of us slept that night.

The next year was rough, but in many ways sweet.

The only semi-serious fight we had was when he started worrying about my dad.

"He's too damned old to be working fields like a twenty year old."

"I sure as hell am not going to be the one to tell him that."

We ended up fucking like teenagers in a utility closet at the Smallville Plant.

We had dinner at the farm, and necked in the loft until my mother, not even trying to keep a straight face, told us that if we were good she'd let us sleep together in the house.

It was a good day.

I miss Lionel

Okay, I miss Super Mega Alpha Dom Lex - who I'd get after he'd had a good fight with Lionel

Making love with Lex is the most amazing thing in the galaxy - but sometimes I just wanna get fucked.

And when he sets his mind to it, Lex can fuck me into the next week

Hasn't done that for awhile... wonder what I can do to get him in the mood.

I've been watching him sleep a while now. I'm surprised he hasn't woken up - he's not a sound sleeper. We made love for hours last night, but even so, he is often awake before I am. I don't need much sleep, but when I do sleep, it's deep and solid.

When my birth parents sent me to this planet, the one thing they worried about was that I would always be alone.

They couldn't have known that my soul mate would come in the form of a genetically mutated male Homo sapien.

They couldn't have known that by their sacrifice, made out of love, that they were giving me the greatest gift of all - not my life, but the chance to give my love to someone who can accept it all, and return it tenfold.

He's awake now - a subtle change in his breathing, a brightening of what I call the glow, a power that radiates from him...

Well. that, and the warm strong hand that is now wrapped around my dick.


I kiss him. "No, thinking"

"Bout what?"

"Life, you, how much I love you, what I have to do to get you pissed off enough to bring out Dom Lex - I'm in the mood to be fucked...."

He is biting my neck - short, sharp, nips that I love. "Sick your damned partner on Cadmus Labs again and I might just suggest restraints."

I damn near come on the spot. About ten years ago I half jokingly suggested meteor rock handcuffs. Lex looked sick for a second, then got a thoughtful look in his eye...

I've learned to be very wary of that look.

Two weeks later, a package arrived for me at the Planet. Inside was a titanium rod - three feet long and about five inches in diameter; and instructions that I was to meet him at home at 6 pm, naked and with no plans for the weekend.

When he arrived, he told me to keep both hands on the bar at all times. He didn't care how I bent it, what I did to it, but if my hands left it, or if I snapped it in two, the games stopped and I could plan on six weeks of total celibacy.

Lex knows how to play. It was nine hours before he let me come. The rod looked like a couple of warped tennis balls fused together in a figure eight.

Lex had it welded to a plinth, labelled it "Passion's Reward", and gave it to his father for Christmas.

Lionel left it to the Metropolis Museum of Art. I still wonder if he somehow knew...

Lex donated an obscene amount of money to make sure it stays on permanent display.

I can barely walk by the damned building without blushing.

It's been thirty seven years since the day Lex and I met in a cornfield.

I'm told I reached out and touched his head that day.

Lex reached back and touched my soul.

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