Emotion is a Weakness

by Marag

Emotion is a weakness. Lionel believed that.

He reached out a hand towards the young man's face. "Clark, stop. I love my son, but Lex is an idiot. What you have to offer..., well, to be frank, you are... amazing ... in so many ways."

"Mr Luthor..."

He cupped his hand against the warm skin of Clark's jaw. "My name is Lionel, and somehow I like the idea of hearing you say it. I have lost the use of my eyes Clark, but I am hardly blind. I see what is in front of me, even if my son cannot."

Clark was silent, but Lionel was... perhaps pleased was too strong a word, when he didn't pull away from the touch.

"Mr Luthor..."

"You're in love with my son...and you have the most amazing - toy - hidden somewhere."


Lionel moved his hand so that his fingers covered the man-child's lips. "Shhh. I'll make you a deal Clark - don't lie to me now, and later - when it counts - I promise I'll do the same."

Lionel could feel the tension, and cursed his lack of vision. He would have loved to have watched the emotion that was doubtless flowing across Clark's face.

"Do you keep your promises?"

"I don't make many."

"Do you keep your promises?"

Emotion is a weakness. Lionel believed that.

He honestly did.

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