Things He Knows

by Caro

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Clark was just pouring his second cup of coffee when Lex woke up. Padded over, grabbed the cup before Clark could take a sip, and stumbled towards the bathroom. Clark chuckled softly to himself as he poured a new cup.

In the past few days, he'd learned very much that Lex was not a morning person. Lex would come back later, after brushing his teeth and showering, looking for another cup of coffee and the newspaper. It would be about an hour after breakfast before he felt anything like chatty.

Clark had learned a lot about Lex over the past few days. Things not on the agenda of educational experiences he'd thought to have when they'd come to Metropolis together four days ago. Things like Lex tasted like brandy and chocolate when he kissed him the first time, or that he practically mewled when Clark bit his throat. Things like Lex almost always came with Clark's name on his lips.

It had been unexpected the first night. They'd had dinner at a nice restaurant not to far from the penthouse, ordering drinks with dinner. They had to celebrate, Lex had said. They'd spent the day exploring the campus at Met U. Clark had fallen in love with the library and Lex had complained that dorm rooms looked like a prison. Still, it was all but certain that Clark would be attending next year.

Clark kissed him in the elevator on the way upstairs. Lex had been talking, his words casually slurring. He'd stumbled over something and Clark had leaned forward and kissed him.

He wasn't sure if Lex would kiss him back. Still didn't believe it when they fell backwards into the penthouse, Lex on top of Clark, his hands sliding under Clark's shirt.

Lex's eyes glinted dark blue when he swallowed Clark's cock.

Four nights together. Four nights of Lex spooned next to him, (who would have thought Lex Luthor was a cuddler?) bodies still slick with sweat. Four nights of being Lex Luthor's lover.

Though morning would never tell it. Mornings were casual. Indolent chatter over toast and orange juice before they headed off in different directions. Lex to the office, Clark exploring the nooks and crannies of the city. They would meet up for lunch or a late afternoon outing, whatever Lex could get off long enough to spend some time with his best friend. Best friend still, even if they woke up every morning curled up around each other.

Today was different. For one, they were both up way earlier than normal. Martha Kent had already called a half hour ago, waking Clark to ask him when they could expect him home. The turkey would be done by one. Lex had been the one that suggested they get on the road early, to avoid the holiday traffic. The Kents weren't likely to forgive Lex if their only son missed Thanksgiving dinner.

There had been no discussion of what would happen between them when they got back home.

Clark was loathe to bring up the topic. This new dimension to their relationship, if it even could be called that, was still very new and precarious. He knew Lex had a lot to lose, being in the public eye as much as he was. And while Clark understood the need for discretion himself, he really didn't want to be the end either. And that's what he feared Smallville would be, an end. Back to Lex and Clark, best friends. Who *don't* wake up together. It was difficult enough keeping his hands off Lex during the day, he didn't think he could bear it if they had to go back, to pretend that there was nothing more between them.

Lex finally emerged from the bedroom yet again, wearing a pale gray sweater and black pants. He had no shoes on. He walked around Clark to the toaster, where Eggo cinnamon toast waffles waited. Clark had done the grocery shopping for the extended weekend, as Lex hadn't let any of the help know he was back in town.

"Did you talk to your mother?" he asked, between bites.

"Yes." Clark nodded. "She wanted you to know that if you weren't at dinner, she was never forgiving you."

Lex grinned. Martha Kent had always gone out of her way to make sure that Lex felt welcome at all the family holidays, ever since realizing that the only family tradition that both Lionel and Lex observed was spending the holidays completely alone and miserable.

"Well I couldn't have that, now could I?"

"Nope." Clark grinned back. They finished the rest of breakfast quickly, Lex for once not skimming the newspaper. A half an hour later, Lex was slipping into black boots as Clark opened the front door. His hand paused on the doorknob.

"Lex?" He took a deep breath and turned towards Lex. "What happens now?"

"Happens now?" Lex echoed, looking up. His face gave no indication as to what was running through his head. "We go home Clark."

Clark's heart froze in his chest but there was no time for any more words. Lex was off the couch and heading out the door, a bag swinging loosely in his hand. Clark followed him into the elevator.

Just before the elevator dinged their destination, Lex turned to Clark. "Do you mind if we stop somewhere first before we go on our way?" Clark shook his head. If he'd expected an explanation, there was none.

Outside, Lex gave him the keys to the SUV and asked him to bring it around. "Just need to pick up something." he muttered absently. When Clark pulled to the curb ten minutes later, Lex was holding a large white bouquet of Calla Lillies and white roses.

"Didn't have orchids," he said to Clark as though that explained everything.

Still Clark didn't question. He followed instructions, turning where Lex wanted to, without making a comment. Something about the quietness in Lex's eyes told him this wasn't the best of time. He hoped when they arrived wherever they did, it would make sense.

The graveyard was quiet, the morning still too early for visitors with remembrances. Snow fell gently around them. He almost asked Lex why they were here, but the solemnity of the space made asking intrusive.

"Come with me?" Lex asked quietly, when he'd gotten out of the vehicle. Clark nodded and followed him. They walked through a maze of headstones, going to the back of the cemetery. A thin layer of snow covered Lily Luthor's final resting place. Lex wiped it away before laying the flowers on the marble edifice.

"Hi Mom. Happy Thanksgiving," he whispered to the stone, before stepping back. Clark reached out and squeezed his hand, not sure what else would be welcome at this moment. Lex turned to look at him.

"After she died, there was never anything to be thankful for." He spoke almost too softly to be heard, at least for human ears. "None of the near misses, the times I almost died and was revived by some paramedic's paddles or sheer luck. None of it." Clark suppressed a chill that ran down his skin, remembering the first time he'd ever seen Lex. "When you rescued me, it should have been just another close call, another time that proved even the devil didn't want a Luthor. It wasn't."


"Shhh Clark," A gloved finger pressed on his lip, stopping his speech. "When I opened my eyes Clark, and I looked into your eyes, that was the first time ever, in a long while, I was grateful. Grateful to be alive."

Clark breathed deeply, tears pricking at his eyes. There was no doubt as to the meaning behind the words. He swept Lex into his arms, holding him tight, doing it as much for his own comfort as Lex's. Lex tucked his head beneath Clark's chin.

"I've never brought anyone here you know." He whispered. "No one to meet her."

"I'm glad you brought me," Clark replied, his voice thick with affection.

"I think she would have liked you."

"I know I would have liked her," Clark affirmed. They stood like that for what seemed like an eternity before Lex pulled away.

"We should get going." He reminded Clark, already moving towards the direction of the jeep. Clark pulled him back for a kiss.

"I love you," he whispered when they separated. Lex smiled and nodded, but didn't say anything. He didn't need to say anything for Clark to understand. He'd learned enough about the man over the past four years to know when actions spoke louder than words.

Clark watched Lex walk ahead of him to the car. He looked back at the grave where the flowers were already being covered in snow. He thought back to the memory of the past four years.

This year, like every year before, he'd be thanking fate for bringing him and Lex together.


*"...the words I try to force out die on the air and dissolve into kisses whose chemicals are even more deadly if undelivered."* - Quote From Elizabeth Smart's "By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept"

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