Smallville Limericks

by LaCasta

This is actually joedan/Kathryn's fault. An email discussion made me realize that Nietzsche and peachy kinda rhyme. After that, "inevitable" was just about the right word for what happened.

AN: Please be aware that groups for the protection of poetry have declared these limericks to be the equivalent of rhyme torture. There's also an instance of egregious accent abuse.

A book by the author Nietzsche

Had a title Clark found just peachy

Except the German

Wrote books intermin-

Able, like Jon getting preachy

There was was a sidekick named Pete

Whose role simply didn't have meat

He rarely got lines,

Among other signs

A token's life is not sweet

A toothy-grinned girl named Chloe

Put on a dress that was showy

She hoped that its pink

Would cause Clark to think

His hormones should go, go, goey!

A mopey youngster named Clark

Had pupils that did more than spark

They set things ablaze

At one hot-eyed gaze

Like Yellowstone National Park

That hairless tycoon named Lex

You don't want to be his ex

He'll fool you and daddy

That's quite a malady

You'll be someone no-one respects

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