Rainy Days and the Pitch Black Dark Always Get Me Down

by Vashti

This is my second SV fic, but the only one that's complete. Feedback would be more than lovely. Dedicated to Karen, just 'cause (and partly b/c she promised to write me a SV/BTVS fic for my b-day. whee!) Spoilers S2 up through "Duplicity".

"I blame you."

"This is hardly my fault."

Lana made her feelings known in a less than verbal manner.

Unprepared, Lex clipped his jaw on his raised knee. "Ow!"

"Sorry," Lana muttered. "You know what: no, I'm not." And for emphasis she pushed back against him again. Harder.

Exhausted, frustrated, nerves fried -- Lex pushed back. For a minute it was a back and forth push-of-war. Then it was a contest of wills. Then Lex got the bright idea of moving. To the side. Suddenly.

Lana went sprawling.

Lex leaned over her prone body staring into her eyes. Or at least where he thought her eyes should be. It was hard to be precise in the pitch black darkness. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot see in absolute blackness. The eye needs some kind of light to function. "You know," Lex breathed, "I think I liked you better meek and mild."

"Lex, why are you talking into my throat?"

Very hard to be precise in the pitch black dark. But . . . Hmm. If he was talking into her throat and their bodies were inverted . . .then that put him at about eye-level with her chest. Interesting.

" What are you doing, Lex?" she said sharply.

"Taking in the sights."

"What sights? Neither of us an actually see!"

Lex didn't bother with a retort of his own; Didn't even to bother to mention that his head was slipping lower.

"Would you move already?!" Lana reached up and grabbed at Lex's head. She too misjudged, ending up with one thumb in Lex's mouth and her other hand wrapped around his neck.

Lana wouldn't be sure later -- absolutely, positively, totally and completely sure -- that Lex sucked her thumb as she pulled it out before he said something along the lines of: "Kindly remove your hand from my throat."

She did so with a little start. But he was still over her and she was still under him; and even if Lana was sure -- pretty, sorta, kinda sure -- that Lex had suckled her thumb just before releasing it so he could talk: it was all very confusing . . .especially blind in the pitch black dark. With Lex.

Under Lex.

Okay, so it wasn't like Lex's body completely covered hers. But she was still . . .you know . . .under him.

Slithering across the floor she muttered incomprehensibly.

"What was that?"

"I said this is all your fu- Ow!" In her backward haste Lana had bumped her head on a low shelf. She swore.

"Why Miss Lang, whatever would you aunt say if she could hear you now?"

"Shut up, Lex."

To her surprise he did. Of course she couldn't see his smirk. That its sensuality was lost on her didn't stop him from turning it on full force.

It made him happy.

They sat in a bored, angry, terse silence for a full minute before Lex heard Lana inch over to him. He heard her stumble.

"Lana, you all right?" he asked, concerned, while wondering exactly how she managed to stumble if she was crawling. Maybe she had tried something stupid, like standing? "Lana?" he called again.

A weak moan was all the answer he got.

"Jesus, Lana," he hissed. "You'd better be all right or Clark's gonna kill me."

Lana's arms snaked around Lex's neck. "I seriously doubt it," came her voice, slithering out of the dark.

"Someone sounds very unhurt."

"Someone's hurt? Who?"

"Lana." His voice a warning. Maybe a threat. "Lana, you don't know what you're doing."

"No, I don't think you know what *I'm* doing." She pulled at him. Pulled against his resistance. It was like pulling through silk, pulling him down for that kiss.

Lex ran through all the reasons why he shouldn't be doing this even as he deepened the kiss. She was underage. His best friend was in love with her. She was technically his employee . . .or partner. He really should check on tha-- "OW!"

"Oh, Lex! I'm so sorry."

"Do you mind if I ask why exactly you felt the need to ram my head into the furniture."

"It wasn't on purpose. But, you know, you were becoming distracted. It was very annoying."

"So you tried to kill me?"

"I wasn't trying to kill you. Ugh! Get off," she said pushing him.

"Jee--" Lex stopped abruptly.

Lana blindly -- no pun intended -- searched the dark for him. Something about the heavy thud following his broken-off exclamation made her heart beat too fast. "Lex. Lex? Are you all right?" No answer. Lana felt around in the dark. She didn't have far to go. "Lex? Crap. I'm not gonna fall for my own trick you know.

"Wake up already!" When he didn't answer, mostly because he was knocked out cold, she let out a frustrated scream. Then waited. He still didn't answer. "Argh!"

Frustrated, tired, and essentially alone, Lana laid down next to Lex. "Stupid rich boy," she muttered. "I finally come out of my shell and what does he do? Go unconscious. Figures." After a moment she sat up and pulled off her soft pink sweater -- not that she could see the color anymore. Honestly she thought Lex's jacket was softer, it was cashmere after all, but all that maneuvering was just beyond her. Besides, the floor was hard. Careful not to jostle him too much, Lana lifted Lex's head and bundled the sweater under it. She settled for lying on his chest. At least this way should could monitor his heart and breathing, right?

Lana forgot about such ugly necessities as she fell into exhausted sleep.

"Lana? Are you in here?" Pete called.

Friend that Pete was, Clark glared at him. "Lana?! Lex?! Can you hear us?"

Pete ignored it, poking Clark in the arm. "Why don't you do look for them."

"We are looking for them."

"No, I mean, look for them."


"Clark, my man, sometimes I worry about you."

But Clark didn't hear him as he used his X-ray vision to scan the area. "Hey, there. . . they are..."

"What? What's wrong?"

Clark couldn't quite find the words to explain it without making either of his friends seem ...less than honorable. Or without blushing, himself. "Let's just get them out, okay?"

"Hey, whatever you say."

They tried the door. "It's locked. Pete, make sure no one's coming." When Pete gave him the okay, Clark twisted the door-handle out of its lock. "Lex? Lana?"

Lana opened one bleary eye to the too-bright world. "Clark? Is that you?"

"And Pete."

"Thank God you're here."

"Um Lana . . ." It finally dawned on her that Clark hadn't moved out of the doorway. "Um, why are you lying on Lex? In your camisole? With his arm around you? There . . . There isn't anything you guys haven't told us, is there?"

A blush stained Lana's pale cheeks. "Lex knocked himself out last night while we were crawling around in the dark. I would have put his coat under his head, but obviously he's still in it," she said, beginning to get angry. "And besides even if we did do something it isn't exactly your business Clark," she said, sitting up and removing Lex's arm from her person.

He groaned.


Clark was by their side immediately.

"What happened."

"You knocked yourself out," Lana supplied.

"That was my unfortunate impression. I was hoping I was wrong. I take it we're rescued?"

"Yeah, Clark's here."

"Hey, Lex. How'd you guys get stuck in here anyway."

At that Lana's face drew itself into distinctly displeased lines. "It's all his fault," she stated firmly. For the record.

"I cannot be blamed for the weather, Miss Lang. Super-criminal, I am not."

She hurrumphed.

But Clark had one last question. "And Lex . . .?

"Yes Clark."

"Why are your lips glitter-pink?"


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