Do You Know.

by Medie

This story was inspired by a song
written by Mark Lowry. "Mary, Did You Know?". I certainly wouldn't put Clark Kent on the same level of Christ but the concept of the song got me thinking.
Obviously, would take place when Clark was still a little boy.

Do you know, Martha? Do you know the child in your arms will save countless lives? His eyes, closed in sleep, will see every dark secret? That little mouth, now quiet, will someday console the inconsolable? That hands, which grasp yours, will be strong enough to lift a mountain?

Do you know? Do you understand that the life you hoped for, and were given, will give the hope of a better future to the world?

Do you know the angelic face you look on will be the one the endangered will pray to see? That those perfect ears, into which you sing a lullabye, will hear the cries of innocents?

Do you know, Martha, that his little heart will one day be big enough to love an entire world? Do you know the little boy in your arms will one day be the a selfless, kind-hearted man? A devoted guardian of mankind?

Do you know?

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