The Smallville To-do Lists: Another Set

by Future of Fandom

Inspired by LaCasta's To-Do Lists. Written by ME's Future of Fandom.

Another set of "To-Do lists", found in the vicinity of Smallville during the tornado clean-up.

Clark Kent:

End world hunger
Solve problems in Middle East
Find cure for AIDS
See psychiatrist on Lex's recommendation (why?) Dodge Chloe & Wall of Weird

Lana Lang:

Buy lipgloss Pale Pink #289, collection almost complete Pretend not to notice Clark stalking (smile at him again?) Get another round of Botox--expressions not important

Lex Luthor:

Send order for untraceable poisons-poss. anthrax? Execute corporate takeover. Ah, chores. Hack into Fort Knox-need spare change
Give Enrique a raise-he's good for business

Chloe Sullivan:

Buy hair spray-this hair WILL behave, if it's the last thing I do! Find way to get Clark on Wall of Weird (subtly) Interview Lex Luthor again--find skeletons in Luthor closet

Pete Ross:

Get rid of (kill?) Clark and take his place as hero Force scriptwriters to give lines at gunpoint Get a second date

Lionel Luthor:

Buy new crimson satin suit, or remove burn marks Sharpen trident
Conquer West Africa (before lunch)
Conquer rest of Africa (after lunch)
Order truckload of hair oil

Jonathan Kent:

Find little book of cliches
Read 'How to Preach a Sermon'
Write fables

Martha Kent:

Burn Jonathan's little book of cliches
Send Clark to psychiatrist for Superman complex (Lex recommended, don't tell Jonathan)
Invite Chloe over on Clark's behalf
Confiscate telescope

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