Morning After

by FayJay

DISCLAIMER: You'll be astounded to hear that these characters aren't mine.

As Clark drifted into consciousness he sifted lazily through a haphazard jumble of memories. Even though he was still more than half-asleep, he had a pretty good idea that this was not an ordinary morning. There was no distant lowing of cattle, for one thing, and no muffled clatter of his father starting on the morning chores. The main clue, though, was the unfamiliar crook of somebody else's knee hooked around one of Clark's legs and the warm weight of a hand curled possessively against his chest: proof positive that the x-rated images burned onto his mind's eye weren't just wistful dreams this time . Clark blinked up at Lex's ceiling - which was not mirrored, despite Chloe's lurid speculations - and grinned. Definitely not an ordinary morning.

Moving very cautiously, Clark turned to look at the angular sprawl of bare limbs tangling the sheets beside him, and his breath caught unexpectedly. Even half-shrouded in cotton, Lex Luthor was quite the nakedest person that Clark had ever seen. He also looked a lot younger and more vulnerable when he was asleep. Clark found himself wondering just how many other people had ever seen this face so unguarded, and whether it was normal to feel quite so violently jealous of them all. Victoria had certainly never deserved this.

And then, in the space between one breath and the next, Lex was awake. Somehow, without moving a muscle, he radiated nervous tension that only dissolved when Clark grinned the idiotic grin of a newly former virgin. The wariness that had marked Lex's face seeped clean away and he shifted a little against Clark as he propped himself up on one arm.

"Good morning," said Lex in a gravely voice that went straight to Clark's erogenous zones. Lex could have taught the Mona Lisa a thing or two about smiling.

"Hi," said Clark, sounding very much like the least cool person on the planet. He beamed, and then blushed, and then blurted out: "You stuck your tongue in my ass!" He sounded almost as scandalised as he'd felt last night at the first deliciously unexpected slip-slide of warm skin insinuating itself inside. Lex nodded solemnly.

"So I did. You seemed pretty happy about it at the time."

"Oh yeah," said Clark, so quickly and so definitely that Lex gave a small snort of laughter. "I mean it was - oh, yeah. But I'd never heard of - I mean, not that I've really talked about - um. But. I mean, it sounds like a really gross thing to do. Um." The realisation that this particular speech was probably neither grateful nor likely to prompt any return visit of the aforementioned tongue to the aforementioned ass dawned upon Clark gradually and made his blush deepen as he stammered to a halt. "But I really liked it. Um. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so - um. Thank you very much. It was very nice."

"You're welcome," said Lex in a slightly strained voice.

"Are you laughing at me?"

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

"You're laughing at me."

"Yes," agreed Lex, grinning hugely. He reached down under the sheet to cup Clark's stirring cock and ran the heel of his thumb along the underside. "But I had the wet spot, Clark. That means I get to laugh at you making a fool of yourself. Now shut up and kiss me."

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