It's just not healthy

by Miamouse

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*Dear diary.

It's been a pretty average day: went to school, came back home, and exposed Lex Luthor's drug habit.

Well, I say exposed.

I haven't exposed it as yet. For one because he's Clark's best friend and good little Chloe has to be nice to Lex, and for another because I kind of found out in ways that aren't traditional.

Well, I say untraditional.

I kind of broke in to the mansion...*


A figure dressed all in black creeps across the shadowed ground. Sidling up to the front door, it inserts a stolen key into the lock and slips inside. Dodging the security cameras rather badly, the intruder crosses the floor, complete with a Bond forward roll.

Passing a mirror, it stops, and looking in both directions, pulls off the balaclava helmet.

"Oh no! Just LOOK at my hair!" Before guiltily putting it back on and going for the nearest door. It scrabbles with the lock for a second, "Goddammit, nails are never gonna survive! Curses, curses!"

The door finally swings open and the figure ducks inside. "Ok then, Mr. Lex 'I'll just invade your lives now' Luthor. Lets see what you've got in your den!"

Moving further into the office, the imposter pulls drawers open frantically, muttering to itself. Finally it pulls out a box. "Interesting. Aaaaaw Lex, you didn't even lock it, why thank you!"

Three photos are pulled out of the box: a beautiful woman in a flowing ball gown, a little baby asleep in a hospital bed and a young red-haired boy ice skating with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh!" gasps the figure, dropping the photos on the floor. It ignores them though, in favor of the other item in the box. A small bottle, with a label on: Amlodipine. No other information but the contents. "Suspicious and suspicious," murmurs the figure, flipping the box closed/

As soon as the box closes, a high pitched wailing fills the air, "Alarms? For a BOX? Fuck!" The figure pockets the bottle and sprints out of the office, through the hall, almost falling over it's feet to get out.

Up in a control room somewhere a man makes a phone call.

"Mr. Luthor sir? Yes sir, an intruder. We do have video coverage sir. Right here sir, we'll be waiting."

Lex watches the security video critically, "Well, it's not a professional is it?" Everyone in the room snickers; it most certainly isn't.

"Oh no! Juts LOOK at my hair!" Lex's eyes whip towards the screen, "Chloe fucking Sullivan? I swear I am going to kill that girl. Clark should be keeping her on a leash!"

"Would you like us to call the authorities, sir?" Lex waves the man away with a flick of his wrist, "No Mr. Raines. I can deal with this one... myself."


*I think I got out just in time, diary. Another second and he'd have sent the hounds after me! Ok I'm hysterical. But the important thing is I made it, scot-free!

Now I just have to find out about this bottle. Why does Lex Luthor keep a bottle of something called Amlodipine in a lead box?" It has to be drugs. I'll ruin him. But of course it's to help Clark; he's got far too preoccupied with Lex. It's not healthy.

It really isn't!*

The next day:

"Hey Clark!" Chloe grins widely, but it's more of a show of baring her teeth.

"Heya Chloe, good night?" Chloe looks panicked. "You what? My night... was... Good! Yup, went to bed, slept. ALL night! Like a log; and a sleepy log at that!"

Clark looks a little confused. "Well, ok then." The journalist frowns for a second. "Clark, could I talk to you about someone?"

"Lex?" She jumps, "How did you know?"

"I didn't, it was just you weren't smiling so I thought... wait, it IS about Lex?" She blushes. "Uuuh, yeah. Has he been... having mood swings lately?"

Clark lets Chloe drag him across the schoolyard. "Chloe, what?!" They grind to a halt, and she looks at the floor, "Has he been behaving, y'know, sort of strange?"

He frowns, "Let me think, uum, NO! Chloe, I thought you had grown out of this! Leave Lex ALONE! I'm serious Chloe. He... he means a lot to me, ok?"

She frowns and squints at him, "Clark, is something going on between you and Luthor?"

He blushes, even when he's angry, "No, something is going ON between me and Lex. And it's none of your business." He stalks away.

Lunchtime, in the Torch office:

*Dear diary.

I feel kind of bad now. Clark would never believe me if I told him Lex was on drugs. But, he must be, the pills are definitely pills and almost 3/4 of them are gone! Now where did they go, hmmm?

I've been panicky all day. What if Lex saw me?" I know he couldn't have because my face was covered by the balaclava and I never took that off except to... oh no.

Check. My. Hair.

I could explain, I could beg forgiveness. It's not too late, but it is because that's...*

"Good morning Miss Sullivan, I trust you had a good sleep last night? Mind you, you do look a bit... tired."

Chloe get visibly paler, and she gulps loudly. Her hands automatically slide forwards and draw the bottle of pills protectively into her chest.

"Miss Sullivan, you're rather quiet today. Normally no one can shut you up. From what Clark's said about you!"

She gulps again, "Clark?"

"Yes, Clark. Our mutual friend? He's been spending rather a lot of time up at the mansion. You haven't been there in months though, have you?"

Chloe knows he's giving her an opportunity but she can't move. Her tongue is stuck to the roof of her mouth and her lips won't move.

"MISS Sullivan!" Her eyes flick to his face and down to her hands clasped over the bottle. "You have some property that is most important to me. May I have it?"

Anger flares up in Chloe's mind. How dare he just walk in here and think he can bully her! And Clark, he's very bad for Clark! She stands up and glares at Lex.

"Mr. Luthor," She sneers over the name, "If you think you're getting your drugs back, then you can think again! I'm taking them to the police this evening and they'll be in my pocket until then! If you try anything, anything at all!"

The unspoken threat hung between them.

Lex looked Chloe in the eyes, "You're right, of course. It's not like I need it. They don't work very well anyway. There's bitterness and sadness in his voice and Chloe is surprised. She's about to say something but Lex turns and walks away.

*Dear diary.

I'm researching Amlodipine. I'm not sure why, I just want to know what Lex is taking, how bad it is.

Amlodipine... calcium channel blocker. What?

Oh God I've made a huge mistake. Amlodipine isn't a drug at all. This is what the search came up with:

'Amlodipine interferes with the movement of calcium into heart muscle cells and the smooth muscle cells in the walls of the arteries. This action relaxes blood vessels (causing them to widen), which lowers blood pressure, increases the blood supply to the heart, and decreases the heart's overall workload.'

It's heart medicine, to try and treat heart failure. And the name is L. Luthor. Not Lex but... Lillian?

'Some test results show that though it is safe, there is no survival benefit to adding Amlodipine to patients with congestive heart failure.'

They gave her medicine that didn't work. And Lex... kept it for all this time.*


Chloe knocks on the door to the Luthor mansion and steps back. It's opened by Lex, his belt unbuckled and his shirt wrinkled. She can't look him in the eye.

"Look, I... this was all a really big... mistake," She falters and stops talking, but he doesn't really seem mad.

Lex smirks, "Ah, miss Sullivan, you've decided to use the common way of entry this evening. Come inside."

Chloe steps tentatively into the living room and her eyes widen as she sees Clark lying on the ground shirtless with his algebra books round him.

Clark's eyes widen and he scrambles up. Lex's smirk widens and he pushes a hand onto Clark's chest, "Sit down Clark, miss Sullivan has something to say."

Chloe stares at the two standing together for a second. "You two?" Clark blushes and Lex raises his chin, "please start, miss Sullivan."

She looks at Lex, pleading with her eyes, but he shakes his head and folds his arms. She sighs, and opens her bag, placing the pills on the table.

"Clark, Lex... I did something very wrong and I'm sorry for it. I uuh... broke in here and looked through Lex's office. I thought that those," she gestures to the bottle, "were drugs. I accused Lex."

Chloe bows her head and frantically tries to wipe her eyes with her sleeve.

There's a smash as Clark shoots up from the floor. "I can't BELIEVE you did this, Chloe! I told you, I TOLD you to keep away from Lex!" He runs out of the room, slamming the doors hard the walls shake.

Lex tilts his head to one side and frowns at Chloe. "I'm sorry for Clark, but I didn't call the police. I think Clark's judgment is more of a punishment, don't you?"

Nodding, crying, she backs out of the room and runs from the house with her head in her hands.


*Being a teenager was hell. And that was without the mad old billionaires living up in castles. I should never have kept the pills. They let her die. Perhaps this is what Lionel means when he says I'm too emotional. *

Lex sits by the fire and throws the pills in, one by one. And he watches the flames lick at them until the burn and crumble into ashes. And he wonders what this reminds him of.


*I love Chloe, but I love Lex too. I can't believe she thought Lex was doing drugs. I can't believe I'm the only one in this town that sees the good side to him. I don't know what do to, I don't know what to think.*

Clark runs through the cornfields and cries. The ears tear his clothes to pieces but he keeps running. Running away from the world that will always hate Lex and never accept them. And away from the fact that one of his best friends had to show him this.


I was only trying to protect Clark from Lex, I swear. I thought that Clark would get hurt, that Lex would hurt him! But I hurt him instead.

I'm really sorry, I really am. I can barely see to write I'm crying so much.

I only wanted to be a proper reporter and it just went wrong! Now Clark won't talk to me and I don't know if he will ever. What if I've lost him? I only wanted to get him back.*

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