by Chloe Sullivan ver 1.0

by philtre

My muses (which returned upon hearing about LJC's birthday challenge) have woken me up at 6 am in the morning to tell me that Chlex must happen during a Chlex interview. And I obey my muses, because in reality, they own me and not the other way around.

Title: by Chloe Sullivan ver 1.0

Author: philtre

Disclaimer: I don't even have any food in my fridge, so I definitely do not own any of the characters, nor the conversation and interview material that I borrowed from Smallville.

Category: Episode Related, PWP

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: all episodes in season 1 up to and including Kinetic. Also makes references to Chloe's interview with Lex for the Smallville Torch (online).

Players (in order of appearance): Chloe, Clark, Lana, Lex, Random plot contrivances.

Summary: Follows the end of Kinetic where Chloe investigates the `cover up' of the tattoo incident. She tries to strong arm Lex. Hijinks ensue. Please also read alternate ending 'by Chloe Sullivan ver 1.1'

Author's note: My muses (which returned upon hearing about LJC's birthday challenge) have woken me up at 6 am in the morning to tell me that Chlex must happen during a Chlex interview. And I obey my muses, because in reality, they own me and not the other way around. Thank you to my beta, Kathryn.

Feedback: I'd love to hear comments/critique regarding the different endings.

"I'm just gonna go do a little checking with the police. Apparently none of the tattoo ink was found at the loft and Scott and Derek aren't saying anything to anyone, so I smell a cover up," said Chloe as she turned back to look at Clark and Lana.

"Chloe. It's good to have you back."


She flashed Clark and Lana one last cheerful smile before racing off to the police station.

Back home, Chloe plopped down onto the bed. The trip to the station had been a complete waste of time. No one would talk to her, and her usual informant was suspiciously mum, too. She subconsciously bit her lower lip as her brain kicked into overdrive. Picking up the phone, she dialed a number that she knew well.

"Smallville Ledger," answered the voice on the other end of the line.

"Mark!" said Chloe brightly.

"Chloe Sullivan. How are you?"

"I'm good. How are you?"

"I'm fine."

"So, how are things going at the Ledger?"

"I really don't think you called me for small talk. So spit it out, Sullivan."

Chloe chuckled lightly.

"You know me too well."

"Unfortunate, but true."

"I was just wondering if you knew anything about the guys who robbed Lex Luthor."

There was a pause on the other side of the line.

"Forget the story, Chloe. You're not going to get anything."

"Really?" said Chloe, her interest increasingly peaked.

"Let it go, Sullivan. It's a waste of your time," warned Mark.

"I never thought I'd see the day that Mark Wright would say chasing a story is a waste of time."

"Well, when the story is one that a Luthor doesn't want becoming public knowledge, then yes, it's a waste time."

Chloe smiled to herself.

"Which Luthor?"

"What are your ambitions?" asked Chloe as she leaned in to smile disarmingly at Lex.

"When I was six, I made the mistake of saying "fireman" to my father. I've found that ambitions and goals can change with circumstance. For the first time, I feel like I have a home here in Smallville, true friends. If I have an ambition, it's to hold on to that," replied Lex as he smiled back at her, unable to keep his eyes from drifting along the body at the other end of the couch.

He wondered why Clark was so fixated on Lana Lang. While Lana was quite beautiful in a cold and distant way, Chloe seemed to emanate soft warmth that made you want to share your innermost secrets with her - a dangerous quality to find in a reporter. He'd have to be careful with her. He studied the delicate lines of her features, uncharacteristically captivated by the inviting softness of her face.

"Would you like to comment on the robbery of the Luthor castle?"

Lex raised one eyebrow, cocked his head to the side and felt his eyes slide to the floor before coming back to Chloe's disturbingly green eyes.

"You said no LuthorCorp. Everything else is fair game, right?"

At that, Lex broke into a little laugh as he turned to study the empty fireplace. Then puckering his lips in thought, he looked back at her and locked her eyes into a gaze that he knew usually intimidated his opponents.

"No comment."

He watched as she averted her gaze and nervously bit her bottom lip. Then straightening herself with a little breath, she dragged her eyes back to his.

"Were you able to recoup all the items that were stolen?"

Lex smiled to himself. The girl had spunk, and he loved it. Something about persistence always made a woman seem irresistible. That, and the fact that the withering stare that he had just given her had made men of many more years and experience back down like scared little sheep.

"No comment," he said.

"Lex, I don't think you grasp the concept of an interview. I ask a question, you give an answer," said Chloe with an exasperated sigh.

A lot of spunk, or a lot of naivete - he couldn't decide. He slowly stood, walked over until he was standing over her, and then holding the arm of the chair for leverage, he leaned down until his face was inches from hers.

"If you want to act like a reporter, you have to expect to be treated like a reporter, Ms Sullivan."

She sat straight up, staring at him without flinching, but her eyes betrayed that she was mentally retreating. He fought the urge to smile triumphantly, but he couldn't resist the temptation to lean in longer than was really necessary. She smelled like peaches. Lex couldn't remember the last time he was this close to someone who smelled like peaches. All the women Lex knew smelled like Chanel or Givenchy or any number of overpriced, pungent designer perfumes.

Making sure his gaze was unwavering, he stood back up. When he turned away to walk towards the bar, he allowed himself a little smile.

"Are you sure you don't want something to drink?"

"No," said Chloe. He watched her back as she took a deep breath. Then she stood up and whipped around to look at him.

"Have you increased security at the castle following the incident?"

"You're a persistent little kitten, aren't you?"

"Kitten?" asked Chloe, narrowing her eyes as she stopped four feet away from him, tape recorder in hand.

"Cute, small, soft, and cuddly," said Lex as he took a predatory step towards her, "With vicious claws neatly tucked away, waiting to be unsheathed on unsuspecting innocents."

She chuckled.

"*You're* an unsuspecting innocent?"

"Unsuspecting, at least. I admit though" he said. Then as he walked by her, he added in a lowered voice, "I haven't been an innocent in a very long time."

"I suspect that you are anything but unsuspecting."

Lex raised one eyebrow at her while taking a swig of his Ty Nant, settling onto the couch.

"I hear you have quite a handle on our little town."

"While I can't imagine anything I'd enjoy more than our verbal judo, is there a question somewhere in there?"

"Well, you weren't taking well to the usual question answer routine, so I thought I'd try a different approach."

"I think the first one is probably more efficient."

Chloe had resolutely fixed her gaze at him, as though refusing to be stared down. Then, looking down at her clipboard, she continued, "Why haven't they found any tattoo ink in the robbers' loft?"

"Tattoo ink?" Lex asked, looking mildly confused.

"Okay. Why haven't there been any details of the robbery in the Ledger?"

"Not everyone thinks that the Luthors are necessarily newsworthy."

"Oh please. If they could get pictures of you eating breakfast, it'd make the front page."

One of his lip corners lifted unintentionally. Both of them turned to look at the phone as it began to ring loudly.

"I'm sorry. I have to get this."

He walked to the desk and leaned over to pick up the telephone. He turned to sit on the edge of the table.

"Lex Luthor. Yes. That's fine. Up the offer by 7.5% and send me detailed reports on the person we talked about. Right."

He was studying Chloe's profile as she stared into thin air, pretending she wasn't listening to his conversation, even though he knew that she most certainly was. His fingers clenched the table edge ever so slightly as he watched her gently brush a strand of hair off her face. The light from the windows grazed through her fingers just so that it looked as though little slits of sunshine were caressing her cheek.

As he placed the phone in its cradle, Chloe turned to look at him, a little smile on her face.

"You didn't answer my last question."

"What was it again?"

"Why haven't there been any details of the robbery in the Ledger?"

"I answered that one."

"No, you avoided the question. That's not answering it."

"Semantics. Tell me, what exactly are you trying to squirrel out of me?"

He could almost hear the wheels turning in her head as she decided what to say.

"I know you had something to do with the cover up of the tattoo ink."

"Why? Because I'm the big bad wolf?"

"I told you. You don't quite grasp the concept of an interview. Me, interviewer, asks question," she said gesturing at her chest, then pointing at him, she added, "You, interviewee, answers question."

"Maybe I don't think you're doing an adequate job, and decided to help out," teased Lex.

Chloe got up and walked around the chair, a serious look on her face.

"Maybe you're trying to hide something."

"Is your Wall of Weird deprived of a new entry lately?"

"It's Smallville. The Wall of Weird is never deprived," laughed Chloe

Lex allowed himself a little chuckle, as he studied Chloe's petite frame. She had an unaffected casualness about herself, a selflessness that made one feel at ease in her presence. He appreciated that she always kept a personable distance between herself and the person she was talking to. Close enough to convey interest, but far enough so as to not crowd the person she was talking to, and Lex didn't like feeling crowded.

"Are you actually going to ask me a question any time soon?"

Chloe broke into a disarming smile, as she leaned against the back of the chair.

"What's the deal with you and Clark?"

"Clark?" asked Lex, confusion lacing his smooth voice.

"Clark Kent? Beautiful six foot three farm boy?"

"What about Clark?"

"What would you call your relationship between the two of you?"

"An important friendship," answered Lex sincerely.

"Are you saying that there is nothing more involved in the nature of your association?"

"We're having sex on the sly," deadpanned Lex.

Chloe's eyes widened.

"That was a joke, Chloe."

He watched as she chuckled nervously.

"I knew that."

She cleared her throat, as a blush crept up her face.

"Why the sudden interest in my personal relations?" asked Lex, as he walked towards her.

"Uh, I thought it'd add to the human interest side of the story."

"How long exactly is this story going to be?" as he stopped a foot away from her.

She suddenly looked embarrassed, as she said, "I'm taking up too much of your time, aren't I?"

"Not at all. I cleared out the rest of the afternoon. I wanted to make sure you got your interview this time," he said with a smile.

He noticed that she was shifting uncomfortably. Damn, he had unconsciously let his eyes wonder up and down her body.

"What's next on your list?" he asked as he grabbed her clipboard.

She gasped and tried frantically to retrieve the clipboard. Lex couldn't resist grinning as he held it out of her reach.


Chloe was reaching anxiously for the clipboard, so Lex grabbed her entire body, arms included.

"Stop struggling," he commanded as he perused the list.

He could hear her sigh with resignation as she stopped struggling.

"What are your hobbies? That's a little sixth grade, isn't it? What is your favourite high school memory? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I can go anywhere in the world."

"I wasn't really going to ask you all the questions. I was just brainstorming. Can I please have my clipboard back?" whined Chloe.

Chloe's soft bottom against his thigh was really starting to get distracting. That, and the fact that she had her face turned towards him, so that it was barely inches from his. He focused his attention back to the clipboard, and scanned down the list. Most of it was run of the mill questions that he was usually asked in interviews. Then he happened onto one that made him stop short.

"When was your first kiss and what was it like?" he asked with an incredulous laugh.

"I wasn't going to ask that. Really."

"Why not?" said Lex as he turned to look at her.

"Well, I ... it was just a joke," she answered, looking very embarrassed.

When he continued to stare at her unwaveringly, she relented, "Okay. When was your first kiss and what was it like?"

"I was 14, and it was awkward," he said with a smile, and then for reasons that he would never figure out, he added, "Kind of like this."

He leaned in and brushed his lips are against hers. It was soft and generous, like the rest of the body that was pressed against him. When she didn't pull back, he leaned in again, this time opening his mouth slightly to suck gently on her pouty lower lip. She tasted like strawberries. Did this woman taste and smell like fruits all over?

But when she opened her mouth and began to lightly lick at the scar on his upper lip, he lost all capability for conscious thought. His grip slackened on her arm and she turned around to press against the length of his body. Her arms snaked up to the back of his neck as his landed on the small of her back.

They tenderly nipped and licked at each other's lips until Lex decided that he just had to find out what she tasted like. He slipped the tip of his tongue into her mouth to touch her tongue experimentally. When he felt her probing back, he groaned and sank his tongue deep into her mouth. She tasted like cherries. He could taste it as she massaged her tongue against his.

Lex could feel himself hardening as Chloe sighed into him when he pulled back slightly for air. Her eyes were closed as she tilted her head back to let him nip along her jaw line until he reached her ear. He elicited a soft moan when he flicked her ear lobe with a stiffened tongue tip.


"Yes?" he answered before sticking his tongue into her ear, causing her to buck into him.

Lex knew that he really needed to stop. She was much too young, much too innocent, and much too Chloe. His mind was in a cloud as he struggled to muster the will power to stop.

"I don't think I can stand," she whispered into his mouth as he slanted over her lips for another kiss.

He half pushed, half carried Chloe back to the couch. They fell back onto the plush cushions. Just one more kiss, he had to find out what her skin tasted like. He found his way to the curve of her neck and sucked ever so gently. She tasted like mango. What was he doing? Groping a girl on a couch in the middle of the afternoon was certainly not a common affair.

But she was soft, willing, untutored - qualities that he hadn't come in contact with for many many years. The women in his life had a hardened presence about them, cold calculated moves that were pleasurable enough, but always left one with a feeling of emptiness. He longed for a touch that didn't expect anything in return, that didn't want anything in return except to be touched too.

Chloe moaned against his ear and he felt a hand snake around to press his head in. His hands slid up past her waist by its own volition, brushing lightly against the side of her full breasts. He had to stop this, he knew better or at least he should. Suddenly, he felt Chloe slowly rubbing herself against his hard cock and he groaned loudly with pleasure, all rational thought promptly flying out the window. For many moments, he was unable to move, content to breathe heavily into Chloe's ear. Then slowly he began to match her rhythm, rubbing against her intimately, his eyes heavy with pleasure.

"Touch me," he begged.

She slowly slid shy hands along his spine, finally resting on his hips. Then with an unexpected force, she pulled him against her. He couldn't remember the last time he was this aroused, and he'd received blowjobs from women who could find a dick in the dark. Something about Chloe's sincerity appealed to him, made him want to please her.

Slanting his head to kiss her, he slid one careful hand to cup a full breast. When she moaned agreeably, he brushed the stiffened nipple with the pad of his thumb. Hearing her groan encouragingly, he brushed his thumb over her nipple again, and again. Suddenly, she pushed him off. At first, he was almost afraid that she had come to her senses, but was partly relieved when she pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it over the couch.

Lex's breath caught when she reached around to remove her bra, revealing pert, full breasts that were just begging to be worshipped. Taking a deep breath, he leaned down and gently brushed his lips against the inside of her right breast. He licked a path up to her nipple, flicking it with the tip of the tongue. She tasted like tangerine. In the distance, he could hear groan as she arched her body up against him.

Finally, taking pity on her, he took the nipple into his mouth, alternatively sucking and licking at the sensitive bud. One hand slid up his back to press his head further into her breast. When he lifted his head up to move to the other breast, he heard her moan at the lost, but he wasn't going anywhere. Soon, she was bucking against him, moaning his name again and again. He could get used to this.

Kissing a trail down her stomach, he reached around to unbutton her skirt uncertainly. When she reached around to try and help him, he took it as a sign of agreement, so he pulled off her skirt and her panties. However, when he leaned in to kiss the inside of her thigh, her hand shot out to stop him. He looked up at her. Her eyes were half closed in pleasure, her bruised lips opened ever so slightly. He wanted to please her.

"Trust me," he simply said.

She nodded her head slightly, and Lex dove in to lick a path from the inside of her knee to the juncture of her thigh. She smelled like apples. Not able to help himself, he took an experimental lick. She tasted like apples. Then with the tip of his tongue, he flicked at her clit.

Moaning loudly, she lifted her lower body towards him. He sucked her clit into his mouth as he steadied her hips with his hands. As he built his momentum, one of Chloe's hands reached down to shove his head harder against her. He reached one hand around and slowly slid one finger into her tight entrance. She was bucking uncontrollably now and Lex felt as if his own arousal was going to explode.

Reaching his free hand down, he quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His extremely hard dick freed itself and Lex quickly wrapped his hand around the base. Almost in a frenzy, he started jerking himself while sucking Chloe's clit rhythmically. When he heard scream as she bucked frantically against his mouth, he felt himself erupt in an explosive climax as well.

Chloe's grip on his head slackened and he leaned back. Her eyes were closed, her body completely relaxed and open to him. His soul felt full as if he had reached some sort of spiritual fulfillment. He licked his lips as he quickly pulled up his pants. Looking around for her clothes, he began to dress her. She didn't object, content to lie there quietly as she watched him carefully buttoned her skirt.

Pulling her up to a sitting position, he lifted her arms and slid her T-shirt down her body. For a moment, they sat there face to face, studying each other levelly.

"I don't suppose that little interlude will find its way into your article," said Lex evenly.

"I don't think it meets our strictly PG-13 guidelines," answered Chloe with a little chuckle.

Quietly, she began to gather her things. Then she turned to look at him with a serious expression.

"You didn't answer my question," she said.

"What was it again?"

"Why haven't there been any details of the robbery in the Ledger?"

"Because some things are meant to be kept private," he answered meaningfully.

She smiled at him with a slight tilt of her head and then turned to leave.

"Ms Sullivan."

She looked back at him as he started walking towards her.

"You'll make a formidable reporter one of these days."

"Thank you," she said, flashing him a brilliant smile, then turned to leave.

"Oh, and Chloe," he said as his hand landed at the small of her back. Whispering into her ear, he added, "I can't wait for our next ... interview."

With that he brushed past her, leaving her to stare at his back as he walked out.

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