The Smallville To-do Lists

by LaCasta

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Among the many repercussions of the tornadoes in "Tempest," several papers were scattered among the streets, including various "to do" lists.

Jonathan Kent:

Make hay (while the sun shines).
Go to the library, but don't judge books by covers. Look, then leap.

Clark Kent:

Polish telescope eyepiece.
Look up phone tapping on the Internet.
Figure out who sent copy of "Stalking for Dummies" and why.

Chloe Sullivan:

Past class picture of Clark next to definition of "clueless" in every dictionary in school library. Solve Kennedy assassination, Coral Castle construction, Hoffa disappearance, alleged cattle mutilations, and Bell Witch incidents. All using little green rocks theory. Practice with fitness routine of 50 head tilts.

Pete Ross:

Learn sign language.
Become a mime.
Find some other way to get a word in during the show without actually getting lines since the chances of that happening are about as high as somebody realizing that meteors are, by definition, rocks, so "meteor rocks" is rather redundant.

Lex Luthor:

Send copies of "Conspiring and plotting for Dummies" to all the villains of the week. If book isn't written, hire somebody to write it. Norman Mailer? Destroy Fabio.
Sneak into father's office before important meeting with competitors, replace all books with copies of the Chicken Soup series, Baby Sitters Club, and bodice rippers. Claim "plausible deniability."

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