The Man Who Fell To Earth

by FayJay

SUMMARY: Empty-calorie PWP. No nutritional value whatsoever.

DISCLAIMER: Sadly the denizens of Smallville belong to a whole host of people who are not even slightly me - DC comics, the WB etc. Don't sue.

COMMENTS: Written in response to Jenn & Te's Pornotopia challenge - thus the now-ubiquitous incorporation of makeup and leather. (Originally part of Space Oddity, but it didn't quite fit. Can be read as a stand-alone or a sequel.)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Dedicated to the PPO crowd, and to Peggy & Hope & Kitty & co for their encouragement.

FEEDBACK: Pope. Shit. Woods.

There were too many layers of clothing. Other layers separating them too, but it looked like they were both ignoring them for now, and that was just fine. More than fine. Clark reminded himself again to be careful, and tried not to tear Lex's clothes right off his back - even though he was pretty damned sure that Lex wouldn't actually mind. His fingers skated under the long sleeved top and the surface of Lex's skin against his palm and his whorled finger tips was so damned smooth and cool and soft that it was simply criminal that Clark hadn't been able to do this before. Clark never wanted to have to stop touching Lex. Mouth on his mouth and hands tugging at his hair and Lex was undoing his jeans and putting his hand inside and - Oh. Jesus. His erection was free again, but this time it was Lex's hand wrapped around it and -

"I'm going to come," Clark said, words spilling over one another at the excruciating pleasure of Lex's fingers wrapped around his skin. Once his brain was working again, he was going to feel pretty lame about coming so damned fast, but right now - Jesus, it was Lex.

"Hey!" Lex was still laughing and he sounded anything but pissed. "Take it easy, Clark. " Cool fingers curled themselves around the base of his cock and pinched hard, but the pressure was nothing like enough. Obviously. Still, it was a good idea; Clark dipped his own fingers down to shift Lex's hand and squeezed himself hard enough to make a difference. There was a momentary pause, and Clark's whole body was shaking. Lex curled quietly down over him, radiating unbridled smugness, and sucked Clark's lower lip hard into his mouth, biting down almost hard enough to draw blood from anyone else. "That's better. Don't waste it. Wouldn't you rather come inside me?"

"I - Lex! I - God, Lex!"

"What do you want, Clark? My mouth? My ass?" Clark heard himself groan as his imagination promptly provided technicolor images to accompany Lex's words. His mouth watered. "Whatever you want, Clark. But you're going to have to ask." Which was just - damn it, couldn't Lex just go ahead and do it all? Without Clark having to actually say the words? "Tell me." Lex was straddling Clark's thighs and rocking very slightly so that Clark could feel Lex's cock rubbing his legs through the leather, but Lex wasn't actually touching Clark's leaking erection at all. Clark clamped his fingers around the base again and stared up into the familiar blue eyes imploringly. Lex, he realised, was really enjoying making him squirm.

"Everything. I want - I want everything."

"You can do better than that, Clark. Tell me," Lex licked the tip of his index finger and Clark watched the wet flash of tongue, mesmerised, "What I should do," and Lex sucked his own finger hard, cheeks suddenly concave at the pressure, "With your cock." And then the finger was popping out with a ridiculous wet sound and Lex was dropping it down to rest on the beaded slit of Clark's reddened cock with a suddenness that almost made Clark shout.

"Suck it." The words were out before he even knew he'd had the thought. "Please, Lex. Suck it."

And these, it turned out, were the magic words. Lex wriggled down to the end of the couch, tugging Clark's jeans further down his thighs in the process, and then he knelt over Clark and brought his face down towards the erection, just the way he did in Clark's fantasies night after night. And if this were all a dream, then Clark never, ever wanted to wake up again. Clark couldn't take his eyes off Lex and he found that his whole body was shaking as the familiar lips puckered up and - and rather than touching his skin, Lex blew into the tangle of dark curls. The cool brush of air over his tight skin was wholly unexpected and utterly frustrating, and Clark had a sudden urge to just grab Lex's bare scalp and impale the moist mouth on his dick.

"Lex," he said aloud, surprised to hear something like a threat trembling in his voice. "Suck my cock. Now."

Lex glanced up at him with an almost mischievous expression, and then licked a long, wet line up the underside of Clark's penis, making it jerk urgently under his tongue until his lips opened over the head and Clark finally felt himself slide into the wet and welcoming mouth. And this was - God! - it was so much better than the feel of his own hand that Clark could only wriggle and gasp and bite his knuckles to keep from yelling loud enough to be heard in Metropolis. Hot, slick slither of flexible flesh against him - Lex's tongue was sliding over Clark's skin like it was coated in sugar and he was going to come in Lex's mouth. God. Fuck.

Clark had never felt so downright filthy in his life. And it wasn't as tight as his own clenched fist was - couldn't be, no superstrength in Lex's jaws, but, but - tight and hot and wet and moving and - Lex. Lex sucking his cock with the most obscene slurping noises Clark had ever heard or imagined. All the other nerve endings in his body were drifting off to sleep on the job, while every taut inch of blushing skin on his cock was sending surges of sheer fucking delight straight up his spine. He was seeing stars. Clark could die happy, because incredibly, against all expectations, Lex really was here in the Fortress of Solitude sucking his cock. And loving it.

Clark's back arched as Lex slipped one slick finger under him and wriggled it into the cleft of his ass, and when it slid inside the tightly furled hole he groaned out loud - something gutteral and incoherent torn from deep inside his chest. Clark's fingers closed over the sides of the couch and he felt the wood splintering under him, but - Christ almighty! He'd had no idea that that would feel so good! And now he knew for certain that he wanted more than Lex's finger inside him, and as soon as possible; but when Clark peered drunkenly down through mascara-thickened lashes and found Lex looking up at him with his lipstick-smudged mouth stretched wide around Clark's cock Clark's sluggish brain fused entirely and he came down Lex's throat right then and there.

Clark's eyes were welded shut as he felt Lex's lips slide off his deflating cock. He couldn't quite remember how to open them. Or how to breathe. Or think. Or generally - oh. Lex was dropping a kiss on his cock. Kind of, what was the word? Chastely, almost; like a little goodbye kiss you might give your mom. And Clark really, really didn't need to be thinking about his mom right now. Happily the pressure of Lex's leather-clad body against him was still a pretty good distraction from thoughts like that.

He opened his eyes as Lex leaned over him, his face just where Clark expected it to be. Clark beamed.

"I'm not a virgin," he announced unnecessarily. Lex grinned.

"I know. I was there."

"Yes." Witty retorts were not one of Clark's strong points, but Lex didn't seem to mind. He had the most extraordinary expression on his face; something naked and hungry and dangerous, but still oddly - breakable. Very, very hot. Clark reached out and rubbed the red smudges from Lex's swollen mouth with the heel of his thumb and Lex briefly closed his eyes on a sudden hiss of indrawn breath.

"Clark - Jesus Christ, Clark!" He stared back down at Clark. "You're just - I've never seen anyone look so - so totally pornographic in my life. And if you knew what - well." He was almost laughing. "You're incredible. Take your shirt off for me?"

Clark could do that. He was feeling kind of lazy, but open and easy and more relaxed than he could remember having felt in forever. He should probably feel a little bashful about peeling off his shirt, but under the circumstances that would be dumb. Lex, he reflected smugly, very clearly did like him, big geek or not. Heh. It only struck Clark belatedly, as he tugged the tight fabric up over his head, that Lex still hadn't come. Shit. Talk about self-involved.

"Do you want me to - ah, I could - suck your cock?" Clark was starting to get the hang of saying that word out loud, but it still sent a thrill of illicit wickedness through him. Cocksucking. Not the sort of word he could use around the kitchen table. ('So what did you get up to last night, son?' 'Oh, nothing much, Dad. Just stuff. Hung out in the barn, put on some makeup, did a little cocksucking. With Lex.')

"Clark, why are you laughing?" And then suddenly Clark wasn't laughing at all, because Lex was looking at him like that; and then there was a whole lot of Lex wrapped round him again, pressed up against his bare chest, knees pressing into Clark's sides and hands framing his face as Lex's mouth came down on his parted lips. He could taste himself on Lex's tongue, which should probably be kind of gross, but really wasn't. Clark was definitely starting to get the hang of kissing. In fact he could probably teach Pete a thing or two by now - and oh, god, his brain really shouldn't have gone to that place.

He had never felt so perfectly at home in his own skin; for once he wasn't self-conscious about being too gawky or clumsy or weird, because Lex wasn't looking at him like he was gawky or clumsy or weird. Not at all. And he certainly wasn't kissing him like he thought Clark was gawky or clumsy or weird; Lex was kissing him like his life depended on it and running urgent fingers over Clark as thought the meaning of the universe were inscribed on his body in braille. Sex wasn't at all how Clark had expected it to be; it was kind of ridiculous, when you got right down to it, but it felt - he caught his breath as Lex pinched one tight nipple and Clark's grasp of vocabulary promptly dissolved. Wow. It felt - good. Very, very good.

He couldn't believe this had really been there all along, trembling under the surface of their friendship - and Clark had been convinced that it was just a figment of his fevered imagination. But Lex wanted him. Lex was hard for him. Clark was spent, but the friction against his belly was making his cock twitch in sympathy. He closed his hands around the leather and ground Lex down onto him a little harder than he'd intended; and Lex made a sound so thoroughly un-Lex-like that Clark laughed into the kiss and felt Lex's mouth vibrating from his laughter; and it was amazing how much of a turn on even this was. He was making Lex Luthor tremble. Clark was always acutely aware of his own physical strength in comparison to - well, pretty much everybody; but he wasn't at all used to this kind of power. Especially over Lex.

It was addictive.

He sucked Lex's tongue into his mouth and started consciously practicing his blowjob technique on it, with the gratifying result that Lex dropped any attempt at self control and started to hump his thighs in earnest. Clark's sudden smile pressed the muscles of his jaw against the smooth surface of Lex's face. "Hey," he said, in a voice that didn't sound much like his own. "Take it easy. Wouldn't you rather come inside me?" After an astonished moment of stillness he felt Lex's whole body shaking with startled laughter at the sound of his own words being thrown back at him.

"Why you..." Lex bit the edge of Clark's chin, his breathing more ragged than Clark had heard it. "They just don't make blushing virgins like they used to."

"You should write a letter of complaint."

"I might do that. Fuck. Just - come here, Clark." There was Lex's mouth on his again, and he'd really missed it; and any minute now he was going to suck Lex Luthor's cock, which really would put paid to any lingering claims he might have to heterosexuality.

And this was just fine with Clark Kent.

Kissing Lex Luthor was Clark's new favourite hobby. Astronomy really didn't stand a chance. There were definitely too many items of clothing wrapped around Lex; and really, there shouldn't be anything wrapped around Lex right now but Clark. He hooked his fingers under the hem of Lex's shirt, knuckles grazing the taut skin of his belly, and tugged it upwards. Not even Lex could look cool and collected with his face hidden by the uplifted fabric and his arms raised in awkward assistance; but it was astonishing how many improbable things Clark was finding sexy right now. It wasn't just the sudden revelation of lickably smooth torso, although God knows the sight of Lex's bare chest was reviving his cock; but there was something unexpectedly hot about the sheer ordinariness of the gesture. On impulse Clark sat up and leaned forward, pushing Lex back onto the couch almost too quickly and grinning at the smothered sound Lex made under him. A little judicious wriggling and Clark was well and truly on top. Lex's face emerged from the dark slither of designer shirt just in time for Clark to find his mouth again and stifle whatever words were on the brink of being uttered. Clark closed one hand over Lex's still-muffled wrists and pinned the upraised arms to the couch as he ground his hips forward and sank into another greedy kiss.

The contours of Lex's palate and the edges of his teeth were fast becoming as familiar to Clark's questing tongue as the inside of his own mouth; and this was more like it, Lex's bare chest welded to his own and the firm nipples sliding against his skin. Clark shifted slightly and let his other hand wander southwards to pop open the button of Lex's fly. He slid the zipper down and carefully free Lex's erection. Weird: like touching himself, but not. He pulled his face back, missing Lex's mouth the instant his lips left it but still wanting to look as well as touch. The warm curve of solid flesh pulsing in his hand felt absolutely right and proper, and it looked quite different - no hair, no foreskin - but also very familiar. And, dear God, the expression on Lex's face was too hot for words, pupils dilated and mouth soft; and Lex's hips were bucking desperately, his wet cock fucking Clark's tight grip too urgently for a proper rhythm.

Clark released his grip on Lex's wrists with some reluctance and slid down the couch, dragging his tongue over Lex's chest and pausing to bite the first nipple his lips found on the way down. Clean skin, slightly scented by some expensive shower gel or other - and oh, God, at some point he was going to have to have fuck Lex in the shower now that he'd had that thought - and then his lips found the surface of the erection. Clark heard Lex make a strangled groan above him as he swiped his tongue curiously over the head of Lex's cock, tasting something like his own taste but subtly different; and then Lex was saying his name over and over and his untangled hands came down on him, one cupping Clark's shoulder and the other buried in his hair. Clark grinned as he rubbed his mouth against the soft skin, feeling it brush wetly against the indent of his upper lip and bump against his nose and cheek. He licked it like some sort of outsize popsicle, keeping a gentle hold on the base, and then Clark stretched his mouth wide and slid his face down onto Lex's cock.

Clark's parents had taught him the importance of manners, and surely one good blow job deserved another. He couldn't exactly recall any instance of his father actually expressing this sentiment in so many words, but it seemed only courteous.

It was kind of uncomfortable at first, to have his mouth so tightly filled up - but in a good way. He had *Lex's cock* in his mouth; and the terrible thing was that he couldn't possibly tell anyone how exciting this was; how delicious it felt to be doing something that was supposed to be so dirty; how smooth Lex's flat belly was against his face; how good he tasted. This was the most amazing evening of Clark's life, and he couldn't tell anybody about it the next day. He was making this up as he went along, sloppy strokes of his tongue over the warm skin moving in a way that he thought he would like himself; and he could tell it was working. The fingers of one hand were spread over Lex's stomach while the other hand held Lex's balls, stroking them and squeezing them like they were a brand new toy. The helpless sounds that Lex was making now had Clark rock hard all over again; and it turned out that his superpowers had applications beyond getting to school on time and being able to help out around the farm, because Clark was really very, very good at this. He was being careful not to suck too hard or to move his tongue too impossibly fast, but still the result had Lex thrashing desperately under him.

Clark hadn't expected to feel so - powerful. But he really did. He had Lex pinned between the roof of his mouth and the shifting surface of his tongue and he could feel Lex respond to every tiny movement; and it was unbelievably exhilarating to be in control like this. On an impulse he tried humming something, and the enthusiasm with which Lex responded to the vibration spoke volumes. This was quite the evening for discovering new hobbies. Clark was never going to be able to look at his telescope without blushing.

When Lex came he was making sounds that would have been funny in any other circumstances - helpless, guttural grunts and gasps interspersed with Clark's name uttered in a voice that would have given a shop mannequin a raging erection. A female shop mannequin. Clark swallowed convulsively and realised that he was grinning around Lex's cock; and the grin didn't seem to want to go away. He waited a few moments, feeling the tremors run through the body splayed under him and then pulled away, letting Lex slide free with a messy sound. Clark cupped the softening prick affectionately in one hand as he kissed his way back up towards Lex's face. There was already a trail of lipstick across Lex's torso and it gave Clark an odd little thrill to have marked Lex, even so fleetingly.

"Jesus, Clark." Lex sounded stunned. Clark licked his collarbone and nipped at the curve of one white shoulder as he traced a path back to Lex's mouth. "That was - Jesus. You're sure you haven't been blowing the football team all these months?" Clark hit him. Gently. Lex was laughing. He really should do that more often. "Sorry, I just - you're a fast learner, Clark Kent."

"I've been thinking about this. A lot." Too forceful, the way he'd said it - too much like a declaration, heart on his sleeve; and that was ridiculous, because they'd just done all this and so it was pretty obvious that he'd been thinking about it a lot. But Lex looked troubled. Clark's mouth came down on the parted lips before any words about friendship or legality could be uttered, rubbing up against him like an oversized cat so Lex could feel the line of Clark's burgeoning erection pressing into his thigh until a hand closed possessively around the back of his neck.

"You're hard? Already?" Lex's fingers slid from the curve of his ass towards his swelling cock and Clark groaned into Lex's skin. He never wanted this to stop. "What are you, Clark, the Energizer Bunny?"

Clark discovered that it was still possible for him to blush. "Lex - teenage boy, remember?" Then a heartbeat later he was wishing he'd kept quiet, because he felt Lex grow still under him; and even through the haze of lust Clark could suddenly hear alarm bells ringing. He tilted his head enough to look at Lex and saw the blue eyes narrowing slightly, saw the beginnings of damage limitation sliding into place. Clark couldn't bear this to be a one-time-only deal.

"Yes. Yes - I remember." He was still holding Clark's cock, but the movement of his hand grew perfunctory, like stroking a pet. Clark really didn't like the shuttered look on Lex's face. He kissed the corner of Lex's mouth and sucked the soft bottom lip urgently, thrusting his hips against Lex again. "This is a bad idea, Clark," said Lex doggedly, after long, breathless minutes of silent kissing. "It's a really - a really bad idea. For lots of reasons." Clark fleetingly considered mentioning bolting horses and the tardy closure of stable doors, but instead pinned him down and cut off any further words by sucking Lex's tongue into his mouth. He wasn't going to let Lex push him away now - and God, that would be just like Lex. Not how Lex normally was with Clark, true, but with people who weren't Clark, people like Victoria - well. He remembered the look on Lex's face when he talked about Victoria, and Clark experienced a sudden lurch of uncertainty about all this. Lex seemed pretty cynical about the people he slept with. And now Clark was one of them. There was so much he didn't know about Lex, and about how relationships were supposed to work; but he knew that he wanted this. More than this. And he wasn't going to let Lex talk himself out of it. He poured his whole heart into kissing Lex Luthor until he felt Lex become liquid and yielding beneath him once more.

"Lex?" he said, some time later.

"Mmm?" Lex looked slightly dazed. Remnants of crimson stained his skin. Clark was falling in love with Lex's mouth.

"Can I - you said I could come inside you. I want to - can I - " Now this was stupid. Of course he could say the words. "Can I fuck you?"

Lex's mouth twisted into a grin. "Jesus - listen to yourself, Clark. I am a bad, bad man." He was breathing too fast. "Yes. Christ, yes. Just let me - just wait a minute, okay?" He wriggled out from under Clark and perched on the edge of the couch to tug the leather pants off properly. Clark ran shaky fingers over the smooth curve of Lex's back and noticed, with real surprise, that the fair skin was liberally sprinkled with freckles. He dropped a clumsy kiss on the nearest bit of flesh and then hurriedly peeled his own shrugged-down jeans off all the way. Really undressed now. Undressed in the Fortress of Solitude, and this was a first. Like kissing a guy was a first. Like sucking somebody's cock was a first. If that guy from America's Funniest Home Videos was filming all this, they must have looked pretty dumb just now, writhing around with their pants round their ankles; although as it turned out Clark found this image hot rather than ridiculous. Huh. He looked back at Lex, who was wonderfully naked, and Clark's breath caught in his throat at the sight of all that skin. Wow. And to think all he'd had to do was ask.

Clark should have done this months ago.

Lex produced a little foil square from one leather pocket and was visibly struck by a thought. "Clark - your parents - I'm assuming that your parents aren't going to be coming back any time soon? No lights on in the farm and no truck in the drive - they are out, aren't they?"

Clark dragged his eyes back up to Lex's face. "Won't be back for at least another hour," he said. Which was an impressively coherent sentence, since what he was actually thinking was essentially: 'Naked! Skin!' Clark's own skin felt oddly bereft without Lex welded up against it; but being far enough away to actually look at Lex without his customary armour of expensive tailoring was a pretty good compensation. Sharp hipbones and unexpected curve of muscles - Lex was lean, but there was nothing weak about him. Clark's gaze flickered back down to the softened flesh of Lex's penis lying quietly against one smooth thigh and he wanted to kiss it. He didn't consciously realise he was stroking himself until he saw Lex's gaze travel to his crotch, and then Clark felt himself blushing again. But he didn't stop.

"Good. That's good." There was still something dark in Lex's eyes and Clark had the disquieting sense that Lex was thinking about other things, things that Clark should be worrying about. "Come here. Have you ever - ? No, I guess not." He was smiling, and it was amazing how Lex could make all this seem so normal. So okay, in a way that Clark couldn't imagine ever feeling with Chloe or Lana or anybody else. When Lex's hand closed over his own he made a small, startled noise and Lex leaned in and kissed him quickly - an urgent little clash of teeth and tongue and suction while Lex's fingers laced themselves with his own around his cock and Clark moaned into the kiss like some kind of porn star. If sex was like this, Clark couldn't understand how anyone ever got out of bed to go to work. Ever.

Then Lex's hand was gone. "It's never too early to learn good habits," Lex said. There was the sound of foil being torn and Clark shuddered again when Lex ran his thumb over the sticky head of Clark's erection and brought the little circle of rubber down over it. He held it there for a moment, pinching the little rubber teat before unrolling the condom in a practiced motion that made Clark gasp. He closed his eyes and pinched himself hard, because there was no damn way he was going to come too quickly and miss the chance of fucking Lex.

He was going to fuck Lex. Dear God.

When he opened his eyes Lex was sprawling back on the couch, looking for all the world like he was in his own bedroom in the castle. Completely unselfconscious, legs drawn up and thighs sprawling wide in invitation. He had a little tube of something and was rubbing the stuff around the tight little pucker which looked way too small to accommodate any part of Clark. Clark just stared, slack jawed, and watched one finger slide inside, smearing the lubrication around while Lex looked watched his face. Smiling the sort of smile that could start a forest fire. Jesus. Lex dropped the tube onto his belly, leaned back with his hands behind the bare curve of his scalp, and waited. Clark's cock was stiff against his belly and he was suddenly scared witless of doing this wrong. And - oh, shit, he hadn't even considered this before, but what if he hurt Lex? That was all too possible, because when he wasn't careful things had a way of getting broken. Shit. Shit. Clark's eyes flew from Lex's parted legs up to his face and enough of this fear must have been written on his features for Lex to read, because he lost the expression of - what? Sensuality? Distance? Challenge? He lost the not-Clark's-Lex expression which was both sexy and a little frightening and suddenly he was just Lex again, disarmed and rueful and reaching out to touch Clark like Clark was something fragile.

"Clark, it's okay. Come here." Clark collapsed onto him, twitching when his rubber-wrapped erection brushed against Lex's bare limbs.

"I don't want to hurt you," he explained awkwardly, trying to ignore his penis without very much success. His penis frankly didn't give a damn about whether or not he hurt Lex.

Lex made a broken sound, and when he spoke his voice had a wild edge to it. "Jesus, Clark. You're so fucking sweet." He was smiling, but he sounded almost angry. "I shouldn't be doing this. I really, really shouldn't be doing this."

"If you don't want to," Clark began, suddenly uncertain, only to have his sentence swallowed by a kiss.

"Clark, I have been jerking off to the thought of this ever since I first set eyes on you." His fingers closed around Clark's cock in a grip that should perhaps have been painful. "Don't you have any mirrors in that farmhouse? Just - just look at you. But I forget how damned young you are half the time. Christ. I feel like Humbert Humbert."

Clark didn't bother asking who the hell that was. "How old were you when you first had sex?" Lex's expression betrayed him, and the hand on Clark's cock began to move almost automatically.

"That's not the point." He didn't sound so certain.

"Yes, I think it is. I'm old enough, Lex. It's just - I'm a lot stronger than you are. A lot. I don't want to hurt you, but I really, really want to fuck you. Now." He ground his hips forward for emphasis and heard Lex's breath catch. Clark's mastery of four letter words was coming on in leaps and bounds.

"You can't hurt me, Clark. I'm a Luthor. We're invulnerable." There it was again, damn it - that bitterness wrapped in a smile. Clark really hated it when Lex did that.

"Stop it." He shoved Lex deeper into the couch, straddling his hips and pinning the narrow wrists back into the armrest with one hand, and kissed him angrily. He could feel Lex's cock stirring, trapped between their bodies along with his own erection. "Just - stop it, Lex. You don't have to be like that with me. Do you want this?"

"I -"

"Yes or no?" And Clark really didn't know when he'd become so confident, but it just killed him when Lex tried to cut himself off like this. This was a really, really dumb time to be getting an attack of compunction about the age thing; and Clark couldn't help noticing that Lex hadn't worried about it so damn much when he was the one with the erection.


"Good. But just - can we do this so I won't hurt you if I get, you know, carried away? 'Cause I'm a lot stronger than you, Lex." Clark Kent, master of understatement. He followed up the question with another kiss and felt Lex's objections dissolving under his tongue.

"Does this make me Patroclus?" There was a smile in Lex's voice.


"Achilles was the strongest of the Greeks - magically invulnerable except for - "


"Mmm?" Lex's fingers traced the outline of Clark's mouth and he was moving his hips in a deliberate way that was systematically destroying Clark's higher brain functions.

"Not a good time for a history lesson."

"No. Right. Well, Achilles and Patroclus probably aren't ideal role models anyway. Even though Achilles disguised himself as a girl, and you're presently wearing more makeup than Liz Taylor. Why exactly did Chloe put this lipstick on you, again?"

"Lex, I'm starting to think hurting you might be - a good - idea," said Clark with feeling, between kisses.

"I'd let you." That came out too quickly and too certainly to be anything but the truth; and it was - scary. And hot. And too much responsibility. And Clark's cock was running out of patience entirely, so he decided to improvise. Lex looked surprised to find himself hauled bodily off the couch and moved until he was sitting on top of Clark.

"How did -"

"Stronger than you. Farm work. Will this work, Lex?"

Lex heard the pleading note in his voice and relented. "Yes - if you want it like this, we'll do it like this. But you don't need to worry about hurting me." Lex leaned down to kiss him and then there were fingers guiding his erection up against slippery flesh and every part of Clark was frantically clenched. He could hear himself making small, desperate sounds as Lex rubbed against him, and he could feel the little opening flexing against the head of his cock - and surely it wasn't possible to get inside Lex like this, too small and tight and - dear God, stretching around him now. He stared stupidly up at Lex, all pale angles and curves and coiled energy wrapped around Clark and sliding slowly down onto his erection with an expression of pure, lascivious surrender that was going to be in Clark's dream from now on out. He was inside Lex.

And then Lex was jammed right down onto him, muscles clutching tight as Lex moved slowly - too tortuously slowly - and the blue eyes were heavy lidded, pupils dilated - and the look on his face, dear God in heaven - then faster, and Lex's cock was halfway to being hard too; and Clark was fucking Lex, stark naked in the Fortress of Solitude with Lex wrapped round him like a glove, and gasping with every thrust, and uttering his name like a prayer; and this was so much better than his fantasies that there were no words left, none at all, only "Yes" and "Lex" torn out of him again and again in a voice he barely recognised as his own, raw and desperate and utterly, utterly naked.

When he came Clark actually levitated right off the couch - only an inch or two and only for a moment, but there was suddenly empty air beneath his skin and the shock of realisation brought him crashing back down an instant later. Shit. He blinked up at Lex, scrabbling for a coherent thought, and then gave up. Coherent thoughts could wait a few minutes.

After a little while Lex pulled slowly away and Clark experienced an odd sense of loss as he reluctantly slid out. Lex winced slightly and Clark was suddenly very alert.

"Did I hurt you?" He hadn't dared touch Lex; he'd had his hands clenched into fists at his sides, nails pressing little half moon indentations into his palms out of fear that if he clasped the delicate curve of Lex's human hip his fingers would crush right through to the bone. He'd been trying so hard, but maybe -?

"No. God, Clark, no." Affection warring with exasperation in Lex's voice, but his expression was enough to melt the ice caps. "What am I going to do with you, Clark Kent?" And that wasn't exasperation or affection - it was something more like tenderness.

Clark pulled Lex down into an awkward embrace, and for a few moments they jostled for space on the couch, limbs negotiating for room until they achieved a tangled comfort. Clark wrapped himself around Lex like a blanket and pressed a kiss into the nape of his neck. "This. Lots more of this. Please," Clark replied at last, closing his fingers possessively around Lex's warm cock. He felt Lex's body twitch with reluctant laughter.

"I think we can manage that."


"Only, next time, maybe somewhere more private?"

"Hmm." Clark stroked idle circles onto the curve of Lex's hip. "I wish we knew someone with a big castle full of empty rooms." Lex was laughing out loud now, and it was the most unguarded laughter he'd ever heard. Clark couldn't stop smiling. Lex should laugh more often.

"Irony? When did you pick up irony?"

"I'm a fast learner." He pulled Lex closer, the sharp line of his spine pressing into Clark's chest like it was designed to go there. He nuzzled the bump in the back of Lex's skull and when Lex turned his head slightly Clark kissed the corner of his ear.

"Yes. So I've noticed. You know, Clark, I have a feeling I'm going to be needing a lot of produce delivered tomorrow."

Clark grinned. "I kind of hoped you might say that."

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