Passed Notes

by LaCasta

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Passed Notes

Sometime before Nicodemus.

Chloe and Clark. English class.

Ch: I feel like coffee.

Cl: I'm not a bit surprised, you drink enough.

Ch: Hah. Hah. Hah. Very funny.

Cl: I thought so.

Ch: Is it me, or does dangling modifier sound obscene?

Cl: It's you. To me, it sounds like something out of architecture. And from the roof, we have several fine samples of dangling modifiers. On one of those PBS things.

Ch: You're weird, Kent.

Clark and Pete. Health class.

P: You were so blushing!

C: Was not!

P: Were so!

C: *underlined "Was not!"*

P: Can't fool me. I nearly raised my hand, "Ms. Delafield, could we stop talking about sex? Clark is going to have a heart attack."

C: No way. You'd never want to stop talking about sex.

P: Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

C: Say no more.

P: Just keep blushing.

C: *underlined "Say no more.*

Pete and Chloe. Biology.

C: Clark is not dumb! Well, not much. Not about everything.

P: Yeah, he's good at looking through a telescope and not seeing what's under his own eyes.

C: Huh?

P: Chloe, Clark is dumb, but don't play dumb. You've got a lot in common, you don't have to force that.

C: Thanks. I think.

P: What you need is some smoothness. Like the chicks in those black and white films.

C: I don't remember any chickens in those. Just WOMEN. Neanderthal.

P: Ug.

C: I am plenty smooth, anyway.

P: Compared to what? Sandpaper?


P: Not smooth, Chloe, not smooth.

Chloe and Clark. Algebra.

Ch: So what was Pete smirking about during lunch?

Cl: I bet the question is really who he was smirking about.

Ch: Maybe he's had first dates with every female in school and is thinking about coming back for seconds.

Cl: Naah, he hasn't even started with the Cafeteria Ladies.

Ch: I don't think they're even female. Smallville means contact with meteor rocks. Cafeteria means contact with Truly Weird Substances.

Cl: What if they cancel each other out?

Ch: No. Cafeteria material is anti-food. Meteor rocks would have to be food for them to counteract each other.

Cl: He was smirking in gym, too.

Ch: Start the ominous music.

Pete and Clark. History.

P: Chloe asked me to give you this.

C: Thanks!

P: You're blushing.

Pete and Chloe. Spanish.

P: El Clark asked me to give you this.

Ch: Gracias.

P: Tu es blushing.

Clark and Chloe. Econ.

Cl: drawing of a heart

Ch: adds CK and CS

Cl: adds fireworks

Ch: XO

Cl: XXX.

Ch: Wait, that's either a movie or a movie we're too young to see.

Cl: Or spam.

Ch: I can't believe you felt like that about me all along. I did something really not romantic, though, I spit coffee all over it.

Cl: All over what?

Ch: Your note.

Cl: My what?

Ch: Alzheimers already, Clark? The note you gave Pete to give me.

Cl: Alzheimers already, Chloe? YOU gave him a note to give to ME.

Ch: Why do I get this sudden feeling we've been set up?

Cl: Reporter's instinct?

Ch: Must be it. Remind me to beat Pete up.

Cl: Not today. I'm the happiest guy in the school. Don't even want Pete beaten up.

Ch: The milk of human kindness isn't skim with you.

Cl: Oh, come on, you don't want to either.

Ch: Well, not much.

Cl: Not much?

Ch: Okay, not at all.

Cl: Love you.

Ch: Love you.

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