Just Friends Huh

by Alexa Jones

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This story takes place after the events of "Stray." Anything after that episode has never happened.
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TITLE: Just Friends Huh

AUTHOR/EMAIL: By Alexa Jones (alexajones22@yahoo.com)

RATING: R (NC-17 for Chapters 8, 9, and 10.)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own them. If I did, they'd have been together LONG ago! Clark wouldn't be such a dumbass pining after Lana!


SUMMARY: Clark/Chloe romance. Clark and Chloe become more than just friends, finally becoming intimate as Clark learns to deal with his superpowers and sexuality.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I felt creative and decided to write a non-linear Clark and Chloe romance. Hope y'all don't get confused. Despite what it may seem at first, it's not a Clark/Lex story. Nor will it become one. I know, I'm sorry.

This story takes place after the events of "Stray." Anything after that episode has never happened.

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Chapter One: About Sex

Clark knocked nervously on Lex's front door. Surprisingly enough, Lex answered it himself.

"Clark, hey." Lex leaned on the door.

"Hi, Lex..." Clark faked a smile.

"What brings you here?" Lex inquired. He gestured for Clark to come inside.

Clark stepped into the hallway, amazed at Lex's residence as always. "Well...umm...I was hoping you could help me with something."

Lex only raised his eyebrow in response.

Clark, his hands stuffed in the pockets of his jeans, looked down and scuffed his foot along the shiny wooden floor. "No, Lex, nevermind, this was a bad idea." This was so embarrassing. He didn't know why he'd ever thought of this in the first place.

Lex flopped down into a chair. "Well, I must say, now you've got me intrigued." Clark didn't say anything. "You want to sit down or something? Some scotch to calm your nerves?"

"Alcohol is how I got into this," Clark muttered, cracking a faint smile.

Lex narrowed his eyes. "You're not in trouble, are you Clark? You don't need me to bail you out of something, do you?"

Clark lifted his head and shook it quickly. "Oh! No, no... I'm not in trouble... it's not like that."

Lex tapped his fingers against the armrest, getting impatient with him. "Okay, spill it then."

"Okay." Clark took a deep breath. "Chloe-and-I-are-going-to-have-sex-and-I-wanted-to-ask-you-for-some-advice," he rushed.

Lex looked amused and surprised at the same time. "Really."

Clark nodded sheepishly, his infamous blush spreading over his cheeks.

"Well, I guess I'm flattered."

Clark shrugged. "You... you don't have to of course, I just thought I'd ask. I told you it was a bad idea."

Lex got up and crossed the room. "Listen, you and I are friends, Clark. A bit of advice that I could offer isn't so much."

Clark grinned. "Thanks."

"Hey, no problem. But I insist you take a seat instead of just standing there."

Clark shrugged again and sat on the couch across from Lex's chair.

Lex smirked. "You and Chloe and sex huh?"

Clark looked concerned. "Why, is that so hard to believe?"

"Well, no... not exactly, it's just that everyone knows you've been going out for awhile, I guess I figured you would have been past this stage." Lex had an amused expression.

"Yeah, I guess so."

Lex chuckled a little. "I suppose I shouldn't have assumed that, you being such an innocent Smallville farm boy and all... although, I do assume that since you're here, that you haven't had sex with anyone, much less Chloe?"

Clark played with the corner of his t-shirt. "You don't have to make it sound so terrible...."

"No, Clark, it's... that's not what I meant. I guess, by your age, I just wasn't quite so naive."

"I'm not naive!" Clark stated defensively.

Lex grinned. "Hey, relax Clark. I'm just saying. You know I can't pass up the chance to give you a hard time. It's just my character." He drawled out his last sentence. "Besides, if you weren't, would you be here for advice?"

Clark sighed. "I guess not." Clark had known he'd be risking some teasing from Lex. He'd known it was a bad idea.

Lex just grinned again. "Okay, so what do you want to know anyway?"

Clark shifted. "Well, I guess I just want to make sure it's good for Chloe, you know? Since...well.." he trailed off, staring at the wall, slightly embarrassed again now that the real conversation had started.

"I take it Chloe's a virgin too?"

Clark nodded. "But don't tell her I told you, I think she'd get upset with me if she knew you knew."

Lex smirked. "I'll be sure not to, wouldn't want to ruin your chances at getting some."

Clark sighed. "Lex, I'm trying to be serious here, this is serious."

"Of course, Clark. In all honesty, though, there really isn't much I can tell you. A lot of it you just have to figure out for yourself, figure out together. I can't tell you what she's going to like."

Clark frowned. It wasn't really the answer he was looking for. "Isn't there anything? Like what not to do? Or what to expect?"

Lex paused, thinking a moment before finally answering. "I guess, just go slow... don't rush things, that's a guarantee of making it difficult for her... and don't be disappointed if she doesn't come the first time, that's pretty rare and really isn't a reflection on you. It's not going to be perfect, but I doubt you'll run into any real problems."

Clark sat there and absorbed the information. His mind was going in a thousand different directions. There was so much to think about and consider. Finally he spoke again. "I guess it's just hard, neither one of us really knows what we're doing."

"I'm sure you two will get the hang of it," Lex reassured him.

"Can I ask you something a little more personal, Lex?

Lex shrugged. "I suppose you can."

"Have you ever... well... deflowered anyone?"

Lex leaned back into his chair. "Yes. Two actually."

Clark nodded and kept looking at him, as if he was expecting more, so Lex obliged him and continued. "At least, one said she was, but I have my doubts, she seemed pretty comfortable for it being her first time. The other bled a bit, so I'm relatively confident she was telling the truth."

Clark face showed a mixture of shock and concern. "Bled? As in blood?"

Lex shrugged. "It happens sometimes. Just make sure she's really wet and she's relaxed. Varies for some girls, it might hurt her a bit. Just let her get used to it though before you start going at it hard."

This was almost too much information for Clark. He realized his face must have been red, and his imagination had run off just imagining Chloe wet and ready for him.

Clark blinked out of his reverie and shook his head. "Sounds... terrible."

Lex laughed. "She'll be fine Clark. She'll be begging you for some more soon enough."

Clark grinned. "I hope so."

Lex grinned back. "Atta boy, Clark."

"Hey, Lex?"

Lex rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. What now. "Yeah?"

"What was your first time like?" The boy was getting a bit more bold now in his questioning, it seemed.

"Well... let's see... not much to tell... I was 14...." Lex shook his head as he remembered. "Actually, that's not the entire truth. It's almost amusing to me now. It was kind of tragic, my father discovered us in a guest room just as I was about to...." He trailed off and shook his head again. "Needless to say, it wasn't the best experience one could have."

Clark whistled low. "Wow, that's harsh. I would be so mortified if that had happened to me. I don't know how I would have faced my dad again if I were you." He paused. "Wait... what if that does happen to me?"

"Yeah, best pick a night when you know for sure your parents will be gone a loonnnggg time or you'll regret it."

Clark agonized over this. "I don't think either of our parents are ever gone that long... especially now that they know we're dating...."

Lex bit his lip. "I feel for you Clark, I really do, you can see why... ordinarily I would never suggest this... but...."

"What?" Clark asked anxiously.

"If you want, you can have one of my guest bedrooms for the night."


"Yeah, I'm sure I can make myself scarce if that makes it a little less weird."

Clark smiled widely. "That would be so great Lex... I mean, I'll have to ask Chloe and all if she wants to, but... thank you!"

Lex waved off his thanks with a wave of his hand. "Yeah, yeah... go on and ask her now before I change my mind about encouraging two minors to do devious things behind the backs of their parents."

Clark jumped up. "Okay... thanks Lex... for everything."

"Don't mention it Clark... I guess it's a small price to pay for saving my life, huh?"

"I dunno, I might end up owing you something else after this favor!" He waved to Lex before Lex could even blink and ran back home, his figure blurring through the fields.


Chapter Two: Why Are Such Good Lookin' People Single?


They were bored.

It was an especially warm summer night. Chloe had invited herself over to Clark's barn, not that Clark had minded at all, especially since she brought some cupcakes with her. He didn't picture Chloe making cupcakes; it seemed more like something that Lana would do. But maybe for that reason, it made them taste all the more better.

Clark and Chloe were lying on their backs, saying nothing, watching the moonlight through the barn window and listening to crickets. The hay made Chloe's arm itch, and she scratched at it lazily.

"Are you still bored, Clark?"


"Me too." She paused. Clark didn't say anything. "Still no ideas?"


"Why isn't there anything to do in Smallville?" Chloe pondered out loud.

"Because there's nothing here in Smallville to do," Clark replied, making himself laugh at his own remark.

Chloe smacked his shoulder. "Okay, smartass, why isn't there anything here in Smallville?"

"Because hardly anybody lives here."

"Why does hardly anybody live here?"

"Because the farmland takes up too much space."

"So why do we have to live here?"

Clark thought for a moment. She had him stumped, finally. "I dunno."

Chloe seemed satisfied. "Ha, see?"

"You're only this bored because it's summer and you don't have the Torch to write for...."

Chloe sighed. "Yeah, you got me there. Any other night I'd be digging up stories or fixing a layout."

Clark smiled now that he had gotten her back. "Well, you're always welcome to be bored with me on a Friday night."

Chloe just laughed and shook her head. "We are so pathetic."

Clark shrugged, making hay bunch up over his shoulders. "I guess that depends on your perspective...."

Chloe sat up suddenly and brushed hay off herself. "You know, times of extreme boredom such as this, I think, call for extreme measures."

Clark raised an eyebrow at her. "What?"

Chloe giggled and reached into her backpack. "My 23 year-old cousin was over last week, and he bought me some Smirnoff Ice."

Clark propped himself up on his elbows. "I've never had that before."

"It's really good, I think you'll like it. Even I like it." She pulled a few bottles out, tossing one to him.

Clark caught it and grinned. "Well, if Chloe approves, then it must be good indeed."

She narrowed her eyes at him playfully. "Are you making fun of me?"

"Nope." He grinned again. Chloe struggled with the bottle cap like top of the Smirnoff. Clark flicked his thumb under the cap and popped it off the bottle on his first try.

"How did you do that so easily?" Chloe frowned and tried her own cap again.

"It's a secret," Clark half-joked. He reached for her bottle and flipped it off just as quickly as before.

"Okay, now I really do think you're making fun of me."

He shrugged and gave her his patented spectacular Clark smile before taking a sip. "Not too bad, I guess."

"Told ya so."

45 minutes later:

Chloe couldn't stop giggling at one of Clark's corny jokes that under ordinary circumstances (i.e. when she was sober) she would have never laughed at. But, oh man, was he ever cute, drunk or sober, when he told them. "Wait, wait, I have one too."

Clark couldn't believe how giddy he was feeling. He'd known from a few previous experiences that alcohol probably affected his species much differently from humans, and despite his weight and metabolism, not to mention his special abilities, it always hit him pretty hard. He had no idea how he'd make it through college later in life. But Chloe was pretty tipsy, so he didn't feel so bad. "Okay."

"Why did the cookie go to the hospital?"

Clark pretended to think, the mental image of a cookie getting up and walking to a hospital making him giggle. "I dunno, why?"

Chloe started giggling too, before the punchline. "Because it was feeling crummy!" Her giggles progressed into flat-out guffaws. Clark had never seen her laugh like that. He laughed just as hard, half at her joke, half at seeing her like this.

"That's a pretty good one Chlo...."

She giggled a bit more, before finally falling back onto a pile of hay, making snow angels in the hay. "Let's play a game."

"What game?"

"It's like truth or dare, except that one of us thinks of a question, and then we both have to answer it."

Chloe handed him another bottle. Clark could see that this was probably going to be a bad idea. "Uhh...okay."

Chloe clapped her hands together. "Yay! I'll start."

Clark watched her bemusedly. Maybe she was a little more tipsy than he'd previously thought. "Okay."

"What's the thing you're most afraid of?"

Clark hesitated. He couldn't exactly tell her what his greatest fear was. So he told the half-truth. "Hurting the people I love," he said softly.

"Aww, Clark, you couldn't hurt a fly."

He tried to think of something to say in response, but she beat him to it. "The thing I'm most afraid of is spiders. It's cliche I know, but one night I was finishing up an article and this spider was all of a sudden crawling across my computer screen. And I tried to get him off and he ran away and I had no idea where he went and I spent the rest of the time being afraid he was going to bite my toes when I wasn't looking," she rambled.

Clark grinned. "A barn might not be the best place for you then."

She shrugged. "We all have to face our fears at one point or another."

Clark glanced down at his hands, wondering if she knew how true that was. He startled when he heard her voice again.

"Your turn!"

"Umm... let me think." Clark looked around the barn for inspiration, but couldn't think of anything. "I don't know Chloe, I can't think straight."

She sighed. "C'mon Clark. There's gotta be something about me that you want to know."

Smirnoff made a wicked smile spread across his face. "Well... there is something...."

Chloe must not have noticed the intent in his smile. "See? Not so difficult. Ask!"

Clark couldn't believe that he was going to ask this question. He had a feeling he'd never see an advertisement for Smirnoff the same way again. He was surprised his voice sounded so sure, when his brain was shaking inside. "Do you masturbate?"

"What?" Chloe squeaked. "That's the only thing you could come up with?"

"Well, you said there's gotta be something, and that was it. We know each other pretty well Chlo, not much else to ask." Smirnoff kept pushing it.

"Yeah, but that's not a fair question."

"Really, and why is that?" Clark questioned.

"Because, it would break the rules of the game. The rules are, you ask a question and we both answer it." She crossed her arms and tried to look stern.

Clark laughed. "I never said I wasn't going to answer it too."

"Maybe not, but I already know that you do."

"You don't."

"I do," she insisted. "There's no 16 year-old boy in the world that doesn't."

Clark frowned. She had a point. "Okay, well, you never said that the question had to be answer something that you don't know. You're the one who wanted me to ask you a question anyway."

Chloe sighed. He had a point. "Alright, fine. Yes. But that's all I'm gonna say."

Clark tried to keep the 'I won' look off his face. He didn't succeed. "See, that wasn't so hard." She looked slightly irritated. "It's not that big a deal anyway Chlo," he reassured her, the Smirnoff backing off and Clark beginning to rethink the wiseness of his line of questioning.

"I guess not." She looked at him expectantly. "So, aren't you going to answer?"

"Thought you said you knew already."

She smirked. "Yeah, but I want to hear you say it." She had to regain some of her dignity after all.

He laughed. "I do, of course."

Chloe surprised him by suddenly leaning over him and peering at him suspiciously. "Hey, why did you want to know that anyway?"

He picked a stray piece of straw out of her hair. The simple gesture made Chloe's elbows feel weak.

Because I've pictured you doing it, he wanted to say. But even Smirnoff wasn't strong enough to make him that foolish. "All guys want to know if girls do or not." It was true, at least.

Chloe seemed satisfied with that. She finished the last of the alcohol and flopped onto her back. Clark watched her, seeing an expression which he knew meant she was thinking some deep thought. He was going to ask her what she was thinking, but she was one step ahead of him.

"You know Clark, maybe this wasn't such a waste of a night after all. I think I've realized some things tonight."

Clark settled down in the hay on his side facing her. "Oh yeah?"

"Number one. It's really great that you have a big barn like this and we can drink and nobody's gonna hear us."

Clark nodded in agreement.

"Number two. It's pretty pathetic that we can get drunk off Smirnoff Ice. It doesn't have that much alcohol really, I think."

Clark laughed. "Well, some might think that's a good thing...."

Chloe's expression turned serious.

"You know what else I realized Clark, besides those other two things?"

He rested his head in the crook of his arm. Alcohol always made him so incredibly sleepy once the high started wearing off. "Hmm?"

"Why the hell are we single?"

"Because we aren't going out with anybody at the moment." He grinned again, fully expecting another hit from Chloe.

"Oh, don't start that up again. Seriouslyyyyy Clark," she started to whine. Clark made a mental note to remember how whiney she gets when intoxicated. He stayed silent, mostly because he didn't have a reply, choosing instead to scratch his chin against his arm. Chloe watched him out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't believe how damn cute he was when he did that.

"At this rate, I'm never gonna get laid," Chloe moaned. "Never have, never will."

"Yeah, me neither," Clark sighed.

"You too?"

He nodded in affirmation. Chloe filed that note away mentally. She had always suspected, but she'd never had the courage to ask him flat out. Not the courage Clark had for asking questions, apparently.

She continued on. "I mean, I think I'm pretty good looking. Guys think I am, too. Right?"

Clark had his sympathetic face on. "Chlo, of course they do."

"And you, geez Clark, look at you. I can't believe no girl's gone after you yet. You look like a Greek statue. You're perfect. Your eyes are gorgeous. Your lips just beg to be kissed. And farm work has done amazing things to your body. The only thing that's stopping me is that I know you pine after Lana, otherwise I think I'd jump you right here."

Chloe realized she'd been staring at the ceiling during her rant. And she realized precisely what she'd just blurted out without thinking. She turned her head slowly to see his reaction. Clark was blushing and staring intently at a straw of hay.

"Oh, I'm such a moron. I'm sorry I said that, Clark." She sat up abruptly and was about to stand when Clark sat up too and grabbed her hand.

He looked into her eyes intensely. "Chlo...I'm not sorry you said that. I'm just sorry that you think Lana still means something to me."

Chloe met his eyes, and Clark found surprise in them. He took her chin gently in his hand. "Chloe, I've always thought that you were beautiful. Just as beautiful as Lana."

She smiled. "Well... I guess I thought you didn't think I was...."

He shook his head in confusion. "I told you earlier you were, remember?"

"No, you said, 'Of course THEY do.' You didn't mention anything about how you felt."

"I guess I just thought it was implied since I am a guy, last time I checked."

Chloe sighed and pushed him playfully. "Can't I ever have a totally serious conversation with you?"

"Nope," he answered gleefully, grabbing the hands that had pushed him and held onto them, his thumb starting to stroke one of them. "You know what else though?"

Chloe gazed at him, a small shiver running down her spine as his thumb continued to rub her hand. "What?"

"I think your lips beg to be kissed too." With that said, Clark gathered the rest of the courage he could muster for the night now that the Smirnoff had faded and leaned down, pressing his lips against hers in the softest of kisses, breaking it after a few moments to rest his forehead against hers, smiles lingering on both of their mouths.

Chloe gathered her courage as well, taking his head in her hands and kissing him back, intensifying it as her hands eventually trailed down to his shoulders, then to his chest, inwardly marveling at how muscular he was. Clark's hands rubbed her waist, both of them shivering at the touches, sighing as the kiss ended.

Finally, Chloe spoke. "Maybe I won't have to masturbate too much longer?"


Chapter Three: The Shower

Author's Note: This chapter will be a bit clearer if you see the movie Life as a House, but you should still be able to follow along.


The phone's incessant ringing interrupted Clark reading an astronomy book. He reached over to answer it. "Hello?"

"Hi Clark!" Chloe's voice sounded bubbly.

"Hey, Chlo, what's up?" trying to sound nonchalant, trying to hide how happy he was to hear her voice.

"Not too much. I was just bored again and I wanted to know if you wanted to come watch a video or something."

He grinned into the phone. "Or something?"

He couldn't see Chloe's sly grin. "Mmm hmm."

"Yeah, it should be alright. I just promised my dad I'd help him finish some chores though, I might not be able to make it over until tonight."

"No problem! Just gimme a call before you leave, 'kay?"


"Cool. Bye!" Chloe hung up the phone.

Chloe had rented Life as a House. Clark suspected the main reason was because she had a crush on Hayden Christensen. It was a good movie so far, he thought, so he didn't bring it up.

They'd started up sitting next to each other, on the floor, with their backs to the couch. As the movie progressed, Chloe ended up resting against his shoulder, and eventually resting her head on his thigh with Clark's arm draped over her.

The movie had gotten to the scene where the teenage girl character stripped and climbed into the shower with Hayden Christensen's character. Clark raised his eyebrow.

"Chloe, what kinda movie is this supposed to be anyway?"

She slapped his leg playfully. "If it's too mature for you, we can fast forward."

They watched the scene. Suddenly, Clark leaned over and paused the movie.

"Hey, what're you doing?" Chloe protested.

"I just had to say, this is a crazy movie, Chloe. She gets in the shower with him, but doesn't want to have sex with him?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, it just seems to me that it would be pretty obvious that she would."

"So, you think that showers and nudity and two people imply sex?"

"Well, yeah, pretty much."

"It doesn't have to though."

"It doesn't?"

"No, I don't think so. I just think it's 'cause guys can't control themselves like women can."

"That's not it," Clark defended. "It's just, why put yourself in that situation where you would want to, but wouldn't?"

Chloe smiled. "If you say so Clark. But I don't think that nudity has to equal sex."

Clark paused thoughtfully. "No, maybe not."

"I think it would actually prove greater intimacy to be able to be nude with someone and not act upon anything."

Clark tilted his head. "I guess I agree with that."

Chloe grinned and jumped to her feet, grabbing Clark's hand and tugging on it. "Cool, let's go!"

Clark didn't budge. "Whoa, hold on a sec!" He pulled his hand back. "I never said we should try it ourselves!"

"C'mon, Clark. Any normal 16 year-old boy would never pass up this opportunity."

"Yeah, well, I never said I was normal." Clark looked down at the carpet pattern, tracing it with his fingers. Oh, how Clark wished he could tell her.

She sat down again, facing him, and took his hand from the carpet into hers. "What're you afraid of?"

"We've talked about this before Chloe, do we have to go over it again?" Clark was getting frustrated and it showed in his voice.

"I think you're just embarrassed," Chloe teased him.

Clark met her eyes, meeting her challenge. "No, not really."

"And, believe me, Clark, from what I've felt before, you'll have nothing to be embarrassed about." Her tone was winking at him. Clark blushed, looking away again and didn't say anything. He was never sure how to handle Chloe's sly comments about how hot she thought he was.

"And you've already seen me half-naked after that massage you gave me," Chloe reminded him.

Clark glanced back up at her. "Yeah, I know."

"My parents went to Metropolis. There's no way they could make it back before we got out."

Clark hesitated, his mouth open slightly, forming a reply on his lips. He didn't want to admit it, but it was true, any boy would be crazy to pass this up. "Okay, Chloe. But...." he trailed off.

She smiled triumphantly. "But what?" she said in a hushed voice.

"But... well... just don't touch me okay?" He looked into her eyes, conveying the seriousness of his request.

She squeezed his hand. "If that's what you want."

He nodded. This time, when she stood back up and tugged on his hand, he let himself be dragged up and followed her down the hallway.

Chloe's determination seemed to fade once they reached the bathroom door. "You know Clark, if I was a guy and you were a girl, anyone would have just said that I was just pressuring you and that I was a loser and you should dump me. So, if you still don't want to, it's okay."

However, during the trip down the hallway, Clark had really started liking the idea. He also had begun to think that he had something to prove to himself. He could be in an intimate situation and stay in control. He would.

"Gonna chicken out now, huh? Figures," Clark said. He grinned at her, that irresistible grin.

Chloe put her hands on her hips and glared at him. It was hard to act mad at him when he wore that smile. "No. I just want to make sure you don't feel like you have to. 'Cause you don't."

He grinned again. He liked being on the other side of the table now. He boldly opened the door to the bathroom and leaned on the doorframe. "I'm hurt that you would think my mind so weak, Chlo. You know I can make my own decisions."

Chloe smiled back. It was true. "That's for sure, no other guy your age would refuse to have sex with his girlfriend. You probably have one of the strongest male minds ever."

Clark stepped backwards into the bathroom, grabbing the edges of his shirt, saying, "You coming?" before pulling it off. Chloe was always awestruck at how sexy his abs were.

"'Course I am... oh, wait, I'll be right back. Go on and get in!" With that, she disappeared around the corner.

Clark watched her go, puzzled. "This better not be some sort of trick, Chloe!" he yelled after her. He sighed and stripped off the rest of his clothes quickly. He had just stepped into the warm spray of the shower when he heard her return. He'd closed the curtain so no water would splash onto the floor, but he could see Chloe's shadow through it.

"Where'd you go?" Clark called out suspiciously. He could see the outline of Chloe stepping out of her pants.

"I brought a towel for you," she answered. She could see the shape of his nude body through the shower curtain. Well, well, Clark actually went through with it, she thought. She'd half expected to still find him standing there with only his shirt off. At least her errand had saved them the awkwardness of actually undressing in front of each other.

"Oh," he said. Chloe barely heard him through the sounds of the water. Finally, she pulled off the last piece of her clothing and slipped into the shower... the shower that Clark was standing in completely without clothing.

"You're not gonna be a water hog, are you?" she joked to ease the tension. She caught a glimpse of water streaming over his deliciously shapely butt, choosing instead to focus on his back, which was still very nice in comparison.

Clark noticed her trying to hide her casually wandering eye. It was easier for him to keep a steady eye, simply for the fact that he'd accidentally (and, admittedly, purposely, once or twice) seen through her clothes with his x-ray vision. He wished that his penis would have treated that fact just as casually. He debated about whether to make fun of her and tell her that he'd noticed, but he decided it was best to leave it be, especially considering what comments she'd be able to make about what he was currently sporting. He stepped aside to allow Chloe to be closer to the water.

"So, we gonna just keep switching places or what?" Clark asked.

Chloe blinked water out of her eyes. "I guess I might as well wash my hair while I'm in here," she answered. "Hand me my shampoo?"

Clark did. At the same time, his eyes couldn't help but watch the water running between her breasts. Small, he thought, but he decided that they were the best he'd seen. Chloe's gaze, too, had drifted low, fluttering back up to his eyes as she took the bottle from him. She watched his cheeks flush redder than they already were from the heat and the steam of the shower, and she knew that he knew she knew about his body's reaction. Clark stared at the tiles on the wall.

"Hey...." she said. When he didn't answer, she turned back and started lathering up her hair. "Clark, it's nothing to be embarrassed about... I would have been surprised if you didn't get a hard-on."

"Yeah, that's easy for you to say. People can never see when girls get aroused."

Chloe turned around to rinse her hair, and glanced up at him. "True, but then, you don't have to worry about ever bleeding through your clothes when you're not expecting to."

Clark smiled at her. "Okay, true too, but that only happens once a month. This happens to me every day."

Chloe shrugged. "I guess we'll just have to call it even then." She reached her hand back to the water handle, pausing to ask, "You ready to get out?"

Clark smirked playfully. "What if I said I wasn't?"

Chloe rolled her eyes and turned off the water. "Then, I would say tough luck for you." She pulled the curtain aside, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself, tossing another to Clark, and using yet another to rub through her hair.

Clark finished drying off, inwardly quite pleased that the shower had gone without incident. He hadn't felt the least bit out of control of his strength. He glanced at Chloe, who was beginning to brush out her hair. Maybe he would be able to make love to her without hurting her after all. The thought made him smile.

Chloe narrowed her eyes at him. "What're you smiling about now?"

He smiled wider. "Oh, nuthin'."

Chloe shook her head. "I'm not even gonna ask."

Clark shrugged and slipped his t-shirt back on. "Hey, you know, we never finished the movie."

"Oh, yeah. We still can, if you want."

"Yeah, but I think I'm gonna be concerned if it turns out those two people's relationship turns out bad or anything."

Chloe laughed. "No, don't worry, it doesn't."

Clark walked back over toward the couch, calling out, "You sure?" over his shoulder. He flopped down on his back, his feet hanging over the armrest. Chloe wandered back and knelt beside him, her hand rubbing his wet hair. "You look so cute when your hair is wet."

Clark shook his head, making droplets of water fly at her. "You know, we didn't have to take a shower if you only wanted to see me with my hair wet."

Chloe grinned. "No, but it was a nice way to get it that way."

Clark sighed playfully and pulled her onto him. "You're impossible."

Chloe snuggled into him. "I take it that it's okay to touch you again now that we're a safe distance from the shower?"

Clark laughed and rubbed her back softly. "It's fine."

She smiled and kissed his lips briefly before turning her attention back to the movie. On the screen, Hayden and the girl were in the shower again. Clark watched as the couple kissed passionately in the shower and the boy's teen hormones got the better of him and he came against the shower wall.

Chloe glanced up at Clark. "See, things coulda been worse than they were."

"Maybe that's why I couldn't have you touching me, hmm?" Clark retorted.

Chloe looked at him innocently. "I guess so huh?" She lowered her eyelids seductively. "But don't worry Clark, it wasn't anything to be ashamed of, believe me."

"Chloe...." Clark groaned. Chloe laughed. Clark sighed and shook his head.

"This is the last time I'm watching a rated R movie with you ever again."


Chapter Four: Complications


Clark was lying on his back, in the grass of one of the farm's fields, pondering one of Chloe's last comments before she'd had to leave last week to make her curfew. "Maybe I won't have to masturbate too much longer?" she'd said, her tone half mixed between slightly seductive and slightly hopeful. He'd barely been able to sleep that night, a million thoughts running through his head faster than he could ever run with his feet. Fast.

He'd known that she was mostly trying to make a joke, but he still hadn't known how to respond. Well, at least his conscious mind didn't. His body had been more than eager to respond to Chloe's remark. Thankfully, she didn't seem to have noticed. He'd chosen instead to laugh and walk her back home. She'd given him another quick kiss before going inside and she'd asked, "I know we were kinda inebriated and all, but I just wanted to make sure that this whole thing wasn't just about tonight? I mean, I guess what I'm trying to say is..."

"Chloe," he'd cut her off. "I think I would like it if you might consider me your boyfriend."

She'd smiled. "Yeah, that's what I was trying to say." They'd shared one last kiss before he'd left, running once he was a safe visual distance from her house.

Then he'd thrown the Smirnoff bottles as far as he could, hopefully far enough where his father wouldn't find them. Hopefully they'd hit a tree and shatter. He'd wondered if all of this would have ever happened had Smirnoff never been invented.

Clark rested his hands behind his head. So, he had a girlfriend now. He certainly didn't think that he would by the end of last week. But what made him the most uncertain of all was what Chloe was expecting out of the relationship. After all, her masturbation comment had seemed to indicate that she was expecting quite a bit. He wasn't so sure that was such a good idea so soon.

He vaguely heard his name being called, and lifted his head. He could see Chloe far away, struggling to find him amongst the tall grasses. He stood up, brushing bits of dried grass off his jeans.

"Chloe! Chloe, I'm over here."

She smiled when she finally spotted him. He began walking toward her.

"Hey, you!" she said when they were close enough. "Whatcha doin' way out here?"

"Not much. Sometimes I like to lay in the grass and watch the clouds."

She smiled again. "Ah. Your mom said I could probably find you somewhere here. I guess was right."

"Guess so." He'd been watching her smile, and he couldn't resist bringing her into a hug and kissing her. Chloe made a noise of surprise and delight, kissing him back, her hands beginning to stroke his upper arms.

Clark grinned when they finally broke the kiss. "I take it you're still bored?"

She grinned back. "Yeah."

"I guess we could go hang out in the barn again."

"We could, or we could go over to my house, which has air conditioning...."

He suddenly had an evil smile. "Or," he said, grabbing Chloe and pulling her into the grass, "we could stay right here."

Chloe giggled and kissed his neck. "I think that sounds fine."

Lying in the grass hid them from view mostly from everyone, save the occasional hawk that circled above.

Their kisses deepened, became a bit more frantic as they became more comfortable with each other. Months of secret crushes and hidden desires broke free.

Chloe's hand had been massaging his chest. She loved to feel his muscles. She'd always wanted an excuse to go up and just run her hands over him. Now she didn't need one, and it was so perfect. She'd always thought he was absolutely gorgeous, but now, so up close and personal, seeing the way his eyes fluttered when she licked his collarbone, or the way his stomach would occasionally clench as she touched it, she thought he was quite possibly the best-looking man on the planet. Maybe even the universe.

Clark, on the other hand, couldn't form such coherent thoughts as hers, content instead to be swept away by his senses. He'd never known Chloe's touch could affect him so much. They'd gone out a few times in the past week, but they'd never been alone enough to really make-out yet.

Chloe's hand inched its way to under his shirt. She began to rub his side, all the while gently biting and sucking on that fabulous lower lip he had. She felt him give the tiniest of shudders. His skin was so warm, his body so firm.

Clark took Chloe's wandering hand as an invitation to begin his own exploring. He, too, slipped his hand under her shirt, laying his hand against her stomach, smiling slightly into their kiss at how soft her skin was. He'd never imagined her skin feeling this nice under his hands. Alright, maybe he had. But it was better than he'd thought it would be.

Chloe shivered at his touch. She decided that she loved his hands too. She ran her hand along the elastic of his boxers, sliding her fingers along his hip, rewarding her with a moan from Clark. She liked the cute noises he made. She hadn't ever thought boys could make such cute noises.

Then, she herself made a soft squeak of pleasure as Clark's hand found the underside of her breast. He held it tentatively, and she sighed and leaned into him closer still. He caressed his hand over it, gazing into her eyes to see her reaction, he mouth slightly open and swollen from his kisses, her eyes half shut. She looked so sexy.

Somehow, neither of them could figure out how or when, he ended up on top of her, sucking on her neck, her hands caressing his butt under his boxers. Chloe's thigh found its way between his legs, rubbing the bulge she found there.

Clark gasped and whimpered at the same time, involuntarily thrusting back against her. Clark felt like he was losing control. He didn't know if any minute, he would either crush Chloe or grind against her so hard he'd scour her. "Chloe?" he whispered.

"Mmmm?" Her thigh still idly pushed against him.

"Chloe... mrmm... stop." He sat back on his calves, straightening his shirt and pushing his hair back, struggling to get his breathing back to normal.

Chloe propped herself up on her elbows. "Mm sorry, Clark, I shouldn't have done that, I guess."

Clark licked his lips, still able to taste her. "It's ok, we just can't do anymore."

She nodded. "I suppose a grassy field isn't the most discreet place to go much further, hmm?"

"No... no, it's not that. It's just... I mean... I don't think we can go further... anywhere."

Chloe smiled. "A boy, putting on the brakes... never thought I'd see the day. But it's okay, Clark, if you're worried. I want this."

"I know... and I do too... but, then... I don't... at the same time," he finished lamely.

Chloe blinked in confusion. "I don't... I don't think I understand."

"You're fantastic Chloe, and this feels fantastic... but we shouldn't, you know, well... I shouldn't."

She nodded. "Well, that's okay, Clark. Whenever, it's fine."

He hesitated. "It might not be for awhile...."

Chloe sat up and reached out to rub his shoulder softly. "It's fine, really. I suppose most girls would be grateful that they wouldn't have been knocked up if they were in my place a few minutes ago."

He smiled. "I know, it's weird, for a 16 year-old boy to say he wants to wait, but...."

Chloe cut him off with a kiss.


Chapter Five: The Massage


Clark had spent the last hour decorating his loft with candles. It was he and Chloe's two-month anniversary, and he wanted to do something special for her. Both sets of parents were now a little more careful about leaving opportunities for them to be completely alone. But, tonight they were lucky, and Chloe's parents had left her alone, simply saying that Clark wasn't allowed to come over that night and they trusted her to respect that.

"But," she'd giggled on the phone with him. "They didn't say anything about me coming over to you."

Clark had replied, "Crazy girl... I suppose your parents would never believe you if you just came out and told them that we're not doing anything."

She'd known he couldn't have seen her, but she'd rolled her eyes anyway. "What am I gonna say, 'Mom, Dad, it's okay for Clark to come over, because he won't go past second base with me no matter how much I beg him?'"

Clark had laughed. "Sure, why not?"

Chloe had let out an exasperated sigh. "Anyway, it is okay that I come over, right?"

He'd smiled to himself. "Yeah, I think we can sneak you into the Fortress."

So, he'd scrambled for some resources to "decorate" the loft, and now, he met her through a backfield and skillfully negotiated her into the barn.

"My parents think I went to bed early. I told them I was really tired," Clark told her.

"And they believe that so easily?"

Clark shrugged and grinned. "Hope so." He put his hands over her eyes before they reached an area of blankets he'd spread across the floor. Chloe was intrigued. Clark wasn't the most imaginative type to plan surprises like this.

"We've been going out for 2 months now, and you've been really patient...and I guess I sort of just want to show my gratitude... how much I love you." He took his hands off her eyes.

Chloe's eyes widened. "Clark... what...."

He wrapped his arms around her waist. "You know, Chloe, there are other ways to be intimate... ways we can be close to each other without having sex."

"Like what?"

"Massages can be halfway platonic." He gently squeezed his arms around her waist.

"You think so, huh?" She turned her head and raised an eyebrow at him.

"You trust me, right, Chloe?"

"Mmm, 'course I do, Clark."

He became shyer all of sudden. "I was sorta thinking a real massage...like, full body 'n stuff... you know... umm, do you mind losing some clothes?"

Chloe had a feeling this was going to be a very pleasant night indeed. She smiled. "How much is some?" she asked slyly.

He grinned. "Not everything."

Chloe smiled back at him and shrugged. "You can do whatever you want, however much you feel you can without losing it."


"What about you Clark?"

"What about me?"

"What are you taking off?"

"I think I'll just keep my clothes on."

"Now, I don't see how that's fair."

His lips brushed her ear, and he lowly whispered, "Oh, it'll be fair."

Chloe couldn't come up with anything clever to say back; she thought she would have melted to the floor if Clark hadn't been holding her. She'd never heard him say anything so seductive. It always amazed her how Clark could be so shy one moment, and completely opposite the next. She didn't know where this Clark had come from. But she hoped he stayed for awhile.

He picked her up effortlessly, practically tossing her into his arms, and carried her to the pile of blankets, but laying her down ever so gently.

Shy Clark had slightly returned now. He climbed on the blankets with her, giving her a kiss before sitting back, trailing his hands down her sides to her hips, over her stomach, and to the button on her jeans.

Chloe smiled as he fumbled with her jeans. "You know, Clark, what if I lose control and end up attacking you?" She lifted her hips as he pulled her jeans off and then tossed them aside.

"I don't think you will," he answered casually.

"What if I do?" she said playfully.

"Well, no offense, Chloe, but I think I have a little more muscle strength than you; I think I can hold you off." Trouble was, he thought to himself, was that she had no idea how strong he actually was. He'd have to be careful with her. But he grinned at her to hide his never-ending secrets.

He also decided to indulge her a bit more than he'd previously intended to, and peeled off shirt. He knew how much she liked him shirtless. In fact, she made him downright self-conscious the way she stared at him sometimes, though he knew she intended it as completely complimentary. A shirt was harmless, he figured, as long as his jeans stayed on, he'd be okay.

He grabbed the hem of her shirt, and pulled off her shirt too, trying to ignore the fact that Chloe was now lying on in front of him only in her underwear and bra.

"You know, Clark, I've always had fantasies about a handsome man giving me massages."

"Really." He flipped her over onto her stomach, straddling her butt. Then, he leaned over to kiss the corner of her mouth while his hands gently caressed her shoulders, pushing the straps of her bra off to the side. His hands were soothing as they traveled down, finally coming to rest on the bra's snap. His fingers slid under it, lifting it from her skin slightly, but then paused.

Chloe sensed his hesitation, murmuring to him, "S'okay, Clark."

And then, her back was bare to him. He softly rubbed her back all over with his large hands before she felt them leave, then return moments later, slick with warm oil.

Chloe was pleasantly surprised again. "Mmm... massage oil? Where'd you get that?"

Clark just made a non-committal mumble in reply, continuing to slowly stroke her skin. He could feel Chloe relaxing under his touch. He began to press a bit harder into her muscles, working them gently, feeling out any knots.

"Lemme know if I do it too hard, 'kay?" He was still a bit worried.

Chloe gave an affirmative sigh in response. His hands were absolutely amazing and she could feel herself melting right into his touch. He hit an especially sensitive spot, and her eyes closed, a moan escaping her lips.

"There?" he murmured. She could only nod and sigh again. He rubbed her there for a bit, taking her arms and working all the way to her palms, caressing his thumb over them. His hands trailed back to her shoulders, where his thumbs made upward circular motions into the muscle. Eventually, he massaged his way down her legs, working out any knots in her calves and rubbing the soles of her feet. Chloe was in complete heaven.

Clark could tell. He enjoyed hearing all the small sighs and gasps and moans that she made, and he listened intently. He had to be so so careful not to press too hard. He knew he could easily break her bones. It was fairly easy to maintain the right level of pressure, if he concentrated. Thing was, he was worried that if Chloe were to touch him, like during sex, that he would lose that concentration and hence lose control of his strength.

At long last, he finished, re-snapping her bra and pulling her back to his chest, snuggling her close and stroking her hair. He could tell she was half-asleep. He wanted to ask if she'd liked it, or something to that manner, but he figured she'd barely be able to answer him.

Her back felt so warm, her whole body incredibly relaxed. She couldn't even bring herself to open her eyes. Clark had been right, she didn't think she could have jumped him now even if she wanted to; none of her muscles were willing to cooperate. Chloe could see how a massage might be considered a bit of foreplay, but Clark had kept it very... professional, but at the same time rather loving. She never knew what hidden talents he had, it only made her certain that perhaps, one day, he would show her even more.

Finally, she managed to make a purring sound low in her throat, and nuzzle her cheek against his bare chest. Clark's hand had begun to gently stroke her back again. "That certainly lived up to my fantasies," she mumbled.

She could feel him laughing almost silently. "I'm glad," he replied. "I know what an imagination you have."

She smiled. "I love you, Clark."

"Love you," he whispered back, as he kissed her forehead. They lay together, content to just enjoy each other and share their warmth. But, Clark finally had to speak.

"Hey, as much as I would love to stay like this forever, what time do you have to be getting back?"

Chloe looked up at him sleepily. "Wha' time's it?"

"I think almost 11 or so."

She sighed, this time not of pleasure, but disappointment. "Yeah, I should get going."

Clark stood, pulling her up with him. Her muscles were able to work just enough that she could pull her jeans on.

"Looks like I might have to carry you home, huh?" Clark joked, noticing the way she could barely stand on her legs.

Chloe shook her head. "No, I'm fine... but even so, it'd be all your fault."

He grinned. "Are you complaining?"

She shook her head again. "Mmm... hardly."


Chapter Six: Sweet Clark


Clark cheerfully dialed Chloe's number. It was a beautiful day, a perfect summer day to spend with his girlfriend. Chloe's father answered the phone.


"Hi, Mr. Sullivan, this is Clark, is Chloe there?"

"Oh, hi Clark, hang on a moment."

After a few moments, the phone rustled and he heard Chloe's voice. "Hey."

"Hi Chloe! I was just wondering if you wanted to go out and get some coffee or something."

"Mmm, not really... thanks though."

Clark could hear the listlessness in her voice. And it wasn't like her to refuse an opportunity to get out of the house on such a nice day. "Hey... what's the matter?"

"Nothing really, I just don't feel like going out right now."

Clark knew better than to believe her. "C'mon, Chloe, I know something's wrong."

He heard her sigh. "I'm just not feeling well, that's all," she said.

"Are you sick?"

"Well... not exactly. I'm on my period and I have cramps and I feel crappy," she admitted, sighing again. She hadn't really wanted to tell him, knowing boys could be funny about those things, but she figured if any guy would understand, it'd be Clark.

"Aww, I'm sorry, Chlo... I could come keep you company if you want," he offered.

It was cute how concerned he sounded. He truly must like me, she thought. Maybe he really had forgotten about Lana. Maybe it would be nice to have him keep her company after all.

"Yeah... actually, I think I'd like that."

"I'll be right over," he promised.

Eager to go and comfort Chloe, he ran over with the speed of lightning, pausing outside her house long enough to make it plausible that he could have walked over.

Mr. Sullivan answered the door. "Hi, Clark. Chloe's over by the TV." His voice dropped to a whisper. "But she's being kinda moody, just to warn you."

He grinned. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind."

Clark walked into the living room to find Chloe curled up in a pile of blankets on the floor, wearing loose pajama pants with little pink pigs and a cotton tank top. She was watching what looked to be a "Saved by the Bell" rerun. She looked so adorable, if he didn't know she was feeling sick, he would have run over and squeezed her.

He plopped down next to her, reaching out to rub her knee. "Hey you... feeling any better?"

She gave him a weak smile. "Not really. I took some codeine we had leftover from an old prescription. It's good stuff."

He laughed and pulled her into his lap. She smiled and snuggled into him. He leaned her back against his chest and she rested her head against his shoulder. He starting stroking her hair, pressing a kiss on the top of her head.

"I don't remember this ever happening to you before," he commented, resting his chin on the top of her head.

"Sometimes I get them really bad and I start feeling faint and sick and stuff and it just hurts a lot," she confessed.

He smiled into her hair and whispered, "I'll make you feel better."

She glanced up at him. "Clark! My dad is here!" she pretended to be shocked, a half-smile on her face. He did make her smile; she'd admit that.

He grinned down at her. "Did anyone ever tell you you have a dirty mind? That's not how I meant it." He slipped a hand over her abdomen and started to gently rub.

Chloe smiled and sighed at his touch, this time a happy sigh. Clark could feel her relax more in his arms, and he took it as a sign that she was she enjoying it. Feeling a bit daring, he slid his hand beneath her pajama pants, circling the skin below her stomach with his palm, but careful not to dip too low.

Chloe wondered how Clark Kent became so bold all of a sudden, but she just murmured, "I feel better already" to him. His hand was warm and his touch comforting. He definitely kept her mind off the pain.

They watched "Saved by the Bell" in silence, him rubbing her all the while. Chloe closed her eyes, feeling the medicine taking effect. Clark noticed her breathing deepening, and soon realized that she was asleep. Casually, he slid his hand out of her pants and tightened his arms around her. He figured it wouldn't do too much good to have Chloe's dad come back in and find him taking advantage of his daughter while she was sleeping. But, he was perfectly content to sit there and hold her while she napped. Besides, he thought, he hadn't seen "Saved by the Bell" in forever.

Eventually, after awhile, Clark felt Chloe begin to stir in his arms. He waited to speak until he saw her eyes flutter open.

"Urmm... Clark? You're still here?"

He smiled and gave her a squeeze. "Looks like it."

"Oh... you didn't have to stay here while I fall asleep on you... which, by the way, I'm sorry about, codeine always tends to knock me out before it takes away the pain...."

"It's okay... I like holding you... and I like watching you sleep too," he said quietly.

She smiled. "Seriously, Clark, you're the sweetest boyfriend ever, did you know that?"

He grinned and nodded. "I had my suspicions."

Chloe rolled her eyes. What an ego that boy had sometimes, for all his innocent shyness.

"But, Chloe... anytime you want to take a nap in my arms, it's fine by me."

"Hmm, you shouldn't throw that around lightly, I might take you up on that everyday," she joked.

"I still wouldn't mind," he replied seriously. "You feeling any better now?"

Chloe nodded. "Yeah, I feel pretty good right now. I do, however, have to make a trip to the bathroom." She untangled herself from his arms, much to his protest. When she returned, he cuddled her back in.

"You've been sitting there in one place holding me for two hours now, Clark, isn't your butt getting numb?"

He shook his head. "Nope, I could stay like this all day with you."

She smiled and kissed him. "You're too sweet... and I don't say that sarcastically."

He shrugged. "It's not a lot for someone that I...." he hesitated before finishing, "love."

Chloe's eyes widened. "You really mean that?"

Clark nodded his head slightly. "Yes," he whispered in her ear.

Chloe couldn't help the smile that formed on her face. "Well... that's good, because I... I love you too."

Clark grinned so widely Chloe thought his face might burst. So she decided to kiss him, until her father came back in with a brief, "Ahem."

Chloe smiled sheepishly at her dad, and she didn't even have to look at Clark's face to know that he must be blushing furiously, but a glance confirmed it.

"Do you want to go ahead and stay for dinner, Clark?"

He cleared his throat. "Umm, yeah, Mr. Sullivan, that would be great. Lemme just call my mom and let her know."

He gently lifted Chloe out of his lap and headed to the phone.


Dinner had been delicious, and apparently the medicine really had helped because Chloe's mood was much improved.

Chloe's family had decided to go out for ice cream in town, saying they would be back soon, a warning hint to the two young teens to behave themselves while they were gone.

But, Chloe didn't quite seem to get the message, and Clark could see an evil glint in her eye.

Soon, Clark found himself sprawled out on the living room floor with Chloe lying on his chest, kissing him ceaselessly and hungrily. Clark couldn't say he didn't mind the attention.

Eventually, Clark managed to get in a few words. "I think you really are feeling better, hmm?"

Chloe just nodded and went back to nibbling on his earlobe. Clark was finding it difficult to try and converse with her.

"What's gotten into you tonight?" he said grinning at her.

Chloe shrugged innocently then turned a bit more serious. "I just... well... I've never had a boy tell me he loved me before... which is a good coincidence, because I just so happen to love him back."

Clark mmmm'ed in the back of his throat. "I see...." he trailed off, not quite able to finish his thought. Chloe was rubbing his hipbone. She knew how much he liked that. He could have practically purred right then.

"Hey... Chlo?"

"Hmm?" She licked at his throat.

"Umm, I'm not sure when you're family will be back, but your dad already caught us once today...."

Chloe paused for a moment, and gave him one final kiss. "You're right."

She rested her head down on his chest, and said, "We could turn on a movie and pretend like we'd been watching it whole time."

Clark grinned. "We could, but I doubt it would fool them." They flipped through the TV stations until they found something decent, Chloe still lying on Clark, and Clark decided that he liked her there very much. He wasn't looking forward to when her family would arrive back.

Earlier, sleeping Chloe had barely moved. Yet, an awake Chloe was rather fidgety. A squirming Chloe sprawled on top of him, combined with her earlier antics, was definitely having an effect.

Chloe noticed that he seemed determined to ignore her wiggling; he was biting his lip and staring at the TV in that way where she knew he was thinking or trying to hold back something and she had her suspicions why. She wriggled her a body a bit lower, coming into contact with a rather hard something in his jeans. She moved again slightly to see his reaction.

This time, Clark held in his breath. "Chloe, stop moving so much... I think you need to drink less coffee if you can't stay still."

Chloe just grinned and kept squirming. Clark fought back a moan.

"Ch... Chloe! Stop squirming."

Chloe giggled when she saw him glaring at her, his attempt to be serious, but Chloe's silliness was infectious.

"Umm, Chloe, seriously, if you don't stop I think I'm gonna need to change my underwear." He grabbed her waist and pulled her clear of the danger area.

Chloe was still giggling. "Doesn't take much, hmm?"

Clark sighed, still trying to be serious, but it was hard to do with Chloe giggling on top of him. "Hey, I'm 16, cut me some slack, huh?"

"Sorry, Clark," she replied sweetly.

He rolled his eyes at her. "You're such a tease. What am I gonna do with you?"

Chloe shrugged playfully in response. Clark rolled her off his body and sat up, straightening his clothes and hair. "You know, you're gonna get me in so much trouble one of these days."

Chloe smiled. "Yeah, probably."

"You know it'll be me they'll go after with a shotgun, right? Always go after the guys for corrupting their daughters."

"Mmm hmm," Chloe agreed with him.

Clark had tried to play off the whole situation humorously, but deep down it bothered him. He didn't like feeling so out of control, and he still didn't know how he'd be able to handle sex. But he just couldn't tell Chloe the real reason wasn't because of morals or their age, but that he was actually an alien and he was super-strong and might end up hurting her if he lost his concentration. He wondered if she'd even believe him. He shook his head. "Chloe, seriously... seriously it's not nice to tease me like that, though."

She paused, afraid she'd truly upset him, then spoke, "I thought you liked it. You didn't seem to mind too much a few minutes ago."

"No, well... I didn't... sorta... but... seriously, I still... I still don't feel ready to do anything more yet, okay? And sometimes it comes a little too close."

Chloe smiled at him and squeezed his thigh. "I'll remember. No more squirming; it makes Clark too horny."

Clark laughed, despite himself. "Chloe...."

She leaned into kiss him. "Don't worry, Clark, I'll be careful next time."

He was about to kiss her back when they heard the doorknob rustling down the hall.

"Looks like playtime's over, Chlo."

She sighed mournfully. "Looks that way."

They were both deeply absorbed in the TV movie by the time her parents came checking up on them.


Chapter Seven: Secrets


Chloe almost spit out her iced tea.

"Lex is what?" Chloe's voice was between amazement and anger.

"Like I said, he's... umm... allowing us to get away to his house, when we want to...." Clark knew that Chloe had heard him perfectly well, but he didn't know how else to answer her except to repeat himself.

Chloe and Clark were enjoying a picnic lunch out in the fields one weekend. Now that school was back in, they were both much more busy with schoolwork, and Chloe had the paper. It seemed like they could barely find enough time to be with each other anymore, and the weekends were their only salvation. Even on weekends, sometimes, they still didn't seem to find any time to be completely alone together for an extended amount of time.

Clark had thought that it might be a good time to bring up his conversation with Lex. Now, he changed his mind. It had been a bad idea. But too late now.

"Okay, let me get this straight. Lex just offered this out of the blue... or did you ask him?"

"Err, well... he offered... but I was over asking for some... advice, I guess you could say."

Chloe shook her head. "You were talking about our sex life or lack thereof with Lex Luthor?"

Clark nodded. "Yeah... sorta... yeah."

Chloe flopped back onto the blanket. "Oh, lord," she muttered. She wasn't quite sure what to feel. Did this mean that Clark was leaning towards having sex now? Or was she angry that Clark would go and talk about them to one of the most egotistical and probably untrustworthy man in Smallville?

Clark was silent. He couldn't read how Chloe was feeling, quite possibly since Chloe didn't know herself.

Finally, Chloe sat up, having managed to come up with something to say. "Why?"

Clark lifted his head. "Why what?"

"Why did you go talking to Lex?"

"Like why him or why talking?"

"Let's start with why talking I suppose." Chloe thought that that question might come up with some answers.

"Well... Chloe, to be honest with you, I've sorta been thinking that maybe... well, that maybe I was ready to do... more... soon," he finished, looking at her to see her reaction.

Chloe's face showed slight surprise.

"And," he continued on. "since neither of us has any experience really, well, I thought that I could do some troubleshooting... and I guess that Lex is the first person that came to mind...."

"Oh." Chloe nodded. It was good news actually, and although she didn't really like the idea of Lex Luthor knowing any personal details about their relationship, she knew that he was Clark's friend and maybe it couldn't have hurt too much for Clark to get some tips.

"So, yeah...." Clark trailed off, not sure what else to say.

"Umm, I guess... I'm just wondering, how soon?" Chloe inquired.

Clark shrugged, not quite meeting her eyes. "Whenever, I suppose."

Chloe leaned forward and kissed him softly. This time, Clark met her gaze.

"Why the change of heart so suddenly?" Chloe asked curiously.

Clark grinned. "Well, I wouldn't say suddenly. I've been thinking about it for awhile... and I decided that... I decided... well... aww, geez."

Chloe frowned. "What?"

Clark figured it was now or never. He'd have to tell her the real, whole truth about him. He just hoped that she'd understand. But he knew for a fact he couldn't hide who he truly was if they were having sex... and at the same time, he really didn't want to wait any longer. Clark sighed and pushed his hair back nervously. "Chloe, this is really tough to say. So just hear me out and then we can talk, okay?"

Chloe's face showed concern. What was he talking about? Her question hadn't been that tough, or accusing. She nodded and let him go on.

"Chloe, I haven't been completely honest with you," he began tentatively. "Ever, really...with anyone. I have secrets, and it's been hard to hide them, and I've wanted to tell you so bad, more than anything else, especially since we got together. But I know that you'll believe me, you'll just have to believe me."

He paused, trying to gauge what she was thinking. She kept quiet as promised, looking at him expectantly.

"During the meteorites... I was a baby... and I came down in a ship... and my parents didn't adopt me... well, they did but... they found me there... and I have special powers. I can run really fast... I can see through things... and I'm really strong... dangerously strong in fact... which is why that I didn't want to have sex before, because I was so scared of losing control and that I would hurt you, especially the first time, and with each new power, it takes me time to learn how to control it, and I didn't know how I'd react in those kind of... situations."

He stopped, talking so fast he needed to remind himself to breathe. Chloe was still looking at him. He could see the shock and a hint of disbelief on her face.

"But, Chloe, you know it's possible, you know it's true... look at your Wall of Weird, and all the things you've been investigating over the years...."

Chloe was still basically staring at him. Clark licked his lips nervously. Confessing perhaps, was the easiest part. Now he'd actually have to face Chloe's reaction. "Umm, I'm done, you can talk now."

"So... you're... an alien... I guess?"

Clark nodded. "Yeah, I guess that's the best way to put it."

"You're right, Clark," she said slowly. "It is hard to believe, but I've researched into some pretty unbelievable stuff. And there always has been some pretty strange things that have happened when you're around...." She sat back, staring at the grass, even more unsure of what to think now. She believed him. There was some lingering doubt in her mind, but deep down she knew he was telling the truth.

"So... can you show me something? A power?" she asked hesitantly.

Clark smiled back. "Yeah, I guess so."

He stood up, ran at light speed to the edge of the field, picked a flower, and sped back to her, promptly handing her the flower.

Chloe, taking the flower, forgot any bit of doubt or confusion, replaced instead by awe. "Wow... that's... well, that's amazing."

Clark smiled and sat down again. "Yeah... so... I'm not really sure how this changes things... but we couldn't go any further without you knowing, and I couldn't keep this from you any longer... and, if you decide that you don't want to be with..." he almost choked, "an alien... then... well, I trust you not to tell anyone else about me...."

Chloe just blinked. "I'm not really sure what to say, Clark."

He nodded. "Listen, if you want to go, think it over, whatever, I understand, you don't have to say anything right now."

Chloe sighed. "You know, ordinarily, this magnitude of... lie, I guess, is definitely break-up material. But I love you too much for that," her voice cracked, she could feel tears welling up. She didn't know why she was crying; there wasn't any reason for her to.

But Clark understood, the emotion of it all was so overwhelming. He scooted close to her and brought her into a hug. He half-expected her to pull away, but she didn't... she didn't even tense up, she just allowed herself to be held by him. Clark was relieved by that. At least she didn't seem to consider him freaky, as if she were scared of him. They sat there for a few quiet moments, both gathering their composure.

Finally, Chloe pulled away slightly, studying him closely. "You look human... I mean, I've seen you naked... and everything looked the same, far as I could tell...."

Clark shrugged. "Yeah, I know... I guess that's weird, but... well, there are a few... physical differences."

Chloe eyes were wide, she looked rather interested. "Can I ask... like what?"

Clark smiled and blushed. "Well, mostly... sexually, which is why I've been avoiding it... but umm... you can ask me anything you want to know... and I'll try and answer it as best I can...."

Now Chloe looked extremely intrigued. "Like... really different? Are we even... compatible... like that?"

Clark nodded. "I think so... at least, as far as I know... I mean, from what I've read of how things work and stuff... yeah, so, not that different I think, not too different. I think it's mostly small details."

"What details?" Chloe questioned.

Clark blushed again. It was kinda embarrassing, especially since he knew he was different from everyone else. But at the same time, he knew he'd have to get over those differences if he wanted to be with Chloe.

"Umm... my semen is not really whitish, like other guys... it's more... purple."

Chloe blinked. "Purple?"

"Yeah, light purple sorta... and it's not really salty... it's more... sweet, actually."

Chloe couldn't help but form images in her head that made her grin. "So, you've tasted it?"

Clark nodded. "Uhh, yeah...."

Chloe was still grinning, and Clark could positively see her mind thinking dirty thoughts. "I could see how that might be a bonus to us both," she murmured close to his ear.

Clark gulped with future anticipation. Yes, he could definitely see what Chloe had been thinking. And he had to admit that he liked it... a lot.

"Does this mean... you still want to... with me?" Clark asked worriedly.

Chloe kissed him, long and slow. "Like I said... I love you too much. And I don't care if some of your bodily fluids are different colors. I mean, it'll be something that we'll have to get used to, but considering that I haven't exactly seen the alternative, I really can't foresee any major hang-ups."

Clark's face burst into a grin. "Really, Chloe?"

She just laughed and nodded.

Clark's sudden happiness was overshadowed by doubt. "But, I mean, I'm still worried that I'll hurt you though...."

Chloe kissed him again. "I can't see that happening."

Clark was face was brooding. "But I can, unfortunately."

Chloe looked at him sympathetically. "I trust you, Clark. It'll work, we'll make sure it does."

He smiled and kissed her, hard and deep. "I love you, Chloe... I couldn't ask for anyone better than you...."

Chloe mmm'ed and kissed him back briefly. "You know, you never finished telling me what else is different."

Clark grinned sheepishly. "Oh, yeah...umm... well, after I..."

"Climax?" Chloe supplied helpfully.

"Yeah... I get really hyper. I guess most guys want to sleep... but I get hyper."

Chloe laughed, and then laughed harder. And then she couldn't stop laughing. Clark wasn't sure if he should be offended or not.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Oh, it's not you really, it's me... there's been times in the past where I see you so giddy and well, hyper and I always wondered what happened to you... and now I finally know why!" she managed to gasp out between giggles.

Clark blushed again and smiled. "Yeah... that's probably why."

Once Chloe had calmed down enough, she asked, "So... is there anything else I should be warned about?"

Clark chewed on his lip thoughtfully. "Not that comes to mind at the moment... but if I think of anything else, I'll let you know."

Clark was about to pull her in for another kiss when Chloe pushed him back. "Not so fast, mister. You're not getting off that easily."

The reporter in Chloe had taken over. She proceeded to bombard him with questions about his superpowers, and they he ended up telling her practically everything about them and helping to explain all the weird things that had happened when he was around.

Eventually, Chloe seemed satisfied. By now, the afternoon had passed and the sun was setting, and she snuggled against them as they appreciated its beauty. Clark was stroking her hair.

"So, are you still mad about the whole Lex thing?"

Chloe smiled. "Not so much... I think I'll forgive you this once."

He smiled back. "I guess, then, the one last question there is... do you want to accept his offer?"

"Well, normally I wouldn't... but seeing how we never get any decent time alone and the fact that his castle is gorgeous, I suppose I can't refuse."

Clark's smile widened and he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, running his finger over her lips. "So when shall I tell him that we're coming over?"

Chloe quickly ran over her schedule mentally. "Next Friday?" she asked hopefully. "Or is that not enough time?"

"I'll have to ask Lex... but it's good for me."

Chloe reached out and squeezed his hand. "Are you really sure, Clark? I mean, I feel kinda bad about all the times that I overstepped the boundaries a bit, now that I know what you were dealing with...."

Clark interrupted her. "I'm sure... I can't keep putting it off forever anyhow... and you didn't know, it's not your fault... and I can't think of anyone I'd rather figure this out with other than you."

That night, Clark called Chloe to say goodnight before he went to sleep.

"Did you get a chance to talk to Lex yet?" Chloe questioned him.

"I... umm... I asked Lex about next Friday, and he said that it was fine and he'd probably be in Metropolis on some business anyway."

"So, Friday it is then, huh?"

"Yeah. Friday."


Chapter Eight: Climax


Chloe had insisted on coming over to the Luthor estate by herself after Clark arrived. Clark had thought she was being silly, no one should suspect anything, he'd said. Yet, Chloe had still been paranoid, replying that in such a small town, soon everyone would know.

"And my parents would kill me if they found out! After they killed you...."

Clark had grinned. "Well, it'd be pretty hard for them to kill me, and then I'd protect you, so we don't have anything to worry about."

Chloe had just playfully punched him.

Now, Clark stood at Lex's doorstep. His butler answered the door, and Clark was surprised to see Lex in the hallway.

"Hey, Lex... I thought you had business in Metropolis?"

Lex grabbed a leather jacket. "I do, I'm leaving right now, as a matter of fact." The corner of his mouth turned up, a small, knowing smirk. Clark had to struggle to keep himself from blushing.

"Where's the lovely Miss Sullivan, Clark?"

"She... uh, had some stuff to finish up first. She's coming though."

Lex winked at him. "I'm sure she will be."

Clark couldn't stop the blush this time at Lex's comment. Lex grabbed his Powerbook G4 and headed toward the door.

"Oh, by the way, Clark, I don't know if you've eaten yet, but I had the cook fix up a little romantic dinner for you two, but if you don't want it, they'll find something to do with it, should be over in the dining room," he said casually.

Clark nodded. "That sounds great, thanks." He paused. "For everything."

He waved his hand. "Don't mention it, I was your age myself once. Just don't destroy the house."

Clark gulped to himself. He sure hoped he wouldn't. But Lex didn't know how seriously Clark would heed his warning.

Lex took up one last bag and headed out.

Clark wandered into the dining room, wringing his hands nervously. He'd been a bit on edge this whole week, and even his parents had questioned him if something was wrong, if he was feeling alright, if he was developing a new power. Of course, he'd denied that anything was different.

Clark looked at the food arranged on the table. It looked like a nice meal some herbed chicken with real mashed potatoes. He thought he might have spotted some chocolate cake for desert even.

Clark had been a bit too anxious to eat most of his lunch. But now he realized how hungry he was.

Just then, he heard footsteps behind him. Soft, yet confident footsteps that he'd come to recognize so well. Chloe.

He turned around and smiled. "Hey, you made it, Chlo."

"The butler said you'd be here." Her eyes widened at the dinner. "I assume that this is Lex's doing since you can't cook anything more than macaroni 'n cheese?"

Clark just crossed the few feet to her and kissed her. "I can too... I can microwave frozen burritos."

Chloe laughed and shook her head. "Sorry, how could I have forgotten that?"

Clark pretended to look offended, making Chloe laugh harder. Clark observed that Chloe didn't look nervous at all. Strangely enough, that only seemed to make him all the more nervous.

Chloe, on the other hand, could sense that Clark seemed a bit uneasy. She could tell that he hadn't been himself all week, but whenever she'd tried to ask him about it, he'd brush her off, tell her it was nothing. It wasn't like him.

In fact, almost the only reference to the impending event on Friday had been when Clark had come into the Torch's office Wednesday after school, and pulled her aside.

"Hey, Clark, I'm almost finished here," she'd said, giving him a quick kiss.

He kissed her back lightly. "Chlo, you want to go get some coffee? I want to talk to you about something." There'd been urgency in his voice. Chloe had hoped nothing was wrong.

Turns out, Clark had indeed been concerned about Friday.

"Chloe, I... umm... I was just wondering if you wanted me to get any... condoms, or anything.... for, you know... Friday?"

Chloe had smiled. It was so nice to find a boy that actually cared about safe sex or birth control. But then again, she reminded herself, Clark wasn't a human boy. She supposed she was very lucky to have found possibly the one non-human male on the earth.

"Well, you know that I've been on the Pill for awhile," she replied. Soon after Clark had come over that time she'd had terrible cramps, her doctor had decided that it might help to put her on birth control. So far, it had, and Chloe was secretly glad that she had a good excuse to take it- one that she wouldn't have to explain to her parents.

Clark had nodded. "Yeah, I know you have... but... what if that doesn't make a difference.... with me?"

Chloe had paused thoughtfully. She'd had the same thoughts before, but she couldn't very well have gone and asked her doctor, "Hey, does this protect me against alien babies too?"

"I don't know, Clark, I wouldn't think it'd make a difference. I mean, I think our chances against pregnancy would be even better, if you have different DNA and all. Who knows if I could even conceive with you?"

Clark had considered her words, but he'd still looked fretful. "I'm just worried, Chloe. I don't want anything to happen to you."

Chloe had reached out and grabbed his hand. "And you don't get sick, plus the fact that we've never done anything with anyone... but you know, if it makes you feel better, we can use a condom."

Clark had been biting his lip so cutely. "Do you want to, Chloe?"

"I guess not, I'm letting you know that I don't think we have to, but if you want to, it's fine," she answered slowly. "It's up to you."

Clark had sighed heavily. "Just leaving it all to me huh?"

Chloe had started to rub his shoulder. "I told you my opinion, Clark... do you want to?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, not particularly." Clark had grinned.

Aha, Chloe had thought. Maybe human males were rubbing off on him after all. She better keep an eye on Pete, for her sake.

She'd smiled at him. "I think we'll be okay. But if you change your mind...."

Clark had nodded and hugged her. "Thanks, Chloe. I feel better."

Chloe snapped back to present day as they sat down to eat the meal. It was delicious, as expected. Clark didn't doubt that Lex would have spared anything, knowing the way he could and did throw around money like it was cheap candy. They talked about some things from school, about friends, but Clark seemed to be avoiding discussing the impending event. Maybe he just didn't think there was anything to mention about it, Chloe thought. But, finally, Chloe couldn't keep her suspicions silent any longer.

"You know, Clark, if you're still uncomfortable with this, it's not too late."

He just shook his head. "I want this, Chloe."

"We can even let Lex think that you got deflowered tonight...."

He laughed at that. It was good to see him laugh, Chloe thought.

"No, Chloe, I'm fine. I mean, yeah, maybe I am a bit uncomfortable, but isn't that normal? I can have human emotions, can't I?" He seemed a bit bitter at his last statement.

Chloe softened. "Clark, that's not how I meant it... of course you can."

Clark sighed. "I know, Chloe. But by now I'm getting tired of you keeping on and asking me if I'm sure." He smiled at her to let her know that he was mostly kidding.

Chloe took the hint and raised her hands in surrender. "Alright, no more from me then."

Clark grinned. "Good. So, you want dessert?"

Chloe glanced at the cake, and then back at Clark. "Well, honestly... not really." She cast her eyes up and down his body. Clark noticed, his blush spreading across his cheeks faintly.

"Yeah, I didn't really either."

Somehow, they'd managed to make it to the designated guestroom. They'd fallen back on the bed, kissing each other hungrily, perhaps with more passion than ever before, now that they knew they didn't have to stop. Chloe had managed to get Clark's shirt off, and Clark was currently working on unbuttoning hers with fumbling fingers.

"You just had to wear this shirt, today, hmm?" It had far too many buttons for Clark's liking. His hands shook a little.

Chloe didn't answer him. "Clark?" She stroked his side, more soothingly than to arouse him. "You're trembling."

The corner of his mouth turned up in a smile. "I was sorta hoping you wouldn't notice."

"We don't have to go all the way tonight, we can just..."

Clark put his fingers over her mouth. "Chloe, be quiet." He kissed her then, to make sure she couldn't say anything more.

Her unbuttoned the last on her shirt, pushing it off to the sides. He'd seen her with less than this before, in the shower that once, but she was wearing a red velvet bra and it looked incredibly sexy.

"God, Chloe... you wear this kinda stuff everyday?"

She giggled and shook her head. "Just for you," she whispered huskily.

He groaned low in his throat at her words. Somehow, she always knew just what to say to turn him on. Only this time, he appreciated it. He kissed her again, slipping his tongue in her mouth, while his hands caressed the tops of her breasts. He pulled her up into a sitting position, pushing her shirt off all the way. He stroked his hands along her sides, and her lower back, before finally unclasping her bra. It fell away softly, and Clark knew this time he could look upon her shamelessly.

One hand stroked along her side again, up to her breast. His hand lingered just below it, before he gently cupped it in his hand. He saw Chloe close her eyes in pleasure, a soft breath escaping her lips. He ran his thumb over her nipple, and was rewarded a small gasp from Chloe. He did it again, this time taking both into his hands and she shivered, pressing closer to him. He'd touched her bare breast before, but never with her shirt actually off.

"You're so beautiful, Chloe...."

Chloe just smiled and made what Clark thought was a very cute noise. Her hands were stroking his hips under his jeans. She knew he liked it, and she could never get enough of feeling the muscles around his hips and stomach. Her hands began to work at undoing his jeans, a task made even more difficult with Clark still playing with her nipples.

"Clark," she muttered. Clark grinned.

"Now who's the one having trouble?"

Chloe glared at him. She wanted his pants off. Now. Clark could sense the 'don't mess with me' vibe and helped her pull off his jeans. His boxers were impressively tented. Chloe reached her hand out toward him, glancing up at him quickly for consent. Clark nodded slightly, and braced himself for her touch. She lightly grasped him through his boxers, hearing Clark gasp. She smiled, and gently moved her fingers around him.

Suddenly, Clark pushed her back on the bed. She momentarily wondered if she'd done something wrong, until she felt him removing her own pants, then his fingers tracing the edges of her panties. She'd decided to wear her half-lacy, half-see-through bikini cut pair, and Chloe knew from the look in his eyes that Clark approved of her choice.

He was running his hands beneath the sides of her underwear, and Chloe thought that he was going to take those off at any moment, but crawled back up her body, kissing her lips once more, his hands returning to her breasts.

Chloe could tell he was stalling, coming back to safer territory. She knew she'd have to let him go at his own pace and let him figure out when he felt ready, and she knew she should be thankful that he wasn't rushing things, judging by what she'd heard of horny boys his age and how hastily they went. Besides, his touch was amazing, and she couldn't say that she minded letting him linger.

Clark licked and nibbled his way down her throat, continuing down further. Chloe's hands had wrapped themselves in his hair, and his tongue stroked across her nipple, her hands tightened against his scalp. He drew it into his mouth, sucking gently, then more firmly as he kept hearing affirmative noises escaping Chloe's lips. He moved on to the other nipple, repeating his same actions, using his hand to gently squeeze and caress her other breast.

Chloe was squirming uncontrollably beneath him, and he realized that he was lightly rubbing himself against her body. Chloe moved her leg, using her thigh to stroke him. Patient as she was trying to be, she was getting quite antsy.

"Clark," she murmured impatiently.

Clark just smiled to himself. "I'm not done yet, Chloe, I'm having fun."

Chloe sighed exasperation. She let him continue a while longer, admittedly enjoying it quite a bit, still rubbing her thigh against his erection. Now, she pressed against it harder, and heard Clark moan and pull away. He was breathing hard and his eyes were dark.

"Sorry Chloe... mmm little too excited."

She rubbed one hand over his chest, pinching his nipple in payback for all the time he'd spent on hers. Her other hand caressed his firm stomach. She loved the way she could feel his muscles tighten in pleasure.

"I think, Clark, that if I get you off now, it'll take the edge off for later."

Clark moaned and mumbled something agreeably. It seemed to Chloe that he'd lost most of his vocabulary in his current state.

Chloe smiled at him and pushed at his shoulder. Clark allowed himself to be pushed onto his back. She reached for the waistband of his boxers, tugging them over his hardness, down and off.

Clark squirmed anxiously. She'd seen him naked, and even hard before, but he still blushed shyly at lying nude before her. She laid next to him on her side, the back of her hand stroking his red cheekbones.

Her fingers traced his bare length, and she felt him shudder at the brief contact. She smiled to herself. It was almost too easy. She gripped him in her hand, slowly stroking him from the base to the head, liking the way he groaned everytime she ran her fingers over his head.

Clark's muscles were tense. Her hand was soft, feminine, so different from his own touch. And, he was so excited from rubbing against her before, he knew it wasn't going to take much longer.

"Ch... Chlo," he managed to moan her name, his hips bucking into her hand. Chloe leaned over and kissed him, just as he exploded into her grip, his whole body shuddering. His hands were holding onto the sheets, and he was trying desperately not to tear them apart, his eyes closed tightly from the effort and the pleasure.

In the distance, he heard Chloe's voice. "Hey, Clark... hey... you still with me?"

He cracked open an eye and smiled at her. "Mmm yeah," he mumbled almost coherently.

Through his open eye, he saw her curiously examining her fingers. "I think it's more lavender, Clark."

A small chuckle escaped him. "If you say so."

"Sweet," she murmured, remembering their earlier conversation. "Can I taste it?"

Clark almost moaned at her words. "Umm, if you want to."

He watched as she delicately stuck her tongue out to the tip of her finger, licking some off his cum.

"Not too bad, Clark. I kinda like it." She sucked the rest off her fingers.

That sight alone nearly made Clark climax again. Chloe settled back against his body, giving him another kiss. He did taste sweet. Chloe's eyes glanced back along his body. He was still hard. As far as she knew, his hard-on had never subsided.

"Umm, Clark. I could be wrong... but I thought... isn't it supposed to go away after you come?"

Clark blushed yet again. "Umm, I guess that's something I forgot to mention before... it usually stays... up... for awhile."

Chloe's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Oh... interesting."

"I'm sorry, Chlo, I know it's... odd."

"Oh, no, Clark," she rubbed his chest reassuringly. "I don't care, why would I care?"

He shrugged. Then, he suddenly grinned and before she knew it, Chloe found herself on her back, with Clark kissing her deeply. Yes, Clark seemed to be getting a bit hyper, she thought to herself. He slowly pulled off her panties. They were soaked with her arousal. He tossed them off the bed, rubbing his hand along her stomach, hesitantly briefly before dipping his fingers into her folds. She was so warm, and oh, so wet. It gave him a rush to know he had made her that way. He searched for her opening, gently slipping a finger inside her. Chloe made a soft moan.

Clark had done as much research as he could find on what to do with a girl. They were so much more complicated. It was hard to go wrong with a penis, but he hadn't the faintest clue what to expect about Chloe. He rubbed his thumb over a bump, knowing he'd found the right spot when she gasped.

"Mrmm... right there, Clark," she groaned.

He smiled, pleased with himself. He continued to gently move his finger in and out of her, occasionally flicking his thumb over her clit. Soon enough, he had Chloe squirming against his hand and moaning continuously. He added a second finger, slowly, waiting to see if it was too much, but Chloe just arched up into his hand. He used his other hand to circle her stomach, running it along her breasts, tweaking one of her nipples. Chloe cried out, shivering as she came, and he felt her inner muscles clench rhythmically around his fingers until she lay limp against him.

He kissed her softly. "Was... that okay?" he asked tentatively.

Chloe smiled. "Wonderful."

He grinned, and rolled on top of her, kissing her eagerly. He was still hyper. He settled himself against her body, and she kissed him back passionately, her legs parting automatically and Clark resting between them. His hardness brushed against her inner thigh, and they both realized at the same time what position they were in, and what inevitably would happen next.

They talked with their eyes, gazing at each other. They could read the need and desire in each other.

Clark suddenly became shy, unsure. "Are you nervous, Chloe?"

She licked her lips. "A little," she admitted.

She was surprised when Clark grinned. "Good, then we're together."

Chloe could tell that Clark was still hesitating, and she couldn't stand the suspense a second longer, so she reached down and grasped him, pulling him close and positioning him at her entrance, then releasing him and running her hand up over his hip.

"Just... slowly, 'kay, Clark?"

He nodded. "I will," he whispered back.

He pushed forward, his head slipping just inside her. He saw no adverse reaction from Chloe, so he pushed in a bit more. She was so tight though, and the next time he nudged further, he could feel something change and he slid in all the way.

He heard her make a choked whimper, and he saw she was biting her lip. He knew her pride was trying not to show it, but he'd hurt her. He balanced himself on one forearm, and reached up, brushing a strand of hair off her forehead. "I'm sorry, Chloe." He kissed her softly and nuzzled her neck.

Her nails were digging into his hip. She knew that he wouldn't be hurt, though, so she didn't worry about it. Gradually, she could feel the pain fade, until it was just more uncomfortable than anything else. She squirmed slightly, ready to continue.

He couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams that it would have felt like this, felt this good. He felt his control hanging on by only the barest thread. She was so hot around him. He stayed still, not trusting himself to move. Chloe, however, didn't share his sentiments.

"Clark, I'm fine... you're gonna hurt me more by making me wait much longer!" Chloe said impatiently, pushing her hips against his.

Oh, lord, even that little bit of friction her movement caused felt too good. Clark stifled a moan. "I'm glad you think I'm being considerate, but I'm afraid my motives are bit more selfish," he replied, his voice a bit strained. He carefully used the weight of his body to keep her still.

Chloe's eyes showed her sudden concern. She'd almost forgot that Clark might be finding this even more awkward than she was. "Oh, Clark... you okay?"

He nodded, "Umm, yeah, I... need to think...."

Chloe cut him off with a kiss. "It's alright... you're just lucky that you're strong and your arms aren't going to get tired."

Clark smiled at her comment and captured her lips again, then choosing to nibble down her neck and shoulder. Chloe thought she was going to die in anticipation, but no sooner than she thought that, she felt Clark withdraw slightly and push back, ever so slowly. It felt a bit odd, different than fingers, but wasn't that uncomfortable anymore, and after a few more of his slow thrusts, Chloe's hands drifted up from his hips to grip his shoulders. Yes, this is turning out to be quite pleasant, she thought. And it kept becoming more and more pleasurable with each of his movements. She traced along the muscles in his back, enjoying the way they flexed beneath her hands.

It had taken a bit for Clark to adjust and find a good rhythm. It had been an awkward movement at first, but now he seemed to have gotten the hang of it. Eventually, Chloe began to thrust her hips back against his, starting to moan as the pleasurable tension within her increased.

Clark slowly sped up the pace. He could feel himself getting closer. Clark hadn't even broken a sweat from his efforts. Chloe's skin, however, gleamed with perspiration, her body glowing with heat.

"Chloe," he groaned to her. "You... feel so... amazing...."

Chloe just moaned in response; her eyes had been closed in pleasure, she opened them now and met his gaze. She could tell that he was much closer than she was.

"Yes, Clark," she murmured. She drew her legs up higher, wrapping them around him, and he sank even deeper within her. The sensation seemed to the last straw.

Clark's body paused and tensed, he buried his head into her shoulder, and Chloe heard him pull in a sharp breath before he was shuddering hard and she could feel a gush of extra warmth inside her. She stroked his behind with her calves and wrapped her arms around him as he finished. She couldn't quite place her finger on it, but all of a sudden she felt incredibly close and connected now that he'd come inside her.

Clark moaned in the aftermath of sensation, and kissed her. Chloe kissed him back, thinking it was over, but Clark began to thrust into her again. He knew he'd probably be hard for another few minutes and had no intention of stopping before Chloe came too. He didn't care what Lex had said. Chloe remembered that he didn't get soft, and thought that this particular quirk could definitely have its advantages as the pleasure starting building in her again.

Clark leaned on one forearm, reaching his other hand back to find her clit again. Chloe moaned, her fingers digging into his shoulders. Clark took her higher and higher until her orgasm finally broke over her. She cried out, nearly screaming at the intensity of it. Clark felt her muscles squeeze him again, and he knew he'd succeeded. Clark was staring into her eyes, and she struggled to keep hers open. He was grinning, and she couldn't help but smile at him lazily and stretch.

Oh, she could definitely understand why everyone talked about sex so much. And they didn't even have Clark. It was incredible.

Clark was still grinning as he rolled them onto their sides, still inside her, but softening now. He caressed her back, giving her a kiss. He hugged her close, holding her tightly against his chest.

"I love you so much, Chloe," he whispered into her ear.

Chloe could still barely talk. "Mrmm... I love you," she managed to say, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of his warm body around and in her. She opened her eyes slightly to look at him again. He was still grinning like an idiot, and squirming around to boot. It was almost annoying.

"Clark, I know you get hyper and all, but can't you stay still?"

Clark grinned. "I'll try."

Clark was feeling incredibly happy at the moment. He didn't know what alien hormone was racing through his veins, but, damn, did he feel good. He found it impossible to wipe the goofy smile from his face. And even better, he hadn't destroyed anything!

"Hey, Chlo...."

"Hrmm?" she mumbled into his chest.

"I did it."

Chloe smiled. "Yes, yes you did."

"We had sex!" He sounded like a little boy opening Christmas presents.

"Yes, we did." Chloe laughed. When he'd warned her he got hyper, she didn't know he'd meant silly too.

After awhile, Clark seemed to settle down. His voice had lost its silly tone as he asked, "Did you like it, Chloe?"

This time, it was Chloe's turn to grin. "Oh, very much, Clark... very much."

Clark smiled happily. He thought of something, and his smile faded. "You're okay, though, right? I didn't hurt you?"

Chloe smiled at him reassuringly. "No, I mean, at first, it did a little, but no more than it would with any other guy."

Clark looked greatly relieved. "Good." Chloe snuggled against him again. She knew she'd have to leave soon to make her curfew. But Clark was still stroking her back and she felt so relaxed, lethargic... being in Clark's arms seemed like the most natural thing on earth.

Eventually, though, she pulled back from him. Clark made a sound of protest in his throat.

"Sorry, Clark, I think it's time for us to head back."

He sighed disappointedly. But she was right. "Yeah."

He reluctantly untangled himself from her, rolling out of bed and gathering his clothes up from the floor. Chloe watched his naked body appreciatively. She couldn't believe she'd just had sex with the most gorgeous man in Smallville. His body was unreal. The muscles in his back rippled beneath his tanned skin, and she certainly didn't mind his butt either. Nope.

Chloe could hardly wait for next time.


Chapter Nine: Positioning


"Clark, can't you just use your super-speed if someone comes by?"

"No... they still might see us!" Clark whispered urgently. "And then they'll see me use my speed and that's even worse than catching us like this!"

"But don't you have super hearing so you'll know enough time in advance?"

"Yeah, I do, but...."

"But what?"

"Well, it's kinda hard to concentrate on listening when you're... when you do...." Clark trailed off, a faint blush spreading across his fine cheekbones.

Chloe grinned. She placed her palm flat against his flannel-covered chest, slipping her hand in between the buttons and stroking his skin slowly. "But you can try, can't you?"

Clark bit his lip. "Chloe...."

"Even if your parents come back, Clark, maybe they won't come out to the barn?"

"Ha, knowing my parents it'll be the first thing they do. Especially when they see your car out front." Clark flashed his brilliant smile at her. Chloe knew he was right, unfortunately.

"Clark... it's been almost two weeks," Chloe whined. Wasn't Clark supposed to be the really horny teenage boy who should be all up over her?

Clark laughed and pulled her closer against him. "How deprived."

Chloe pouted, which just made Clark laugh even more. He had to admit, he rather enjoyed having Chloe beg him for sex. It was more than enough to make him hard immediately.

He leaned down and kissed her pouting mouth. "I'll do my best to listen, but I'm putting all the blame on you if we get caught."

Chloe smiled agreeably and kissed him back hungrily, her hands tearing open his shirt almost frantically.

Clark chuckled at her eagerness. "Easy... how am I gonna explain my shirt to my mom?" He grabbed her hands playfully, swiftly rolling them over so that he was on top of her.

Chloe nibbled at his neck, glad she wasn't ever able to break the skin or worry about hickeys that would need to be hidden later.

Clark pulled off her shirt gently, placing tiny kisses along her shoulders and down the valley between her breasts. Chloe wasn't wearing a bra. Obviously she'd come expecting some. Clark's lips formed a brief smile at the thought.

Chloe squirmed and was trying to wiggle out of her own pants. Clark mischievously but carefully pressed more weight onto her, effectively ending her plans to remove her pants. He smiled again at her futile attempts.

Chloe groaned. "Clark, while normally I appreciate your unusual attention span for foreplay, we don't have the time nor do I have the patience for it tonight."

Clark grinned and lifted himself off her enough so she could finish undressing. "So eager are we?" he said teasingly.

Chloe glanced down at his crotch and growled, "Pants off, now."

Clark shivered at the tone in her voice. "Yes ma'am," he said. He stood, quickly unbuckling his belt and shedding his jeans and boxers at the same time.

Chloe had rolled onto her stomach and pulled herself up so that she was on her hands and knees.

Clark suppressed a moan at the sight of her like that, so inviting him to fuck her. But at the same time, it wasn't his favorite position. The last time, Chloe had asked him if he'd wanted to try something different, and he'd readily agreed. She had said that she'd read about various positions and that the one she wanted to try was supposed to be perfect for g-spot stimulation. She'd almost sounded like a manual. He'd told her as much, but went along anyhow. Indeed, it must've been quite stimulating, because Chloe had nearly screamed when she'd come. About as close to a scream as it could get. Clark had enjoyed it too, needless to say, but he didn't think he wanted to do it like that all the time.

"We did it like this last time." He knelt behind her anyway, his hands stroked down her sides, until he was rubbing her hips.

"I know; it felt soooo good Clark." Apparently Chloe had grown rather fond of doggy-style.

"But I like to be able to look at you, Chlo," he persisted.

"Pleaassseee?" She turned her head and pouted at him. Clark certainly couldn't resist that.

Clark gently grasped her hips and slide into her with a single thrust. She was so wet, so aroused so quickly considering the small amount of foreplay. Chloe must've been really horny tonight, he thought. Pushing the thought aside, he leaned over her back, whispering in her ear, "Next time I get to choose, 'kay?"

Chloe groaned at the exquisite feel of him entering her. "Mmm... wha'ver you say." She couldn't put up much of a protest with him moving inside her, feeling so good.

In this position, with Clark hitting her just right with every thrust, it didn't take much before she was moaning constantly and rapidly approaching the edge.

Suddenly, Clark froze. Chloe moaned, this time in frustration.

"Uhmm... Clark! Don't tease!"

But Clark just gripped her hips tighter to keep her still. "Do you hear anything?"

Chloe was almost beyond caring. "No... Clark...."

Clark strained his ears. He thought he'd heard his father's truck, but he realized it was just another truck driving by on the road.

Chloe sighed in relief as he began moving again.

"Ohh... Clark... harder."

Clark bit his lip hard, trying to oblige her carefully while at the same time concentrate on listening and attempting to keep his own pleasure from overwhelming both efforts.

Chloe started making the noise that Clark had come to recognize as meaning that she was about to come, and he delivered a last few hard thrusts while balancing himself and reaching around to flick her clit and then Chloe really truly was screaming this time and Clark prayed that he was right about the truck passing by because he was sure that all of Smallville could hear. Eventually, Chloe finished shuddering. She would have collapsed had Clark not had his arm around her waist, strong enough to hold up her whole body.

Clark eased her down slowly, allowing himself to slip out of her and he flipped her over effortlessly before sliding inside once more. Chloe was slightly confused, but she was so far gone that she was like a limp doll in his arms, putting up no protest. Clark pressed himself against her body, pumping swiftly again before he came while gazing into her heavy-lidded eyes. Chloe managed to gather enough of herself to kiss him, swallowing his cry of intense pleasure.

Moments later, Clark rolled onto his side, snuggling her against him. Chloe purred in utter contentment. Clark grinned, his hyperness starting to set in.

"Geez Chloe, I wouldn't be surprised if Lana comes up to me in school Monday and asks what was going on in my barn."

Chloe's eyes were closed, her breathing evening out. "Hmm?"

"I don't think you've ever been that loud. I wouldn't be surprised if my parents heard all the way in town and are racing home right now."

A dreamy smile played at the corner of Chloe's mouth. "Your fault."

Clark giggled and sat up, pulling her with him. "C'mon, we have to get dressed."

"Mrmm...." Chloe still hadn't quite regained the ability to form sentences yet. Chloe didn't know if she'd ever understand how Clark could be so talkative after sex. Sometimes his hyperness was almost annoying.

He was so giddy that he couldn't help but use his speed to gather up their clothes, and before Chloe realized what was happening he was dressed and he'd managed to dress her, too.

"You're insane, Clark."

He just grinned and kissed her. "Remember, next time, my way."

Chloe smiled back. "Alright... hmm... who knows what we could do, considering your strength?"

Clark laughed. "I don't know, I guess we'll have to find out, huh?"

Chloe grinned mischievously.


Chapter Ten: Addiction


When he'd gotten home, Clark had holed himself up in his room. He'd snuck past his parents, quickly waving hello to let them know he was home before hiding out. Not that his parents really knew what his sudden bursts of hyperness really meant, but he was sure with the idiotic grin stretched across his face that they would know something had gone on.

And, alien or not, he wasn't about to have them find out. Clark talked about a lot of things in his life with his parents, but he decided that losing his virginity was definitely best kept to himself. If his parents freaked about him playing football, he didn't even want to hear the crap they'd give him about sex.

The next morning, the phone ringing awakened Clark. He was surprised he'd slept so late, and even more surprised that his dad had let him sleep in. Groggily, he reached over to answer it.

"Hello?" he mumbled into the phone.

He was rewarded by Chloe's cheery voice.

"Hey, Clark! You sound tired!"

"Yeah, I just woke up."

Chloe laughed. "It's 10 o'clock, I would have thought you'd been up for hours by now."

"Yeah, I know. They didn't wake me up today."

"You don't think they suspect something, do you?" Chloe sounded worried.

"I don't think so. I hope not."

"Good." The usual Chloe bubble had returned. "Are you busy today?" Clark mentally ran over his list of chores. He'd finished the majority of projects his father had wanted him to do before Friday, as a way of working off stress and so he wouldn't have to worry about them during the weekend. Just in case things with Chloe went as planned and she wanted to spend more "quality" time later. He grinned wickedly at the thought.

"No, I got most of my chores done. Maybe that's why they didn't wake me up."

"Cool. I was thinking we could pack some lunch and go swimming at the pond?"

"Sure, sounds good."

"Alright, I'll be over soon then."

"Okay, Chlo. Bye."

"Bye." Now it was Chloe's turn to grin wickedly. She continued on quickly before he could hang up, "Oh, and Clark? Don't bring a swimsuit. You won't need it."

Picnic basket and blanket in hand, Clark walked with Chloe to the nearby pond. It wasn't far into the Smallville woods beyond the Kent farm.

They arrived at the pond. It was a beautiful day, warm. The water sparkled invitingly, and the grass surrounding it was green and lush. Perfect.

Clark spread the blanket out and flopped casually onto his side. He began digging through the basket for some of his mom's famous sandwiches with homemade bread, but glanced up in time to see Chloe sit almost... gingerly next to him. Perhaps no one else but him, with his extra sharp eyes, would have noticed.

"Chloe?" He looked at her intensely.


"What's wrong?"

Chloe blinked. Sometimes she almost forgot how perceptive Clark was. "Nothing, I'm fine."

"Then why did you look like you were having trouble sitting down?"

Chloe knew how sensitive Clark was about hurting her. She didn't want him to know; she'd figured it was better just to ignore it. "I said I'm fine."

Clark wasn't convinced. The concern was clearly evident in his wide eyes. "Are you okay? I hurt you, didn't I? Why didn't you say something last night?"

Chloe reached out and put a hand on his knee. "No, no... you didn't hurt me."

"Chloe, you always make me tell you everything...."

Chloe sighed. It was true. She would never let him get away with it. Lord knows she'd made him tell her all sorts of embarrassing things about himself.

"I'm just a little... sore, that's all. It's normal."

"It is? Are you sure?" Lex hadn't warned him about that apparent side effect.

Chloe chuckled. "Yes, it's nothing, Clark. It happens afterward even from guys without superpowers."

"Oh. Chloe?"


"I want to make sure you're okay."

Chloe raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

Clark grabbed her thighs and gently pulled her closer to him until she was lying flat on her back. Chloe watched as his eyes focused and his stare grew intense.

"What are you doing, Clark?"

"Umm... X-raying you." He glanced over her quickly. From what he could tell, everything appeared to look as it should. Reassured at last that she hadn't suffered any obvious damage because of him, he pulled her into his arms and snuggled her against his chest.

Mild surprise showed on Chloe's face. "Do I pass inspection?"

Clark's face flushed. "Yeah, I'm sorry. I just needed to make sure."

Chloe shook her head, but smiled at him. "Alright, you convinced now?"

Clark smiled back and kissed her, lightly running his fingers through the back of her hair. "Yep. Are you hungry?"


They ate their lunch peacefully. After they'd finished, Chloe grabbed Clark's hand and started dragging him toward the water.

"Aren't we supposed to wait an hour after eating before we swim?" he asked teasingly.

Chloe laughed. "That's an old wives tale. Besides, I'm sure if I was in danger of drowning that you'd save me."

Clark smiled. "I'd have to think about it."

Chloe punched him playfully, then undressed, tossing her clothes by the shoreline. "Have you ever gone skinny-dipping before?"

"Hmm, not with a girl."

Chloe stepped back into the water. "I guess you're in for a treat then." She stopped, shivering slightly at the chill water.

Clark quickly shed his own garments and dove in. He came up, shaking water from his hair. "C'mon, Chloe. What're you waiting for?"

"It's freezing!"

Clark swam up to where she was standing knee deep and pulled her in backwards. Chloe shrieked as her whole body hit the water. Clark dunked them beneath the water, holding her for a moment before bringing them both back to the surface.

Chloe gasped, shocked. "That wasn't very nice!" she sputtered.

Clark just laughed and held her closer, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Sorry," he said unconvincingly.

Chloe sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Clark pretended to look sorry. "Do you forgive me?"

Chloe pushed a lock of his wet hair behind his ear. "I guess so." She gave him a kiss, soft and sweet, her lips lingering on his.

Clark smiled. He returned the kiss, and couldn't help but notice the way her nipples had grown hard in response to the temperature. He felt his penis stir, growing hard in response to Chloe. She felt him lengthen against her thigh.

"I thought that cold water was supposed to have an adverse effect on that portion of a guy's anatomy."

Clark shrugged, smiling at her. "It's never had that effect with me. I think I like the cold."

Chloe grinned. He was just full of pleasant surprises.

He kissed her deeply, his hands running down over her back until he cupped her buttocks, lifting her up and drawing her even closer against him. Chloe moaned softly, biting his lip. The peaks of her nipples scraped against his chest, and both of them gasped at the sensation.

Clark rubbed himself intimately against her. Chloe stiffened slightly at the contact. "Umm... Clark?" Her voice contained a hint of worry.

"Shh, I know. I won't go inside you," he murmured reassuringly into her ear. He ground himself lightly against her, his shaft stroking along her clit, making Chloe whimper. "Is this okay?" he asked softly, even though he suspected he knew her answer judging by her whimpering.

Chloe could only nod and gripped her arms around his neck tighter.

"I know we just got in... but do you want to finish this on the shore?" Chloe managed to ask.

Clark smiled agreeably and carried them both out of the water, setting her gently onto the blanket. The breeze blew across their bodies, making Chloe shiver, not only from the cold but because it felt like all nerve endings in her skin were ultra sensitive at the moment.

Clark wasn't the least bit cold, of course. He covered her body with his. "I'll keep you warm," he whispered. He kissed her, his tongue exploring the mouth he knew so well by now. Chloe squirmed against him, missing the contact where she wanted it most, attempting to rub herself against his thigh.

Clark understood her silent plea and his lips left hers, travelling down her body to her stomach. He licked water droplets off her body, lightly nibbling her skin. His warm tongue circled around her belly, a sharp contrast between the chilly breeze. He dipped his tongue into her belly button, making Chloe shudder. Clark licked along her hip, moving his hand to her mound and pressing against her. Chloe arched into his hand, wanting even more. Pleased with her reaction, he licked his way closer toward his goal. Clark paused, and Chloe could feel his hot breath against her.

Chloe knew what he wanted to do. "Please, Clark," she begged.

With that, Clark touched the tip of his tongue to her clit. He couldn't describe how she tasted, but he decided that he liked it, and her smell was intoxicating. He heard Chloe gasp. Encouraged, he circled his tongue around. At each movement of his tongue, he was rewarded with various moans and whimpers from Chloe.

In her fantasies, Chloe had imagined Clark doing this to her many a time, but to actually feel it was something else. She couldn't have ever imagined it would be this nice. She'd always had small worries about this in the back of her mind; in some ways it seemed even more intimate than actual sex, with his face so close to her most private area. But all of those concerns had vanished at the first touch of his tongue. All Chloe cared about now was the incredible sensations he was causing.

Clark kept licking, experimenting with various strokes and pressure. He wasn't sure how long it would take before Chloe came, but Clark thought that he could do this the rest of the afternoon. One of Clark's hands drifted up her body, finding one of her nipples, pinching and rolling it between his fingertips. Chloe made a muffled squeak. The other hand had been caressing her stomach, since he'd known how much that turned her on, but now he moved it to her hip to help pin her down, as her wiggling increased. Chloe's own hands were tangled in the blankets. She could feel the tension building in her, and she concentrated on the sensation of Clark's tongue. It was enough to send her over the edge, wonderful warmth and pleasure spreading through her whole body.

Clark moved up on his side next to her, lazily tracing patters on her stomach. He was leaning his head in his hands, his elbow propping him up, gazing down at her adoringly. Chloe smiled up at him.

Clark smiled back. "I don't think I have to ask how that was."

Chloe mmm'ed and shook her head. Clark slid his elbow out so he rested lower on the blanket, leaning in to nuzzle her neck. Chloe was enjoying his attention, but a glance down revealed that he was still rock hard. She lifted her head and pushed him back slightly.

"Hmm... shall I try the same on you now?" she asked.

Clark knew he was still incredibly aroused, and earlier while he pleasured Chloe, it had taken a lot of willpower to stop himself from humping the blanket. But at the same time, he didn't want Chloe to feel like it was expected of her. "You don't have to," he replied.

Chloe didn't answer him, but Clark saw the wicked gleam in her eyes and he knew there was no way she wasn't going to return the favor.


"What? You don't want me to?" Chloe blinked, not sure how to react. So far, he'd liked everything she'd heard normal guys like.

"I do, oh believe me I do. But it's just that... when I'm the one... leading, I guess, I know what's going to happen next... but if you... well, I don't know what to expect, I don't know how I'm going to react... how to control myself."

"I promise not to try anything too drastic."

"Even so...." he trailed off.

Chloe stroked his chest lightly. "Clark, I trust you. You just let me know if something is too much. Will that work?"

Clark quickly considered it. He really really wanted it to work. "I... I think so."


Before Clark even had a chance for second thoughts, Chloe had positioned herself between his legs. Chloe was once again amazed at the size of him. Sure, Clark was tall, but she was pretty sure that it wasn't normally proportioned for his height. She had an even harder time believing that he'd actually fit inside her last night. Not that it'd been that easy at first.

A drop of pre-cum had formed on the tip. She licked it away, marveling at how sweet that one tiny bit was. She sucked on him lightly, then heard Clark make a mangled sound deep in his throat. She paused.

"You alright?"

Clark nodded fiercely. He didn't know if people on his home world had this in their culture, but if they didn't, he was glad he was on Earth. "I'm... yeah... don't stop... please."

Chloe grinned and ran her tongue along the underside, tracing the vein, the back up to his head, swirling her tongue around it, again tasting a faint sweetness. She sucked on him again, a bit harder this time, watching him carefully to see if it was too much too soon. Clark's eyes were closed, his lips parted, and he panted heavily. Chloe could tell his body was incredibly tense with the effort of staying in control. She stroked her tongue along him again, one of her hands lightly grasping his balls and squeezing ever so gently. She used her other hand to grip his shaft, stroking him with her thumb. Clark moaned loudly and bucked into her hand.

"Chloe... Chloe," he said urgently.

Chloe was worried she'd done something wrong, that maybe it was too much for him. "What?"

"I... I'm really close." He felt slightly embarrassed, thinking it should last longer, that Chloe had taken longer, but it felt amazing and he felt like he'd been on the edge ever since they'd started fooling around in the water and he knew there was no way she could keep this going without him exploding any moment.

Chloe almost sighed in relief. She hadn't done anything wrong after all, but quite right it seemed. She'd remembered how sweet he'd tasted, and she'd fully intended to finish him completely. "I want to taste you again, Clark. Can I?"

Like it had last night, hearing that alone almost set him off. "Umm... yeah... okay."

She drew him in her mouth again, her hand stroking the bottom of his shaft. A few more sucks was all it took before Clark cried out, shooting into her mouth. Chloe tried swallowing it all, but unpracticed as she was, some dribbled out. She wiped her lips, then licked her hand of the remaining drops. She licked her lips, her tongue swirling the lingering taste of him in her mouth. It was even sweeter all at once, better than chocolate frosting.

She smiled, as Clark was almost nervously watching her, waiting to see her reaction. "You taste so good, Clark."

"Re... really?" She'd said so last night, but he was still amazed that she was taking the whole alien thing so well.

"Yeah. Sweeter than sugar. Heavy like maple syrup. I like it." She crawled up his body, settling into his arms. Clark leaned down and kissed her, able to taste himself on her tongue. It was pretty sweet, he thought, but Clark couldn't understand why Chloe seemed so enthusiastic about it. He decided that he wasn't going to argue with her, though.

"Could you taste it?" Chloe asked, curious.

"A little. It's alright."

"Well, I think it's delicious."

Clark laughed. "Delicious? If you say so. I'm glad you think so." He wiggled around, though inwardly fighting to keep still.

"Hyper again?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah. It just feels like... I don't know, like something's flowing through me, like I'm on drugs or something, I can't really explain it."

She smiled at him, shaking her head endearingly. "I love you."

He kissed her again softly. "I love you, too."

A few weeks went by. Clark and Chloe had only managed to find a few more opportunities for actual intercourse, wanting to be able to get to know each other at a leisurely pace. Yet, they seized any time they could for a hasty hand-job or oral sex.

Chloe was always more than eager to blow him. He teased her of being greedy, the way she almost devoured him. Sometimes, it almost seemed like a race to see how quickly Chloe could get him off. Most of the time, Clark couldn't say in the heat of the moment that he'd minded, but afterward something always lingered at the back of his mind; sometimes he wished that Chloe would just take her time.

However, there was always the risk they'd get caught, and usually they couldn't linger as they'd might have liked. A lot of the time, she'd brush off his attempts to pleasure her back, saying that she didn't mind or that it was just a lot easier to tuck him back in his pants if they heard the stairs creaking. But Clark didn't like feeling as if he was neglecting her, despite Chloe's claims that watching his enjoyment was more than enough for her until they could find more time. He knew he'd have to bring up his feelings about it to her at some point, though.

More often that not, she'd give him a quick blowjob in one of their bedrooms, always risking that one of their parents might come up and check on them. In fact, sometimes Chloe seemed to really push it, and they'd come dangerously close more than once. So close that Clark thought his parents were beginning to suspect something, but so far hadn't said anything.

Quite frankly, he was almost worried about her insistence on blowing him all the time. Afterward, she'd always comment on how good he tasted, how she couldn't get enough of him. It was starting to become a problem. He knew it was only sooner or later that they'd truly get caught. It was almost as if Chloe was, well, addicted to his cum.

"Hey, Clark, s'up man." Clark was jerked out of his thoughts. He looked up to see Pete crossing the school's courtyard and toward the bench he was sitting on. Chloe wasn't far behind.

"Oh... hey, Pete. Not much. Hi, Chlo."

Chloe sat down next to Clark, intertwining her fingers with his. Clark smiled and lightly squeezed her hand. They were careful about public displays of affection at school. For one thing, they were illegal. And they knew that sometimes it made Pete feel uncomfortable or left out to watch them almost make-out in front of him.

In fact, before they'd really told anyone, Pete had seen Clark sneaking a kiss to Chloe before class. Pete, of course, had immediately confronted him about it, demanding to know what it was he'd just seen. Clark had confessed that they'd recently started going out. Pete had been shocked.

"Just friends, huh? That's what you always say."

Clark had shrugged. "Yeah, I know, but things change."

"How? When?" Pete had demanded all the details, so Clark had told him a scaled down version of their night in the barn.

"What happened to your infatuation with Lana Lang?"

"I dunno. I'd been thinking that we really had nothing in common. The only thing we'd ever talk about was how we missed our parents. Or something equally sad. But, Chloe... she's smart, and she's pretty too."

Pete had grinned then, and clapped him on the back. "Good to see you coming around, man. 'Bout time." And that had been the end of it.

"Clark? Clark!" Chloe almost shouted in his ear.


"Where'd you go?"

Clark blinked. "I've been sitting here."

Chloe and Pete exchanged a look. She sighed loudly, more for effect than true exasperation.

"What'd you think of that biology lab, huh? Pretty gross before lunch," Pete went on to comment.

Chloe laughed. "Yeah, formaldehyde smell really brings out my appetite."

Clark grinned. It hadn't bothered him, but he could eat lunch anytime.

Pete rummaged through his lunch sack, holding up a bagged sandwich in disgust. "Man, this just so not appetizing."

Chloe giggled. "I know what's appetizing." She turned and whispered in Clark's ear, who promptly turned crimson.

"Chloe!" He hushed her hurriedly, glancing at Pete.

"Right." Pete gave them both an odd 'I've had it with this' look. "I'll see you guys."

Clark frowned. "Pete!"


Clark sighed. Chloe didn't seemed disturbed.

"Chloe, I can't believe you just said that."

She just smiled at him perkily. "What? It's not like he could hear me."

"I know, but school's not the place for... well...."

Chloe rolled her eyes. "I was only joking, Clark. It's not like I would really blow you for dessert in the janitor's storage room."

Clark blushed again and glanced around to make sure no one had been within earshot. "I don't know, Chloe... you've been kinda pushing it lately."

"Pushing it?"

"Umm, yeah."

"What are you saying? That you don't like it?"

"No, I do! It's not that...."

"You don't want me to?" Chloe crossed her arms and stared at him.

"Not exactly. Sometimes, I just think that... well, that all you want is... my... umm, sweet... stuff. Like it's all you think about. Like you're addicted to it. "

Chloe scoffed. "That's absurd, Clark. I'm not addicted to anything, except caffeine maybe."

"Well, I don't know... I mean, we don't know everything that's in it... it might have some... substance or something."

Chloe flung her bag up over her shoulder. "Whatever, Clark. If you don't want anymore blowjobs, fine. I don't care."

She stood and stormed off. Clark wearily watched her leave. That hadn't gone like he'd hoped it would.

Clark shifted the box of tomatoes in his arm to ring the bell at the gate to the Luthor estate.

Enrique greeted him, and Clark carried the tomatoes to the pantry for him.

"Is Lex around?" Clark asked him.

"I believe he's finishing up some paperwork in his library. He's knows you're here. I don't think he would mind if you interrupted."


The door to the library was open. Lex was lounging in a chair, looking over a binder of something. He glanced up when he heard Clark's footsteps approach.

"Hey, Clark."

"Hi Lex. Busy?"

"Ha, nothing that I wouldn't mind procrastinating on."

Clark smiled, but couldn't think of anything to say in return.

Lex studied him. Clark didn't seem like his usual self. "Is something bothering you?"

Clark shrugged. "Not really."

Lex raised his eyebrow. "You know I hate liars, Clark."

"Yeah, okay."

"Problems with Chloe?" Lex supplied helpfully.

"How'd you know?"

"It's always the girls, especially with you Clark. What went wrong?"

Clark sighed. "I don't really want to talk about it."

"I thought you and Chloe were doing quite well together," Lex commented. He'd draw it out of Clark sooner or later.

"Yeah, we are, we were."

"Something with sex, isn't it?"

Clark shrugged, but then surrendered and nodded.

"What's the problem? Maybe I can be of some assistance."

Clark chuckled weakly. "Well, Chloe... she...."

"She?" Lex prompted.

"She's always umm...." Clark cleared his throat. "Umm, sucking me off."

Lex stared at him in disbelief. "Are you out of your mind?"


"I cannot believe you consider that a problem, Clark."

"Well, no... don't get me wrong, it's good and all, but sometimes it's at really inappropriate times or places...." Clark finished it there. He couldn't tell Lex about the rest of the problem, that he suspected Chloe was truly addicted to his alien sperm.

Lex shook his head, smirking slightly. "Do you know how many boys in your class would kill for your 'problem,' Clark?"

"Umm, a lot?"

"Yes. If I were you, I would consider yourself very lucky to have Chloe if she's as an adventurous girl as you say."

"Yeah, yeah I know. But she's mad at me now. So it doesn't matter anyway."

Lex sighed. "What did you say to her?"

"I... I guess that maybe to tone it down."


"And she got upset, and I haven't talked her since."

"When was this?"

"Today at lunch."

Lex scratched his chin absently. "You want to know what I think?"


"I think you're the one with the problem, Clark. I think you need to get over it and just sit back and enjoy it, 'cause believe me, it's not gonna last forever. I'm sure Chloe will get tired of too soon enough."

"I doubt it," Clark muttered.


"Nothing. Alright, even if I'm the only one to blame then, how do I fix it?"

Lex shrugged. "Bring her flowers or something. Whatever she likes."

'She likes me,' Clark thought. But he knew that wasn't a viable solution.

"Yeah, okay. I guess that's a good idea," Clark said.

Lex stood. "Listen, Clark, why don't you give her some time to calm down, then apologize. She's probably just offended. She probably thinks that you don't like it, and she's either embarrassed or upset that she wasn't doing it right."

Clark considered this. "Yeah, I think she said something to that effect."

Lex smiled, pleased to be right as always. "See."

"Yeah. Well, I have to be getting back. Thanks, Lex."

Lex smiled again. "Believe me, Clark, I'm sure that you'll eventually be complaining that you can't get any. The newness tends to wear off after awhile, in any relationship."

"If you say so." But Clark suspected that wouldn't be true in his case.

"Trust me on this one, Clark."

Clark nodded and sped home. Maybe, just maybe if Chloe went without his semen for long enough, she'd get over her addiction.

Saturday came the next morning. Then Sunday, and Clark didn't hear from Chloe. He figured it was easier to avoid her altogether rather than have another argument. He wasn't quite sure he should take Lex's advice to apologize so soon. Maybe he'd just talk to her on Monday when he saw her.

However, Chloe wasn't at school on Monday. That was odd. Even if Chloe was sick, usually she still forced herself to come to school and keep up to date with the Torch.

Clark stopped by her house on his way home from school. He knocked on her screen door, but since the front door was open, he could see inside the house. The TV was on, so he figured someone was home. Carefully, he worked the lock, opening it. He figured that he would make up an excuse and say that they'd forgotten to lock it.

He stepped inside, calling out, "Chloe?"

He quickly scanned the house, searching for anyone. Through the walls, he could see the outline of Chloe's skeleton curled in her bed. Clark sped up the staircase and burst into her room.

Chloe's lifted her head weakly, startled.

"Clark," she croaked.

"Oh, God, Chloe... what's wrong, are you sick?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I don't know... I feel awful."

Clark sat on the edge of the bed, brushing back hair off her sweaty forehead. She looked awful. Her skin was pasty and pale, with a slight green tint. Her skin was so hot. The covers had been pushed off the bed, and she was only wearing a thin, but long t-shirt.

"It's so hot, Clark."

"I know, hon, I know...." He laid down next to her. Despite her temperature, Chloe snuggled next to him, the heat radiating off her body.

"Do you need anything, water?"

Chloe licked her lips. "I'm not really thirsty."

"But you need to drink something, Chlo."

Chloe licked her lips again. Clark watched her eyes darken.

"That's not what I need," she murmured. Her hand snaked down to his crotch, cupping him over his jeans.

Clark stifled a moan, and pushed her hand away. "You need to rest, Chloe."

"But nobody else is in the house. It's just us."

"You're not thinking straight, you just need some sleep, so you can get better."

Chloe ran her hands over his muscled stomach, trailing the down to his zipper, working on undoing his pants. "Clark...."

Clark bit his lip. He grabbed Chloe's hands and held them gently. "Chloe, don't."

She jerked her hands away from his, once again attempting to finish unzipping him.

Clark removed her hands again, almost roughly, but not enough to hurt her. He held onto them tightly. "Look at yourself, Chloe... you can't stop... you're addicted. Please, you can't deny it anymore."

"No...." She struggled to get out of his grip, but Clark's arms didn't even budge. Eventually, she stopped fighting him, sinking back wearily into the mattress. "I... Clark... I don't know what's wrong with me."

Clark didn't let go of her arms, loosening his grip slightly, but not enough so that she could easily move. "Chloe... maybe you just have to let it get out of your system... maybe then you'll be okay."

Clark didn't know what he would do if Chloe wouldn't be okay. It was all his fault. He should have known that something like this would happen.

Chloe started shaking. Sweat was rolling off her forehead. "Don't... don't leave me though, Clark... hold me down, whatever... just don't go."

Clark drew her in and hugged her close to his body. "I won't. I'm not."

It was so painful for Clark to see her like that, shivering, and alternating from chills to hot flashes. A few times Chloe even pleaded with him to let her suck him, just once more.

Finally, Chloe seemed to have drifted off into a restless sleep, tossing against him and moaning.

Chloe's father came home, and while he was obviously surprised to see Clark there in bed with her, he allowed Clark to stay.

While Chloe was sleeping, Clark gradually felt that her temperature seemed to be evening out and returning to normal. She stopped tossing, and seemed to fall into a deep sleep, breathing rhythmically now.

When Chloe awoke at last, it was dark outside. She could feel Clark's hand softly rubbing her back, his familiar touch comforting her. She was lying on top of him while he rested on his back, his head against her pillow. He was watching her alertly.


"Hey. How are you feeling?"

Chloe swallowed hard. Her tongue felt like sandpaper. "I... better." She closed her eyes in horror as the memory of the afternoon came back. "God, I'm so sorry Clark."

"Shh, it's okay. It wasn't your fault."

"No, it was. Oh my God, I feel so stupid."

"Chloe, listen to me. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine."

"No, Clark, you didn't know... how would you know?"

"I... still, it's me."

"Clark... what if we say it was either neither of our faults or both of our faults?"

Clark smiled slightly. "I guess that's fair. How long have you been sick?"

"Umm, I think since Sunday morning. I just thought I had a little cold at first, but then it kept getting worse and worse."

Clark frowned. "I knew something was wrong when you didn't come to school. I didn't think you'd just be avoiding me."

Chloe put her head back down against his chest. "It's okay. I'm okay now."

Clark nodded. "But, I think this means that you can't... I don't think you can give me blowjobs anymore," he said hesitantly.

Chloe frowned. "Not even once in awhile? I mean, that wouldn't be much fun for you."

"I don't care. You're more important to me, Chloe. Much more."

"But never?"

"I don't know. I guess we'll have to see... uhh how well you can handle me." He smirked a little at her.

Chloe laughed. "Wow, Clark Kent making a joke. I never thought I'd see the day."

He grinned. Chloe leaned up and kissed him softly. Her face turned serious suddenly.

"Wait, does this mean we can't have sex anymore? Or what?"

Clark stroked her hair. "I don't know. I think we can. It's just...."

"Just what?"

"Well, we don't really know exactly how it causes you to be addicted to it... like, if you can absorb it, umm, inside... or just by swallowing.

"Yeah." Chloe paused thoughtfully. "I guess, though, if you wore a condom, that would be okay, right? I mean, I know you probably wouldn't like it as much, but...."

"Chloe," he interrupted. "You know I'd do anything for you. It doesn't matter."

Chloe smiled. "Did I ever mention to you that I think you're the best boyfriend in the world?"

He grinned. "Sometimes, when you're not just trying to get into my pants."

Chloe laughed. Just then, Gabe Sullivan appeared at the door. He glanced them over, not appearing all that happy to find his daughter lying on top of Clark.

"Looks like you're doing better, huh sweetie?"

Chloe smiled again. "Yeah, I think the fever's broke. I feel a lot better."

"Good. You feel like some soup or anything?"

"No, Dad, I'm still not really hungry," Chloe replied tolerantly.

"Okay. But, it's getting late, Clark, so I think it's about time for you to head on home, now that Chloe's feeling better. I'm sure you have some homework you need to do." He looked at Clark pointedly.

Clark nodded. "Uhh yeah, you're right."

Chloe tried to hide her disappointment as she rolled off him. "Bye Clark... thanks for being here."

He smiled at her. "I'm glad you're okay." It held more meaning that Gabe Sullivan would ever know. He grabbed his jacket and headed out the door, wishing a final farewell to her father.

Clark didn't know if there would be any more unforeseen problems down the road. But, he figured Chloe and he would make it through.


Sequel/Interludes to follow at some point.

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