Satellite of Love

by Shrift

The other day, it was Nestra's birthday. So I says to her, "I write snippet for you, pretty lady! Order up!" And she said, "Happy." And she said, "Snuggling." And she said, "Movie." Happy birthday, sweetie. Have some ridiculous schmoop.
All quotes come from Mystery Science Theater 3000: "Cave Dwellers", episode #301. Te suggested "Destroyer", and now I'm beset with the image of Lex in spandex, platform boots, and kabuki makeup.

Lex's right arm and shoulder had long since moved past pain and into numbness, but an experimental wiggle of his fingers verified the continued existence of his hand, and that it was still buried in Clark's hair.

They were on the floor in front of the wide screen television, Clark half on top of Lex and using him as a body pillow.

"Daddy, there's a boy outside. His name is --" the voice on television said.

"Lex," Lex supplied, talking over Dr. Clayton Forrester. "He wants to know if Clark can come over to play with his toys."

"Glad I came over. I like your toys," Clark said. After a moment, he continued with, "Heh. Do you have a smoking jacket, Lex?"

"Several, actually." Lex reached over Clark's back for the Doritos. "I think they're worth more than your father's truck."

"Yeah, well. Smallville mutants. They crash our trucks, and they give you concussions. Do I make fun of your head injuries, Lex?" Clark darted his hand inside the bag, and then used Lex's chest for a plate. He crunched on the chips for a while, crumbs tickling Lex's skin. "Who's the guy with the big hair?"

"The hero, I think."

Clark reached for more Doritos. The bag crinkled. "Heroes aren't supposed to have big hair, Lex."

Lex snorted. "You obviously haven't seen many '80s movies."

"Wasn't alive during most of the '80s." Clark licked at Lex's chest, cleaning up the orange mess he'd made with long swipes of his tongue.

Lex made a low noise in his throat. "That's no excuse."

Clark licked up to Lex's neck, and bit at the soft underside of Lex's jaw. "So the guy wearing eyeliner is the villain."

"Mm," Lex agreed, tilting his head back. "Quick study."

Clark smiled. "It helps that he's wearing a humongous black hat shaped like a goose."

"And a bad wig, but not every criminal mastermind can afford Prada and Gaultier." Renewed blood flow into his limb made Lex's fingers tingle as he tugged Clark down. Clark's mouth was open and smooth, tasting salty like nacho cheese, and sweet from Mountain Dew.

Clark hummed happily into Lex's mouth, slowly rocking his hips. He was heavy, but Lex didn't exactly mind being pressed into the carpeted floor. Kisses that were slick and languorous, and in no particular hurry. Eventually Clark moved away, sucking kisses into Lex's neck that made him arch up helplessly, mostly pinned by Clark's bulk.

"We're," Lex said. "Missing the movie."

"I'm busy," Clark mumbled, stroking his hand down.

Lex felt Clark's warm fingers sliding low on his abdomen. He hadn't gotten around to fastening his trousers from the last time.

"You're hard," Clark said, almost like Lex had given him a present.

The gift that keeps on giving, Lex thought, the laugh it produced smothered by Clark's tongue thrusting into his mouth. Lex deftly unzipped Clark's jeans, and tugged them down a little.

"You have big hands," Lex said, biting Clark's ear. "Do us both."

"Yeah," Clark sighed. "'kay."

The tinny sound of blades clashing against armor faded as blood rushed past his ears, Clark's slick palm closing around them. Lex slid his hands up Clark's T-shirt, scratching his fingernails down Clark's back. Clark grunted, squeezed his hand a bit tighter.

Clark breathed in hot pants against Lex's jaw, body braced on one elbow. Lex's eyes drifted shut, then snapped back open to see Clark grinning down at him.

"You said I was a quick study," Clark said breathlessly, then leaned down to kiss Lex. Doing that twisting thing that definitely had Lex's attention.

It was good, even this, just Clark's hand and glimpses of his tan skin. Rubbing at each other on the floor.

Clark was the first to come, hand faltering, not quite avoiding their clothes. Lex liked to ride it out, to wait for the stupid grimace on Clark's beautiful face, and to know he'd put it there. To wait for Clark's body to shudder a little, eyes going heavy-lidded as he tightened his grip again. It never took much more of that tight, hot slide for Lex to let go.

Clark slid a little to the side, and Lex took his hand. Licked broad stripes across Clark's palm with his tongue. Stinging sweat. Spunk. Faint taste of Doritos.

Lex tugged a little so his trousers would stop pinching, and then allowed Clark to use him as a body pillow again.

"Who is this gentle stranger with pecs like melons and knees of fringe?" Joel said on the screen.

Clark snickered into Lex's chest, then lazily rubbed his cheek against Lex's half-unbuttoned shirt. "This movie is so bad."

"And you have something better to do on a Saturday night?" Lex asked. "Or someone?"

"I didn't say I wasn't having fun, Lex, but even I don't think Ator the Invincible is quality entertainment."

"I thought he was the Blademaster," Lex said.

Clark slung his thigh over Lex's legs. "I think you're paying Ator too much attention."

Lex chuckled, and watched as the scantily-clad hero rescued the damsel in distress. "It's hardly Perseus rescuing the fair Andromeda, is it?"

Clark lightly smacked Lex's abdomen with his open palm. It made a hollow thunking sound. "I'll bet that you can't go one day without making a reference to Greek mythology," he said.

"Hmm," Lex said. "What are the stakes?"

"If I win," Clark said, drawing it out. "You have to dress up in leather pants and sing, 'I'm Too Sexy'."

Lex lifted his head off the floor, and stared incredulously. "Did you know that there's a five year old trapped in your body, Clark?"

Clark grinned. "A five year old would have told you to dress up in a clown suit, Lex."

"Please tell me you don't have a clown fetish. I don't own any floppy red shoes." When Clark's grin stayed firmly in place, Lex said, "This is because I wouldn't let you drive the Ferrari yesterday, isn't it?"

"Lex, I'm hurt," Clark said. Batted his eyelashes. "You think so little of me?"

Lex narrowed his eyes. "You're either on drugs, or you've been spending too much time with Chloe."

"Definitely Chloe." Clark sat up a little and propped his chin on his hand. "Hey, I graduated from D.A.R.E. in fifth grade, you know."

"I think I missed that one in boarding school."

"Just say no," Clark said.

Lex nodded. "Oh, I definitely missed that one."

Clark put his head back on Lex's chest. "You probably even took candy from strangers."

"It was good candy."

"So don't want to know."

Lex chuckled. "What happens if I win the bet?"

"Huh?" Clark said. "Oh. Um, I'll let you buy me a pony?"

Lex frowned. "That's a... really lame bet, Clark."

"Yeah, well," Clark said, and Lex could hear the sly note in his voice. "After I caught you humming 'Destroyer' in the shower the other day, I really don't want to hear your singing voice."

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