Kent Family Produce

by Meret

Spoilers: Mild one for Tempest
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. No profit is intended.

Title: Kent Family Produce
Author: Meret
Category: Humor
Summary: Any summary I can think of would spoil the joke. Sorry. Hey, it's very short. Why not try it anyway? Spoilers: Mild one for Tempest
Rating: G
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. No profit is intended.
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Kent Family Produce
by Meret

Clark emptied the old bedpan into the garbage can. He peered out of the barn, using his x-ray vision to check and see if anyone was around. Not that there should be anyone out there at 3 AM, but after Roger Nixon he wasn't taking any chances. Lifting the full garbage can he speeded out to the field.

The frilly, green carrot tops were just poking their heads out of the soft Kansas soil. He hurriedly spread the manure around each seedling. His parents thought it was the ladybugs and lacewings they distributed in the fields that kept the pests from eating the crops, but it wasn't. He emptied out the last of it from the can and started walking back to the barn, enjoying the cool night air.

Clark had never understood why it was legal to use waste from cows on crops, but not waste from humans. Not that his was human, but the idea was the same. He'd discovered it on one of the fishing trips with his dad. After he used the outhouse, the weeds around it grew an inch overnight. A little experimenting and he'd realized that it also made them insect resistant. The farm animals had no trouble eating them though, so he'd figured it would be okay to use on stuff for people to eat. Two years now and no one had complained yet. Plus, it let them grow all kinds of flowers without a greenhouse.

He yawned and speeded the rest of the way back to the barn. He needed to get back to bed - algebra test tomorrow. He'd have to remember to ask Mom for oatmeal again for breakfast. The more fiber the better. They were planting potatoes in a few days.


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