Zod - Part 2

by Jennifer

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Smallville Fan fiction

Title: "Smallville Reloaded"
Authors: Chlexana, Britt, TiffersLeAnn
Rated Teen: Sexual-humor, some language, slight sexual situations and minor violence. Disclaimer: We own none of the Smallville characters and only a few in the story are made up. Genre: Action/Adventure/Mystery/Romance/Suspense/Comedy Fandom: Smallville
Summary: Our new and improved version of Smallville - season 6. Contains spoilers. Author's Notes: Other characters may be added as the story goes on. Couples include - Lexana, Lollie, Chlimmy and Mionel. Couples will change down the road.

Zod - Part 2

-Smallville; Kent Farm-

"Whoa, careful..." Oliver says, and out of gut instinct he reacts, lunging forward to try and break her full. He was standing pretty close to Lois now, with his hand on her arm that wasn't on the counter. "You don't look fine to me."

"Yeah well, you try crashing in a plane and tell me how great you would look." Lois says, as she pushes herself up and moves her arm out of Oliver's grasp. "So, who are you again?"

"The name is, Oliver. You were in a plane crash? You must be pretty lucky to survive that." Oliver looks around the kitchen and back at Lois. "I have a limo waiting outside. I could get you to a safer place, maybe even a hospital. You really shouldn't be standing on that leg."

"No. I can't go anywhere. I have to wait on Mrs. Kent or Smallville to come home. I have to know that they're okay."

-Metropolis; Daily Planet-

Jimmy looks at Chloe; he could tell she was scared. And to be honest, he was kind of scared too. He wraps his arm around Chloe's shoulders. "It's okay, Chloe."

Chloe kind of looks up at Jimmy, she was glad that he was there to take care of her. When she reached the supply closet, she opens it and everything in there is messed up. The shelves are cracked and some of the files and supplies were on the floor. It was total chaos. "Well, looks like we're going to be doing some digging."

Jimmy nods in agreement. "Just be careful. These selves don't look very safe. They could fall at any moment." He leaves Chloe's side and bends down, digging through the junk and looking for first-aid kits.

-Smallville; Luthor Mansion-

Lana looks at Lex/Zod and kind of puts her arm in front of Mrs. Kent. "I'm just getting a little fresh air." Lana lied.

Lex/Zod looks from Lana to Martha. "What's she doing here?" Even though he didn't know who she was, he didn't really care.

Lana looks at Martha then back at Lex/Zod. She moved herself in front of Mrs. Kent, in a protective way. "She is one of the maids here, she was just leaving."

Lex/Zod walks closer to Lana, setting the artifact on a table nearby. He gives her a pissed off look then goes back to typing on Lex's laptop, the only one that was working in the entire world. "Just get rid of her." He says, while still looking at the screen.

-Smallville; Kent Farm-

"No offense, but don't you think if there were something wrong, that they wouldn't be able to make it back here? Besides, if they're in trouble the more reason why we should be out there looking for them."

Mrs. Kent told her to stay here, but since when does Lois Lane listen? She looks at Oliver, never noticing how attractive he was until now. "I want to go to Metropolis. My cousin is there."

"Okay. I can get you to Metropolis in a half hour." Oliver says, taking a hold of Lois's arm again, to help her walk outside.

Lois starts walking with Oliver. "I'm Lois by the way. Lois Lane."

Oliver smiles at Lois, as they walk outside. "It's nice to meet you, Miss Lane." He helps her to the limo and opens the door for her. "After you..."

-Metropolis; Daily Planet-

Chloe also begins digging through the piles of stuff scattered on the floor. She finds a first-aid kit and holds it up. "Found one." She then pulls an empty box over to her and puts it inside. Chloe then begins searching again, finding a couple more. "Found some more." She says, putting them in the box as well.

Jimmy finds two and puts them in the box. He then stands up straight, looking down at Chloe. "I think that's all we are going to find, Chloe. We should get going."

Chloe looks up at Jimmy. "Maybe you're right." She stands up, grabbing the box full of first-aid kits. "Let's go..." She opens the door again, walking out. They walk to the elevator together then get inside.

-Smallville; Luthor Mansion-

Lana looks from Lex/Zod to Mrs. Kent. "Follow me." She softly grabs her arm and leads Mrs. Kent out of Lex's office. Once they were in the hallway, Lana spoke in a soft voice. "I can't leave with you Mrs. Kent. If I leave he will find me and kill whoever I'm with. I want you to go back to your farm, get Clark and leave Smallville. It's too dangerous here."

"Lana, I have something here that can stop him. I can't explain it now but you must trust me." Martha pulls out the knife from her jacket and shows Lana. "This may be the only thing that can save us all."

Lana looks down at the knife, seeing how different the knife looked from what she has seen before. "Mrs. Kent, where did you get that?"

"That doesn't matter, Lana. Listen to me. We have to find a way to get close enough to use this on him. It's the only way to stop him."

Lana looks at the knife for a minute then looks at Mrs. Kent. "I can do it. I'm probably the only one he will let get that close to him."

-Smallville; Oliver's Limo-

Lois gets in the Limo and grunts in pain, as she gets in. She sits down, straightening her leg that was injured. Lois leans back in the leather seat, as she looks over at the open door.

Oliver then gets into the limo after Lois, telling the driver to go back to Metropolis. He closes the door and looks back at Lois then at her leg. Without saying anything he reaches over to a compartment and opens it, pulling out a first-aid kit. "We should really get that leg fixed up." Oliver says, placing the kit on his lap and opening it.

Lois nods, trying to pull her pant leg up. But she couldn't get it to roll up high enough to get to the wound. "I can't get to it. I would have to take off my jeans."

Oliver looks down at Lois's leg and then back up at her. "Well, I could rip them if you don't mind. They're probably ruined anyway."

Lois looks at Oliver then at her jeans. "As much as blood stains are in this season, I don't think I'm going to wear these jeans ever again." She moved her hands out of the way, as a gesture of saying, go ahead.

-Smallville; Luthor Mansion-

Martha looks at the knife than at Lana. She seemed unsure whether or not to put Lana's life in danger or not. But she was right. It was the only way. She then hands Lana the knife. "Just be careful."

Lana takes the knife into her hands. "You be careful too, Mrs. Kent. Please, get out of Smallville."

"I will Lana." But that was a lie. She had to stay in Smallville just in case Clark came back. Besides, it didn't matter where she was; the end of the world is still the end of the world. "Be safe." Martha says, then leaves Luthor Mansion, gets in her truck and leaves the property.

Lana watched Mrs. Kent walk out. She then looked down at the knife. She put it in the back of her jeans and walked back down the hall to the office doors. Lana sighed and opened the door, walking in. "The maid has left the property like you instructed."

Lex/Zod turns to Lana, with a straight face. "Good." He turns back to the laptop, putting the artifact onto the palette. It starts spinning and it shows on the screen a green shadow sweeping over the entire globe very slowly; signifying that it was working. Lex/Zod then turns back to Lana. "About our conversation from before, have you reconsidered?"

"Actually, I have." Lana walks slowly over to Lex's desk, kind of seductively. "I don't want to die and if delivering your heir is the only way to survive then I will deliver many."

-Oliver's Limo-

Oliver carefully rips the jeans, as not to hurt Lois. He tears them all the way around her knee, so the bottom half of her leg was showing. Ollie was sitting sideways, so he props Lois's leg straight across his lap. "Sorry..." He says, after he accidently hurts her leg and Lois winces in pain. Her leg had a gash right below the knee where a iron rod had jammed into it during the crash. Oliver digs through the first-aid kit, getting out some alcohol wet naps and cleans off the wound the best he could.

Lois looks up at Oliver again. "I usually don't get this friendly until the guy buys me dinner." She says with a smirk, trying to make conversation.

Oliver smiles at Lois. She was really beautiful and funny too. "This might feel a little weird." He bends down to blow on her wound, so it would dry faster. He was doing it kind of seductively. He did like her after all.

Lois watches Oliver, as he blows on her leg. She couldn't help but think. 'You finally meet a handsome billionaire and you have to be bloody and look like crap, way to go Lois.'

-Metropolis; Outside the Daily Planet-

Chloe walks out of the Daily Planet with Jimmy, the box in her arms. When they get outside she looks around. There were people everywhere fighting. And several just laying on the ground, bleeding. There were fires and beaten up cars, as well as mob fights. "Oh boy, where do we start?"

Jimmy looks around at everything. "We need to assist those who are hurt the most. If we know there is no hope to help rescue someone we should move on."

"Right, good thinking..." Chloe rushes over to someone, lying on the ground behind a car. He appeared to have a gun-shot wound. "Whoa..." She sets the box down on the ground, as she puts pressure on the guys wound. "I don't think a first-aid kit is going to be much help to us or him."

Jimmy looked around again, there were still some whack jobs walking around. He bends down next to Chloe. "Stay close, Chloe and try to attract as little attention as possible."

Chloe tries her hardest to try and stop the bleeding from the gun-shot wound but the guy is still gasping for air. "Jimmy, it's not working." She keeps trying to put pressure on the wound but all of a sudden the guys face goes blank and when Chloe looks into his eyes, they are life-less. "Omg..." She turns her head and buries it into Jimmy's chest. "He's dead."

"Shh. It's okay. It's okay. You tried." Jimmy replies, as he wraps his arms around her.

-Smallville; Luthor Mansion-

Lex/Zod smirks, liking Lana's answer. With his plan in action he had nothing but time to waste. He grabs Lana by the arms, pulling her into a kiss; like he did on the rooftop earlier.

Lana kisses him back. She slowly starts walking backwards to the leather couch. She pushes him down on the couch and straddles him. She tosses her long hair to one side. She then starts kissing up and down his neck. Lana then pushed her body against his, especially her lower half.

Lex/Zod smiles because he was getting what he wanted and with little efforts. "Maybe I underestimated the woman of your race."

Lana had tears in her eyes. A single tear falls down her cheek, as she whispers in his ear. "Maybe you just underestimated me." She quickly pulls out the knife from her back and goes to stab Zod with it.

Lex/Zod's smile fades when he sees the reflection of the knife from the corner of his eye. He quickly grabs Lana's arm and throws her across the room, in a spiral motion. He then gets up from the couch and picks up the knife, breaking it in half then dropping it back on the floor. "You really thought that you could stop me? You shouldn't mess with things you don't understand!" Lex/Zod then starts walking towards Lana.

Lana looks up at Lex/Zod, as she lay on the floor. Her head was bleeding and she suddenly passes out.

Clark then rushes into Lex's office doors. "Leave her alone!" He yells.

Lex/Zod turns to see Clark. "Kal-El. I don't know how you got out of that prison, but you're not going to stay very long!"

He turns from Lex/Zod and uses his heat vision to stop the artifact from spinning. It blows up and the grid on the laptop stops.

"No!" Lex/Zod yells, and then charges Clark in Super Speed. They both fly out the window, glass shattering everywhere.

-Oliver's Limo-

Oliver looks back up at Lois and smiles. He was glad that in some way he could help out. Ollie then looks back in the first-aid kit, pulling out some antibiotic ointment, putting it on Lois's leg. He rubs it in with his finger but not enough to put her in too much pain. After that he puts on a nice big square bandage. "That should do it for now, but you should really be taken to a hospital. It looks like you need stitches."

Lois looks at her leg, leaning over close to Ollie since her leg was in his lap. She then looks up at him, her face close to his. She hadn't realized she had gotten that close. "Thanks." Lois whispers. "But, I don't do hospitals."

Oliver just smiled at her. "Well, you're welcome, Miss Lane."

His limo then reaches Metropolis and the driver talks into the speaker. "Where to, sir..?"

Ollie looks back at Lois. "Where did you say we were going?"

"The Daily Planet..." Lois says, slowly removing her leg from Oliver's lap and turns facing the front of the limo.

The driver then drives toward the Daily Planet.

Oliver is now facing forward too. He looks back over at Lois again. "Your cousin works for the Daily Planet?"

Lois nods. "Yeah, Chloe Sullivan, she just started recently." Lois wasn't even looking at Oliver now; she was looking out the window of limo in awe, from all the destruction.

-Metropolis; Outside the Daily Planet-

Chloe looks up at Jimmy, with tears in her eyes. "We should move on, right?"

Jimmy looks down at Chloe, realizing the state she was in. "Maybe I should do this alone and you go back to the Planet."

"Are you sure?" Chloe didn't want to leave him but she really couldn't stand the site of blood, let alone watching someone die in her arms.

He nods. "I'll walk you back. Once you are in there lock the doors." Jimmy stands up, his arm still around her. He held Chloe in a protective way, walking her back to the Planet. "I'll be back."

Chloe looks at Jimmy, she was afraid of him getting hurt like those people down there. She then turns to the table beside her and picks up the gun that she had earlier. "Here, take this with you, for protection."

Jimmy takes the gun then looks at it. "Not exactly the protection we had last time we met." He says with a smirk. "Don't worry. I'll be fine."

Chloe smiles back at Jimmy, touching his face. "Be careful."

He smiles then leaves without saying another word, walking out into the night.

-Oliver's Limo-

Oliver looks out the window too. "It's awful isn't it? Makes you wonder what this world is coming to. That people are willing to kill each other over all this."

"At this point, to be honest with you, Mr. Queen..." Lois looks at him with a straight face. "I can care less about other people. All I want is to see my family and friends. That might sound selfish but they are all I have."

Oliver looks back at Lois. "That doesn't sound selfish at all. I would do anything to have my family back." The limo then stops at the Daily Planet and the driver turns off the engine. Oliver looks out the window again, then back at Lois. "It looks like we're here."

-Somewhere in Smallville-

Lex/Zod and Clark land in a cornfield, making a dirt trail that's almost a mile long. Lex/Zod was still on top of Clark, punching him in the face. Clark was just laying there taking the blows to the face, until he grabs Lex/Zod by his jacket and throws him clear across the field.

Clark then gets up off the ground and looks around the field, not spotting him anywhere. Maybe it's over and done with.

All of a sudden Lex/Zod flies down and stands behind Clark. "You thought you could get rid of me that easily, Kal-El. You're just as weak as your father!" And with that, Lex/Zod punches Clark in the face again, making him fly about 50 feet into the air and landing with a thud.

Lex/Zod Super Speeds over to Clark, picking him up and throwing him across the cornfield and into some woods that were about 100 feet away.

A tree breaks Clark's landing and it snaps in half like a twig, as Clark lands on the ground again. He had dirt everywhere, on his clothes, in his hair, and even in his mouth. Clark sits up and Lex/Zod is standing before him.

"Have you had enough?!" Lex/Zod yells, as he picks up Clark again and smashes him into a huge boulder, putting a gap in it.

Clark Super Speeds and tackles Lex/Zod to the ground, taking swings at him until Lex/Zod pushes Clark off of him, making him go flying again and land in stream.

Lex/Zod walks over to Clark and holds him under the water, then pulls him back up. "Kneel before Zod!"

-Metropolis; Outside the Daily Planet-

Lois opens the limo door. She didn't care that her leg hurt, she practically ran to the Daily Planet doors. She starts banging on the door "Chloe! Chloe!"

Oliver gets out of the limo and runs after Lois. He stops right beside her and looks through a window. It was so dark that he couldn't see anything. "Are you sure that she's in there?"

Lois looks at Oliver then back at the door. She didn't say anything to him. She was examining the door, seeing how she could get in.

Chloe had walked back upstairs and to her desk, by the time Jimmy left and the limo got there. She heard banging on the doors from downstairs and she thinks she hears her name being called, but it wasn't clear. Chloe then runs downstairs to the front door. It was locked and could only be open from the inside. She pushes open the door and sees Lois. "Lois!" Chloe wraps her into a hug, not noticing Oliver yet.

"Oh thank god." Lois says, hugging Chloe back. "I was so worried."

Oliver just stood there. He was smiling though, because of their little reunion. It was the only good thing that's happened all day.

Chloe pulled back from the hug and looked Lois up and down. She noticed her leg. "You're hurt." She says, and then notices the guy who didn't seem to be going away. Chloe looks back at Lois. "Who's he?"

Lois looks back at Chloe after releasing her from the hug. Her hands were on Chloe's upper arms still. Lois looked at Oliver then back at Chloe. "Chloe, this is Oliver Queen." Lois lets Chloe go then looks at Oliver. "Oliver, meet my cousin, Chloe Sullivan."

Oliver extends his hand to Chloe and shakes it. "It's nice to meet you, Miss Sullivan."

Chloe shakes his hand back then lets it go, looking back at Lois. She gives her a look that says 'He's hot

Lois sees the look and slightly rolls her eyes. She then takes Chloe's hand. "Come on, lets get back somewhere that's..." Lois looks around at the building and streets. It was horrible and dangerous. "...just somewhere that's not here."

"Okay, but uh, Jimmy is around here someplace." Chloe says, looking around. "I can't just leave him here."

Lois looks at Chloe then lets her hand go. "I'll go look for him. You stay here." She was always protective over her little cousin. It went into overdrive ever since Lois thought Chloe had been died. That was only a little over a year ago. Those months were the worst days of her life.

"Oh sure, I'll stay here with the big strong guy, while you hurl yourself into danger, why not."

Oliver was leaning against the Daily Planet wall, while half listening to their conversation but when he heard that Lois was going to go find this Jimmy person by herself he stood up straight again. "Shouldn't we all be sticking together?"

Lois gives Chloe a look. "You had to say something didn't you?" She then looks over at Oliver. "I'm not bringing my little cousin out there. In case you haven't noticed, it's like World War II."

"That's exactly the reason why you shouldn't be out there by yourself either. I mean, whoever this Jimmy person is he must have a brass pair, because I wouldn't even go out there by myself." Of course that was a lie. "You could get shot over something as simple as your shoes."

"Fine, then you come with me." Lois says, putting her arms on her hips.

Chloe took Oliver's words into consideration and that made her worry about Jimmy even more. 'Was he okay?' She thought to herself. "And leave me here alone? Are you off your rocker?" Chloe says, while looking at Lois.

Lois turns to Chloe then to Oliver, giving them both a look. "You both are on my list. And you don't want to be on this kind of list." She rolls her eyes. "Come on." Lois turns from them and starts walking away.

Oliver turns and follows Lois, starting to walk beside her. People kept running past him, nudging him in the shoulder. But he didn't react to it, because so much was happening all at once. Like the loud screaming, and gun shots, and people rioting right in front of them. This town was so messed up. The whole world was so messed up right now. And then when he steps over a dead guy in the street, he really feels bad.

Chloe rushes to keep up with the two of them. She looks at Lois, while walking. "Do you think that he is alright? I mean, what if someone nabbed him and took him someplace? He doesn't have great shoes but maybe they wanted something else, like his camera. I don't know."

Lois is looking around. "I'm sure he's fine, Chlo'." She cuffs her hands over her mouth and shouts. "Jimmy! Jimmy!"

"Jimmy, Jimmy! Where are you?!" Chloe shouts, copying Lois. "I don't see him."

Jimmy stands up from behind a car. He sees Chloe, Lois and some other guy he didn't know. Since the girls were screaming for him, he figured they were screaming for help. Jimmy slides over the hood of the car and runs over to them from behind. He jumps on Oliver's back, holding him around the neck. "GO GIRLS! I'll hold him off."

Oliver starts spinning in circles just as Jimmy jumps on his back. "Get off of me!" He yells, as he tries to pry Jimmy's hands from around his neck.

Chloe starts laughing a little with her eye brows raised, and then she stops. "Omg, Jimmy ... no, he's a friend. It's alright."

Jimmy looks at Chloe. "He's a friend, huh?" He looks at Oliver then jumps off him. "Sorry. I thought they were calling for help."

"Right..." Oliver smoothes his clothes out after Jimmy messed them up. "Do I look like someone who would need to be mugging another person?" He was talking about his expensive white suit.

Jimmy just shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know."

Oliver gives him a look back, putting his hands on his hips. "Where'd you find this guy?" He asks the girls, but they didn't answer him.

Lois looks at Jimmy then at Oliver. "Can we use you as a taxi?"

"Uh, yeah, I can drop you off wherever you need to go." But, he was mainly doing this all for Lois. "The limo should still be parked out front." Oliver says and starts walking back.

Jimmy walks to Chloe and takes her hand and starts following Mr. Rich. Chloe walks hand-in-hand with Jimmy; following Oliver. "What happened to the box?" She asks Jimmy.

"Someone stole it." He replies back to her with a straight face, even though he didn't know what had happened to it. The box had gotten lost when he had only put it down for 2 seconds and ran like the wind, after seeing two people hovering over a dead body, picking things off from him.

Chloe looks a little surprised, but also shocked that someone would do such a thing. But, it was also kind of expected. "Figures..."

Lois walks pass Chloe and Jimmy until she is side-by-side with Oliver. "I really appreciate this."

Oliver turns to look at Lois and he smiles. "Don't worry about it. I don't usually get jumped by strange guys in the middle of the night but hey, it's nothing."

Lois smirks and raises an eyebrow. "I guess."

-Somewhere in Smallville-

Clark looks up at Lex/Zod, as he was being held up from the water. "I will never join you!"

Lex/Zod shakes his head then gives Clark a seriously pissed off look. "Wrong answer!" He dunks Clark back into the water, holding him under. "You will join me, or everyone you love will suffer!!" Lex/Zod pulls Clark up again and tosses him onto the ground. "Come to me, son of Jor-El, kneel before Zod!" He then walks over to Clark, looking down at him. "And I will let the ones you love be free from their fate."

Clark looks up at Lex/Zod from the ground. He was pretty beaten up, not dirty anymore, but soaking wet. Clark sits up, sitting on his knees. He hangs his head in shame, as he holds out his hand to him.

Lex/Zod grins and takes Clark's hand in his. He was about to help Clark up, when their hands start glowing a bright white and all of a sudden Lex is shaking and Clark lets go of Lex's hand.

Clark had the 'S' symbol in his hand that belonged to Jor-El, the one that he used to open the portal in the Phantom Zone. Just as the essence of Zod is being pulled out of Lex's body, Clark smirks as he stands up. "I'll send my father your regards." He says, as Zod disappears.

Lex drops the 'S' symbol then falls to the ground, unconscious.

-Oliver's Limo-

When Oliver reaches his limo he opens the very back door for Lois. "Those two can have a separate compartment if they wanted to be alone or something. All they have to do is ask." He says to Lois, figuring that they were dating and that they would be the kind of people who would start making out in front of a complete stranger.

Lois looks at Chloe then at Oliver. "I'm sure they will be grateful for a ride. They don't need to be picky."

"Good point." Oliver replies back with a nod.

Lois gets in the limo. Oliver was about to get in after her but Jimmy walked to the door first, as if Oliver had opened the door for him. Jimmy pat his shoulder then got into the Limo with Chloe.

Oliver kind of rolls his eyes when Jimmy does that, then climbs into the limo himself and shuts the door. He was seated pretty far away from Lois, as to where Chloe was sitting right next to Jimmy holding his hand. Oliver looks at the huge gap between him and Lois then he looks over at Chloe. "Where am I taking you two?" He's never been in this kind of situation before.

Chloe looks at Jimmy, for an answer. "I don't know. Where are we going?"

Jimmy was still holding Chloe's hand. He looks at her. "Well I want to make sure my apartment complex hasn't been terrorized. You okay with going there?"

Lois looked at Chloe and Jimmy talking then at Oliver. 'Man, he's good looking.' She smirks to herself then looks out the limo window.

"Yeah, I'm fine with that. The dorms are probably closed anyway." Chloe replies back to Jimmy.

Jimmy looks back at Oliver. "I live on 383 Grant Street."

Oliver leans over and pushes a little button, talking into a speaker that connects to the limo driver. "Take us to 383 Grant Street, please. Thank you." He then looks back at Jimmy. "Please, help yourself to anything you want. Mini bar, music, TV, whatever." Oliver turns from them and looks at Lois again. "You okay? You haven't said anything since we left the Daily Planet."

"I'm just kind of worried about Mrs. Kent and Smallville." Lois says, as she turns to face Oliver.

"Well, if you'd like, after we drop your cousin and her boyfriend off I can make a stop in Smallville to check and see if anyone is back yet."

"No. That's okay. I can handle myself." She replies back, folding her hands in her lap and looking back out the window.

-Metropolis; Jimmy's Building-

The limo driver stops at 383 Grant Street and turns off the engine. Oliver looks out the window then back at Jimmy. "Nice place."

Jimmy looks at Oliver. "Thanks. It's not that nice on the inside but it does the job." He crawls out of the limo then waits on Chloe to get out. Jimmy then extends his hand to Oliver. "Thanks for the ride."

Oliver shakes Jimmy's hand. "No problem. You got a nice girl there, don't let her get away."

Jimmy smiles. He looks at Chloe then back at Oliver. "I won't." Jimmy looks at Lois and waves to her. "See you soon, Lois."

Chloe hugs Lois before she gets out of the limo then she stands next to Jimmy.

Lois waves at Jimmy. She then looks at Chloe. "I'll call you tomorrow, Chlo'. And Chlo', don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Chloe smirks, knowing that it wasn't much that Lois wouldn't do. "Right, I'll try and remember that." She then turns back to Jimmy. "We ready?"

Jimmy nods and wraps his arm around Chloe's shoulders and walks up to his apartment building. He pulls his keys out of his jacket pocket and unlocks the door. Jimmy waves at the limo one last time before walking in. He then looks at Chloe. "It's on the second floor. We will have to take the stairs, the elevator has been broken since the 90s." He says with a smile.

Chloe smiles at Jimmy. "Alright..." And they both walk up the stair case and to his apartment.

-Oliver's Limo-

Oliver then gets back into the limo and shuts the door. He turns to face Lois again. "How's your leg feeling? Better? It's still not too late for me to take you to the hospital."

Lois looked at Oliver; his nagging about her leg was kind of cute. "No. Really, I'm fine. It's been a long night. All I want is to go home and take a long, hot, steamy bubble bath and forget this whole day."

Oliver smiles some at her little visual. "Alright, where am I taking you, back to the Kent Farm?"

"No." Lois says, shaking her head. "I live above the Talon." She tells him the address.

He pushes the button on the speaker again. "Take us to Smallville, the Talon, please. Thank you." Oliver then looks back at Lois, as the limo starts to pull away. "Are you hungry? There are cashews in the fridge. I don't even know why though because I don't eat them."

She looks at him, raising an eyebrow. "Allergic?"

Oliver smiles again. "Yeah, how'd you know?"

Lois shrugs, and then smiles "I've only met one person who didn't like Cashews and it's my sister, Lucy. She's allergic too."

"Hmm, looks like I have something in common with your family after all."

Lois smirks. "Unless you're a navy brat who moved from place to place your whole life, I seriously doubt it."

"Actually, I was sent to boarding school when I was a kid. I never really got to spend a lot of time with my family. After I graduated, I went back to Star City, and not long after that my parents died and I inherited everything. Till this day, I wish I could go back and spend as much time with them as I possibly can. Y'know, what I mean?"

Lois looks at Oliver a minute, kind of taking in all that he said. She then finally speaks. "Yeah, I do." She looks down, thinking about her mom. Lois then looks back at Oliver. She had to stop the emotional thing. She wasn't good at it. "So, are you open like this often or do I bring your inner Oprah out?"

"Well, I'd have to say no. I'm not really around a lot of people, except for the people that work for me. Everyone that I went to boarding school with I haven't talked to for years. So, yeah, I guess you are the only friend that I have around here."

-Luthor Mansion; Lex's office-

Lana is sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace. She looks up, as Lex walks in and makes his way over to her.

"Lana, whatever I did, I'm sorry. I don't remember what happened but ..."

"Don't worry about it Lex, it wasn't you." Lana interrupts him. "All that matters is that you are yourself again." She gives him a fake smile and hugs him and Lex hugs her back. She then pulls away from the hug and looks at Lex, with tears in her eyes. "I almost killed you, Lex." Lana says, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Lex looks back at Lana, wiping the tear from her cheek. "I would've done the same thing."

"I noticed that you're helping to repair the damages of the city. That could take a long time to repair. It's going to be a challenge." Lana says, while looking Lex in the eye.

"The things that are worth it, usually are." Lex replies back, talking about their relationship and how it seemed like Lana didn't really trust him anymore.

Lana just nods at him. "I'll be in my room." She then walks out of his office and down the hall to her room.

-Oliver's Limo-

Lois looks at Oliver. "That is just so...pathetic" She was blunt and honest about it.

"And what's so pathetic about it, Miss Lane?" He was curious as usual.

"That you don't have anyone in your life that means something to you. You may have goals, but I know that none of my goals that I've accomplished could have been done without my friends. They give me courage and strength. They make me smile when it feels like the world is falling apart..." Lois points out the window. "...Literally. My friends help me figure out who I am, who the real Lois Lane is. And I feel bad that you don't know that feeling."

Oliver just looks at her with a sad look on his face. She was right. Sure, back in Star City he's in the news all the time, he's well respected and people want to be him or be like him or always know what he's doing. Back there, he doesn't even seem to have a private life at all. But, the truth was out here he could fall off the edge of the Earth and nobody would shed a tear. "Well, I think I'm starting to feel what that's all about right now." He replied back with a smile. "Only a true friend would be that bluntly honest and caring. Thanks."

Lois smirks at him. "Well, I'm just a blunt person."

Oliver smiles back and the limo driver pulls up to The Talon and parks with the engine still running. Oliver opens the door and holds out his hand to help Lois out of the car.

Lois looks at his hand a moment then puts hers in his. She gets out of the limo then lets his hand go, walking to the front door of the Talon. She smiles at him. "Thanks for the lift."

Oliver smiles at her. "Thanks for the company."

Lois kind of smiles at him. "See you around, Billionaire." She smirks then turns to the door, pulling her keys out and opening it. She had her hand on the knob then looks back at Oliver. Lois just smiled then turned to walk into the Talon.

Oliver smiled, as Lois walked inside. He had that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling and he was intrigued with Lois, wanting to get to know her more. Oliver then gets back into the limo and the driver pulls away, taking him back to his penthouse in Metropolis.

-Smallville; Kent Farm-

Clark is sitting on the couch that was up in his loft and messing with a framed picture of Lana. Just then he hears footsteps on the wooden stairs and he looks up to see Martha standing there.

"Would you like some company, Clark?" Martha asks, as she rested her arm on the railing.

"It doesn't matter." Clark responds back, as he sets the picture back onto the coffee table.

Martha walks over to the couch and sits beside Clark, with her hands in her lap. "I know that a lot has changed and it may seem like you'll never get your life back again. But, you do great and wonderful things for people, Clark. Your father and I are so proud of you."

Clark looks up at his mom with a sad face. "Maybe I'm not cut out for this whole hero thing, mom. I nearly let Zod destroy the world and everyone that I care about."

"But you didn't. Everything turned out all right in the end. Just like it always does. Every world needs its heroes, Clark. They inspire us to be better than we are. And they protect us from darkness that's just around the corner. Don't ever give up on yourself."

Clark smiles at Martha and then hugs her. "I don't know what I would do without you, mom."

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