Zod - Part 1

by Jennifer

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Smallville Fan fiction

Title: "Smallville Reloaded"
Authors: Chlexana, Britt, TiffersLeAnn
Rated Teen: Sexual-humor, some language, slight sexual situations and minor violence. Disclaimer: We own none of the Smallville characters and only a few in the story are made up. Genre: Action/Adventure/Mystery/Romance/Suspense/Comedy Fandom: Smallville
Summary: Our new and improved version of Smallville. All main characters are in every chapter, optional on Martha Kent and Lionel Luthor. Author's Notes: Other characters may be added as the story goes on. The first chapter is going to be slightly like the show with some changes because Oliver is in it, due to the fact that I couldn't really think of a way for Clark to escape the Phantom Zone. The other chapters won't be that similar to the show. I promise. Feedback: Reviews and criticism would be good. This is my first Smallville fan fic but give me what you got, aright.

Zod - Part 1

-Phantom Zone-

Clark is dressed; head to toe in drapes and rags, while walking through the desert in sandals and wondering where he is. There's nothing around him but mounds of sand and the blue sky above, much to the image of Tatooine in Star Wars. His mouth and hands are dry and his lips are chapped. All of a sudden he gets attacked b y some Phantom Zone gremlins and gets thrown down a sand hill. As he's rolling down the hill, Clark gets sand in his mouth and eyes and everywhere else. When he reaches the bottom of the hill, he is still for a minute. The rags fall from his head to reveal his dark hair. After awhile, Clark stands up and looks around the desert, seeing nothing but sand, yet again. He touches his bottom lip, which leaves blood on his fingers. He doesn't have his powers anymore, so he's vulnerable there. Just then more gremlins attack, Clark. They just keep swooping by and scratching him, left and right. Clark gets in one good punch, until they get too fast for him. When he's too weak to even stand anymore, Clark falls to the ground. And just when he things it's all over for him a woman appears, saving his life. Clark looks up, blood on his face and rags. 'Hopefully, I can trust her.' He thought to himself.

-Fortress of Solitude-

Martha and Lois are in the plane, passed out from lack of oxygen, when all of a sudden, the plane crashes into the Fortress of Solitude. Martha was awakened by the blow. She looks around for any sign of Lois but doesn't see her. With all her strength, Martha gets up, walking around what was left of the plane.

Martha sees Lois passed out on the ground and she runs over to her. "Lois!" She yells, as she kneels beside her. Martha shakes her a little, moving Lois' face to look up at her. "Lois?"

Lois doesn't respond to Martha Kent. She had cuts on her face and some snow flakes on her jacket. Her bottom lip was shaking from the cold but she couldn't speak.

-Metropolis; Daily Planet-

Chloe is at the Daily Planet. There was no power anywhere in Metropolis and she had gone up there to try and see if she could fix whatever Zod had done to the computers. She had a gun on the desk next to her that Lionel had give her just before saving her from the mob downstairs. That was about a half hour ago. Chloe was alone, cold, and scared for her life. And just like many other times in her life, she wished that Clark was there to save her.

-Metropolis; Queen Tower-

Oliver Queen is just arriving in Metropolis. He steps out of a black limo and looks up at the Queen Tower. He shoves through a huge mob of people, who were fighting and he walks in to his building. Oliver then takes the elevator up to his penthouse, as his people bring up his suitcases from the limo.

He noticed the effects of Dark Thursday and was curious as to what caused it just like anyone else, but he wasn't scared. That was the one thing that set him apart from the people here. Oliver had the only working satellites on Earth, so he could see what was happening.

-Smallville; Luthor Mansion-

After Lex/Zod shows Lana the black ship that Lex had been hiding in a warehouse, he spends several minutes telling her about it; about what came out of it and how he was going to re-create his world right here on Earth. After that, Lex/Zod drags Lana back to Luthor Mansion.

He pulls out something that he had gotten from the black ship and walks over to the original computer that was infected by Milton Fine. He explains to Lana that there's only one way to stop the virus and only he can do it.

Lex/Zod then turns to Lana again, explaining how he's going to destroy everyone on Earth and re-populate it with his blood line. "There's only one way you can survive the fate of your race." He continued to tell her.

Lana looks at him, fear in her eyes but she was curious. Maybe if she knew his plan then she could somehow stop him from going through with it. "And what would that be?" Lana asked him.

Lex/Zod smirks at Lana. "Give me what I want, an heir." He says, as he just looks at her with a straight face.

Lana crosses her arms. If he thinks that she was going to go along with his plan he was seriously out of his mind. "Aren't you going to offer me dinner first?" She asks, in sarcasm.

"There's no time for human values." Lex/Zod replied, smirking at Lana again before he continued. "If I'm going to get what I want I need to act fast. Now, if you're not willing to give me that then you can suffer like the rest of them."

Lana just looks at him. She was skeptical and clearly pissed off. "You cannot just kill a whole human race!"

"Watch me!" Lex/Zod replies coldly and turns from Lana once again.

-Fortress of Solitude-

Martha puts a blanket over Lois. "Don't worry; I'm going to get us out of here." She said, before looking around the crashed up plane, trying to find anything that could help them. Seeing the radio, Martha tries to contact someone to help them but she isn't successful.

She then goes back to tending to Lois, trying to keep her warm. Lois was now laying on one of the medical beds from the plane. "It's okay, sweetie. I'm going to get us out of here." Martha reminded her.

Just then Martha hears a loud, booming voice. She looks up, noticing the crystals around them glowing. "Jor-El..." She whispers to herself, as he begins to explain to Martha Kent why they've landed there, what's happened to Clark and how to kill Zod.

-Metropolis; Daily Planet-

Without any luck of getting into any computer system, Chloe grows very annoyed and impatient. Just then she hears something from a distance. They were sounds of walking and things moving around. She didn't know who it was and she wasn't going to wait around to find out. Chloe grabs the gun and walks around the desk with the gun aimed ahead of her. "WH-who's there..?" She yells, in a shaken tone.

Just then a young man reveals himself with his hands in the air. "Whoa, don't shoot!" His eyes were closed, until he opened one and saw it was, Chloe. "Chloe..? This isn't because I didn't call is it?" He was talking about the gun that was aimed at him.

Chloe slowly lowers the gun and puts it down on a nearby desk. "Jimmy Olsen." She kind of had a smile on her face but she was a bit surprised to see him there. "What are you doing here?"

"Well..." Jimmy said, taking a few steps closer to her. "I work here. Today's my first day." He continued with a smile. "First day at the Daily Planet and the world decides to come to an end. That's just my luck, eh?"

-Smallville; Luthor Mansion-

"Why kill all of them?" Lana asked. "One day you're going to need some of them. You can't raise an entire army by yourself. I don't care now powerful you are. Like it or not, you're going to need help."

"Maybe you're right." Lex/Zod replies. "I will need to keep a few of them around, y'know, to torture when I'm feeling blue." He says with a smirk. "To use as slaves and for those who are lucky, they can be apart of the upbringing of Krypton."

Lana didn't exactly like that answer. That isn't what she meant and he knew that. "I won't let you do this!" She yelled.

"You don't have a choice!" Lex/Zod yelled back at Lana. "You will give me what I want, willingly." He replies, then grabs Lana and ties her to a nearby chair. "Now, don't get any stupid ideas. We'll talk about this when I return." Then Lex/Zod super speeds out of Luthor Mansion and heads towards Metropolis.

-Metropolis; Queen Tower-

Oliver sees the destruction that was happening in Metropolis and all over the world on his satellites. Just then he sees a flash of something. He didn't know what exactly, it was blurred but when it stopped, he saw it. Oliver leans into the monitor and is quite surprised to see his old boarding school classmate standing there. "Lex Luthor..." He says to himself, as he continues to watch the monitor, amused.

-Metropolis; Daily Planet-

Chloe couldn't help but smile a little at Jimmy. "You work here now? Wow, didn't see that one coming." She replies, walking closer to Jimmy and then hugs him. "I'm so glad that you're here."

He was a little taken back by the hug but of course he didn't mind. He then wrapped his arms around Chloe, as he hugged her back. "It's okay, Chloe. The worst part has to be over, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I hope so. That's not usually the case in Smallville, but maybe here will be different." Just then the whole building started to shake and Chloe lets go of Jimmy, trying to keep her balance.

-Phantom Zone-

The girl that saved Clark was another Kryptonian, Raya. She walks down the sand hill and over to Clark, helping him up. "You're lucky I was there." She says when Clark asks who she was, not answering his question.

Clark looks around the desert again. "What were those things?" He asks, looking back at Raya.

"They were imprisoned here by your father." She replies, and then walks through the Phantom Zone, explaining to Clark a way to get out.

-Fortress of Solitude-

Martha listens to Jor-El and she is given a crystal knife. "How am I supposed to use this?" She asks and Jor-El tells her to find a way to get close to Zod then stab him with it. Then Jor-El's essence disappears, sending both Martha Kent and Lois Lane back to the Kent Farm, just inside their barn.

-Metropolis; Outside of the Queen Tower-

After watching the monitors for awhile, Oliver sees Lex/Zod being held up by a couple of thugs. He decides to do something about this. Well, at least the Green Arrow will do something about this. Oliver gets suited up in his costume and grabs his bow and arrow, rushing out of the building.

Lex/Zod didn't notice the Green Arrow because he was too busy dealing with the thugs. "You seriously picked the wrong guy to mess with." He says to the thugs.

Thug # 1 just looks at him. "No, we're robbing, Lex Luthor, so give us your wallet now!" He said, aiming his gun at Lex/Zod's chest, as his buddy backed him up. "You heard the man!" Thug # 2 yelled.

'I don't have time for this.' Lex/Zod thought to himself, as he grabs Thug # 1 and tosses him 50 feet in the air, making him land on top of a parked car. The roof was now dented and the windshield was broken. The guy was passed out. Lex/Zod then turns back to the other thug.

Thug # 2 was slowly backing away from Lex/Zod, in terror from what he'd just witnessed. "Okay, you win. You win. Just keep the money." He said, holding his hands up in surrender.

-Smallville; Kent Farm-

Martha looks around, realizing that she's back in her barn. She turns to Lois and rushed over to where she was laying. "Lois? Lois, are you alright? Can you hear me?"

Lois slowly opened her eyes to look up at Martha. "Mrs. Kent..?" She replies, in a scratchy voice. "Wh-what happened?" Lois moves her hand to her head. "I feel like someone hit me with a baseball bat." She continued to say.

"The plane went down and we crashed." Martha began to explain. "The radio on the plane wasn't working, so I uh, I called for help. And now we're here..." She kind of looked around, and then turned back to Lois. "...In the barn." 'Yeah, that really sounded believable.' Martha thought to herself, as she looked down at Lois, waiting for her response.

"The barn..?" Lois asked, as she slowly sits up, making painful noises as she did so. She looks around, her hand still on her head. "Are you okay, Mrs. Kent?" Lois asked, as she turned her attention back to Martha.

Martha nods. "I'll be fine." She replied back. She had the crystal knife hidden under her clothing. "We need to get you inside. Can you walk?"

Lois slowly stands to her feet, with a bit of trouble. "Yeah, just not too fast..." She leans on a wooden post. "And a little assistance if you would, Mrs. Kent."

-Metropolis; Daily Planet-

Jimmy feels the Daily Planet start to shake. He sees books and shelves starting to fall. "Chloe..!" He yells in concern and she then turns to him. Jimmy takes her hand and walks to a desk. He gently pushes Chloe under it and then gets under it himself. Jimmy then wraps himself over Chloe, to protect her from the falling objects.

Chloe, though scared out of her mind, she smiles at Jimmy's actions. Perhaps she had another hero to protect her now. Suddenly, the Daily Planet stops shaking and Chloe looks up at Jimmy with wide eyes. "You saved my life."

Jimmy was looking around the room, making sure nothing else was going to fall. He then hears Chloe and smiled at her. "All in a days work." He then gets off of Chloe and gets out from under the desk. Jimmy extends his hand to Chloe, helping her out from underneath the desk.

Chloe takes Jimmy's hand and stands up in front of him, as she's helped out. "We should get out of here. It's obviously not safe."

"Actually, this might be the safest place. I was just out there." He replies, pointing towards the window. "It's crazy. At least in here they can't get to us."

-Metropolis; Outside Queen Tower-

Oliver sees the fight, not liking where it was going. With that kind of power, Lex could really hurt someone or worse. He aims his bow straight at Lex/Zod. The arrow swooshes through the air at speeds unknown.

Lex/Zod turns around, catching the arrow in his hand. He sees the Green Arrow and snaps the arrow in half, clearly pissed off. He throws the two halves on the ground and starts walking towards the Green Arrow.

Oliver sees Lex/Zod catch the arrow and snap it in half. "Whoa, okay, on second thought." He takes out his crossbow and aims it in the air, shooting an arrow that projects a pulley wire. Oliver is then transported up into the sky and up to his balcony again. From there he watches Lex/Zod, wondering what he'd do next. 'So much for me being a hero. At least the other guy got away.' Oliver thought to himself.

Lex/Zod watched as the Green Arrow vanished. He would've chased him but he didn't have the time or patience to go after him. 'He'll be dead soon enough when my plan goes full circle.' He thinks to himself.

-Phantom Zone-

Clark and Raya reach the escape, where they are suddenly attacked by a bunch of other Kryptonians that were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. They make Clark open the portal and then they stab Raya, all before being sucked through the portal and transported to Earth.

-Smallville; Kent Farm-

Martha walks with Lois to the Kent house and she helps her to a seat in the living room. "I have to do something. It's safest if you stay here. And please don't ask me why."

Lois fixes a pillow to support her back. "Leaving? Mrs. Kent, I don't think that's best, considering we just fell from the sky and crashed on the very hard ground."

"I have to do this, Lois. I can't explain why right now but hopefully someday you'll understand." Martha replied, throwing on a jacket and walking to the front door. "Don't worry. I'll be fine."

Lois looks at Mrs. Kent, unable to argue anymore. There really was no point to it. "Well, Senator knows best." She replied.

Martha looks at Lois before leaving. "Please, don't leave this house for any reason. It's for you own safety." She then walks out of the Kent house and down the dirt driveway. She pulls out the crystal knife, looking at it for a second before climbing into the blue Kent truck. Martha starts up the engine and backs out of the Kent Farm, speeding towards Luthor Mansion.

-Metropolis; Queen Tower-

Seeing as how arrows wouldn't stop him, Oliver takes off his Green Arrow costume and dresses into his normal rich-boy attire. He did come to Metropolis for a reason. To see what was causing Dark Thursday but there was also another reason, to meet Senator Kent. If she died, he'd never forgive himself. He'd go there first and deal with Lex Luthor later. Oliver rushes out of his building again and into an awaiting black limo. "Smallville, the Kent Farm." Oliver insisted on going, telling the address to his driver.

-Metropolis; Daily Planet-

Chloe nods in agreement with Jimmy. "Maybe you're right. Here is good." She looks around the Daily Planet, realizing that they were totally alone.

Jimmy looks at Chloe and smiles. "Well, since we are stuck here." He says, sitting down on a desk. "Seeing anyone?" He asks with a smirk.

Chloe smiles at him. "It's amazing, when the world is under attack, that you can still find the time to be charming." She replies, shaking her head a little. "No, I'm not seeing anyone."

"That's good news, really good news." Jimmy replies back, the smile still on his face.

-Smallville; Kent Farm-

Lois watched Mrs. Kent walk out of the Kent house. She had some scratches on her face and her jean pants had blood on them from her bleeding earlier. She was sitting on the Kent couch. After awhile of sitting, she forces herself up and limps to the phone in the kitchen. Lois didn't know where her cell phone was, thinking she'd lost it in the plane crash. She puts the phone to her ear and dials Chloe's number but she then realizes the phone isn't working. "Damnit!" Lois yells, slamming the phone back on the receiver.

Just then, Oliver's limo pulls up to the Kent Farm. Every mile, from Metropolis to Smallville, was in total chaos. The Kent Farm wasn't in too good of condition either now that he thought about it. Ollie tells the driver to wait, as he gets out of the limo and walks up to the Kent house. He looks inside the window that was on the door but it was dark, due to no electricity. Oliver then knocks a couple of times. "Hello?" After nobody answered, he peers through the window again. "Anyone home..?"

Lois turns to look at the door, only to see a dark figure from the window. Knowing how crazy the people were, she limps over to a closet and digs through it until she finds a bat. Lois then limps back over to the island counter. She then realizes that the dark figure is a man and he appeared to be looking into the kitchen window. 'Great, a peeping-Tom...' She thought. "Hey!" Lois yells, pulling the bat up in a swinging position. "If you don't leave now this bat will be hitting a ball. Well, two balls!"

-Metropolis; Daily Planet-

Chloe smiles at Jimmy again, and then looks around the office. "Jimmy, I know it's not really safe out there but we can't stay in here and do nothing. Don't you think we should try and help in some way?" Jimmy thinks about it for a second before answering. "I don't know how. Does the Daily Planet have any first-aid kits hidden somewhere? Maybe we can assist some of the injured."

"If they did have any, they would be in the supply closet with all the other supplies." Chloe replies back.

"We should go look together." Jimmy says, holding out his hand to her.

Chloe takes Jimmy's hand and walks with him through the jumble of things scattered on the floor and the darkness of the building. She was kind of scared.

-Smallville; Luthor Mansion-

When Martha Kent arrives at Luthor Mansion, she rams through the gate with the truck and drives up to the building. She gets out and just walks in. There was nobody there guarding the place and it was pretty much deserted. Even so, if Zod were here, he certainly wouldn't care about cleaning up the place. Martha walks down some halls and towards Lex's office. She cracks open the double doors and peers inside, hoping to catch Zod off guard. But what she saw instead was Lana, tied up to a chair. "Omg, Lana." Martha rushes into the office, with the knife hidden and over to Lana. She begins untying the ropes around Lana's wrists. "Where is he?" Martha asks her.

Lana watches as Mrs. Kent rushes over to her. She didn't expect to see her there. "Mrs. Kent, what are you doing here? You need to get out of here before he comes back."

Martha finishes untying Lana. "I'm not leaving here without you, Lana. You have no idea what he's capable of."

"Then lets both get out of here. Lex isn't himself, Mrs. Kent." Lana replies, as she stands up and turns to leave.

Just then Lex/Zod arrives at the Luthor Mansion and walks through the halls, towards his office. When he arrives to the office he opens the double doors, seeing Lana is now untied and Martha Kent is with her. "Going somewhere?" He asks Lana, in a cold tone.

-Smallville; Kent Farm-

Oliver seemed surprised to find not Senator Kent, but a young woman, a very feisty young woman at that. He raises his hands in surrender. "Whoa, wait a second now." Oliver says, and then puts his hands back down to his sides, seeing as how there was a door in between them. "I'm a friend, looking for Senator Kent. Just-Just put the bat down."

Lois looks at Oliver, examining him through the window in the door. She slowly put down the bat but she kept it in her grasp. "I'm sorry; Mrs. Kent isn't in right now. But, if you'd like, you can wait inside and I'll make you some tea and cookies." Lois replies back, sarcastically. "Who the hell are you?!" She yells at him.

Oliver couldn't help but smile a little at her sarcasm. "Okay, so...obviously not a very trustworthy town." He mumbles, and then looks back through the window. "My name is, Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Industries. I'm here to support Senator Kent with her campaign." He figured that he'd get through to her more in person, so Oliver opens the door and slowly walks inside the house, but not too close to Lois. He didn't want to get his head smashed in by a crazy woman with a bat. "Listen. I'm not going to hurt you, okay? I'm only here to help."

"Well, as much as I appreciate the whole trying-to-be-a-hero thing, Mrs. Kent isn't here. It's only me. And I'm fine." Lois starts to walk to the door to kick him out but her injured leg gives out and she falls, leaning on the island counter. 'OH, just perfect.' She thinks to herself.


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