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        The interactive brain construct had served him well. Zod reveled in the sensations of having physical form again.  The body chosen as his Vessel yielded to his will, surrendering all of its thoughts, desires and memories.  The human female the Vessel knew as Lana had found him on the rooftop, surveying his new empire.  She addressed him with his Vessel's name. These humans, so blind.  Some remnant of the Vessel had not been entirely suppressed which caused Zod to correct the humans ignorance rather than killing her outright for her impudence.  He took his new pet along with him, flying to his new home, or what would serve as such for the time being.  After disabling the Kryptonian technology which the IBC had activated, Zod noticed the scent of fear in the room emanating from his pet, Lana.  The aroma of fear and the fact of having a body after- so long that time had lost meaning- sent a voracious need coarsing through his veins. He offered the human the honor of being his mate, the mother of the future race.  She answered with defiance, which only compounded his desire. Not that her consent was necessary, but it did make the keeping of a concubine less- complicated. 
      In order to prevent his pet from leaving he staked her to the wall. With a dagger through her hand.  When he returned from the Pentagon, he was surprised to find that she had escaped.  The sight of her blood on the wall was like a challenge. All the more delectable once caught.  She surprised him again by walking through the doors of what had been his Vessels office. His response was twofold: dissapointment that he would have to forego the pleasure of the hunt and a sence of confirmation which fed his megalomania. This sign of submission was the expected response from a human to a god. The fear smell was still present but tempered by something he couldn't identify. She approached him bold and vulnerable and something in her bearing suggested that she now had a proper appreciation of his god-like status on this planet.  
      "You have returned, of your own free will. Why?"
      "I'm a survivor. Given a choice between utter destruction and concubine to a god?  I do have a price, however."  Zod smiled. What a delicious surrender.  "What do you want?"
      "Protection. For my friends and family."
      "Done. I may even feel generous enough to include one of your friends among my concubines."
      At a loss for words, Lana smiled and approached him. She had been with this body before, this couldn't be too hard. He didn't question her eagerness to be near him. She began kissing him while urging him toward the couch.  He sat down and she immediately straddled him and her kisses travelled to his neck.  Despite it being Lex's body the feel of Zod was repulsively foreign to her. She did her best to distract him from seeing it on her face.  She ground against his growing desire and heard a low growl emanate from his throat.  
      She couldn't identify exactly where it had gone wrong, he must've sensed some change in her.  She slid Jor-El's dagger from her sleeve and tightened her grip approaching Lex's throat. NO. Zod's throat. It must have been that moment of hesitation, her reluctance to kill Lex which cost her her victory.  He didn't even bother to remove his face from her neckline; he simply held her dagger hand aloft, tossing it aside contemptuously as his mouth found her breasts.  Her heart stopped.  He looked up at her.  She expected to see her own death reflected in his eyes; instead she saw an indulgent amusement combined with a dangerous spark which frightened her more than the death would have. 
      He took her free wrist with the hand that still restrained her dagger hand and lifted her bodily off the couch as he rose.  He deposited her on the marble floor while maintaining the shackle around her wrists, arms forced above her head.  His free hand ran down from her neck, to her breast, to her stomach, then to clench between her legs all in the manner of deliberate objectification.  She jumped and gasped involuntarily at his touch, the fear dangerously approaching panic.  All of the resolve she had felt when she took that dagger from Martha Kent had melted in defeat the moment she was caught. But she hadn't lied to Zod. She was a survivor. She is.  She had to be careful. She had to do it just right, or he'd never believe it. She knew she was about to be raped and that she would have to pretend to like it.  Careful. She could still gain that protection if she was careful. Everyone she cared about flashed in her mind throughout the whole experience.  She made her gasp of horror sound like a gasp of pleasure as he literally ripped her clothes off, leaving friction burns on her skin where the seams had ripped. Lex. Maybe she'll find a way to free him one day. Zod finally released her wrists but before she could even contemplate escape, he had her arms pinned to the floor with his knees. Clark who she hated and loved but nonetheless wanted to save.  Zod divested himself of the black trench coat and the button down shirt beneath.  The pressure on her arms was becoming unbearable and she tugged against his legs involuntarily.  Her breath caught in her throat. Damn it control yourself Lana!  He looked down at her pathetic attempt to escape and she noticed something in his eyes. Pleasure. He liked it when she struggled. She could use that. Chloe, whom Lana envied and admired, her independent spirit crushed, her future limited to death or at best as another concubine to Zod. She wouldn't let that happen.
      Lana jerker her arms again and began to struggle in earnest, groaning and writhing beneath him.  Zod's erection grew, inches above her face, emboldened by her resistance. It's working. The thought was half fear, half triumph.  He eased up off of her arms, if only to remove the rest of his clothes.  She took the momentary reprieve to sit up and draw her knees to her chest, letting her fear show. That part she didn't have to fake.
      "P-P-Please don't hurt me.  I'll, I'll do anything. Anything you want. Don't hurt my friends. Please." 
      "I know you will." He smirked. Lex's smirk but enhanced with a ruthless detachment impossible to any human.  He grabbed her ankle, using it to pull the entire length of her body across the marble floor beneath him. Unceremoniously he thrust his fingers into her pussy and enveloped her breast with his mouth simultaneously.  Her body responded against her will, her nipples hardening against his teeth, her pussy lubricating in anticipation. Lex's body, remember that. Think of it as Lex's body.  That incantation was repeated incessantly in her head as Zod's hand forced her thigh up at an angle and he thrust his cock into her. He covered her mouth with his, not with the intention of kissing so much as to swallow her screams.  Each thrust against that cold, hard floor was an act of punishment and an act of possession, together. Lana's screams subsided and she finally gathered the courage to kiss him back.  She dug her nails into his back as she wrapped her legs around him.  She let the hatred show on her face. Let him take it for passion. Her screams had transformed into animalistic growls, timed with his thrusts, matching the sounds emanating from his throat. When they came, it sounded like ravaging beasts, like nothing human. He pulled out of her, patting her on the belly like a good pet and walked away.   He gathered his clothes, dismissing her utterly. She collected the torn remnants of her clothing, staggering drunkenly, disoriented and forlorn.  She jerked involuntarily and dropped the shredded pile of cloth and bent to pick it up.  She felt something cold and hard in her hand. Her heart raced. Jor-El's dagger.  Concealed in her bundle, she headed for the doors, hoping against hope. Could he hear her erratic heartbeat?
      "Lana." The voice stopped her heart but she turned slowly, facing him willing any expression away from her face. 
      "I will consider your request regarding these humans you favor.  Based on you behavior of course.  I will visit you again later, do not leave this domicile."
      "I'll be here." Lana promised and turned away, walking out of the room with a hard smile of determination on her face.
      The End

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