You Are Red, Violent Red

by shelia452

Title: You Are Red, Violent Red
Author: shelia452
Pairing: Kaloe
Rating: NC-17 for liberal use of intoxicants, language and graphic darker sexual imagery. Spoilers: Exile
Disclaimers: Don't own them, but if I did, they'd have more fun. The title and little moodlet of this piece are lyrics from MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday. A/N: Written for the lj drunkfic prompt #258 (Kal gets Chloe drunk) and, well, just because every Chlarksmut writer must have at least one `Kaloe-Exile-lost summer' fic. This is mine. Hope you enjoy!

You Are Red, Violent Red
November/December 2006

*a long night spent with your
most obvious weakness...*

The bartender placed five shot glasses in front of Chloe, a deft flick of his wrist and golden liquid splashed them full. A salt shaker and a quartered lime completed the tableau. She raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

"You have an admirer."


Okay. Well. That was nice to know, but it didn't really explain anything. He had refused her order for rum and coke earlier in the evening, rolling his eyes at her and giving her a virgin cola. Now he grinned at her.


And Chloe couldn't tell if his smile was a nervous one or a smirk.

Chloe glanced around the nightclub called Atlantis, absently tugging down the hem of her too short skirt, trying to see through the strobing lights and press of gyrating bodies. No one seemed to be watching her and she didn't see any of her so called friends who had abandoned her within minutes of arriving at this trendy hot spot. She turned back to the bartender, her mouth already pursing with questions, but he had moved away, leaving the bottle on the bar in front of her.

Chloe studied the glasses lined up in a row. What was she supposed to do with all this? Frowning slightly, she reached for the first one when she felt someone suddenly appear behind her. A voice she automatically recognized whispered smoothly against her ear.

"Here, let me show you."

She tried to turn around but large hands slid down her arms and covered hers. She chewed at her lower lip. Chloe knew those hands, knew them almost as well as her own. Hell, she had dreamed about those hands on a nightly basis for years. Light sparked on the dark red stone embedded in the heavy gold ring he wore.

Ah, so that's where the class ring went, Chloe thought as he lifted her hand and brought her wrist to her mouth.

"Lick," he commanded.

And before Chloe could realize what she'd done, she had licked her wrist. He sprinkled salt on her wet skin.


Chloe tasted salt, then a wedge of lime was pressed against her lips.

"Bite. Suck."

She bit into the wedge; sour juice squirted into her mouth.

The shot glass was tilted against her lips.


The golden liquid burned. Burned her mouth, her tongue, causing her to gasp as it blazed a fiery trail down her throat, and then he was slamming the glass upside down on the bar and picking up the salt shaker as he pressed her wrist to her lips again.

He repeated his earlier commands and by the time the third glass touched her lips, heat had spread throughout her body and she had to lean back against him to keep from falling off her barstool.

He pressed the fourth glass to her lips and she drank. She could feel him, warm, hard, and unmistakably male, pressing against her. Chloe took a deep breath and shuddered.

Fuck, she could smell him.

He smelled like he always did; a musky, drowsy echo of bright summer sun and rain drenched fields that never failed to leave her weak in the knees.

And now, all of that was shaded with something more. Something dark, powerful and heady and masculine, shadowed, sharpened the smell of sunlight and earth and made her body tremble from more than the alcohol. Automatically she brought her wrist to her mouth for the fifth round, but he stopped her.

"No. This one's mine."

The world spun as he turned her around on her barstool and the caress of soft leather on the sensitive skin of her inner thighs drew a sigh from her as he settled between her legs, settled liked he belonged, and leaned against her. She could feel him picking up the last shot behind her with one hand.

The world continued to spin for Chloe and her pulse beat in time with the flashing lights, the hard, throbbing music of the nightclub.She was dizzy with alcohol, dizzy with the thumping music and the heady smell of him and she could only watch as he lifted her wrist to his generous mouth, and she couldn't repress the rush of pure want that shivered through her when he licked her skin.

He skipped the salt and the lime and Chloe could only stare, fascinated by the play of light along the line of his throat as he threw his head back, downing the tequila with practiced ease.

He licked his lips and lowered his head near to hers. Desire was a low burning throb, a moist heat simmering in her belly. Large hands settled on the generous curves of her hips, pulling her towards him, pulling her to the edge of the barstool so she had to clutch at the black silk of his shirt to keep from falling back against the bar.

She looked up into vivid green eyes and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. Chloe could feel the hard ridge of his cock through his tight leather pants and she could feel herself becoming even wetter as he rubbed himself against her slowly.

He grinned down at her wolfishly.

"Hello Chloe. Let's dance."

She blinked, and then she was in the crush of the dance floor, his big hands firmly on her ass, pulling her up on her toes. Chloe instinctively clutched at his shoulders for balance, then slid her arms around his neck. Her nipples tightened almost painfully in her lace bra as her breasts pressed against his silk clad chest.

She tilted her face slightly to look up at him and Chloe squirmed a bit in his arms, suddenly embarrassed by the rush of heat between her thighs and, because even though she was buzzed, she knew the look on her face bordered on awe.

He was truly the most breathtakingly beautiful man she had ever seen.

The dark hair that wildly framed his chiseled features was highlighted with reflections of blue, of red as the lights around them flashed with the pounding music playing, and it had to be the very same lights that caused his eyes to glow red briefly when she said his name.


"Kal," he corrected harshly, "Not Clark. Kal."

Chloe blinked at him and a giggle escaped her. "Kal?"

Full lips narrowed in annoyance and surely it was the lights that made his eyes blaze red again.


His voice was a dark, gruff warning that banished the giggles as suddenly as they had appeared and sent a little shiver down her spine, a sharp throb of desire straight to her sex.

His nostrils flared and a low growl escaped him. Generous lips curved slowly in a grin that was bright white, wicked and sharp.

And if his smile was wicked, his voice was pure sin.

"I can smell how much you want me Chloe. I could always smell how much you wanted me."

Chloe could feel her face redden and a whimper escaped her as his fingers dug roughly, painfully, into her ass. He ground his hips into hers, moving with the music in an unmistakably sexual rhythm.

One large hand glided up across her back and slid into her hair, fisting, tilting her head back for a kiss.

His mouth was hard, demanding against hers and Chloe had to close her eyes because the world was spinning again, light and sound blurring crazily and the only thing that was real was the feel of his lips against hers, the press of his hot, moist tongue, teasing, tasting, sliding inside her mouth as his strong arms held her against him.

He trailed kisses across her jaw, down her neck and the sharp nip of his teeth against her skin made her gasp and open her eyes.

Chloe blinked, confused.

The bar was gone. The music was gone. Both replaced with a room sparsely decorated with chrome and leather and the harsh rasp of their breaths.


He pulled back from her as hisfist tightened in her hair and she winced.

Chloe licked her lips and glanced around. This was definitely not Atlantis, even though the bottle of tequila that had sat on the bar in front of her was now in his hand.

She was in an apartment.

A trendy, expensive looking apartment with a few pieces of modern furniture scattered about and Chloe could see part of a bed with rumpled, dark silk sheets framed in a wide doorway.

She knew it was more than the alcohol buzzing through her that made her skin itch with the longing to have those sheets sliding against her skin, sliding against her skin as he slid into her. She ached with pure want, and the room threatened to spin again.

She had always wanted him, but this, this was a need.

She swallowed hard and gazed up at him. Drunk or not, she knew it was impossible to get from a bar to an apartment in the blink of an eye.

"Cl...Kal," she corrected herself. "What is going on?"

He laughed softly as he lowered his head again, his breath warm against her mouth as he whispered, his voice husky and full of dark promise.

"I'm gonna fuck you Chloe, but first... first I'm gonna make you beg."


"Oh really?" Chloe arched a brow. "Who said I was going to let you fuck me, let alone that I would beg for it?"

Kal's nostrils flared and he leaned forward, nuzzling her hair.

"You don't have to say a thing. Your scent speaks for you."

"My scent? What? Hello, are you channeling bloodhound?"

He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. His arms tightened momentarily around her and a soft little possessive growl rumbled low in his throat.

His eyes opened, and vivid green eyes stared right into hers, green eyes that were darkened with desire and lust. Desire and lust for her.

Chloe felt her knees and her resolve weakening in his gaze. Then he slowly grinned. A knowing, sexy grin that made her hands itch to slap it off his face as much as it made her want to kiss him.

"You can call me a dog all you want baby, but you're already so wet and ready for me, you'll be begging for it by the first touch."

Annoyance flashed through her and she pushed angrily against him. "First off, don't call me 'baby' and second, I will not be beg..."

Kal lowered his head and kissed her, cutting her off and Chloe wasn't sure if she was more shocked or aroused by his words or his ardent attack on her mouth.

His lips were hard against hers, pressing her lips into her teeth, forcing her mouth open for his questing tongue that demanded entrance, stroking, teasing hers until she relaxed against him.

Chloe vaguely recognized the soft chink of glass on glass but Kal's lips were a moving distraction, pressing against the corner of her mouth, slowly dragging across her jaw.

Somehow her fingers were buried deep in his hair and Kal's large hands were at her back, stroking, exploring as he kissed and nipped his way down her neck. His large hands were stroking across her back, pressing her against him, then down and up under her shirt.

Chloe moaned and bit her lip as his fingertips left trails of shivers across her skin and then he caressed, open palmed, down to her hips, squeezing, pulling them towards his, so he could rub himself slowly against her. Then his hands moved lower, reversing, pushing her skirt up, fingertips pushing aside the scrap of satin and lace that served as her underwear, pushing aside and lightly tracing the generous curves of her ass, then lower, between her thighs.

Chloe moaned, a low sound, deep in her throat, at the touch of his fingertips, teasing her with their brushes against her skin and light strokes against the part of her that wanted that touch. Wanted it so much.

"I told you I would have you begging for it." Kal smirked into her neck before opening his mouth to bite at the skin before him.

She whimpered at the feel of his teeth scraping along the sensitive column.

"Oh yeah baby. You're fucking purring." Kal tongued the marks he had made at the base of her neck.

Chloe moaned again, but managed to snark out. "Just like the dog, to chase after the cat."

Raising his head, Kal caught her eyes with his.


He smiled at her and it wasn't like any smile he had given her before. It still held some of that eager innocence she knew so well, but it was also filled with something else, something dark and erotic and so powerfully masculine that it touched some inner feminine core of her. It touched her so deeply it almost scared her. Chloe took a deep breath.

"You're an ass."

He lowered his head again, his mouth drifting lazily over her shoulders. Chloe sighed at the sweetness of his kisses on her skin.

One of the hands under her skirt moved her underwear aside, baring one ripe cheek, then the sudden, sharp sound of flesh striking flesh echoed.

Chloe cried out, her hands tightening in his hair, and it was much more than surprise that made her shudder and gasp as the hand that landed the stinking slap now kneaded and caressed her abused skin.

"Little Chloe likes it rough." Kal chuckled mockingly, his lips moved to her ear and she shuddered again as his voice dropped an octave. "That's okay. I like it rough too."

The world spun and she was pressed firmly back against him, his lips at her neck, biting, sucking, marking, his large hands cupping and kneading breasts roughly, fingers pinching, rolling her nipples hard through her shirt and lace bra. She moaned, his hands, his mouth and the urgent greedy little noises he kept making deep in his throat were driving her crazy.

Chloe shuddered and let her head drop back to his shoulder. Kal rocked his hips against her backside and suckled the skin over her pulse.

Suddenly he turned her around, pushing her away and grabbing the front of her blouse. Making sure he had her bra in his grip as well, Kal tore it open.

Chloe made a surprised sound but was so turned on and shocked at his assault on her clothing that she was speechless. She stood there wide-eyed and bare chested staring at him wordlessly.

He grinned at her and stepped closer, then his big hands were at her breasts, kneading, fingers stroking, teasing, pulling at her already aching nipples, his lips hot against her neck, his teeth sharp against her skin. One large hand slid up into her hair, fisting, tilting her head back as his mouth moved to hers. She clutched at his shoulders as he kissed her hard.

Then he was pushing the shirt off her shoulders, ripping it off her so fast that her arms were flung back.

Her hand connected with glass and the bottle of tequila he had placed on a table earlier started to teeter crazily. And then it fell to the floor. She could only watch as Kal casually snatched it out of the air, not one drop of the golden alcohol spilling.

She blinked as he brought the bottle to his lips, and Kal threw his head back, taking three long swallows. His full lips glistened wetly as he licked lips. Then he tilted the bottle to her mouth.

Chloe sputtered and choked, the alcohol filling, burning her mouth and he bent over her, catching overflow with his tongue. She gasped and her breath caught at another of his wicked grins as the hand in her hair arched her backwards and Kal laughed as he upended the bottle of tequila over her chest.

She heard the smash of glass as he threw the empty bottle over his shoulder and Chloe shuddered, her nipples hardened further at the bite of the cold alcohol.

Kal's hot tongue chased the tequila that drenched her skin, lapped at the alcohol that ran in rivulets over curves and valleys.

Chloe moaned and buried her fingers in demon dark hair as he licked and kissed her wet skin. He laughed softly before covering one aching nipple with his hot mouth and sucked hard. Desire spiked through her.

"Kal," she whispered.

In an instant he had dropped to his knees, pulling her down with him so her inner thighs rested against his outer ones and had pulled her hands from his hair.

Chloe blinked and her wrists were suddenly behind her, circled loosely in one of his large hands and he opened his legs more, exposing her further, her thighs spread almost painfully. She struggled instinctively, uselessly as he arched her backwards, and Chloe could only moan at the sensations coursing through her at the feel of his mouth on her breast, his teeth grazing across her skin.

She trembled uncontrollably as he leisurely explored her body with his lips, his free hand. Smooth fingertips stroking lightly over the sensitive flesh of her neck, trailing down, tracing the curve of her breast, circling, pinching her aching nipple before continuing down across the soft swell of her belly, down to the hot promise between her thighs.

Lightly stroking, exploring, Kal slipped one thick finger slowly into her tight heat as he kissed and nibbled on her breast, then licked his way to her mouth, capturing her moan as he slid another finger inside her.

He chewed at her bottom lip and Chloe cried out, gasping and shuddering when another long, thick finger joined the other two sliding inside her. He bit and kissed across her jaw, down the curve of her neck.

"Oh god. Kal."

His thick fingers moved slowly in her and his large thumb was firm on her clit, pressing, circling. Chloe whimpered, rocking wildly on his hand, as unbelievable pleasure built. Her whole body trembled; she was so very close, dancing on the edge of orgasm.

"Kal. Please."

And without warning he pushed her off his lap to the floor and withdrew his hand from her.

Chloe cried out in frustration. Her whole body tingled as she lay panting on the floor, shirtless, braless and skirt pushed up over her hips and she could only watch as he licked and sucked at his slicked fingers with an infuriatingly smug `I told you so' expression on his face.

She had never been so turned on and pissed off at the same time in her entire life.

He watched her with heavy lidded eyes as he cleaned his fingers slowly. Kal leaned back on one hand, and black silk rode up, exposing a teasing glimpse of clearly defined abs, and the line of his hip drew the eye downward, to the shadowy beginnings of dark hair and a hint of the head of his cock peeking from his low waisted leather pants.

Chloe's breath caught at the sheer masculine beauty of him. She had always found him attractive, but now, indolently leaned back before her, Clark, the farmboy she had always wanted, was somehow transformed into a smoldering god of want.

He called himself Kal and it fit because there was something exotic and virile, something predatory that seemed to emanate from him in waves of pure primal want.

A shudder racked her body and a small sound of need escaped Chloe. She licked her suddenly dry lips. Kal was a bastard for making her want him so much.

"You're a bastard." Chloe hissed at him.

Kal grinned.

"Sticks and stones baby. Sticks... and stones."


Chloe shook with alcohol fueled rage, her body tingling with denied release. She wanted to scream at him. Wanted to bite and scratch and rub her body against his. Wanted to hear him moan her name as he trembled at her touch.

And the fucker knew it too.

Kal watched her with knowing, brilliant green eyes. Brilliant green eyes that were heavy lidded with lust and sparkling with amusement as he licked his fingers one more time before slowly lowering his hand.

Her eyes followed as it trailed down over his body until it met where leather kissed skin. His fingers stroked idly along the waist line of his pants.

"Baby look what you do to me."

Low waisted and tight, the leather hugged his erection, and she couldn't help but wonder if the leather threaded chain that laced the fly of those black leather pants was digging into his cock.

I hope so, she thought viciously. I wanna see, rapidly chased on the heels of that thought. Chloe chewed at her lower lip. Maybe it was the alcohol making her so bold, but she climbed to her knees and settled back on her heels, placing her hand high up on one of his leather clad thighs. She squeezed.

"Show me."

"Mmmm, baby. I like it when you're bossy." Kal murmured and she watched as he unlaced leather and chain.

She could actually hear the heavy slap of his cock as it sprung up into his waiting hand. He fisted, squeezing tightly and there was a glint of red on his hand as his hips lifted and he bucked up into his fist.

Kal stroked himself slowly, foreskin taut around the base of the thick head of his cock, passing his thumb through the drops of wetness that glistened there, smoothing it over the head, slicking the soft skin.

She wanted to taste. Her mouth watered and a wet pulse of desire blossomed between her legs and Chloe squirmed. Her hand tightened on his thigh.

"Tell me what you want." she whispered.

"I want to see your beautiful mouth stretched around me Chloe."

She placed her hand over his and lowered her head. Breathing in the scent of him, exotic and male, and even though he had thoroughly cleaned his fingers, her smell still lingered on his hand, mixing with the musk of him, an almost overwhelming, intoxicating scent she could almost taste.

Chloe pressed a small kiss on the head of his cock and smiled as he shuddered. Kal's hips lifted slightly, the wet broad tip of his erection pushing at her mouth. Her lips parted willingly and she sucked hard, her tongue swirling around, tasting the thick moisture that coated him.

Kal groaned and released himself, threading his fingers through her hair, cupping the back of her head. Her hand curled around the base of his cock, fingertips almost meeting around the thickness and squeezed as she began to stroke him.

A deep groan rumbled through him as his hips lifted, meeting her down strokes with small thrusts that pressed more of him into her mouth as she continued to suck and lick.


She released him from her mouth and smiled as he whimpered, his hand tightening in her hair as she bent further over him and licked him slowly from the wide base of his cock to the tip.

"Don't." Her voice was soft and he shuddered. He twitched under her tongue. She bent again, licking another moist trail up his thick shaft. "Call. Me." She sucked a little as she licked again, her mouth against the velvet soft head. "Baby," she finished and drew him back in.

Kal groaned and thrust upward as she sucked more of him into her mouth. She grazed her teeth along his length and he gasped as she released him again.


Whatever he was going to say was cut off with a moan as she covered him again, slowly taking as much of his thick cock into her mouth as she could before backing off and doing it again. And again.

The feel of him, the taste of him was incredible and Chloe moaned, her thighs tightening and releasing in an unconscious rhythm that gave no relief, only making her wetter until her panties were soaked and her thighs were slickening with moisture.

He made little noises deep in his throat and he trembled, his erection jerking as she sucked and licked. Kal took a deep shuddering breath.


His hand tightened in her hair, holding her still and he slowly withdrew from her. When she could, she looked upward and watched him as he stared hungrily at her mouth.

Kal stared at her with heavy lidded eyes as he ran his thumb over her bottom lip, exploring the swollen softness and his hand in her hair urged her up his body slowly. She ran her hands over silk covered hard muscle.

He kissed her softly, sucking slightly at her bottom lip, tongue stroking, tasting himself on her mouth, in her mouth and his hands roamed her skin. Kal deepened the kiss, his tongue teasing hers to dance with his until they both were moaning.

In one fluid motion he flipped her on her back, large hands bunching her skirt around her waist and ripping her underwear from her. Kal pushed his pants down his thighs and settled between her legs, rubbing himself, coating himself with her slick heat and Chloe moaned at the feel of his thick cock sliding against her sex. She wanted more. No, she needed more.

"Kal," Chloe whispered, her hands tightening on his shoulders and groaned as he pressed the thick head of his erection against her opening and pushed.

Then he was sliding into her and Chloe gasped at the pleasure, moaned at the pressure. The pleasure and pressure intensifying as he slowly rocked into her, stretching her, filling her. He pushed deeper and she hissed, her body instinctively tightening against the pain. He stopped and propped up on his forearms, his large hands cupping her face, cradling her head, his soft lips left wet, hot kisses across her cheek and he whispered in ear, his voice deep, crooning as he started moving again.

"Relax baby, let me in."

With each grind and thrust of his hips he sank a little deeper into her. Continuing to croon let me in against her skin as he rocked slowly, stretching her, filling her. She wrapped her legs around him, urging him deeper.

"More," Chloe whispered. "More."

Chloe moaned and dug the heels of her chunky boots into the back of his thighs and lifted her hips to meet his next thrust. She hissed at the sharp pain as he was buried completely into her. Kal groaned and halted for a brief moment, giving her time to adjust to him before withdrawing almost completely from her then thrusting back in hard.

"Fuck. Chloe you are so tight." Kal growled against her neck before sinking his teeth into her shoulder. She cried out and his hot tongue soothed the sting left behind by his teeth.

Chloe turned her head and kissed his neck, sucking slightly as her hands moved to the front of his shirt. She needed to feel more of his skin against hers. She didn't even get one button opened before he grabbed her hands and entwining his fingers with hers held them over her head. Chloe could feel the heat of his chest through the thin silk of his shirt as he pressed against her breasts. He thrust into her hard and Chloe moaned, her fingers tightening, nails digging into the top of his hands.

Pleasure was building unbelievably fast and she trembled underneath him. She could feel herself starting to tighten around him as little waves of pleasure washed over her. Chloe moaned.

"Oh god Chloe. You're so wet. I knew you would get off on this kind of shit." Kal ground his hips into hers and she cried out. He laughed against her skin, moving even faster. "You like that baby. Don't you?"

She glared at him and panted with each thrust of his hips.


"Whatever you say." He kissed her hard and withdrew from her almost completely, then buried the length of him with one hard thrust. "Baby."

Chloe cried out and arched up against him. Her hips lifting, meeting each of his thrusts. Kal released her hands and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her shoulders slightly and increased his pace. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as pleasure started to wash over her.

"Come for me baby." He rasped. "I wanna feel you come around me. Squeezing me. I wanna watch you come. Watch you shatter and lose control. "

Chloe cried out again, arching up against him again, her body shuddering under him, and she could feel herself tightening around his thick cock as pleasure crashed over her in wave after wave of intense sensation.

She buried her fingers in his dark, thick hair and pulled his head to hers. She bit and chewed at his full lips, her body still trembling, writhing underneath him, spasming around him as he continued to thrust through her orgasm.

Chloe opened her eyes as he started to tremble, because she wanted to see. Wanted to watch him come. She could feel his cock starting to pulse, starting to jerk inside her. He looked down upon her, his generous mouth slightly open as he breathed harshly, his eyes heavy lidded and faintly pulsing red, in time with the hard twitches of his cock deep inside of her.

"Oh baby. Fuck."

Kal grabbed her hips, his fingers tightening bruisingly and grunted harshly as he ground his hips against hers, burying himself as deep as he could go.

Chloe moaned, she could feel each of his cock's thick pulses and hot wet releases, filling her, triggering another orgasm for her as he came long and hard.

Kal dropped his head to her shoulder, panting, nuzzling, murmuring against her neck as she held him, stroking his hair, caressing down his neck, across his broad shoulders as their tremors slowly died down.

He lifted his head and kissed her softly, gently, reverently. She blinked back the sudden tears threatened at the sweetness of his kiss, but they dried soon enough when he withdrew from her and stood.

Kal grinned down at her; messy dark waves framed the face of a god and the mouth of a gutter rat.

"Fuck. Who'd have thought little Chloe Sullivan would be so good in bed?"

An emotion she didn't want to acknowledge ran through her at his words.

"How would you know? You've never had me in bed." Chloe snapped out.

Kal laughed and bent down, sweeping her up into his arms.

"That can be arranged."

She blinked and found herself dropped on his bed. He stripped her of her skirt and removed her boots and before she could blink again his clothing had disappeared. His body covered hers and he was sliding between her legs, sliding into her just as she had imagined earlier.

Chloe moaned as cool satin slid across her back, shuddered as his hot skin slid across her own. He was already hard, already buried deep inside her.

"Fuck." She gasped out.

"Hell yeah baby." Kal grinned at her and dropped his lips to her neck, biting and sucking at the sensitive skin as he began to move.

Chloe threw her head back, inviting more of his bites and kisses, wrapping her arms, her legs around him, encouraging him to move faster and forgot all about reprimanding him for calling her baby.



She awoke to the sound of her name.

And kisses.

Warm, soft kisses. On her hair, on the nape of her neck and the heavy feel of his hand, large and possessively low on her belly.

"Chloe," he whispered again.

His lips, his tongue, were soft and moist against her shoulder as he kissed and licked at the skin. A languid shudder ran through her and she covered his hand on her belly with her own. He nuzzled her hair, breathing in deep.

"You smell like home," he murmured, slipping an arm underneath her and pulling her towards him, one large hand cupped a breast as he suckled on the skin below her ear.

Chloe gasped, squirming against him. Squirming against him and the hardness she felt between them.

His strong fingers pinched and teased her nipple, pulling and tugging and rolling until it was a hard bud. The hand on her belly stroked lightly with small caressing movements, lazily moving up and down, up and down, slowly traveling to the heat between her legs.

He sighed against her neck and his arm tightened around her, the fingers on her breast continuing to tug and pull as the long fingers of his other hand pushed through her slick folds.

Chloe whimpered. She was already wanting, already wet. A soft growl escaped him at finding her so and he thrust, moving his hips mindlessly against her, his mouth opening, hot and sharp against her skin.

"Ah, Chloe. You taste like home."

She could feel his arousal against her backside, his teeth at her neck. He slipped his free arm between her legs and pulled her thigh up and across his, holding her open for him. He pressed closer, his heavy cock sliding against her, the thick shaft parting her still sensitive, still swollen flesh, gliding through her wetness, pushing, rubbing the wide, velvety head rhythmically against her clit until she was writhing in his arms.


Her soft plea was barely a whisper and he groaned, shifting slightly, and pressed against her opening. Chloe cried out, shuddering as he dragged his teeth across her neck, scraping a lazy, curving welt all the way down to her shoulder as he slowly entered her and his chest, pressed tightly against her back, was a fiery brand, scalding her with its heat.

"You feel like home." He moaned and tightened his arms around her. "Chloe. Oh Chloe."

It was overwhelming. She was impaled by him, surrounded by him, enveloped in his touch, his smell, their smell, his soft cries and his hot, open mouthed kisses, moist, reverent against her skin, his cock, mercilessly rigid, slowly invading, stretching her with an exquisite aching pleasure that left her gasping and wanting more.

She was enveloped in a timeless rush of sensation, an aching tingle that slowly intensified, building a resonance in her and she could feel him tremble as he moved in her, slowly, powerfully. He murmured as he kissed her temple and his voice cracked as he thrust.

"I wanna go home."

Thrust. "Home. Chlo."

Thrust. "I want. Oh god. Chloe."

His face was pressed against hers and even though she could tell his eyes were dry, his every breath was a sob, his every word was a tear.

"Clark," she whispered, her eyes squeezed shut against the misery in his voice, the longing in his touch.

She caught and held his hand against her breast, over her heart, whispering his name over and over as he shuddered and trembled and gasped out her name as he came, slow and hard, in great pulses she could feel deep inside her.

Chloe shattered in echo, drowning in waves of pleasure, the moisture in her eyes spilling over.

And she cried Clark's tears for him.


Chloe didn't know how long she had slept after Clark had took solace in her body, but her thighs were still wet and sticky. Her whole body ached, her head throbbed furiously and she really needed to get to the bathroom before too much longer.

He had moved back from her some, but his arm was still draped across her, his hand curled possessively around her hip.

She turned her head and looked at him. Even through the muted shadows of the darkened room she could make out the mess of dark curls and his chiseled features. She couldn't help but smile in wonder at the sheer masculine beauty of him. He had been blessed with a face and a body that would put any painting of a Greek god to shame.

Asleep or awake no mortal had the right to look that good.

When she tried to move away from him, he frowned slightly and murmured in his sleep. Muttering her name, along with a few guttural noises that sounded vaguely like words to her, but it was possibly just the pounding of her head that made her think that.

She managed to slip from his grasp and he rolled away from her with a small sigh of displeasure, absently putting his hands under his pillow as he continued to sleep.

Chloe winced as she sat up.

She stood up gingerly, amazed at how the world wanted to spin. Her legs were weak and trembling and the pounding in her head was making her nauseous.

Chloe walked around the huge bed carefully, slowly heading for what she earnestly hoped was the bathroom.

She cried out when she stepped on something cold and hard. Chloe bent carefully and picked up the offending object. Red glowed dully in the dim light.

It was a ring. A class ring.

The class ring that Clark had obviously stolen from her desk at the Torch before he had left Smallville. The class ring that had been on his hand all night long, except for the last time he had touched her.

Why he would throw it at the foot of the bed she hadn't a clue, but she wasn't leaving it there to step on again. Chloe limped around the bed and placed it on his nightstand.

She opened the first door she came to and Chloe fumbled at the wall for the light switch, happy she had found the bathroom and not a closet.

Bright light reflected off a huge mirror that took up the wall above a sink. She squinted as she shut the door, the light seeming to bounce around a room made entirely of glaringly white tile, glossy porcelain and shiny chrome fixtures.

There was a small pile of hand towels next to the sink and Chloe grabbed one and shoved it under the faucet. She turned on the tap, thoroughly wetting the soft terry cloth before turning it off.

Her whole body ached and her head throbbed painfully. Thankfully her nausea seemed to be abating and as she started to bring the wet cloth to her face she glanced at herself in the mirror and gasped, dropping the towel in shock. She brought her hand to her mouth, taking a couple of steps back from the mirror.

In the harsh light she looked pale. Huge eyes staring back at her, haunted by something she refused to name. Chloe explored her bruised and swollen lips with her fingertips as she let her eyes and fingers drift lower, studying herself in the mirror.

Large, fingertip shaped ovals dotted her hips; her breasts were heavy and tight, nipples swollen and tender to the touch. She had a bite on the side of one breast; there was even one on her inner thigh she didn't quite remember getting there.

Chloe turned slightly and looked at her backside. A hand shaped bruise marked one buttock, and there were more oval marks on her hips and ass.

She could see part of an odd outline marking her back. It almost looked like a sunburn, but it didn't feel quite like one. She bit her lip as she remembered how his chest, sliding against her skin had always seemed hotter than the rest of him. So hot, in fact, the last time they made love it had felt like it was scalding her.

She couldn't see much more than a vague angle and a couple of curves so she gave up trying to see all of it, slowly turning back around.

Her shoulders and neck were jeweled with purpling love bites and Chloe shivered as she traced the s-shaped welt that ran down her neck. With sharp teeth and strong hands he had marked her body his, but that wasn't the only way one could be owned.

She was already addicted the feel of him sliding into her.

Addicted to his little growls of pleasure. Addicted to the feel of his lips, his teeth, sharp and demanding, or soft and reverent against her skin. Addicted to the way he breathed her name and the helpless stuttering of his hips just before he came.

The remembrance of the desolation in his voice as he moved within her broke her already shattered heart anew. He had marked her soul as surely as he had marked her body.

He may be having fun here in Metropolis, but he was not happy.

Clark obviously wanted to go home and she was going to do everything she could to get him to go back there.

His parents needed him and Pete missed him terribly. At first, Pete had called her daily, wanting her to drop everything and go hunting for Clark with him. He couldn't understand her reluctance and it broke her heart, but she just couldn't tell him that she had made a deal with the devil and that it was just safer for Clark if she feigned disinterest in his whereabouts.

Lionel Luthor was way too interested in a simple farmboy from a small Kansas town and she had learned the hard way that a Luthor's interest wasn't a good thing.

Chloe chewed at her bottom lip until it stung. But they weren't the only ones looking for Clark. There was Lana, there was always Lana.

Lana, who pined oh so prettily and well gosh didn't everyone feel so sorry for the poor sweet little girl who was left behind. Left behind by her own fucking choice, mind you. Lana who had made damn sure Clark had always looked her way, even when she didn't want him.

Chloe sighed at her own viciousness, and scrubbed at her face with the wet towel before wringing it out and leaving it beside the sink.

She had totally fooled herself into thinking she didn't care anymore. She wasn't over him by any stretch of the imagination and after all that had happened tonight, she was pretty sure that being over him was never gonna happen in this lifetime.

She took one last look at herself before opening the bathroom door slowly and an arc of light fell across the bed. He frowned slightly and rolled away from the bright light, dark silk sheets slipping low on his waist as he moved, sprawling out on his belly.

Chloe stood there for a long moment and just watched him breathe before turning the light off. She walked carefully back to the bed and slipped in beside him.

He moved again restlessly in his sleep and draped his arm heavily across her, murmuring baby as he pulled her close.

Chloe yawned tiredly as she snuggled closer to him, slipping her own arm around him, thinking on what she would say to him when he awoke.

She never even noticed the ring missing from the nightstand.


Chloe cried out and grabbed at his forearms. She could do nothing but hold on as the world spun crazily.

She must have fallen back asleep.

She blinked as he settled her on top of him, wincing as he lifted his hips, sliding his erection inside her, the hard thickness making her ache from more than just the soreness of not being quite ready for him. Chloe moaned softly. He felt so unbelievably good inside her, so right.

He looked up at her, green eyes darkened with want, his voice, husky and rough from sleep.

"Help yourself along baby. I'm not in the mood to wait."

He took one of her hands and dragged it to where they were joined. She felt her moist, swollen flesh tight around his thick cock and Chloe could feel herself becoming even wetter as he instructed her with his fingers, forcing her to stroke them both until her fingers were slick. She moaned as he directed her hand to her clit, making her touch the sensitive flesh, making her rub against it with the pads of her fingers. Chloe moaned again, she could feel herself spasm around him.

"Fuck yeah baby! Like that!" He hissed, and then his hands were back on her hips, pulling her into a hard, powerful rhythm.

With each vigorous push into her she could see pleasure cross his face, could hear his little grunts of satisfaction. The muscles of his arms flexed, rippling as he lifted her effortlessly, impaling her over and over. He thrust his hips up with each downward pull of her hips, filling her completely.

"Mmmm, baby," he murmured, "You feel so good. So wet, and so fucking tight."

Chloe braced herself with a hand against his chest to keep from falling over. She was still dizzy, still lightheaded from the night before and now, her body was spiraling out of control by the things he and herself was doing to it.

The scar under her hand burned her palm; she looked down as she continued to stroke herself, and for the first time really got a look at his chest and the large scar covering it.

She gasped and started to speak, but he suddenly changed the angle of his entry, bringing her down against him hard and hitting something in the back of her, hitting that place right there, that made her lose precious hold on her rhythm and her balance and all thoughts of the scar left her mind.

There was only him. Deep inside her, stretching her, filling her...

She moaned softly as she looked down at him, mesmerized by the pleasure that crossed his face with every thrust of his hips.

"I can smell you Chloe." He took a deep breath and let it out with a little shudder. "Touch yourself again," he demanded and a little thrill coursed through her as she felt her body tighten around him.

He grinned that grin. The one that always had made her knees weak. She moaned helplessly.

"You like that don't you baby? Like it when I tell you what to do."

He stopped the rise and fall of his hips and his grin grew wider as he put his hands behind his head.

Chloe shuddered; she could almost feel the heat in his stare. Surely it was only the morning sun rising that made his eyes flare crimson briefly before he blinked rapidly a couple of times, then squeezed his eyes shut.

"I know you think about me." His voice was husky, compelling. "Show me how you touch yourself when you're thinking of me."

Chloe licked her suddenly dry lips as he opened his eyes. He stared at her, amusement at her shy reluctance sparkling amidst the lust in his brilliant green eyes.

"I'm waiting."

"I thought..." Chloe swallowed hard. "I thought you weren't in the mood to wait."

"I got distracted by a tight sexy blonde on top of me." He lifted his hips, upsetting her balance again. "Show me baby. Show me what you do when you're thinking of me."

Chloe sat up slowly, arching her back a little, and placed her hands lightly on her thighs. She bit her lip and watched him watch her hands as they slowly skimmed up her body. She could have sworn he growled a little as she cupped her breasts, lifting them, offering them, her fingers tugging and teasing her nipples until they were aching hard peaks and she shivered on top of him.

"More. Show me more."

Chloe could feel a blush burning her face and she closed her eyes as she complied, trailing one hand down her belly, fingertips grazing lightly over the dark blonde curls that covered her sex, before pushing through moist folds.

She stroked herself lightly at first, then moved her fingers faster, harder against her clit. She threw her head back and moaned loudly as she felt the beginning promising ripples of pleasure, her body tightening in helpless little spasms around his thick cock.

Chloe brought her slick fingers to her lips, and he shuddered under her as her tongue darted out for a taste. She opened her eyes and looked down at him.

Brilliant green eyes locked with hers as he licked his lips, "Baby, you have no idea how hot you are right now."

Chloe remembered something she had read in several `modern girl' magazines. She squeezed her inner muscles experimentally and he groaned.

"Fuck. Baby."

She squeezed again, his groan was louder and he closed his eyes as he thrust up helplessly.

"Don't call me baby."

His eyes opened and he grabbed her hips, grinning wickedly.


She squeezed again and his hands tightened bruisingly on her hips as he groaned. Chloe cried out and clutched at his arms as he thrust up into her hard, holding her firmly down to him, his cock buried as deep as he could go.

"Again, baby. Again."

"Oh, just shut up and fuck me," Chloe growled as she did it again.

"Ooh, I like it when you're bossy, baby," He laughed and his impossibly strong arms raised her with ease. He lifted his hips, pulling her back down on him, setting a hard and fast rhythm, thrusting up, over and over.

Pleasure built shockingly fast; Chloe's hands tightened on his arms and she threw her head back, forgetting how to breathe as she danced on the edge of orgasm.

He was panting, his hips beginning to stutter as he thrust wildly, pushing her over that edge. She cried out, her body clenching and releasing around him in great spasms of incredible pleasure.

"Chloe. Baby. Fuck." He gasped out as he buried himself deep inside her, his cock jerking hard, pulsing as he came, hot and thick and wet that she could feel all the way to her core.

He pulled her down to him and kissed her soundly. Grinning at her, he rolled them over, stretching against her like some big cat, nuzzling her hair.

She hugged him tightly, her hands caressing his back, feeling the little jerks and tremors of his body on her, his body in her, as the aftershocks of their orgasms died down.

"Clark," Chloe whispered against his hair.

He propped himself up on his forearms and smiled indulgently down at her.

"Kal," he corrected.

Chloe reached up and pushed back the hair shading his eyes and then stroked his cheek.

"Since when Clark?" she asked, not willing to play another edition of the name game with him again.

He frowned, withdrawing from her, pushing away from her and rubbing absently at his chest as he stood. "I dunno, since the day I was born maybe. You talk too fucking much, you know that Chlo."

He left her and went to the closet. He grabbed a pair of jeans and pulled them on, forgoing underwear, then picked up a green shirt off the floor, putting it on too, before turning to face her again. His hands were balled into fists at his side.

"You need to leave."

She sat up on the edge of the bed, drawing the covers around herself, shielding her nakedness with the sheets.

"Come home with me. Clark..."

"Clark. Kent. Is. Dead." He said coldly, enunciating each word for her slowly. Her skirt was at his feet and he grabbed it, throwing it at her. "Thanks for the screw. Now get the hell out."

Chloe was speechless as he stormed from the room. She slowly got out of the bed, the aches and pains in her body were was nothing compared to the ones in her heart. She began looking for what was left of her clothing from the night before.

She found only her boots. Her underwear had mysteriously disappeared. Blinking back the tears that threatened to fall, Chloe decided to `borrow' one of Clark's shirts, she didn't care if he liked it or not, considering he was the reason she didn't have one anymore.

She grabbed one off the floor, absently noting the bright green crystal that was printed on the front of the grey t-shirt and dressed slowly. She was sore and hung over and her head was beginning to pound again. Chloe swallowed hard. Her mouth was dry, but her thighs were a wet and sticky reminder of what had just happened.

She was trying to understand. She wanted to understand. The circumstances of Clark's leaving Smallville were so confusing... the explosion... the scar...

Was Clark blaming himself for the accident? Blaming himself for his mother's miscarriage? And what was with the scar on his chest? Did that happen in the explosion, or did he do it to himself? And the ring. Why did he steal the class ring from her desk and, what, if anything, did it have to do with what was going on?

Chloe wandered through the apartment in the direction that Clark had gone. She found him in the next room, slumped in a chair, twisting the Smallville High Class of 2004 ring on his hand violently. Something sparked in her memory when the fake ruby glinted as he turned the ring.

The stone was really a red piece of one of the meteors that fell on Smallville so many years ago. And those rocks had certainly caused their fair share of strange and often scary phenomena.

Could there be a connection between the stone in the ring and Clark's behavior?

He flinched when she placed a hand on his shoulder, but refused to acknowledge her.

"Clark, I don't understand what has happened. Please let me help you." Chloe spoke softly and squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. "Tell me what is going on. Last night we..."

And suddenly she was slammed into the far wall, one large hand covering her throat, holding her there. Clark's face was hovering, snarling above her own.

"We fucked Chloe. That's all." he spat out.

He dropped her and grabbed her by the arm, dragging her to the door, wrenching it open so hard it crashed back into the wall. He grabbed her by her upper arms, his hands tightening bruisingly.

"Go, and if you tell anyone where I am, I swear I'll go so far away from Metropolis that no one will ever find me."

His face contorted, as if he was in pain and he clutched at his chest.

"Dammit Chloe! Go!"

He pushed her out the door, slamming it behind her as she stumbled a few steps and caught herself on the railing. Her hands clutched at the metal as she choked back a sob.

Chloe glanced back at the door when she heard him cry out in pain; cry out like a mortally wounded animal.

It was a haunting, mournful sound and she wanted to blame it on the residual effects of tequila as the world began to spin faster and faster around her.

But the alcohol wasn't to blame for the tears that fell from her eyes. She bit her lip, relishing the sting and the metallic taste of iron that flooded her mouth.

He was to blame. Clark. Or Kal. Or whatever the fuck he wanted to call himself. Chloe scrubbed at her tears trying to ignore the desolate sounds coming from the other side of the door.

She had once again been so utterly foolish in regards to him.

It didn't matter if you dressed him up in all black or primary colored plaid. The boy, no, the man in there had yet again taken so much from her. Taken her blood, her sweat and as always, her tears. He'd taken and given nothing in return, nothing but a headache, a sore body and the memories of a night she thinks it better to forget, yet a night that would be burned in her memory for all time.

She wanted to hate him, just a little, but she couldn't hate him anymore than she could stop the tears that fell from her eyes.

Chloe jumped at the agonized roar that preceded a dull thump and the sound of splintering wood. She couldn't help herself and crept back towards the door. She laid her hand and her head against it.

"Clark." She whispered.

"Get the fuck away from me!" Clark screamed through the closed door.

Chloe turned and choked back a sob. She glanced over her shoulder, her eyes glittering with the reflection of her heart shattered into millions of tiny pieces.

"Clark." She whispered again.

And she ran.


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