Three Worst Case Scenarios

by mobiusklein

I. While She Was Sleeping

Lana woke up, slightly confused. She sat up to see that she was in a hotel room and that Clark was standing near the window. "Clark, where are we?"

Clark smiled. "We're in Prague."


"How about some breakfast?" he said.

With Clark leading her, Lana saw the beauty of Prague from St. Vitus' Cathedral to the Dancing House. Cars went by so quietly, she remarked on it.

"They're all electric in this country," said Clark.

She noticed that the people walking down the streets were wearing combinations of cuts and colors that she had never seen before.

"Europe is always on the cutting edge of fashion."

Lana felt puzzled, wondering why Clark was acting as if he had been to Europe before. But all the worries disappeared when he gave her a kiss and they had lunch.

Later, they returned to the hotel room. Clark's cell phone rang before she could talk him into giving her more than a kiss. "I'll be right back." He bent down over her.

An hour after Clark left, a man and a woman entered the room and looked at the young woman sleeping on the bed.

"She hasn't aged in thirty years," said Chloe. "I bumped into her three weeks ago and she said I reminded her of someone she used to know and asked if I was the mother I used to talk about."

Lex shrugged. "She seems happy. Why not leave her here?"

Chloe hissed at him, "Because it's a lie. He's erasing parts of her memory and injecting her with his blood to keep her young. The longer she stays like this, the less chance she'll have of ever leaving."

"She's always been happiest when living a lie. Even if we do manage to wake her, what then? She'll probably run right back to him."

"Why are you here if you're not going to help her?" snapped Chloe.

"I guess I wanted to see it with my own eyes. I'll help but only because I know it pisses him off," said Lex. He had lost whatever feelings of sympathy and kindness he had for Lana decades ago.

"Clark, where are we?"

"Chicago," said Clark as he hastily turned off the television that was reporting on a massive explosion that had destroyed the penthouse of a certain billionaire in Metropolis.

II. Daily Perversion

"What's up?" said Lucas Dunleavy as he strode out of the chief editor's office.

"Working. On. A Story," said Clark huffily. He still resented the one time he was forced to rewrite Lucas' story per Lana's orders. He didn't need X-ray vision to know that Lucas just had Lana bent over her desk and it wasn't because she wanted to take a closer look at an article. Lucas was still flushed from the exertion and he barely even tried to straighten out his clothes.

Lana Luthor had inherited the Daily Planet after the mysterious fiery car accident that had killed her husband. Ever the merry widow, she had quickly put aside her grief to take over the business. One of her "innovations" was putting her picture on the front page every day. Subscriptions went up even as the reputation of the newspaper fell. Under her management, Chloe Sullivan, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen left. The only reason he stayed was that the place was so shoddily run, it was easy for him to slip out to be Superman and return without anybody noticing or needing anybody to cover up for him.

"Hey, sucks to be you," said Lucas as he walked away.

"Clark, I want you to come into my office," said Lana, poking her head out..

Clark walked into the room and shut the door. "Yes?"

"I hope you are not spreading rumors that I have been involved in inappropriate relations with Mr. Dunleavy?"

"I don't need to tell them. If they're not completely deaf, then they probably have heard the moaning . . . If you want to keep it a secret, why do it here?" He noticed the angry pout on her face and realized that she had been doing it to make him jealous and was furious that she hadn't gotten the reaction she wanted.

"I'm going to lunch," said Clark before she could fire him or go into a tirade or both.

III. Alternative crack ending to Fracture

Lionel Luthor delivered the eulogy at his son's funeral in Metropolis. After Clark left Lex's mind, Lex's body started to fail and he quickly died. Clark, Chloe, Lana, Lois, Kara and Martha all showed up to support Lionel in his grief.

"Oh, Lionel, I know what it means to lose someone you love," wailed Martha.

"Thank you, my dear, your kind words soothe me," said Lionel as he hugged her a bit too long and took a sniff of her hair. He refrained from cupping her butt cheeks as people were watching.

He went up to the podium, dressed in black. "I find myself again talking at the funeral of my son. Unfortunately, he is not coming back. He is not missing, stranded on a deserted island. There is no reprieve this time. I never got to say so many things to him. There are so many things I haven't done." Lionel sniffed. I didn't get to tell you that Martha is so much hotter than your mother or that I wished that I had told the Kents after the meteor storm that you were just some poor brat whose parents had been pancaked or that Clark's mouth is a gift from Heaven.

The End

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