My Final Words

by Celeste Inwood


Clark took in a deep breath. He had the biggest crush on Lana and now she had been killed. Staring at her tomb-stone his eyes filled with tears. "Goodbye...Lana, I-I-I love you..." he whispered setting her favourite flowers down near her grave pink roses. Clark was freezing it was midnight but he just had to say goodbye he was too upset earlier to attend her memorial service. "It's funny Lana, I never told I felt before it was too late..." he trailed off. "So um, Lana I have loved you from the very moment I first saw you, you were gorgeous, and I should have been there for you..." he added his eyes stricken with tears and anger. He spotted a man carrying a shovel down the graveyard and he sat up startled. "Don't worry Lana I will find out who hurt you!" he yelled walking away trying to steal himself behind a bunch of tomb-stones. "Alright then love!" a man hollered into his phone carrying a coffin. Clark couldn't take it he just couldn't see it. Shutting his eyes the man slowly opened the coffin as Clark sprung up to stop him; but stopped dead in hist tracks the coffin was empty! A whole mix of emotions washed over him; anger, hurt and relief, she wasn't dead because she wasn't present so she could still be alive...

"Beneath the words beneath the pain God will only know how much it hurts..."

That night Clark went to sleep in his loft, having the most vivid dream. Clark was walking alone in a green forest very late at night, he could hear his feet crumbling underneath him on leaves and worn branches. A bright light appeared a woman very young standing with tears running down her face stood near the blinding light. Perplexed by the glowing complexion, Clark followed the glowing face in the darkness feeling alarmed by what he could barely see. He reached the glowing woman and jumped back startled and anxiously tried to keep himself together. "Clark," the voice whispered eerily like an echo but with the wind repeating the familiar noise... "Lana?" he wondered trying to touch the lit body, his hands shaking. "Help me, please..." she whispered her voice cold and scared he tried to bring her into focus. "What, what's happened?" he asks seriously then Lana sobs uncontrollably. "This..." she whispered, finally Clark saw her body bruised and beaten, terrible wounds, bloody cuts her wrists slit, her body bleeding and grieving. "Oh my God Lana, what, what-"
"DON'T LET THEM TAKE ME!" she suddenly screamed as chains formed around her body and she disappeared in the darkness. "Lana!" he yelled completely traumatized the eerie winds fluttering quietly. "Don't forget, it's not who or what is seems but its hell..." Lana whispered teary choking on her words... Startled Clark woke up sweating completely blood curdled at the dream, the horror in Lana's white eyes, the blood not able to reminisce remained like scars tattooed in his distressed mind.

"The pain the words we can't see, makes us try to believe."

For the next hour Clark couldn't sleep there was nothing that was on his mind more than Lana. Desperately trying to fight back the tears that began to flow, he tried to sleep, closing his eyes wishing for some sympathy someone to hold him close... Two in the morning Clark finally fell asleep having an alluring dream... Walking around empty streets as two in the morning wasn't Clark's idea of fun, but Lana told him to come, to wait, simply he couldn't say no. Waiting he heard faint screaming coming from the ice-skating rink on the other side of the street. Sprinting he managed to open the door, breathless he made his way through the door for the screaming to become louder and more clear. Clark knew it was Lana running inside he realized she was stuck on the ice, no idea how but she couldn't move, almost as if she was cemented there. He rushed to help her pulling her foot out of the growing hole didn't help, she just sunk further. Breathing in a sigh of frustration he pulled trying to let her break free... Lana began to scream and cry pointing in hysterics. "STOP, CLARK, leave please!" she yelled, he was so confused, she wanted him to go but she needed help what could he do? Clark knew deep down he wouldn't leave her. "I'm not leaving!" he yelled over an engine, pulling he glanced at Lana's distraught expression. "Sam, it's my...time," she said trying to hold back the tears as the ice became more gripped around her ankles so she was shivering her lips and skin turning pale blue. "What, w-w-what are you talking about?" he asked concerned then he looked behind them which was what confirmed what the noise was about. A large colossal truck stood heading towards them blades underneath the bottom of the truck used for cutting and shredding ice like a lawnmower. Panicked he tried to pull her out but the snow truck was coming closer and closer. "CLARK LEAVE! SAVE YOURSELF, GO!" Lana screamed terrified her words coming out icy and shaky. "NO, just stay I saw a chainsaw somewhere, I can cut a hole, I can help just-" "GO, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, IT'S FATE!" she yelled as the mower came closer. "NO!" Clark yelled trying to start up a rusty chainsaw it jerked in his shaky hands. "GO, OR YOU'LL-"
"NO, OKAY KEEP AWAY FROM THE BLADE LANA, OKAY?" Clark insisted yelling trying to cut a hole, a jagged hole was cut in the ice. With one desperate ounce of strength Lana pulled free and Clark carried her out just as the snow truck and hole collided all that left were shaded gruesome remains as Clark and Lana watched on the side. "Oh my God, Lana I-"
"Thanks for saving my life!" she yelled loudly crying all over Clark as he brushed her brown hair back trying to pull her in close, slowly they kissed softly. "I will never let you go again!" Clark yelled meaning every word. "I love you Clark..." Lana managed to reply muffling in Clark's jacket covered in ice. "Me too." He whispered but Lana was looking at the ice-skating rink happily. "This is my favourite place in the world..." she sniffed glancing at the ice covered in frightening images as she began to shake. "It's okay; just don't cry tonight, I won't leave your side." Clark whispered scanning the place for an exit. A gunshot was heard; Clark looked around seriously as if he could sense something was wrong... "Clark..." Lana's voice came out soft and slow she clutched her side blood on her hands. "LANA!" he suddenly appeared at her side trying to glance at her side worriedly. "Clark," she whispered suddenly Clark realized that Lana was shot and slowly dying. "No, fight this, it's not fate, I can't lose you-" "I'" she collapsed in his arms as he held her close his eyes filling with tears unable to bottle his emotions that ran wild and broken. "NO LANA PLEASE, NOOOOOOOOO!" Clark yelled as he glanced at her pale white, eyes closed still. "I love you Lana..." he whispered grieving and crying in hysterics even though no one could hear his grieving words...

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