Missed Memos

by QueenC

Title: Missed Memos
Author: QueenC
Pairing: Chloe/Jason
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing, please don't sue. A/N: Been working on this one for a while. Sorry I didn't make my Halloween deadline. Written for prompt: #261 Chloe is drunk at a party & Jason drives her home but not before carsex. Spoilers: S4 Spell
Summary: Chloe and Jason's 'dates' are party poopers. So they decide to have a party of their own.

"You are the gayest pirate I've ever seen." Chloe giggled at the sight of Jason Teague, former assistant football coach of the undefeated Smallville Crows in a frilly white, lace up shirt, tight black pants and... "Are you wearing eyeliner?"

Jason poured a cup of punch. "It's part of the costume, and I'm not a gay pirate." He looked over at Lana on the other side of the room. Chloe noticed she was not in costume either, just like her 'sort of' date. "I'm suppose to have a lusty sea wench on my arm, but apparently I missed the message that said we weren't going to dress up in incredibly embarrassing costumes."

"You too huh?" Chloe took another drink from her cup and winced. Damn this stuff was strong. "I guess Clark must have got your message instead." She said and waved offhandedly over to where Clark was standing on the other side of the room, literally against the wall.

Jason looked from Clark to Chloe and back again. "You two here together?"

"Oh no. Nothing like that. We came here together, but we are definitely, definitely, not together, 'together'." She finished her cup and started filled it back up again. "I mean, if we were here 'together', together, then it would be understandable and ok for me to be pissed off at him. I mean I go through the trouble of getting a costume where all he has to do to not be a sore thumb and stick out is wear a fucking plaid shirt to be in costume and no, he can't apparently be bothered."

Jason looked her up and down. "Little Red Riding Slut?"

"Excuse me?" She looked at him quizzically.

"I mean, 'Hood'." He took a drink of the punch, it burned all the way down.

"I'll have you know this was all the costume store had left."

He raised his eyebrow to her and took another sip. "Just seems a bit suggestive to me. That's all."

It was suggestive. It was more like the kind of costume a woman would wear in the bedroom than out trick or treating. Or to a high school party of some girl whose parents were dumb enough to trust their baby with the house to herself for a weekend and not lock up their liquor cabinet.

"You don't like it?" Chloe asked coyly, her hand drifting over the faux corseted top of polyester and other non-breathing fibers. It was pretty low cut and showed a generous amount of cleavage. More than Chloe had ever shown in Smallville at least.

Well at least she hoped it was. There was still a lot of fuzziness about her 18th birthday party last week that she couldn't get Clark to clear up. She chanced a look over at Clark and saw he had moved. Over to where Lana was.


"I didn't say that." His eyes wandered from her chest down her body to her almost bare legs. The skirt wasn't really much of a skirt. It flared out over her ass more than covered it. Gulping he took another drink of punch and coughed. "Is there any actually punch in this or is it all just vodka?"

"It might have been punch, once upon a time." Chloe looked him up and down and smirked. She had caught his lingering look at her legs. Smiling she leaned into him she whispered into his ear, "So Coach, am I to take it you like seeing me in suggestive clothing..." She rubbed up against him and his frilly gay pirate shirt. "...or that would like seeing me out of suggestive clothing?"

She moved away from him and saw a darkening to his eyes. He was intrigued.

"How many of these have you had?" He asked her.

Chloe shrugged her shoulders and took another big gulp from her cup. "Not enough to not know better, but enough to not care so much."


They left together.

Feigning sickness, Chloe had bailed out of the party. Jason, not happy with the idea of being made even more a laughing stock in front of his former students graciously offered to take her home so Lana could stay at the party with friends.

He looked the chivalrous boyfriend. She looked the lush who couldn't hold her liquor.

Clark barely noticed Chloe's departure. Not that she cared.

Chloe gave Jason directions to her house, in a round about way. This was the way home, but only if you wanted to drive through Granville first. After they had been driving for a while and hadn't seen the lights of a house for a while, Jason pulled the Rav off the road onto a gravel farm access road.

He rolled down the windows some and killed the engine. They didn't say anything for a long time.

Chloe's skin felt itchy and she rubbed the palms of her hands on the skirt of her costume. It was unusually hot for this time of year and the humidity and the stillness of the air was getting to her. She reached around and lifted her hair off the back of her neck and fanned herself with her other hand. When she lifted her eyes, Jason was staring at her.


He cleared his throat and lunged for her. Sliding his fingers into her hair, he pulled her forward fast and hard against him. Their faces were close, almost touching, but he didn't move to close the distance.

She was tired of it all. Fuck this shit.

Chloe kissed him then, because she was sick of being good. Sick of waiting for her Prince Charming to take notice of her.

This was the new Chloe. The new punch empowered model. This Chloe took what she wanted, and right now that was Jason's mouth and hands all over her.

Jason's mouth was big and hot and Chloe ran her fingers over his shoulders and up his neck into his hair.

"You never tell about this." She panted, pushing his head down so his mouth was on her neck. He was leaving a trail of bites on the skin that she would have to be sure and cover up tomorrow, and possibly the day after as well.

Hopefully it cooled off enough to warrant a turtleneck without suspicion.

"You either." He said against her throat. He slid his hands from her hair down her back, and reached inside her costume top to pop the hooks of her bra open with one hand and shove it aside with the other.

Chloe wondered if all college boys were such fucking show-offs.

He pushed her top down around her waist. Big hands squeezing her breasts together, he lowered his mouth to her nipple and her fingers made knots in his hair as she held him there. She wanted to feel Jason's teeth on her skin. Wanted it to almost hurt as he bit her. Needed it to hurt. She wanted it so badly she was shaking from the need, and she pressed against him, feeling him hard through his pants where he pressed against her thigh.

Hoping to give him a clue as to her desires, Chloe reached under her skirt and pulled the red dotted material to the side.

"Love how the panties matched the little and red theme." He chuckled around her nipple in his mouth.

She bit her lip and moaned loud as he dragged his thumb over her clit before pressing two fingers deep inside her.

"Right there."

He was kissing and biting the skin on her breasts, while she moved her hips, fucking herself on his fingers. "You're close aren't you, Chloe? I can feel it." Jason bit down hard on her nipple, at the same time he curled his fingers inside her and Chloe felt the first waves of an orgasm hit her. Crying out, she dug her fingernails into his shoulders, and dropped her face against his neck while she rode it out.

God she had missed this. Sex. Even though it hadn't been that great the first few times around, there was something to be said for the passion of it all. Loosing your mind in a moment. The glorious release from everything.

Plus any orgasm she got that wasn't given by herself was a good thing.

"You talk too much." She said in between breaths.

Laughing, he wiped his hand, fresh from being inside of her and covered with her juices on his gay pirate shirt. He then slid it into her hair, and pulled her in for the hottest kiss she had ever had.

At least hotter than any she could remember.

Mouths tangling, biting, licking, tongues dueling. Chloe had to fight for the ability to breath. How Lana ever left Jason's mouth do anything other than this was beyond her.

"Your turn."

Pushing him back, she started to undo his belt buckle. She looked him in the eyes, expecting him to stop her, but Jason just leaned back and let her do what she wanted.

Even though she was still pretty buzzed, unfortunately her morals and ethics couldn't leave her completely. She just couldn't unleash her inner slut-bitch enough to fuck her best friend's boyfriend.

But sucking him off, especially after he was nice enough to lend her a hand and a ride was perfectly acceptable.

Dropping her head to his lap, Jason moaned, his hands on her head. "Chloe". Feeling playful she used her teeth to open the zipper on his pants. When she got it down, she worked her nose against his briefs, feeling his cock hard against it. She moved quickly, her fingers moving under the waistband. He lifted his hips to help her and his cock sprang out, bouncing before her lips. Sticking out her tongue, she flicked it at the tip, feeling his hot smooth skin. Jason grunted in surprise and pleasure at the touch. It had apparently been a while for him too.

Guess that answered the 'have they' or 'haven't they' question.

Her lips were around the head of his cock, tightening as her tongue circled the tip, tracing and flicking it. Reaching under his shirt, she drug her nails down the front of his muscled chest and abdomen. Jason watched her as he disappeared into her mouth. She sucked in while her lips tightened around it with so much force that her jaw almost hurt.

"Fuck." Jason rasped, jumping in his seat. "That's hot."

Sucking Jason off was different than her previous attempts at going down on a guy. Jason didn't just lay there, scared to move. Or push her head down on him, choking her and making her want to gag. Jason was into it. His hands were moving in her hair and he was thrusting his hips up, sliding in and out of her mouth so it was almost like Chloe didn't have to do anything at all. Plus he was making all sorts of really sexy noises too, and a part of Chloe wanted to stop and find a condom and climb on top of him.

Moral compass be fucking damned.

"Baby, I'm gonna come."

Again with the talking. Usually she wasn't a fan of being called anyone's "baby", but the way it rolled off his tongue, all deep and twangy with accent, Chloe could become a fan of being called it.

Using her teeth as she pulled her head up, she dropped his cock from her mouth and Jason let out a long, low moan. Taking his cock in her hand, Chloe stroked him, watching his face as he came, head back, eyes closed, making gasping sounds above her.

She loved that sound. It sounded like surrender.

Her hand was wet and sticky with his cum. She wiped her hand off on his shirt and left him to fix himself back up.

"I think you can take me home now." She told him, as she rearranged herself and her costume.

"Whatever you say, baby."

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