Fidelity ("Too Little, Too Late" Series)

by ErynnGirl19

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Author's Notes: Hello, everyone. This is my new Smallville story and its the sequel to "Love When You Least Expect It." I just decided to go with a sequel, thinking that it would make people read both stories to get the jest of the story, but who knows? (This just might be good as a stand-alone fic). The song lyrics used are: "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor. Love this song & I hope you love this story. EnjoY! -- Erynn. ::hugs::
P.S. Manhattan is a town in Kansas (Kansas State Univ. is there). Just lettin' u know. -- E. :)

I never loved nobody fully

Always one foot on the ground

And by protecting my heart truly

I got lost in the sounds

I hear in my mind

All these voices

I hear in my mind all these words

I hear in my mind all this music

And it breaks my heart

And it breaks my heart

And it breaks my heart

It breaks my heart

It had been six months since Katie's quick departure to Switzerland to work at a school and life at the Kent farm without her around seemed to go back to normal. Clark found out about Lex and Lana, and it wasn't a good surprise, knowing that they were together and expecting a child. Clark resented both of his friends for not saying anything to him. Lana didn't even tell Chloe and Lois, her best friends, about the relationship and pregnancy, which caused a rift between them as well.

Clark, Chloe & Lois were left to their own devices, hanging out with each other, not inviting Lana or Lex to any events that they were having. Deep down, Clark hadn't lost all of his love for Lana. He did enjoy remembering the good times with her though: homecoming dances, birthday parties, and afternoon study sessions at the Talon, among others. However, something else was bothering him. He was missing something that Lana wasn't able to give him: continuing happiness.

He was thinking about someone special, but he knew that he wouldn't see her again. All of that would change one afternoon, while Clark was mustering around his family's farm early in the morning, before meeting the girls for a weekend of fun. The shrill jingle of his cell phone began suddenly, scaring him lightly. As he answered it, he hoped that the person on the other end of the call was someone he wanted to speak with.

"Hello..." he stated softly into the mobile.

"Clark?" A feminine voice questioned.

"Yeah, who's this?"

"Clark,'s Katie."

Katie. When he heard her say her own name, his heart sank a little. He hadn't seen or heard from her in a while. He missed her.

"Katie,'s Switzerland?" He wondered, knowing what she was going to say before she said it.

"It's terrible. That's why I'm calling." She stated back promptly. "I'm not in Switzerland anymore."

"Wha--where are you?"

"I'm in London. I'm on my way back home. I sent most of my stuff to your house by _UPS(r)_. I hope that's alright."

"Yeah, that's fine. I don't think my parents will mind. When are you arriving in town?"

"I couldn't get a direct flight to Metropolis at all, so I have to land in Manhattan and drive from there."

"What time do you leave London?"


Clark checked his watch and noticed that it was 8:45am. She was going to be home in Kansas again.

"What does your itinerary look like?"

"I leave here and I fly to Philadelphia. I get to Philly around 5:00pm, and from there, I go to Kansas City. I'll

be there around 8:20, and from there, I'll get to Manhattan at 9 o'clock give or take a couple of minutes."

"Jesus, that's a full day of flying. Why don't I just come to Manhattan and get you?"

"You'd drive three and a half hours to pick me up from the airport?"

"Yeah...I'd do anything for you, Katie. You know that, don't you?"

"Yeah, I know that, Clark."

Suddenly the tone of her voice changed, as she whispered, "Clark, I've missed you..."

"I've missed you too."

"Look, I'll talk to you when I get to Kansas City, okay?"

"No, you call, when you make it into the U.S."

"Alright, I will. Talk at you later."

"Alright, bye..."


Upon closing his cell phone, he took a deep breath, knowing that he'd have his chance to tell her everything that he wanted to say.

"Who was on the phone, Clark?" Martha wondered as she walked into the living room, where her son was speaking with.

He said nothing. He was still in a daze.

"Clark!" Martha spoke up again loudly.

"What? What did you say, Mom?" He answered, confused as all get out.

"I said, 'who was on the phone'? It must have been someone important for you to be so quiet."

" was Katie. She was just telling me about Switzerland and how things were going."

"Oh, how is she? You should've let me talk to her."

"She couldn't talk too long, Mom; she was pretty busy."


"Mom, I'm going into town, alright? You guys need anything before I leave."

"No, honey, we'll be fine. Hey, I thought you were driving to Manhattan to spend the weekend with Lois & Chloe."

'Shit', he thought to himself. 'I can't believe that I forgot all about that. Wait...this is gonna work in my favor'.

"I am, Mom...I'm just going into town to get some supplies." He responded.

"Have you even packed yet?" She questioned concerned for her son's wellbeing.

"No...guess I should do that, huh?"

"Yes, sweetie; you should do that first before leaving here period."

Clark smiled at his mother and made his way upstairs to his bedroom, finding his duffel bag swiftly. He shoved some short-sleeved shirts, a couple of pairs of socks & boxer shorts, some long-sleeved shirts, and a sweatshirt or two in the sack, before moving to his bed, grabbing his pillow quickly. He found his sleeping bag and another blanket, and carried all of his stuff down the stairs and out the back door of the house to his awaiting truck's passenger seat. He ran back inside the residence and kissed his mom 'good-bye'.

Hurrying back outside, he found his father and told him the same, before returning to his vehicle, entering it finally. He put the keys into the ignition, starting the engine promptly, before putting it into 'drive' and leaving the farm. He was headed to the post office first to see if Katie's packages were there as of yet, so his parents wouldn't be shocked to find them there and to find out that she was home.

He didn't want them knowing she was home, until she was ready to tell them, which he knew she was going to contemplate all the way home. Getting the big boxes in the bed of the truck on the double, Clark was off, ready to see his long-gone friend.

And suppose I never met you

Suppose we never fell in love

Suppose I never ever let you kiss me so sweet and so soft

Suppose I never ever saw you

Suppose we never ever called

Suppose I kept on singing love songs just to break my own fall

Just to break my fall

Just to break my fall

Break my fall

Break my fall

When Katie made it into the U.S., safely landing in Philadelphia, she promptly called Clark. She told him the flight number of the plane she would be on to Manhattan from Kansas City. He told her that he'd be at the airport to pick her up, letting her that he was staying with Lois & Chloe in town for the weekend, and he asked her to stay with them and make a party out of it.

"Clark, I kinda told my brother that I'd stay at his house for a while." She stated lightly.

"Oh, I just thought you'd like to come & hang out with your friends, that's all." He answered sharply.

"Clark, please don't be mad. I didn't know that Lois & Chloe were staying in town for the weekend. I figured

that they were still in Smallville with you. I'm sorry. Look, I'll give Danny a call and work something out, alright?"

" whatever you want."



"Just bear with me, okay? I'll work it out. Trust me."

"I'm trying to. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay. Bye, babe..."

He closed his phone and looked over at his friends, who were intently engrossed in Clark's conversation with Katie.

"So, is she coming to stay with us or what?" Lois wondered to him.

"She has to work something out with her brother. She was supposed to be staying at his place." He answered

back, starting to become stressed out by the whole situation. "God, why didn't she just tell me that in the


"Maybe she didn't remember."

"Maybe, but it just makes me mad. God, I hate feeling like this."

"Clark, what's going on with you?" Chloe questioned out loud.

"What do you mean, Chloe? There's nothing 'going on' with me!"

"Clark, you haven't been this upset at a woman, since..."

Suddenly, she realized what was going on. '*Clark likes Katie...more than a friend, more than a cousin. Clark

loves he loved Lana. He wants to be with Katie... *'

"Since when, Chloe?" Lois asked her lightly.

"Since he was in love with Lana..." She replied.

"Whoa...what a minute here...Smallville, what's really going on here and don't leave out any details either."

"Nothing is 'really going on here', you guys." Clark stated loudly, but he knew he couldn't hide it for long.

"Clark, tell us the truth. We're your friends, remember?"

"I just want to know one thing, Clark." Chloe spoke up to them.

"And, what's that, Chloe?" He responded.

"Are you or are you not in love with Katie?"

All my friends say that of course it's gonna get better

Gonna get better

Better better better better...

Better better better...

I never love nobody fully

Always one foot on the ground

And by protecting by heart truly

I got lost

In the sounds

I hear in my mind

All these voices

I hear in my mind all these words

I hear in my mind

All this music

And it breaks my heart

It breaks my heart

Breaks my Heart

Breaks my heart...


*_ Let me explain this, if you are reading this story first: Katie is Martha Kent's cousin. Clark was 'adopted'

by the Kents. Katie, if she were blood-related to him, would be Clark's 2nd cousin. So, don't be weird

thinking that its incestual, when it's not. Just lettin' you know! Please comment often.

Love & hugs, E. _*

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