Breaking The Habit

by shelia452

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Title: Breaking The Habit
Author: shelia452
Pairing: Dark!Chlark
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Think of this as a dark little alternate ending for Zod. Disclaimer: I don't own them. Dammit! And this little bite of dark is not meant to infringe on any copyrights. Authors Note: This is a Dark!Chlark smutlet. Seriously. So if rough, semi-consensual sex with Chlark isn't your cup of tea, go away now. You have been warned.

Breaking The Habit
by shelia
Oct. 2006

*clutching my cure...

linkin park*

Chloe blinked and found herself pressed high and hard against a rough brick wall. She struggled instinctively, uselessly as she was held up on her toes, face pressed into the neck of the large body in front of her for only a moment before the large hands on her waist dragged her up the wall, up his body and he made no effort to hide his erection at her hip as he forced one hard muscled denim clad thigh between hers, pushing up against her heat and held her against the wall.

Chloe's heart pounded with all the adrenaline pumped into her system and she looked up into vivid green eyes that were darkened with a nameless emotion that made her gasp, and it certainly wasn't fear that caused her to wriggle slightly as he threaded one large hand through her hair and cupped the back of her head.


Her voice trailed off as he placed a finger across her mouth before reverently tracing her lower lip. "I can still taste you." He confessed, his voice was husky, deep. "I want..."

Clark lowered his head, his tongue lightly traced the path his finger took across her lip and Chloe moaned softly, her hands at his shoulders tightened when his lips touched hers, moving against hers in a kiss that was her name.


Clark shuddered hard, and deepened the kiss. A low rumble of sound escaped him as he moved against her and she could only surrender to his ardent, demanding kisses. Demanding kisses that stole her breath even as his hand stole under her shirt and cupped a lace covered breast. She could feel his hand, his whole body trembling as he moaned into her mouth and his hips moved against hers.

She needed air and Chloe turned her face away, breaking the kiss, gasping and Clark trailed kisses across her jaw. It was hard to think a coherent thought when he felt so unbelievably good pressed against her and she moved her hips, instinctively rubbing herself against his hard muscled thigh.

She wasn't quite sure how she had ended up in a nameless back alley in Metropolis pressed between Clark's hard body and a brick wall, but she was pretty sure she would have to figure it out later because at the moment she was distracted by his voice in her ear.

"I lied." Clark whispered softly as his thumb stroked across her erect nipple. "You lied." His teeth toyed with her earlobe. "Then he showed up."

She shuddered as he continued, his voice husky with dark promise. "No more lies between us Chloe."

"I want to kill him." He confessed in between sharp, marking kisses and moist licks that traced the curve of her neck. The hand in her hair partnered the one under her shirt and he tore the material between her breasts, pushing her bra away as he nuzzled into her shoulder.

Chloe moaned as large hands cupped and roughly kneaded her breasts before turning. He fisted, tugged and effortlessly ripped her shirt open from the inside, and then his hands were back, stroking, caressing sensitive flesh.

Hot, moist kisses trailed down along her collarbone, across the swell of her breast. "My hand was around his throat and it would have been so easy just to squeeze." Clark whispered and then his hot mouth covered one aching nipple and he sucked hard as he rolled her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Jimmy. Oh god, now she remembered. Her and Jimmy had been standing in front of the Daily Planet and an odd look had crossed Jimmy's face an eye blink before she found herself in a back alley with Clark pressed up against her.

Chloe groaned and clutched at his shoulders, as she shook with little spasms, moving helplessly, pressing wantonly against the denim clad thigh between her legs as he suckled and chewed at her breast.

She didn't know, didn't care if it was wrong or right, but it was incredible the way her body responded to Clark's whispered words and rough hands. Sensation overwhelmed her. Her body tingled and throbbed with a craving much darker than anything she had ever dreamt before. Her fingers itched with the need to touch his skin and her hands moved to his plaid covered chest, shaking as they fumbled with buttons.

His hand left her breast and he grabbed the collar of his t-shirt, popping buttons and ripping material before returning to stroke the soft skin under her breast.

Her hands splayed over smooth, hard muscle that flexed under her fingers and they moved up of their own accord, pushing at the layers of cloth. His hands reluctantly left her body again for a moment and he shrugged coat, buttonless plaid and ripped t-shirt from his shoulders, letting them carelessly drop to the alley street. Then his hands were pushing up her skirt, fingers caressing the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

His mouth had moved to her neck, kissing, licking, sucking and she let her hands wander, stroking, caressing the smooth, hard muscled skin of his shoulders, his back, fingers exploring the defining ridges, feeling him flex and shudder under her fingers.

He lightly stroked the scrap of silk that barely covered her sex and want pulsed heavy and thick through her as he tore it away. He groaned at her neck, his voice seemed to reverberate through her.

"I can smell you... and oh god Chloe... Chloe you smell so good."

Clark's fingers explored her moist folds and he thrust one thick finger deep inside her, his thumb finding, then brushing over her clit. Another finger partnered the first and she whimpered as she rode his rocking hand.

Her hands had moved to his shoulders and maybe it was because she did it so slowly that he could feel her nails sinking into his skin as she clutched at him. He didn't think it possible but he grew harder. She was hot and wet and tight around his fingers. "You feel so good Chloe. I want..."

Clark shifted suddenly and withdrew his hand. He sucked greedily at his Chloe seasoned fingers as he backed from her just enough to unfasten his jeans and push down his boxers, freeing his aching erection. He kissed her violently as he pulled one of her legs around his hips and she could taste herself in his mouth as he eagerly pressed against her. He was so hard it hurt and Clark moaned, the thick, blunt head of his cock pushing into the hot promise between her thighs.

Chloe cried out, but Clark couldn't stop, didn't want to stop and her whimpers, her soft lips at his neck, the helpless movements of her hips towards him only urged him to push deeper into her.

"Oh, god! Chlo you are so fucking tight!" Clark groaned against her neck as he shuddered. Every thrust and grind of his hips made her even wetter and he was starting to be able to slide with more ease into her tight heat as her body adjusted to his.

He kissed away the tears that leaked from her closed eyes and he trembled at her touch, the rake of her nails across his skin, at the soft moans that escaped her.

Chloe buried her fingers in his hair and clutched at the dark curls and her mouth was caressing his ear as she whispered, begged. "More Clark. Harder."

He groaned and if he had had any control left he lost it at her whispered plea. Clark threw his head back and he cried out as intense pleasure crashed over him, his hands tightened bruisingly on her hips and he increased his thrusts, little growls, deep grunts escaping him as he slammed into her and Chloe pulled wildly at his hair as she arched into him screaming, sobbing, coming, tightening almost unbearably around his cock.

"Yes! Ohmygod! Yes! Fuck me Clark!"

Helpless against her yielding, he came with her, crying out Mine!, shuddering, coming long and hard in timeless bursts of intense pleasure that left him trembling and panting against her neck.

Clark dropped to his knees, dragging her down with him, his cock still buried deep inside her, hugging her tightly, he kissed her hair, crooning her name, murmuring `mine', over and over as they both shook with violent aftershocks.

Chloe lifted her head and cradled his face in her hands, smiling into brilliant green eyes, her thumbs brushing over his chiseled cheekbones as she bent down and whispered against the generous curve of his mouth.

"No Clark. You are mine."


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