Battle Of Wills

by QueenC

Title: Battle Of Wills
Author: QueenC
Pairing: Chloe/Clark
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Don't sue me. A/N: My first smut. I've gotten better. Written for the prompt: July 6, 2006; "You will succumb to me." Spoilers: None, but set during season 1. Summary: An angry Chloe is a dangerous thing to mess with.

Something flew past Clark's head. He turned around and barely missed getting hit.


He looked around the barn to see where they were coming from.


This time he was hit. Apparently, by an egg. Chloe was at the door and had her hands full of eggs.

"Chlo! What the...

He didn't get to finish that sentence, as he was pelted again with an egg.

"You suck, Kent!"

Clark had never seen Chloe this mad before. She was throwing eggs at him. He looked around to find where she was getting them. It was an egg basket he had left by the barn door when he had gone in to grab a pair of work boots from the tack room. It was his egg basket. His mom was going to kill him if she didn't have any eggs for her baking.

"Chloe, those eggs..." "My mom..."

Three more eggs had been thrown at him by the time he made it over to her and grabbed her wrists.

"I'm gonna be in trouble it you waste all our eggs, Chloe."

"Good. Don't care. You suck!" In a surprise move, she pushed against him with her small frame and stuck out her leg to try and trip him so he would fall backwards. Unfortunately, she didn't realize how good of a grip he had on her and she went tumbling down on top of him. He had freed her hands in the shock of the fall and she began punching on his chest.

"Damnit Chloe! What the hell is wrong with you?" He caught her hands again and held them against her body.

"Oh you know, Kent! Don't you play coy with me. I know you did it!" She tried to bring her knees up against him,but he anticipated the move and rolled them over.

"Have you been playing around any meteor rocks lately or something?"

She kept struggling against him. She was filled with a fury and fire he had never seen in her before. It was as exciting as it was scary. He decided to let her stay like this until she had gotten some of the aggression out of her system. It didn't take long. He could see and feel her energy leaving her. She was tiring herself out. It was kind of funny when he thought about it. Tiny little Chloe, taking him down in match of physical strengths.

"Chlo. You aren't gonna be able to beat me up. I've got a foot and a 100 pounds on you. Are you ready to admit defeat and tell me what all this is all about?"

She was still moving against him, but the hint of a smile in his voice refueled the fire in her. "Clark, you might be bigger than me, but you forget why I always win." She moved against him and he moved a leg over hers to keep her still. "I have the ability to fight dirty." She rose up and bit him on the shoulder. He was so surprised, he jumped back from her and gave her the perfect opportunity to wrap a leg around him and flip their bodies over. "Ha. Ha!" She got to glower over him for the half a second before he continued the flip over and landed her again on her back the way they started. He didn't say anything to her. The I-told-you-so look on his face said it all.

The flip had moved their body alignment from a half on, off position to his body being on top of hers. He moved her arms from her sides to above her head. This position caused her to arch her back, pushing her body closer to him. He could feel where her shirt had ridden up in the struggle, and the exposed skin danced before his eyes as she moved against his hold. She pushed against him with her hips,trying to throw him off of her. That's when she felt it.

"Chloe. Knock it off." He said it through gritted teeth and now she not only felt it, she could hear it in his voice. Clark was excited and hard. For her. He blushed at her widened eyes. "Sorry." He doesn't want her to get any more weirded out by the situation than he already was. He looked away from her for a second; embarrassed about being a normal teenage boy for once. And when he looked back, he was confused about the evil look in her eyes. Until she lifted up her hips against his again.

"Don't." He pleaded with her, with his voice, with his eyes. This is Chloe. His best friend, not some pin-up girl in a magazine somewhere, and he's hard against her and trying desperately not to thrust back to her.

"Have you got a little problem there, Clark?" she asked him before she drew her leg over him tighter, sliding herself over the bulge of his erection. "It feels more like a big problem." Her voice had gone very low and throaty and he wondered where she learned how to make it do that. He's going to come in his pants if she keeps this up and he doesn't think she realizes that.

She's worked her other leg free from under him and wrapped it around him as well. He lets out a frustrated groan as she starts humping against him. She giggled at his groan and he suddenly realized that she knows exactly what she is doing to him. He wondered if this was her plan all along. To get even with him for something he didn't even know he did wrong or maybe just a dirty way to win the fight. Well two can play this game, and her way, he thought.

He gathered her wrists into one of his hands and moved his other hand slowly down her body to her leg. He knew he'd gotten her attention by her sharp intake of breath, when instead of pushing her away from him, he lifted her up higher and harder against him. A few more moments like that and he will have ruined his underwear, but he doesn't really care much anymore. He moved his hand from her hip and slowly moved it around to her exposed midsection. His large hand spread out against her belly, holding her down while he thrusted back against her. His thumb snuck under her pants and grazed her belly button, his fingertips just able to brush against the underside of her breast.

They are no longer pushing and fighting against each other in the heat of battle. Now it's a completely different kind of heat. The fight has left her eyes and he knows he's won. He moved his hand up to catch a lace covered breast, his thumb running over the tip of her erect nipple. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her moan made him want to come undone. He's really close now and so is she. She's riding the seam of her pants against his hardness and the feeling combined with his actions have her on the edge.

He brought his forehead to rest against hers. Their faces are close, lips almost touching. He looks her dead in the eye when he says "I win." This brought the evil look back into her's and she leant up enough to bite his lower lip, sucking it into her mouth. He came in his pants. "I win," she says to him. Her voice proud and triumphant. He grabbed her nipple between his thumb and finger and rolled it hard. Her body arched into him sharply at his actions. The pain, pleasure and the fact that this was Clark doing this to her was too much for her to take. His mouth caught her cry as she came before anyone could hear it and wonder what they were up to in the barn.

"Damnit." she tries to sound angry with him but her body is no longer capable of feeling anything but the waves of the orgasm running through it. He collapsed against her as the waves of his ran through him still.

"Get. Off. Can't. Breathe."

He leans up off of her chest so she can breathe, but still holds down her with his lower body and hasn't let her hands go yet. From his new angle he is able to admire her chest better.

"Not until you tell me why you attacked me with eggs."

"You. Drank. My last. Frappucino."

She's still trying to recover from her orgasm, her breathing even without him on top of her is still static.

"Chlo, that wasn't me, that was Pete."

He can't believe her. He wondered if she would have attacked Pete in the same way and if it would have had the same outcome. He doesn't want to admit it, but the idea of that really does not sit well with him.

"Oh." Her voice is small and he can tell by the bright shade of pink covering her that she is now embarrassed about her actions. "Sorry," she sheepishly replied. He let go of her hands and rolled off her completely and laid beside her on the barn floor. Her skin is flushed, there's straw in her hair and her shirt has ridden up enough (or he moved it) that he can see the curve of one of her plump breasts. He's never seen her look so sexy.

"Don't you think you are a little too serious about your coffee?" He's not sure what to say after dry humping his best friend in the barn, in the dirt. And liking it. A lot.

"Clark, I'm not serious about my coffee. I'm passionate about my coffee." She got up and grimaced. "Oh my body is not gonna like me tomorrow. I can already feel the bruises." He leap to his feet to inspect her.

"Oh God. Chloe I'm so sorry..." She brought up a hand to stop him from apologizing.

"It's ok Clark. It's not like I didn't start it." She said with a shy grin.

"Or finish it." He smiled back at her and she gave him one of her famous "shut up" looks.

"Yeah well at least when it comes to a battle of wills, I won." Trying to save her dignity she lowered her shirt and brushed the straw off her butt and out of her hair. "Let that be a lesson to you about what happens to people who drink my frappucinos."

He had learned his lesson. He was definitely going to have to start drinking more coffee. Preferably her's.

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