You're Still Not Dreaming

by kHo

followup to "you're not dreaming"

Fandom: Smallville
Title: You're Still Not Dreaming
Sequel to: You're Not Dreaming( Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rated: NC-17
Notes: Happy fic! Yay! I wrote this cause i got SO many requests for a sequel, and so many wonderful comments on the first part. So. Yay, sequels!

[ you're still not dreaming ]

When I walk into the room Lex is sitting at his desk, and he's looking at a pile of papers. Both of his hands are on his desk, like he's preparing to stand, but I get the impression he's been `about to stand' for a while. Maybe something like, he wants to but can't. I can't help the thrill that goes through me.

He doesn't even look at me yet, but I know he knows I'm there. If he can feel me as well as I can feel him when he enters a room, he's never needed to look when I'm anywhere near him to know I'm there. I step into the room and I lean back against the wall and just watch him.

Finally he does look, and his eyes have always been. God. They've always been like that, haven't they? They've always rendered me speechless when they land on me. I can never speak when they first hit me. Like being socked in the gut. But now, like this, knowing. Knowing for sure. Knowing that I want him. That he wants me. That I want him to want me. That's just. Yeah.


How cute. He sounds like he's choking. I smile, my biggest grin ever I think, and shake my head. "No."

He raises his eyebrow, but still he doesn't stand. "No?"

I shake my head again, and if my smile gets any wider I think my face will split open and my jaw will fall off. "No."

Lex takes a deep breath and his eyes run over my body, and wow. So slowly. From my head to my toes and back up again, and I think I could have recited a sonnet in the time it took him to do it. That is. If I had any sonnets memorized. Maybe something Whitman. I wish I'd paid more attention in English class, and I think that's the first time that's ever happened.

"Clark, I don't--"

And where the hell is this bravado coming from, huh? Because I am having no problems speaking here, and you'd think I would be. "I was under the impression that no talking was to be done."

His eyes widen almost imperceptibly, but I notice. I always notice. I mean, hello? Supersight. Also, Lex. Because I don't need supersight to pay attention to every single detail of Lex. Apparently. "What?"

He can barely speak, and I mean, I love Lex's voice, but man. I really like it that he can hardly speak right now. "I asked you what we talked about and you said... and I'm quoting here, because I'm never going to forget that phone call for the rest of my life... Oh, Clark. We weren't exactly talking."

I can see the change. Hell, I can actually feel the change. He's looking at me, his eyes never leaving mine, and then he swallows. Once. He just swallows, and then he's standing up and he's walking towards me and right now I don't think I could talk if you begged me to. I don't think I could talk to save my own life. He's walking towards me and I'm almost sure it's in regular speed, but in my head? It's totally slow motion. I'm talking, Matrix slow motion. Like, avoiding bullets frame-by-frame slow motion. It's the sexiest walk ever. Ever.

And then he's on me, one hand planted on my chest, one on my hip, pushing me back further against the wall and just. Covering me. Covering me with his body, his eyes boring into mine. I'm hard already, and if I'm honest I've probably been hard since I got off the phone, but now it's excruciating. I'm excruciatingly hard, and he's pressing into me, and God, he is too. I can hardly breathe and just when I think he's going to kiss me he lowers his head and licks my neck. Licks. My. Neck.

"Mmm," he muffles into my neck, licking again, slow and hot and wet. Wow. I could stand here and let him lick me for the rest of my life and never get bored, I think. "Not hummus. Olive oil. Virgin."

I can't see, and for a second I think I'm blind. I think I'm blind, that Lex has made me so hard that I've gone blind. But no. No, it's just cause my eyes rolled back in my head. "Lex--"

His fingers, two of them, are over my lips, and he's smirking at me. God, he's looked at me like this so many times, but this time it's so much hotter. "No. Talking."

The hand on my lips travel lightly, so lightly, down to my neck, and it tickles. It tickles, and I can still feel them on my skin even after they're gone. They leave a hot trail of tingles, and I still can't breath. Then his other hand moves. The one on my hip. It moves, and. Ok.

I never knew it was possible to have an orgasm just by looking at someone's smirk, but apparently it is. Or maybe it's the fact that his hand is now between my legs and he can actually feel how hard I am. Yeah. That's probably more likely what it is. That, and the smirk. Because I swear, he's always molested me with his eyes, but that smirk? Oh. God.

"That for me," he's asking, and what?

He wants me to talk now? With his hand on my cock? That's possible? "What?"

His smirk widens. "You're even harder than you were in my dream, Clark."

Did I just groan? I think I did. And the way I just kind of banged my head into the wall kind of hurt, and maybe kind of cracked the wall, but that's okay. "I love your voice, Lex." Hey look! I can talk!

"I love your body, Clark," he whispers and then his fingers move. They just kind of squeeze me, and wow, apparently I squeak. I didn't know I squeaked. "Look at me."

Oh yeah. My eyes are closed. That's not fair. I don't want them to be. Open. Open, damnit. Open, eyes! Ah, there we go. "Lex--"

He squeezes me again, and at least this time it was an actual groan instead of a squeak. That's at least a little more manly. A little less embarrassing. I watch him swallow and the way his eyes can't seem to look at anything but my lips. He doesn't even have to kiss me for me to feel it. .

"I'm going to..." He pauses, licking his lips, and it looks like it's really hard for him to rip his eyes off of my lips but I'm glad he does, because the way his eyes look into mine is absolutely amazing. "I'm going to kiss you, now."

"God, please." Ok. Since when am I desperate? I didn't intend to come here and be all desperate. I wanted to come here and be in control. I'm invulnerable! Can't I just be, like, ya know. A man about it?

I don't even think the words were out of my mouth before his lips were on mine. His hand is wound around the back of my neck, his fingers scratching into my hair. His body pressed into mine, his hand still covering me. God. His tongue is the best thing ever. Mouth, the best mouth ever. Best. Kiss. Ever. Oh hell, I'll just cover it all. Everything about Lex is the best whatever EVER.

He pulled back and he's panting, just breathing into my mouth, and my eyes are closed again, my hands hanging loosely by my sides. "I've wanted this for so long," he says, and Jesus. Finally my hands are moving, gripping his hips and pulling him even closer, my eyes opening to just watch him. "So much better than my dream, Clark. You're so much better than any dream I've ever had."

"You too," I say, and I'm not even sure it's loud enough for him to hear it, but I don't think he cares. I lift a hand to touch his face, and I lean forward and kiss him again, because I think I'm starting to get addicted. One taste is definitely not enough. Fuck Lay's chips, I just want some Lex. Getting hit by lightening is nothing compared to this. Nothing.

And then he's pulling back and no. No, Lex. Come back. I really like your mouth against mine. And your tongue. I love your tongue. I never knew how sexy tongues were, but I'm never ever gonna forget now. My hands are grappling at his shoulders and trying to pull him to me but he's slipping down and. Oh. Slipping. Down? He's going down, and... umm... wow.

Lex is always so graceful, sometimes I wonder if he trained to be that graceful, but the way his knees hit the floor is so undignified. The way he just falls to his knees is so unperfect, and it's fucking amazing. Like he couldn't stand up anymore, like he just had to get to the ground as fast as he could. And I'm about to follow him, because in no universe is it okay for him to not be kissing me right now, but.

But then his fingers are... oh man. Unzipping my jeans, rough and unpracticed and jerky. Ripping the zipper down like he just can't do it fast enough, and I think he's talking but the blood in my head is rushing and I'm really having problems hearing anything besides "want" and "need" and "god" and "for-fucking-ever." And it's not like it's the first time he's cursed in front of me, though I do think he tries to censor himself in front of me, but wow. He should say fuck more. He should always say fuck. He should never say words that aren't Clark, fuck, need, and now.

My jeans are ripped off of me, and I mean ripped. And God, I wish I had something to hold onto right now, because I am in serious danger of falling over. He rips my jeans down my legs so fast if I were human I'd have rug-burn... er, denim-burn?... whatever. Something-burn. And oh, yeah, I am burning, but it's not because of the jeans or the zipper digging into my thigh as it passes over it. Or maybe it was because of that, because god fucking hell was that hot, the way he just didn't even bother to take his time. I never knew he was so hot, but Jesus, why didn't I? Why didn't I figure this out so much sooner?

And I guess my boxers came down with it because suddenly his hands are wrapped around my hips and his eyes are glued on mine, and I think there's a question in them. They're burning into me and for a second I wonder why I never noticed that Lex had heat vision too, except I had noticed that. I just hadn't acknowledged it. They're burning into me, and they're pleading me, they're begging me, and I'm not even sure what the question is but yes. Yes, please, God, yes, just whatever... YES!

His. Um. Man. So yeah, his. Around my. Tongue! Oh. God.

His lips around my cock, and his eyes looking into mine, and I think I could die right now, a happy alien-man-boy, and never regret anything. I'm staring down at him, and I think my mouth is hanging open, because I didn't expect this. I didn't expect this, not in a million years, but his tongue is dancing around the head of my cock and it's the most wonderful, mind-shattering, thought-splintering feeling I've ever experienced.

And then, like it's nothing at all, he closes his eyes and my cock is in the back of his throat, and I know for damn sure that this time my head definitely cracked the wall, and I might have to explain that later, but Jesus fuck I don't care!

I didn't used to curse this much. Leave it to Lex to make me commit a thousand sins in one day.

We haven't even started yet and already I'm so close to coming, and I'm fucking his mouth, and of all the ways I pictured losing my virginity this was never one of them. This was never, ever, what I would have pictured, and it's so much better than it ever would have been in my mind.

And yeah, clich. But. Fireworks. Pure white light, purple dancing on the edges, and it takes me a minute to figure it out but it's purple because that's what Lex is. Lex is purple. Lex is regal, and royalty, and sensuality, and silk, and perfection, and I will never, ever see purple again and not get hard. I'm never going to be able to eat one of my Mom's plums again, ever. Shame. I like plums.

But that's okay, because I'm coming, and wow, I've never felt like this before, not ever. And I've done this. A lot. I've masturbated, a lot. I've brought myself off, a lot. But never like this. Never. God.

And I feel like I've been drowning, underwater, and I'm slowly coming to and I realize that Lex has been talking this whole time, his hands running down my legs. I still can't hear him, not completely, but it's "so fucking beautiful" and "love you like this" and "mine, all mine" and "you're perfect, Clark, fucking perfect." And then I'm hitting my knees, because in no universe is it okay for him to not be kissing me right now, and I know I said that before, but damnit, this time I'm serious.

My hands are framing his face, and it fits so perfectly in them. He's smiling at me, this big, goofy smile, the same kind of smile Chloe teases me about whenever I'm being particularly dorkish, and I've never seen it on him. I've never, ever, seen Lex this happy before. It's like he's drugged. Pure bliss. The happiest boy on Earth, and God, I've never thought he looked young enough to be referred to as a "boy" but right now he does. Right now he is the happiest boy on Earth, and I did that. So why am I crying?

Damnit, why does he always have to notice everything? His hands lift and they're wiping away my tears and now he's frowning, and shit. Shit. "Clark, what's wrong?" Oh, Lex, don't look so worried. These are good tears I think.

"You look so happy," I manage to say, and I do that thing where you're laughing and crying at the same time, and he looks confused, but the smile is coming back, so that's all that matters. "You look so happy, I've never seen you look so happy."

His thumb brushes across my face and that smile is back again, that blissful, peaceful smile, and I think maybe I'm the happiest alien on Earth. "I am, Clark." He leans forward and presses his mouth to mine, too briefly, too softly, and then he pulls back. "I love you. How could I not be?"

"I want you to look like this forever," I whisper, leaning forward and pulling him closer to me. "I want you to be happy, just like this, forever."

His smile is even bigger now, and Lex doesn't cry, not in front of me, but if he did, I think he might be. "As long as I have you, Clark, I will be," he whispered back, pitching forward and kissing me again.

Nothing can stop this swelling of love in my heart. Nothing at all. Ever.

So I pull back and whisper the thing I'd never known I'd been waiting to say since the day I met him.

"I love you too, Lex."

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