Three Sisters that Clark Kent Never Had

by mobiusklein

  1. Chloe

"Chloe! Chloe!" screamed Gabe Sullivan as he looked at the destruction of Warm Springs, a suburb on the edge of Metropolis. He had gone inside to get himself a glass of water while she had been playing in the front yard when the impact of the meteors flattened some of the houses in the neighborhood with a boom, causing the windows to shatter and the house to shake.

"Dad! Dad!"

He ran towards her voice, crossing the street to a park that was nearby. He saw her standing with a boy her age. "Who is that?" he said. He had never seen the boy before and he had no clothes on.

"I don't know," she said. "I think he's lost."

Gabe looked at the small strange ship behind the little boy. "I think he's very lost."

12 Years Later

Gabe sighed as he watched the men move everything out for the house for their upcoming move to Smallville. He had hidden the ship in the basement in a box. If someone were to ask what was inside that box, he had decided to tell them a story about how his wife had left the family and how she had left behind a self-portrait and some of her personal items. Unable to throw them away yet unable to look at them, he had put them in a box. The questioner would quickly turn the subject towards a less "touchy" subject and the issue would never be raised again. If the box happened to break, well, perhaps he could claim it was a work of modern art or a post-modern coffee table.

He looked at his daughter walk towards the house with her adopted brother. Chloe had insisted on adopting the little boy once it became obvious that nobody was coming for him. He had hesitated until he found that his wife's mind, already unstable, had snapped from the trauma of the meteor shower and that she needed to be institutionalized. He couldn't bear disappointing Chloe twice.

"Do we really have to go?" said Chloe.

"Yes, Lionel Luthor himself gave the order," said Gabe.

"What's the place like?" said Clark.

"It lives up to its name. It's small."

"I've heard lots of weird rumors about this place," said Chloe.

Inwardly, Gabe groaned. Chloe and Clark had enjoyed going on little adventures in the city. Chloe didn't care that Clark was from outer space. In fact, she often pestered him to use his powers to help her do stuff that nearly got them in trouble over and over again. He was hoping that putting them out of the reach of the big city would curtail that. "I'm sure they're just rumors. Since you're going to be too busy with school and making friends . . ."

"Clark . . . You're totally going to own that place," said Chloe.

Gabe sighed.

2. Lois

When the ship landed in the middle of Smallville, killing Lana and her aunt in the process, there was a bit of a stink about their deaths. The military proceeded to snatch up both the ship and what appeared to be a very small boy. After some extensive tests and a short quarantine, his fate was discussed by the powers that be.

After much discussion, General Sam Lane suggested that he be allowed to personally supervise the upbringing of the alien.

"Damn," said Lois, upon seeing her father bring him home. "I wanted a sister, not a brother. Ick."


12 Years later

"Woohoo, dad's gone!" said Lois watching from the window as the monstrous SUV their father drove left. The general had been called to Washington and would have to be away for a good part of a week..

Calvin looked at his sister as he sat in the armchair, reading a comic book. "You're hiding your excitement rather well."

Lois stuck out her tongue at him. "You're just pissed that I've got somewhere to go tonight."

"With that guy Evil . . ."

"It's Weevil!" said Lois. Even if this guy was from Uranus or an extraterrestrial's anus, Lois thought, I really wish I was an only child.

Calvin merely raised an eyebrow and went back to reading his comic book.

However, a brother isn't too bad eye as long as he could keep his mouth shut even if he's the one who's the apple of dad's eye. "I'll be back sometime late at night," said Lois as she opened the door and saw the bald boy that she had met in their new digs in the city of Neptune, California. "The dinner I made is in the microwave. Just give it two minutes."

"Hey, baby," Calvin heard Weevil say as Lois closed the door behind her.

After Lois had gone, Calvin put down his comic book and changed into a black shirt and black jeans. Lois always thinks I'm such a goody-two shoes, he thought. But what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

3. Victoria

When Sir Hardwick found her "brother" and his ship in the middle of an impact crater that had turned the sands of their private beach to glass, Victoria found her change in status from precious only heir of the Hardwick name and estates to Arthur's older sister to be most revolting.

"Arthur this, Arthur that," she scowled to herself as she brushed her long dark hair in the mirror. For some reason, even two of her friends from boarding school, Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne, found him fascinating even without knowing the secret. If she could get away with it, she would've sold Arthur out. However, she knew her father would never forgive her and that somehow with his powers and abilities, he would increase the family fortune, which would someday be HER fortune, not Arthur's.

Even so, it irked her tremendously when Sir Hardwick suggested they use Arthur as bait to ensnare Lex into their trap instead of her. Even he had noticed that Lex's interest in Victoria was dwarfed by his fascination by her brother, especially after Arthur had helped Lex after a rather spectacular car accident. "I'm still the prettiest," muttered Victoria as she put down her brush and self-consciously hefting her bosom. "I don't know why he can't see that."


"It's Victoria," said Victoria, looking to see Arthur standing in the doorway, already a tall giant even though he was still a teenager. She grudgingly admitted that in his black jeans and green T-shirt, he had a certain appeal. "What do you want!

"Why are you so mad at me all the time?"

"It's just that you don't know your place, that's all. I'm Sir Hardwick's daughter by blood. I'm the heir and I'm going to be the one calling the shots in the future. So, don't get any ideas into your head. You may be a smart boy and MY father may think you're the most amazing thing ever but everything you do is for my benefit since I inherit everything. Just keep that in mind! And one more thing."

"What?" said Arthur sullenly.

Victoria picked up her lipstick. "If you want to see me in a good mood, tell me what Lex's face looks like when you tell him what you've done to him. I'd find that amusing."

A month later, she was dumfounded when she heard her father scream, "We're ruined. Absolutely ruined!" A short time later that she heard something similar from Lionel Luthor. It had turned out that Lex and Arthur had betrayed both their families for each other.

When she asked Arthur why, he told her as he held his boyfriend's hand. "I know where my place is now."

The End

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