Smallville Lust Series Part 1

by Smallville

Smallville: Lust Series Part 1

        "I had a great time today, Lana," said Jason, as he drove her home from their date.
        "Me too, Jason, I had a great time, but I think I may have drank a little too much, me head is feeling very dizzy." said Lana
        "Don't worry, we almost home," replied Jason.
        As Jason pulled into Lana's apartment, he got out of the car and opened the door for Lana.  At the moment their face got within 3 inches apart and they just started into each other's eyes.  5 minutes later, Jason leaned down and kissed Lana.  Since Lana was really drunk, she did what most normal women would do, she kissed back.  After they broke off, Lana invited Jason into her room.  Lana took off her jacket and went to make some tea for the two.  Jason then made his move.  He moved behind Lana, turned her around, and gave her a passionate kiss, sticking his tongue into her mouth.  By that time, Lana was taken over by the alcohol and all she wanted was sex.  Jason took off Lana, dress, revealing Lana in only her bra and panty.  He then unhooked her bra to reveal the two huge breasts in front of him.  Lana knelt down and took off Jason's pants and underwear, revealing his 8 inch pole.

        Jason just stood there with his massive cock swaying out in front of his belly with just the tip of his knob pushing out from his foreskin.  Lana looked at him with her mouth open in disbelief.  Jason moved over to her and hooked his fingers in her panties.  She lifted her bottom, and he slowly pulled them down her legs.  Jason lay down on the bed beside Lana and started kissing her and rubbing her tits. Lana reached out and held Jason's erect prick.  It was so thick she could not get her hand around the shaft.  She pulled the foreskin down the shaft.  A large, angry looking, purplish knob eased out and seemed to swell up even larger.  She just played with it for a while, checking it out as if it was the first dick she ever saw.  Lana started to moan as she played with Jason's massive prick. 

        Lana pulled Jason on top of her.  He swung one leg over her torso and started siding down her body.  They started making out and wrapped their arms around each other.  Jason rubbed his cock at the entrance of her juicy slit and tried to work it in.  Lana was desperate to get fucked and panted, "Come on Jason, stick it in me.""It won't fit," Jason joked.

@@@"Well then make it fit," Lana joked back. Jason just kept moving his dick up and down her cunt lips, trying to slide it between them. Still, Jason kept sliding his dick up and down, teasing Lana. She didn't appreciate being teased. "Please Jason, put it in me," she pleaded. Jason pushed his knob in. Jason just laid still and leaned into Lana to apply gentle pressure. Finally Lana's pussy opened up a little more and the head sank in. Lana had the first two inches in her. She had six more to go. Lana cried out with pleasure. Jason pulled out a little and then slowly pushed his cock back in. With each thrust of his body, his cock would sink in a little deeper.

When Jason finally got most of it in, he pulled Lana's long legs over his shoulders and really started to fuck her. Lana was crying out with pleasure, her hands were gripping the flesh of his back. His hairy balls were now slapping her bottom. He kept pulling his prick almost out of her cunt until just part of the head was in and then rammed it in hard. Lana was now thrusting with him and really enjoying a superior fucking. She grunted and came with a loud moan. It was obvious she had the first real orgasm of her life. Lana's lips were parted and she was sucking in air and whimpering. Her half-closed eyes were wildly rolling around. She was coming again. She gripped Jason's shoulders crying out "Jason, oh Jason keep on fucking me."

She was crying and heaving her hips up to meet his every thrust. Jason was moving faster now with short sharp stokes. His balls had sunk up into his body. He was about to come. You could see it with every jerk of his body. Lana's legs were locked around his back. She was shouting out: "Fuck me darling, fuck me. Oh God, keep fucking me! God I love it! Cum in my pussy, make me pregnant!" All the while, Lana continued shouting for him to keep fucking her and cheering him on with statement about how good he was and how good his dick felt in her.

Finally, Lana plowed into her with on final thrust and spurted his cum deep into her pussy. They lay together for a while with his prick still up insider her. They kept kissing each other while Jason tried to catch her breath. She was having hard time breathing deeply with Jason on top of her, so he slowly leaned to his side. As he did so, his cock slowly came out of her pussy. It was so long it took a while to slide all the way out. When it finally did, it made a loud plop, which caused both of them to giggle. Lana let out a long sigh. Jason's cock was all slimy with her juices. Lana's cunt was gaping open red and swollen.

After a few minutes, Jason had another hard-on and wanted to fuck Lana again. Jason moved off the bed and repositioned himself between her legs. He drove his cock back up into her with no trouble this time. Lana's legs were spread wide apart and her cunt was a tight "O" around his massive erection. He was ramming into her, giving Lana another really superior fucking. Every time he pulled out, the inner folds of her cunt were pulled out gripping around his shaft. Lana was moving her head from side to side and panting hard. This went on even longer than the first time, more than an hour. All the while Lana kept shouting," Oh Jason, please fuck me hard! Spurt your cum into my vagina! Let me have your child! CUM CUM! Make me Pregnant!!" Lana just kept cumming over and over until Jason finally came with a load groan and pumped another load of spunk up into her unprotected womb. Then he collapsed on top of her.

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