No Son of Mine

by mobiusklein

"Lillian . . ." said Lionel as he met his wife at the helicopter pad.

"Where's Alexander?" she yelled over the sound of the blades whirling as she looked at her husband. He was holding a small boy with dark hair and green eyes who obvious was not her son.

Now that the helicopter had powered down, Lionel said, "Lillian, our son died in the meteor shower. He ran off into a nearby cornfield. I ran after him. I managed to flag down a passing truck but . . . by the time I reached the hospital."

Lillian began crying. "Who is that?"

"He's an . . . orphan I picked up. He'll be living with us."

Lillian glared at him. "You think you can just replace our son that easily!" Lillian knew from the small pause in his voice that he was hiding something.

Lionel was having difficultly holding onto the little boy who was scared by the anger in her voice and had begun squirming. "I'll talk to you when you have calmed down."

The boy named Julian was everything Alexander was not. Instead of red hair and blue eyes, Julian had green eyes and dark hair. Instead of being pale and somewhat sickly, the boy was golden and robust. Instead of Alexander's quiet introversion, the new boy was careless and noisy. But those were not the only thing that made her despise him. She was not blind. She knew that he was unusually strong, quick and able to do things no child his age should be able to do. Though the texture of his skin was soft, she knew well enough that his flesh was different. She had hurt her hand, trying to slap him.

She didn't bother asking her husband for the answers. She knew that he would lie to her. Using her own private money, she had an investigator inquire about the boy's background. If Lionel were to ever find out she had hired a private investigator, she would inform him that she had heard rumors that he had acquired another paramour and decided to check up on him. It was something she had done in the past. It wouldn't surprise her much if the boy turned out to be the result of some affair and he was using the meteor shower orphan story to prod her into taking care of one of his bastards.

When the man came back with news that Lionel created a "dummy" adoption agency to explain Julian's adoption and that there were some rather peculiar rumors regarding the plant in Smallville, she wondered if Julian's strange powers and the plant were somehow connected. Could Lionel be going as far as to experiment on him?

"Mrs. Luthor," said the little boy. He knew from previous experience that calling her mother or mama was a bad idea.

"Yes?" said Lillian. He had come to her house, not knowing a word of English but in a matter of months, he had already caught up with children his own age.

"Will you read to me?"

"No!" she snapped. She thought suddenly that the one person who wanted to talk was standing before her. "I'm too tired to read but I am willing to chat. Sit down."

Julian sat on the nearby Persian rug and looked up at her, smiling. She felt a small pang as she noticed that he was wearing some of Alexander's old clothes and thought they ill-suited him.

"Now, do you remember your parents?"

The little boy shook his head.

"Brothers or sisters?"

He again shook his head.

"Do you know where you're from?"

"I don't know."

"Well, what do you remember?"

"I remember seeing daddy after I got out of the ship," he said, referring to Lionel as daddy.

"What ship?" Lillian said, narrowing her eyes.

Julian suddenly shut up and ran off.

What is a ship doing in the middle of a Kansas cornfield? She thought.

It had taken a lot of time manipulating the human resources department and even more money, but she had managed to get one of her spies within the high level security of the R&D department. The news that her spy gave her made her tremble.

The meteors that had killed her child had been pulled along by a spaceship. The spaceship happened to contain an extraterrestrial child known as Kal-El. His whereabouts were currently unknown. However when she saw the picture, she immediately knew his location.

"Lillian, you've been working on that throw pillow for weeks," said Lionel. "I didn't know you were so interested in needlepoint."

"Oh, I saw some pretty beads and thought they'd look lovely," she said. She had a servant drive to Smallville to pick up some of the green meteorite fragments that were plentiful there then order that it be made into glass beads. Her spy had told her that she had seen Lionel use it against the boy whenever he acted disobedient. In its presence, he merely had the strength of a regular little boy. She continued to sew . . .

The End

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