Hazardous Boys : A Smallville Alternate Universe ; Prologue

by Zoey Luthor

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"Lex! Get over here right now."

Lex groaned when he heard his father call his name. He knew what was coming.

Some mistake at the plant and now he had come home to blame it on his oldest child.

How is it he could beat on Lex all he wanted but Luke always seem to get the good attention?

Luckily for Lex his mother seemed to have the opposite reaction to the children.

Perhaps it was because Luke was not her own. Father had had an affair while Lillian

was only 3 weeks pregnant with Lex and then proceded to watch his second child be born only a month after the first.

When Luke's mother got sick a few years later and passed on they took Lucas in as their own.

But Lillian never seemed too fond of "the bastard" as she called him in secret.

"Lex! Where the hell are you? I need you downstairs, now."

Lex was awoken from his thoughts from the loud yelling his father always seemed to produce.

It was no use fighting the man. He might as well just go downstairs and do whatever his father wanted to be done.

To Lex's surprise, however, his father's harsh words had nothing to do with Lex running errands.

The Luthor living room was full with their family. Lionel, Lillian, Luke, and now Lex. It had to be serious.

The whole family was never together unless it was a life or death situation.

"What's going on dad?" Luke asked while chewing on some leftover roast beef Rosa, their cook,

had heated up for him.

Most fathers would hesitate to tell them such news as he was about to in fear of his family's reaction.

But Lionel was no such father.

"We're moving." He paused, looked at his wife, who seemed to be in a slight shock but whom said nothing.

Then he continued. " To Smallville. Next week. My new plant opens there and I want to look over it the first year."

Luke stopped his father from going any further. " Dad, in case you forgot my senior year starts next week.

And Lex is starting his first year of college in a few days. And besides all of this, you never consulted any of us."

Lionel stopped to admire his daring young heir. Lex would never dare stand up to him.

He glanced over at the older 17 year-old boy. He was shifting his feet side-to-side. Looking down the whole while.

Lex was chicken shit compared to his brother. Always would be.

He then turned to Luke. "You will go to the local high school.

Lex will still go to Metropolis University as planned. Everything will work out. Not that either of you boys have a say in the matter anyways.

Isn't that right, Lex?" He turned to look at the older boy again.

Lex looked up, still dodging his father's eyes. " Right, dad."

Chicken Shit.

"Pack your things boys." Lillian said. " I guess we're moving."

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