Balm of Gilead

by Rose etta

Thank you to kyanoswolf and hrd02ca for helping me clarify things, and to all friends who made comments of appreciation!

Balm of Gilead
By Rose_etta
Pairing: Superman!Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dom/sub; non-con; hurt/comfort; mPreg; romance. Summary: Clark is Superman and Lex is furious. Lex lashes out, then finds remorse. Love conquers all. ~
Thank you to kyanoswolf and hrd02ca for helping me clarify things, and to all friends who made comments of appreciation! ~

"Go up to Gilead and take balm." Jeremiah 46:11 ~

"There Is Balm In Gilead" -- African-American Spiritual

There is a balm in Gilead
To make the wounded whole;
There is a balm in Gilead
To heal the sin sick soul.

Ice sped along the inner elliptic of a leaded-crystal tumbler like a high-velocity luge-sled and Lex snatched the closest decanter, fuming.

"That alien is targeting me," he confirmed to himself, and he splashed the liquor within, downed it, refilled the tumbler, then swept back to his desk.

"Mercy," he intercommed, "I want Houser in Research to create DVDs of all newscast clips of our..." he clenched his teeth, "...Boy in Blue."

"Tell him," ice-blue eyes glowering, "to give me the best of it by one o'clock."

"Yes, Mr. Luthor."

Transmit light still on, Mercy knew to wait. Lex's clipped order followed, "Get Ms. Spense down there to assemble all printed material, focusing not on..." he sneered, "...his purported accomplishments, but on his purported history and background."

"Yes, Sir."

"That's all," then with an intensity belying the amount of Scotch he had imbibed that morning, he swung around to sit before his laptop, to create a summary, himself, of just how many projects with which Superman had interfered, intent on deducing how Superman acquired his information.

Two hours later, and Lex was stymied. Superman's accessibility to various information seemed to have no common thread. Staring blankly at his own report on the screen, lower-face covered by his hand - at this point, Lex was casting about for divine intervention.

It was thus with relief that Lex broke away when the preliminary DVDs arrived, to begin rapid-fire viewing of his "Inter-Galactic Foe". This was Lex's second-favorite moniker, after, "Wannabe-Warrior Angel". But, "Leotarded-Fucktard" was gaining ground daily. Lex savored briefly his pleasure at how the hyphens were so successfully cheapening, and he snapped the controller wearing a tight smirk.

Then, he blinked.

"What was that?" he squinted. Lex backed up then clicked for framed-by-frame advance, leaning forward to the penthouse's large plasma screen.

Under his scrutiny was footage, somewhat rare for being at close-range, that showed Superman taking a mortar-shell to the chest, with no effect, except to cause a seeming-waver to the look of his face.

"...almost as if it's a holographic image..." insight hit Lex.

Jumping up from the couch, Lex whipped his controller-hand toward the screen repeatedly, punctuating each, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Then bent back to whole-heartedly laugh, "I've got you now, you stupid Son of a Bitch!"

Lex nodded in contentment as he stood watching his finding a few more times. "If you're going to utilize a diversion, Mr. Alien," he mumbled to himself, "you had better damn well be pulling it off seamlessly, or you'd best not be fucking with Alexander J. Luthor."

He narrowed his eyes with a grin, setting down the controller, softly adding, "But we're going to be finding that out, aren't we, Superman?

Standing in the darkened lab within Metropolis University's Department of Film and Motion Picture Technology, Lex's face and arms were bathed in the glow from the digital effects workstation over which he bent.

One of the editing lab technicians opened the hall door just enough to say, "Mr. Luthor, your assistant has wired over the funds so you can take all the time you need, Sir."

"Yes," Lex peered over to respond politely, "thank you, Mr. Randolf, and please tender my apologies as well as my gratitude to the students who so graciously left to grant me private access to your superb facility."

Turning back to his own job, Lex located the small run of seconds where the alien's facial features seemed to change.

Choosing among several frames, Lex saved to his USB memory the one frame that had the clearest image of that blurred face and then began employing the available interpolation programs. He clicked in a step-wise progression through screen after screen, looking for clarity.

"Ha," he chuckled slightly, after a moment, "...looks just like Clark..."

Another two clicks and Lex was open-mouthed, inches from the monitor, fingers stroking the face he saw there, the face he admitted with assurance and conviction as belonging to Clark Kent.

Choking inward a huge gust, Lex howled out shrieks, "Ahhhhh!...Ahhhhh!..." and looked around, wild-eyed, "..I..can'!"

His shaking hand clenched the mouse as he sent the image to his memory then he threw the mouse straight at the screen where it came apart and scattered. He slowed himself down enough to pull the memory from the port. When it was pocketed, he lifted a four-legged chair situated next to the workstation and began beating it against the computer monitor until it was cracked.

Reaching over, he jabbed the tower to eject his source DVD and he replaced it to its case, which he quickly slid into his longcoat chest pocket, biting his lip as he stared ahead of him with the focus of a laser. Picking up again the chair with the bent metal leg, Lex began to beat the tower, now, succeeding in ripping off the face of it. He was grunting with each blow by this time, his back and legs providing his body's total power to each strike. It was easy business after that, for him to shove the leg again and again against the exposed circuit cards, eventually breaking them apart.

A short caused a puff of acrid smoke, then it was gone.

"Oh, no you don't," Lex smiled grimly, with wide eyes, and he loosely stuffed papers into the tower then circled the lab, returning with a lighter, with which he coaxed a fire that lasted.

"Heh," he breathed, and he staggered slightly backwards and lifted the chair to resume his work on the monitor, which he continued until the sprinklers went off and he ditched the mangled thing as he fled to the dryness of the hallway. Passing the university people who were running back to the lab as the alarm bell clanged, Lex pulled out his cell and clicked the one button to raise Mercy.

"Mercy, call that Met U guy and tell him to send the bill to LuthorCorp, for the damage I just caused to their superb facility."

"Yes, Sir," she replied.

Hunched over his cell, Lex asked, "Then you get Hope to come in today. When she arrives, both of you report to me upstairs." Lex stalked to his Porsche. "I have a little job for the two of you," he promised and he snapped his cell closed before entering his car and zooming off.

"So when is Superman going to throw a big interview in my direction, Smallville?" Lois Lane half-way kidded, "Or is your buddy devoting his all his efforts to keeping exclusively you employed here?"

Grinning slightly to himself as he closed the file and sent it to the copyperson, Clark turned his head to view his partner across their double-desk. "Hey," Clark teased, "What can I say? Some people just rate super-powered career mentors." Lois threw a paperclip at him which he swatted away with a benign smile.

"So, just what is your connection with him, Smallville?" she was serious, now. "Why you?"

He corrected, "I think what you really mean is, 'Why me and not you...right?" Clark gathered his documents into his briefcase, fielding Lois' interest with, "You know, I guess I just happened to be the first reporter to take his first statement, ever, and..." Clark paused for effect, "I guess he just trusts me." He looked her full in the face and shrugged convincingly.

"Well, that sucks," Lois pronounced, then proceeded rapid-fire paperclip practice at a stuffed cow that Clark had given her, around the neck of which she had immediately placed a 'Perry'-sign. She ceased, then looked back at him.

"I don't like asking you over and over, Clark. This is like you're hogging the cake at the party, you know what I mean?"

Looking uncomfortable, Clark said, "He said he'd do it. It just hasn't been the right...time." He added quickly, "I guess," then hastily looked up at her over his black-rimmed glasses.

"Sounds like a lot of bullshit, to me," she snorted, "So...what is it? He doesn't like women?"

"No!" Clark defended, "It's not like that at all, Lois, I'm really, really pretty sure."

She cocked her head to the side and eyed him speculatively, but said no more for a while, as Clark packed up. Then she blurted, "So...he likes guys?"

Color high, Clark sent her a complex look of disdain. "I'm not even going to address that, 'Partner'," his voice expressing annoyance and his look expressing hurt feelings at her callousness and low regard. She looked at least partially chastised as he exited as swiftly as he could, to walk home, busy with thoughts of how to pull off an interview in close-quarters with his extremely-sharp co-worker without her tripping him up in a way that revealed his identity.

Blocks later, he approached his apartment building, brooding too much to notice his surroundings. As he entered, a man sitting in a nondescript car, across the street and down the block, drew out his cell phone.

Once past his front door, Clark pulled off his tie and hung it up, as well as his jacket, glasses tucked into a pocket. He headed for the kitchen and eventually brought out a plate of microwaved leftovers and a glass of milk and placed them on the coffee table in the living room. As he began to straighten up, he gasped with incredible pain and instead slumped to his knees, then fell over to the floor, landing on his back with a hard grunt.

Immediately a key was placed into his front door lock and Lex Luthor let himself in, locking and dead-bolting it behind him. He turned to view his accomplishment.

"Hey, Clark," Lex greeted insincerely, "How's it going, huh?"

Eyes barely open, Clark entreatied with his hand, reaching out and rasping, "Lex..."

Lex removed his longcoat and threw it onto the couch, pulling up a chair and crossing his legs as he watched Clark. He said nothing.

"Lex..." Clark grated out, "...pain...can't talk..."

"Oh, that's okay, Clark," Lex replied in a light tone, "you don't have to say a thing to me. I already know everything I need to" His look became very hard.

Grimacing as his green eyes flickered open at Lex, then closed, Clark said, "...'M sorry...Lex."

"Well, that's really big of you, Clark," Lex nodded, then resumed his cold vigil observing Clark's symptoms to this dosage.

Clark could barely lift his limbs. With great effort, his hand weaved in the air above his elbow which rested on the floor. He opened his eyes again. "Lex..." he let his hand fall to the floor, stretched toward the chair where Lex sat. "Lex...pain..." he swallowed thickly, "...Please, Lex...pain..." and he laid there with his brows drawn together, large eyes staring at his attacker-in-repose.

Lex's mouth twitched and he brought from his slacks' pocket a small radio control and clicked the dosage downward. Clark responded by drawing air more smoothly, and his eyes closed in relative relief. Lex was quite careful not to reduce the exposure too far.

"Thank you...Lex..." Clark puffed out, eyes closed, already breathing more deeply, "Thank you."

"What are friends for?" Lex said, simply.

Clark frowned at the jab. He licked his lips, saying, "Lex, I'm sorry."

"What for, Clark?" Lex wanted to hear it, he decided, after all. Seeing Clark before him like this, he suddenly wanted to hear everything.

"I...didn't trust you," Clark said roughly.

"Yeah," Lex nodded, "There's that, but, you know...I haven't spoken with you in...what?...five years, because of that. So, that's not real big on my mind, right now, Clark. But thanks for your considerate acknowledgment of your crucial lack of faith in me as a person, and as a friend." He added sarcastically, "I know it's a big load off my mind."

Clark turned he head to look once more at Lex, asking, "What...why...?"

Feigning mild surprise, Lex said, "You mean, 'Why did I have your apartment broken into to place an audio-video recording device...over there (he indicated a small device extending from the side of the coffee table, pointed straight at Clark)...and a hidden lead case with a radio-controlled lid, full of the very same green stuff we all know and love?' - 'What' and 'Why', for that, Clark?"

Lex's voice hardened as he began, "How long did you think you'd fool me, Clark?" He stood up suddenly and began to pace, "Did you really think that you could get away with fucking with my life and livelihood, and I'd be too unintelligent to catch on to you and your...odd...charade? Hmm? That I'd say, 'Oh, well, Superman doesn't approve of half of my projects, so I'll just drop them, to keep the peace', huh?"

"C'mon, Clark," Lex cajoled with hostility, "Didn't you know me at least a little better than that?"

"You mean, you never thought that maybe I would show the same -- uh, what was that word you liked...'obsession' - the same obsession, over someone who 'accepted the baton' and carried on the grand 'relay-fuck' I evidently deserve, just when my Dad's death made me think I was finally free?"

"--- That maybe I would bring to bear the same obsession I'd already shown in my battle against my late father? Or, that I'd already shown in my aborted earlier attempts to uncover your obviously undervalued secrets, Clark?"

"Well, Clark, I have to admit to you: ever since you started hopping around in that ballet costume last year, you know what? You have fooled me, and I can't intensely furious I am."

He paced faster, "I'm so furious, I can't tell whether it's more because you succeeded in fooling me, or because you were so confident you fucking could (he was yelling now) fool me, since you'd done it successfully for so many years, obviously developing a great technique while we were goddamn pals."

Lex dropped to straddle Clark's chest and knotting his fists around Clark's shirt, pulling up his limp head and shoulders. "No! That's not it! I know, now!" Lex said loudly into Clark's alarmed face, "I'm really fucking furious because you took over in Dad's footsteps and you, you, Clark, of all people, you knew the significance of that, to me."

"Only you knew what that fully meant, Clark," Lex whispered.

Ranting once more, Lex yelled, "I finally get my freedom from my fucking psycho father and I can barely draw a clean breath before, Boom!, you come onto the scene and begin applying your own Kent brand of bullshit morality on me, instilled in you by the biggest hypocritical bigot in the state, Good Farmer Jonathan!"

He shook Clark in agitation, Clark's arms falling from the movement wherever they might. Lex leaned forward to scream right into Clark's face, "Who fucking gave you the right, Clark, to judge me and what I choose to do?"

Shaking his head in bewilderment, Lex whispered now, "...and to think of everything...I didn't do back then..." But then his face hardened.

"I'll show you what I didn't do back then, Clark...what I didn't do, because obviously I was such a horrible, amoral person who has to be monitored and thwarted all the goddamn time..." and he fisted Clark's hair in each hand and plunged his tongue into Clark's slackened mouth. Lex's lips smacked as he licked and darted, falling prey to the incredible physical attraction he never could relinquish, delving, taking desperate part for one minute in all his years of fantasies.

When he could, Clark protested, "Lex - " to which Lex pulled back and yelled, "Shut up!"

"Shut up!" Lex repeated, a hysterical edge to his voice. "You're going to shut up and take this, Clark!" and Lex unbuckled his own belt and pulled out his erection, rising to his knees.

"I might as well enjoy myself, right, Clark? I mean, since I'm such a Bad Man, you know?" A forlorn look passed over his face, then Lex leaned forward, on his hands and knees, and guided the weeping tip of his penis across Clark's cheek.

Clark turned his face away and Lex screamed, "Stay still!" and he rose up and sat again, retrieved from his pocket the radio control and increased the intensity until Clark shrieked shrilly. When it was restored to its prior level and Lex had tossed it to the floor above Clark's head, Clark was too busy panting and whimpering to avoid successful entry into his mouth by Lex.

As Clark still tried to move his head from side to side, Lex rested the top of his head on the carpet to support his weight and, looking up-side-down, locked both his hands' grip around Clark's face and held him still while he began to shove in more deeply.

Clark choked and Lex withdrew just enough to plunge in again, perversely enjoying this humiliation against the erstwhile boy of his dreams. Lex's face was a grimace of unhappiness.

Lex seemed to revel in each of Clark's choking gasps as he now pumped his dick, down and back, into Clark's captive throat. He began to lose himself to the heat of it, the smoothness, the grabbing of Clark's throat around him, Clark's stifled sounds. Lex shoved in and held there while he came. Clark's throat closed in reflex. Lex felt the tightness and warmth of it, but it caused his cream to overflow Clark's mouth at the sides.

Cold eyes returning, Lex worked down on his hands and knees to lap at Clark's face, sucking at the full lips and licking up his own cum as it lay upon Clark's sweaty skin. His hands returned to brace Clark's head. "Swallow!" he ordered, and Clark unclenched and worked his throat twice to get it all down. With an unpleasant grin, Lex resumed licking and sucking Clark's mouth.

"Now it's my turn," Lex announced and he tore Clark's shirt down the front. He laughed aloud when he saw the S-shield and costume beneath. "I'd almost forgotten!" and he pulled off Clark's clothes to expose the form-fitting outfit of Clark's secret livelihood.

Lex giggled as he snapped a pic of him, with his cell-phone camera. Throwing that to rest near the radio controller, Lex's mood turned sour. He gripped the stretchy material and pulled it away from Clark's neck, down over his shoulders.

"Lex -" Clark began, frowning, and Lex leaned forward to whisper into Clark's ear, "You have no hold over me, now, Clark. I don't care about your...high esteem for me...your approval of me...that's all nothing to me, now. It's all gone, Clark. You can fuck off and die as far as I'm concerned, but I'm going to take what I want, first."

When his chest was bared, costume bunched around his waist and wrists, Clark was licked and bitten at will by Lex, who ran his smooth hands over Clark's muscles, mesmerized.

"Any boxers under there, Clark?" Lex smirked, and he pulled the costume lower, past Clark's hips, down to his knees.

"Hmm, commando-style," Lex observed. "You're just so hip these days, Clark" and he grabbed Clark's penis and roughly jerked it to hardness, then took it in his mouth. He told himself he wasn't listening but he was gratified by Clark's sounds, the shallow panting as he lavished flicks and licks along the large shaft, Clark's deep moans when he deep-throated him and held there, swallowing and swallowing...Clark came noisily.

"Stupid bumpkin," Lex thought, feeling superior, as he sucked until there was no more and Clark was making begging noises, to be released.

"Last call, all aboard," Lex taunted, and he removed Clark's red boots and pulled off the costume entirely. He knocked aside Clark's legs, opening the space between them.

"Don't Lex," Clark begged. Lex pulled himself to hardness once more as he eyed Clark. Lex leaned over and with his free hand took Clark's chin in his firm grasp, and shook.

"Are you a virgin, Clark?"

"Yes," he blinked, and he suddenly looked so young.

Lex frowned with a hurt look to his eyes. "What we could have had..." he whispered, shaking his head, then he pushed Clark's chin to one side in disdain.

"Well then," Lex said louder, "I guess you won't really like this very much," and he cocked one eyebrow insolently.

Lex lowered his head, then brought it back up to say, "Obviously my manners aren't as fine as yours, Clark, so let me add what I've learned today from your excellent example," and he enunciated sardonically, "I'm sorry, Clark!"

"There!" blue eyes glared at green. "That'll make it all better, won't"

Lex lowered his head again and debated whether to spit or lick, then he muttered, "I still want to taste him," and he placed his lips to Clark's hidden whorl.

After much more time than he had planned to spend, Lex snapped up and grabbed Clark's legs, lifting them over his shoulders. Clark looked utterly expended, panting softly.

Lex had intended to just plunge in roughly, but he was enraptured by the expressions on Clark's face as he made his entry and as a result, he proceeded slowly, in stages, watching.

Lex pulled out nearly all the way and Clark nearly imperceptible shook his head, 'no'. But Lex left the head of his penis within Clark and swung a slow counter-clockwise rotation, watching Clark, who gave him everything with his expressions, now, lush lips parted and moist, telling all.

Clark's shoulders pulled downward as his head pulled upward and he exposed his fine neck completely, twisting his body little by little, pushing out little sounds.

Then Lex centered himself again and slowly pushed all the way in. He drew back just a little then bottomed-out again and repeated.

It felt incredible, but neither man wanted to break the spell by acknowledging it, so they simply locked eyes and moved together, Lex's trousered-knees supporting Clark's limp legs over his shoulders.

Lex wrapped his fingers over Clark's golden, bare thighs, grasping and holding what he didn't own, kneading his thumbs between articulated muscles, wishing. All the while, Clark returned his gaze.

Slowly withdrawing to shift their positions, Lex sat back on his heels, slightly spreading his legs. By lifting Clark's legs at the calf, Lex unhooked him from over his shoulders and instead laid the backs of Clark's upper-thighs across his own.

Lex leaned forward onto his hands and entered once again, easily, feeling Clark move into it, hearing him sigh.

Lex dropped his parted lips down to dance over Clark's neck and mouth. Clark released a hissing breath, long drawn out.

Lex withdrew just to the head, again, and began his slow gyration once more. "Oh, god..." Clark breathed, and Lex's relaxed lips formed a small smirk.

When it happened, Clark's only offense was to touch, to reach out.

"Lex..." he sighed, and both hands dragged across the carpeting to caress Lex's legs, through his slacks.

A jolt shuddered through Lex, and his fury was remembered, in a shock.

Swatting away Clark's gentle hands, instead Lex pressed them to the floor harshly, to either side, at the wrist.

Lex screamed, "You don't touch me, Alien!" Clark was dumbstruck.

"You're not my kind! You don't belong here!" Lex vented. Clark stared, unable to shut off his emotions, wincing with every verbal blow.

Lex's dick was now a prod, goading Clark roughly while Lex whipped him with his stinging words.

"Think of how much misery you've brought to my planet, Alien," Lex seethed as he humped Clark rapidly. "You, and those stinking rocks!"

Lex halted for emphasis and leaned close to Clark's face, "The only reason you keep trying to impose your sense of Right, is because you know, Clark, you know: you're Wrong for this planet."

Clark held his breath.

Lex grunted his hip-thrusts forcefully as he dealt the deepest wound, "Your own alien parents didn't even want you, Clark!"

Clark sharply turned his head to the side, lips drawn, blinking, a single tear escaping down his face to his temple.

"I guess you were Wrong for that planet, too!" Lex concluded, and Clark shut his eyes tight.

Regret flashed across Lex's eyes, softening them for a second before they hardened once more. Addressing his task, now, with a sneer, Lex pushed and pushed into Clark until he gasped out his own release, shoving and shoving until his was completely through. Eyes still closed, Clark remained turned away.

Lex pulled out and grabbed Clark's torn shirt to wipe himself before his rose and tucked himself away. After donning his longcoat and assembling his items, he knelt on one leg and grasped Clark's jaw roughly, jerking his face forward.

"Look at me," Lex ordered. Clark's eyes stayed shut. Lex shook Clark's face and yelled, "Look at me, now!"

Slowly, Clark lifted his lids but his eyes were pools of unshed tears. He couldn't even focus on Lex's features, could only see him blurred, as through a window in a storm.

"You stay the fuck away from me," Lex finished, "or every Blockbuster will be getting a carefully edited version of our little romp, with me pixilated, and your cover blown, to be forever a freak on your adopted planet." Lex pushed Clark's chin aside and rose.

"Though, maybe you could find some other planet to...infest." Lex grimly took in the spectacle he'd created before him, Superman defrocked and abused. He turned on his heal and stalked out, leaving the door to the hallway open.

Upon returning to his penthouse, Lex opened a small lead box and reached in. He placed the green ring on his finger and sauntered over to his decanters, slowly pouring his drink, his emotions complex, alloyed.

Bringing a sip to his lips, Lex grimaced and looked at his glass. He walked over to view the dusk descending upon his city. Thoughtful, he sipped his Scotch again but softly gagged and ended up spitting it back into the glass. Wrinkling his nose in distaste, he intercommed his steward.

The man appeared within a minute. "Yes, Sir?"

"There's something wrong with the Scotch. Replace it from a fresh bottle."

"Right away, Sir," and the man gathered up the decanter and the used glass. After ten minutes he returned with a knock and restocked the bar, then made to withdraw.

"Wait," Lex stopped him. "Let me check it before you go," and he poured a splash of Scotch into the fresh glass. The moment it hit his tongue he knew he couldn't drink it, so he turned away from the steward and deposited the glass on the bar cart.

"Just take it all away," he waved his hand. The steward stared, then complied, exiting the room.

Lex muttered to himself, "This is a fine time for my stomach to develop a conscience."

He settled at his desk and began replaying the DVD he'd had transmitted. He brought his hand up, loosening his collar, but when he rested it on his lap, he felt vaguely uncomfortable.

As he watched, Lex settled and resettled in his chair. When he chanced to glance down, he saw a flicker within the stone of the ring.

"Oh, fuck this," and he removed it to place it in its case, which he retained in his desk drawer. He felt better immediately and resumed his study of his earlier encounter with his greatly-diminished foe.

"You are out of my life, now, Superman."

By the twelfth or so viewing, Lex had ridden his enthusiasm for the DVD to an anti-climactic fizzle. He'd been congratulating himself steadily, but it was past midnight and he still hadn't brought himself to watch the final segment to see what Clark had done after he'd walked out, and he sensed weakness in himself.

Pouring more tomato juice into an iced-tea glass, he smirked, "Well, we can't have that," and he down sat at the couch with resolve and clicked the controller to release the hold on the player.

He soon came to realize that the true climax to an event such as he had perpetrated, was remorse and shame.

By the time he forced himself to go to bed, he'd melted the DVD with a creme brulee kitchen torch.

He could think of nothing but Clark.

Clark on the floor of his apartment, with his palm over his face, fingers splayed for so very long, then giving one harsh sob, shoulders shaking...

Clark struggling to roll over, then laying still for too long when he'd achieved it, whimpering.

Clark unable to raise himself to his hands and knees...trying so many times.

Clark finally pulling and dragging his way to shut the door Lex had cruelly left open...the door that exposed his condition...his whomever might have walked by. It had taken twenty-three minutes for Clark to achieve it...Lex had timed it.

Lex was at least grateful the DVD had shown that no one had walked by, in the hallway of Clark's apartment building -- he would have had to have killed anyone who did, to clean up what he'd done.

Since the...event...several weeks had gone by and Lex's life was a wretched overlay: self-loathing; a full-resurgence of the pining of his Smallville days; sweat-inducing memories from his recent lust-filled...encounter. He was still debating his way out of calling it rape.

Evenings, he would view a summary DVD of all that day's news coverage from around the world of Superman in action. He searched for another blur to show Clark's real face...he searched for some confirming sign of Clark's pain inferred from any changes in how Superman acted...he searched for any relief for himself, some bit of joy, any absolution he could find. Clark's mask held true, though, and Lex was left with nothing.

Finally, Lex cancelled his order to his staff for Superman media summaries.

That night, Lex woke up in bed, gasping, hand pressed over his stomach. The echo of sharp pain fled but was clearly remembered. He rose and reached for his cell. When his call connected, he said, "Toby - this is Lex."

He heard the man fumble with his lamp switch, "Yeh, Lex, whaddaya need?"

"You remember Cadmus Labs down on at the LexCorp complex outside of town?" Lex asked.

Upon hearing the affirmative, Lex said, "I need you to meet me there in an hour - you have to do a MRI."

He listened for a second then interrupted, "That's alright, I know how to do one, and I'll talk you through it. Hurry up."

They viewed the MRI film upon the light box.

"Tell me this is some kind of is, right, Tobey?" Lex asked dully, at the same time that Tobey said, "God, it reminds me of 'Alien'."

Tobey actually backed away half a step, from Lex's hard glare.


Lois perked up, eager to determine what had caused the voltage behind that.

Clark hustled into Perry's office and shut the door.

"I'm going to have to break him of that habit, Lois thought in annoyance.

Her curiosity was doubly piqued, however, when Clark exited a moment later, scowling, to pick up his briefcase and commence a hurried departure.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" she called after him, "Wait, Smallville, what's up? Need a partner?"

Clark burned a glance to her but stalked to the elevator without a word.

Hopping up from her chair, she followed up by hanging on Perry's door, leaning around to ask, "What was that all about?"

Cigar smoke-rings already cascading away from his face, Perry turned to her and grinned, "Lex Luthor himself just called and requested Clark to come by, to grant him an extensive, personal interview." Perry put his hands behind his head and crossed his feet on his desk.

Lois marched to her desk, seething. "First Lex Luthor..." she thought, "Why does Clark have it so easy?" She lit up a cigarette, muttering, "It's because he's a goddamn guy, that's why."

"Luthor, here," Lex answered his cell.

"Is this some sick joke?"

"Clark," Lex responded, alerting then replying, "No, no it's not." Lex leaned forward and spoke with muted urgency, "Clark, please listen to me just one minute. Please, don't hang up."

"Look, Luthor, I've left you alone," Clark said between gritted teeth, "What makes you think you can bother me anymore? Because, you're getting very close to my limits of what I can accept."

Lex was the first aggressive menace he'd ever heard from Clark...and he knew where he'd got it.

Faintly frowning, Lex continued, "Yeah, well...what I did..." he toyed with a pen on his desk, "...I wouldn't want to do that again. Clark."

Neither spoke for a minute, then Clark asked, "What's this about?"

"Clark," Lex began, "something's the matter with me...from...our time together-" but he was cut short by Clark's angry words.

"Our time together?" Clark scoffed, "That's what you're calling my rape?"

Lex gathered himself. "Clark, something's the matter with me, resultant of my raping you."

Clark said nothing.

"Clark," Lex said quietly, "I need your help. This is very important, or I...I wouldn't be bothering you."

"Fine," Clark said, and he hung up.

Lex exhaled the breath he hadn't realize he was holding.

Mercy opened the door and Clark entered Lex's LuthorCorp office, scanning around. He watched the door close behind him and then turned his face forward, announcing, "You have a small lead box in your desk drawer and if you fuck with me again, Lex, I will kill you."

Lex stood by his desk, hands in the pockets of his slacks. Choosing the most direct of his candidate opening lines, Lex said, "Clark, X-ray my body now, please."

Halting a second at the non sequitor, Clark concentrated his vision on Lex. Frowning, he began to walk forward, still staring intently. He neared enough to touch, reached out to do so but drawing back his hand and looking up.


"I was hoping you could tell me, that...Superman."

Clark stared some more then whirled into his costume, his public mask automatically covering his face. He told Lex, "I have to take you to my real place."

Lex had suspected Superman would have a base of operations, and he nodded. He intercommed for Mercy to leave them undisturbed and he allowed Superman to drape his red cape around his body, who formed a flap over Lex's face and placed an edge between Lex's fingers, for him to control during flight.

Superman lifted Lex into his arms, the symbolism lost on neither man.

"I won't be flying too fast," Superman said to Lex as he walked them onto the office's balcony, "but keep your face protected," and he crouched down then jumped upward, accelerating into a high arc toward Antarctica.

"Keep my cape around you, to stay warm," Superman instructed, and he disabled the mask, looking like Clark again, which Lex appreciated greatly.

Walking to the room's central ice table, Clark placed his hand on a succession of symbols carved thereupon.

"The inscriptions in the Kawatchee Caves..." Lex noted grimly.

A tower of light arose from the table and Clark spoke, "Mother..Father.."

"Yes, Kal-El," spoke a cultured male voice.

"Yes, my Son," spoke a warm, female voice.

Clark turned to Lex and introduced, "Lex, these are Jor-El and Lara, advanced Artificial Intelligence entities of my parents from my home planet, Krypton." He then turned back to the center of the room and gestured, saying, "This is Lex. We had...sexual relations. Can you please explain what is happening to him?"

Clark's mother answered, "Lex carries the child of you both."

Lex burst out, advancing, "But how can that be?"

Clark's father responded, "Before Kal-El was sent to his new home planet, his gametes were altered to ensure one hundred percent compatibility with any mate he chose."

"Please explain technically," Lex requested, "I'm a scientist."

"Excellent selection, Kal-El," Jor-El commended, to which Clark blushed and Lex bristled.

Continuing, Jor-El and Lara had roughly an hour-long interchange with Lex and Clark -- Lex grilling them with questions at the nucleotide level, Clark occasionally interjecting questions of his own for clarification.

Finally, Lex said, "Okay, I get it. We know that functionally the only difference between a human sperm and egg is that the egg's DNA is only available as an X chromosome, plus it has a food sac around it. On the other hand, the human sperm comes in both X- or Y-flavors, and there's no food sac. That's it."

"Now, although Clark's sperm can be either X or Y, just like a human's" Lex said, "the huge difference is that within Clark's sperm are 'complex behaviors', programmed to ensure that any resultant zygote locates and moves itself to blood vessels for a source of food," Lex gestured with both hands to his trunk with an expression of annoyance and repugnance.

"Then," he continued with displeasure, "it forms a placenta for itself to take advantage of that food source, and surrounds itself with a protective womb of it's own creation, if these structures are not available to it in the recipient's body."

"That is the overview, yes," Lara confirmed.

"Thank you for that explanation, Jor-El and Lara." He turned to Clark, "And I comprehend, Clark, that my tasting of my own ejaculate, that day, together with your ejaculate, brought this all onto myself."

Lex paused for a second then quirked his brows a bit and announced with a bitter smirk, "'Hoist with my own petard' -- how very Shakespearean."

Addressing the AIs, Lex asked, "Well, now would you please tell me how soon you can take this out of me?"

Jor-El replied, "The gestation cycle mimics that of the guest species, the species invited into the propagation process, and on whose world the progeny will live. You will likely begin final contractions in seven to eight months and Kal-El will bring you here for surgical delivery via your navel. You have nothing to fear. Due to our technology, you will not be disfigured afterward and we will alleviate the pain entirely for you."

Clark stared at Lex, the reality of it hitting him.

Lex chuckled at Clark's expression, then re-addressed Clark's parents, "No, no, I mean how soon can you abort it?"

"You will avoid aborting this child, Lex," Lara intoned, the tower of light intensifying momentarily.

Clark stared sideways at Lex, knowing full-well how Lex was going to feel about that. He was correct.

"Oh, I don't think so, Lara," Lex said in clipped tones. "So, you presume to assert that you can force your alien presence into my Luthor body with impunity, just because, oh so sad, your planet blew up?"

More agitated, Lex warned, "You know, if you won't help me, now that I know the process well enough, I'm sure that I can come up with a method of my own." His chin jutted out as he bared his lower teeth in defiance.

"What we have not yet told you, Lex," Lara spoke, "is that compelled-removal results in the death of the guest-parent."

"Bullshit!" Lex yelled and pointed accusingly, "That's just bullshit, because there's no fail-safe, no "mutual assured destruction", in complex biological systems, only at the cellular level."

Lara continued, "Lex, many complex behaviors were programmed into the gamete's developmental sequences, otherwise the zygote could not have migrated successfully from your stomach to create its own growth area among your organs."

Jor-El added, "When the zygote created its growth area and attached to your vascular system, its fate became your own. Death to either of you will result in death to the other. This ensures that even in a hostile environment, at least a live birth will result, at which point Kal-El is then able to take over responsibilities, alone from that point, if that is the decision of the birth-couple.

Clark's mouth had dropped and his eyes darting again to Lex, who returned a venomous gaze.

"," Lex seethed, and Clark rapidly complied.

Lex was rigid in Superman's arms all the way back to Metropolis. When they alighted on the LuthorCorp balcony, Lex began unwrapping himself from the protective cape as he walked swiftly to his desk. He tossed the cape backward and it was Clark Kent who grabbed it and spun it away.

It was just enough distraction for Lex to retrieve and open the lead box. His own body clenched forward, the center of his body in pain from the ring's invisible rays.

Teeth bared, he raised his eyes, wild and blue, to face down Clark Kal-El Superman, and he bounced easily between the balls of feet, ready to take him on. He held the box aloft, toward Clark.

Grimacing, Clark kept his distance but dropped down to his knees then sat on his heels.

He raised his hands, "Lex, please calm down."

"This alien presence will be removed from my body, Clark," Lex threatened.

Large-eyed, Clark said, "Lex, please don't hurt yourself."

Lex grunted from the pain within his center. "I will have control over my own body -- ngh."

"Lex," Clark said, "you lost that when you had sex with me."

"NO!" Lex screamed.

"We both lost that, when you did what you did," Clark emphasized. Clark was scared by the look in Lex's eyes.

Taking a step forward, causing Clark to pitch forward in pain, Lex held the ring-box before him and commanded, "Burn this thing out of me, Clark!"

"Lex, no!" Clark raised one arm upward in unsuccessful warding, "I can't!"

"Yes, you can," Lex stated, "and you will!" Lex stepped forward once more, causing Clark to wince and grunt as he folded forward in half."

"Lex!" Clark said, weaker now, "Please stop!"

Heedless, Lex continued his orders, "You can do it, Clark, with the accuracy of a surgical laser, Clark, I know this...I've studied your powers."

"Lex!" Clark grimaced, "I won't do it."

"Burn it out, Clark!" Lex screamed. "I know your parents weren't thinking of that as an option. My vascular system will remain intact. It's got to work, Clark..."

"Lex," Clark's two hands had dropped to the floor in front of his knees and his head swung to the right and left above the ground as if dangling slowly from a long string. He couldn't raise it to look at Lex, but he defied, "No, Lex, I won't do it."

Arm extended, subjecting Clark fully to the rays, Lex shrieked, "Yes, you will do it, because I will not have this disgusting alien parasite growing inside of me!"

Clark was fully collapsed, his forehead flush to his knees and his arms loose on the floor in front of him. Panting shallowly, he rolled his head to the side until one eye barely looked up to Lex.

"Lex, how could you?" Clark asked, brows twisted.

Clark raised the fingers on one hand. "Lex, kill me. Go ahead." With effort, he raised one knee, then the other, to inch forward. "Or, you can expose my secret to the world. Fine." Clark wheezed, "Lex, do what you must, but...I'm incapable of hurting...our child," and he toiled to raise his full gaze to Lex's.

"Our..child.." Lex blinked at the thought.

"Lex," Clark whispered roughly, "it's not a 'disgusting alien presence'. Please don't think that. I know you don't think that...of me..."

Lex's eyes snapped to Clark in shock.

Clark reached up to touch Lex's knee, working intensely to bring himself ever closer to Lex...and the rock.

"Lex," shuddering now from the pain, "" he whispered faintly, his arms wrapped around Lex's legs. Clark dropped his forehead to Lex's thigh, "...please, Lex..." he panted, "...please accept...our child..." and he clung. He clung with every part of his body that touched Lex, with every part of his being...Lex could feel it.

Lex looked down at Clark, his moment of free choice finally attained. Images flooded Lex, nearly causing him vertigo:

-the creature within himself, as viewed by the MRI;

-Clark, right now, in desperate supplication before him;

-Clark's angelic face, before, when Lex had bottomed out in him, gently;

-Clark's anguished face, when Lex had grown harsh and he'd driven into Clark, hard, again and again, punishingly;

-Lex's own mental construct of the alien hybrid zygote, how it must have migrated within his body to his main artery, to latch on and grow rapidly, flourishing within him;

-the movement of light within Clark's fortress, when Lara had commanded that the creature would not be aborted;

-Clark's blurred face, as Superman withstood a missile explosion to his chest, protecting humans;

-the public mask of Superman, behind which Lex had fruitlessly sought reconnection to Clark.

Lex snapped shut the case and flung it away.

Lex straightened at the cessation of his discomfort, and Clark heaved a shuddering sigh as he raised his eyes to Lex's.

"His happiness," Lex thought, "looks so...pure" and he lay his hand on Clark's head. "Here is my fealty," Lex concluded, "Here is my domain" and he brushed back Clark's hair gently.

Lex continued to run his hand softly over Clark's hair while Clark sucked his cock.

Lex had purchased an island and built a retreat there, from which to run his empire while his and Clark's child gestated.

Only Lex lived there, Mercy and Hope remaining in Metropolis as the agents of his commands, and Clark took frequent days off from work to be with him, in addition to spending every night together.

Lex lay luxuriating, naked on their soft sheets, their bedroom windows open to the perpetual breeze, zephyrs billowing gauzy fabric.

His belly was distinct, now, as being pregnant, a watermelon-shape defining it. As he lay there, his cock was hard and his nipples were dark pink at the apex of his small, soft breasts, gentle cones of impossible tenderness.

Flooded with his thrill at the sight, Clark approached. He mounted the bed, his hands and knees slowly pushing Lex into position on his back.

Wrapping his arm behind Lex's waist, Clark pulled Lex to him, slightly raising Lex's middle-section closer to his own, which had the result of showcasing Lex's swollen middle. Lex was unsuccessful at suppressing a look of pride. Clark ran his palm slowly over Lex's nipples then carefully gathered Lex's pectoral swell into a handful and suckled delicately at the nub atop.

Lex's mouth slackened and his hands pushed along the soft sheets, fingers sliding in jags when they weren't catching from the moisture of his skin, electricity running from his nipples to his groin. Lex softly moaned.

Clark released his hand to skim it gently over Lex's rounded belly, and he leaned down to drop kisses here and there. Lex grinned.

"God, Lex," Clark's voice shook, between kisses, "You smell so sweet," and he swung his head over to Lex's other tit and began slow licks from its base to its tip, all the way around, over and over, fascinated.

"Love me?" Lex whispered.

Clark raised his head and looked at Lex with the innocent earnestness he hadn't lost with age, "Oh, Lex, I adore you."

Lex closed his eyes and smirked as he settled contentedly into Clark's embrace, "Adoration is good."


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