Another Man

by Ni Ping

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        Dumping his case carelessly onto the plush leather sofa, Lex wearily reached up and ran a hand over his head, simultaneously wiping away the rain and trying to wake himself up. Glancing around the apartment, his eyes sought the ever comforting (and he had to admit, enjoyable) sight of his wife. His eyes took in the tasteful decorating and expensive furniture of the room but he was too tired, and was too used to being surrounded by luxury to pay much attention. What did catch his attention was the evidence of his wife, scattered about the room. A pair of tall, black heels abandoned next to the couch, a small hairbrush on the sideboard, a lingering scent of her perfume and all the other additions she had personally made to the room made him smile, even through his tiredness. She hadn't changed. Even after all these years she was essentially still the same small town girl he had fallen in love with. More sophisticated, confident and sexy but still the same girl. He had realised it back then but lately he had come to rely on it, she was a breath of fresh air. He came home to her every night, slept with her in his arms and was always grateful to see her so unchanged. Grateful that she was his wife. His wife. His escape from the harshness of his working reality.
        Having searched the lounge, kitchen and their studies he called out. She replied almost immediately in her soft voice. "I'm in here, Lex." He followed the sound of her voice and walked into their bedroom. It was decorated in rich, deep colours and all the furniture was dark mahogany, including a huge four-poster bed that stood upon a dais facing towards a wall of floor to ceiling windows. The view of the city at night was breathtaking, the rain making it look like an underwater world but Lex paid no notice, he still hadn't found his wife. He called out to her again. He heard her lightly chuckle and could imagine the smile on her beautiful face. 

"Calm down, dear.-" She often teasingly referred to him as "dear" and he smiled again - "I'm right here. Just give me a minute and I'll be out."

Now he had finally located her, Lex allowed the events of the day, of the week, to finally take their toll. Letting out a tired breath he ran a hand over his head again and began to lazily struggle out of his coat. It was soaked with the rain, was heavier than usual and he couldn't be bothered to put any real effort into getting it off. At the last moment her heard the flow of silk over equally smooth skin and turned his head just to see his wife reach up to slide his coat from his shoulders. She leaned up on her toes to brush a light kiss on his cheek. "Here, let me help you." He felt himself go limp under her light stroking of his shoulders and upper arms and she easily slid the thick coat off him. Carelessly letting it fall to the floor in a heap Lex turned and slid his arms around her waist, his hands gliding over her dressing gown. In turn she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers lightly playing across his skin as she drew him towards her.


It came out as a breathy whisper just as their lips touched. He was light at first, just savouring the feel and taste of her, but Lana pulled him in closer, slowly beginning to kiss him more. The kisses grew longer, deeper and with her in control like this Lex felt himself let go, his worries being slowly drained away. Lana felt him relax and leaned into him, her body fitting to match his perfectly. Wearing only her silk dressing gown she could feel all the contours of his lean body, and as Lexs' hands began to slide over her sides and back, the glide of the material on her skin made heat rush all over her body. A slight moan escaped her lips as he deepened the kiss, his tongue slipping into her mouth, exploring and tangling with her own. Holding her tighter to him, Lex felt his body respond to hers, every muscles tightening, his senses alive to her smell, her touch and the feel of her pressed up against his chest. Without breaking the kiss he felt Lana begin to unbutton his shirt her small delicate fingers easily dealing with the tiny designer buttons. She brushed her finger nails over his skin and he shivered slightly under her feather light touch, his heart beginning to race in his chest. Lana continued her exploration of his torso, both hands palm down as they slid over his toned abdomen and chest, revelling in the feel of his muscles leap reflectively beneath his smooth skin. Unable to bare any more Lex pulled her almost roughly up against him and deepened the kiss once more, his tongue sliding in and out of her mouth in an unmistakable rhythm, tearing another moan from her throat. Lana held Lex tighter as well, encouraging him with her hands and mouth and when his hands reached up to slide the gown from her shoulders she took her hands from around his neck and let him take it off her. She wasn't wearing a bra so when she pressed herself against him once again Lex almost groaned aloud at the feel of her skin against his bare chest.

He did groan aloud when he felt her pull away. Opening his eyes he took in the sight of Lanas' flushed face, her laboured breathing (his was just as bad), the way her eyes practically sparked with arousal and had to suppress a satisfied smirk. Instead he quirked a brow in inquiry, not yet trusting his voice. Lana managed to find hers but it still shook slightly. "The dinner." Lex brow furrowed into a frown. The dinner? What dinner? Surely he'd have remembered if he was meant to go out tonight? Lana smiled softly at him. "The Greenhouse dinner. I'd promised I'd go but you don't have to. In fact, I'm not sure you were even invited." She added teasingly. Sensing that this was going to be another of their little repartees he kept his face neutral as his nonchalantly replied. "Oh, I see. Not important then. No wonder I didn't remember it. Oh well, I hope you enjoy yourself, spending the night with a room full of people twice your age could be quite....interesting." Raising her brows at him Lana pulled out of his arms and headed to the walk in wardrobe, smoothly replying "Your right Lex, it will be interesting. After all, a lot of those people twice my age have sons half their age, and most of them will be there tonight. Oh. And as the special guest I'm probably going to have to dance with all of them." She'd rounded the corner so she didn't catch the look Lex gave her.

Shaking his head, Lex couldn't help but smile. He had always loved this side of Lana, had always done his best to bring it out of her and over the years she had learnt to meet him word for word. Still smiling he walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. "Well, do you think they'll like it?" Lana had come out of the wardrobe and was standing in the middle of the room. She was wearing a full length, blood red, satin halter neck gown and a look of complete innocence that perfectly matched her tone. He still hadn't replied so she slowly turned around, letting him see the back, looking at him over her bare shoulder "Well?" The back of the dress was practically nonexistent, it came up to just above the curve of her behind and he could see the two little dents in the small of her back. He loved those dents. At night he'd stroke her back and run his fingers over them. When they went out together he always put his hand there, knowing she liked it. Other men would be able to see those dents, be able to put their hand there.....the thought made jealousy boil uncontrollably through his blood. His eyes were as cold as ice as his quickly downed his drink in an attempt to douse the flames burning inside of him. "I'm sure they'll love it." He had tried to control his voice, but the anger had managed to bleed through and Lana stiffened. Unable to look her in the eye and face the slightly hurt expression on her face he turned back to pour himself another drink. Gripping the glass tightly, Lex closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This was stupid. He knew nothing would happened. He trusted Lana, loved her, and knew that she loved him. Then why the jealousy? He didn't trust everyone else, that was the problem. Lana watched him reopen his eyes and look at her. He looked calmer now, wasn't holding his glass so tightly and his eyes were no longer cold and accusing. She hesitated before taking a small step towards him. "Lex. I was only teasing. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to......" She looked at him pleadingly, almost guiltily and he felt like a complete bastard. In every other aspect of his life, for his whole life, he was in control. He wasn't like his father, cold and heartless, but instead had learned to use his emotions to his advantage. He was confident, assertive and successful.....but with Lana? He'd lost count of the number of times his insecurities had driven them apart. He was constantly afraid of losing her, or hurting her, or having someone take her away from him and it had gotten worse over the years. As he had fallen more in love with her. He knew she had fallen more in love with him as well , but needed him less. She was successful in her own right now, had control of her life and often went out alone, like she was doing tonight. She didn't need him to be strong for her as much anymore. Not like before, in Smallville, when she had looked to him for help and advise and strength. "No, Lana, don't apologize, it's me. I shouldn't take it out on you, you can't help being beautiful." He knew he sounded like an idiot and had avoided looking her in the eye when he had spoken, but hearing a light chuckle he had looked at Lana swiftly. She was smiling at him. He couldn't help noticing that it was slightly seductive. Lana reached a hand out to him and after a brief moment he took it. She led him to the small seating area and stepped in front of him, with his back to one of the leather seats. Letting go of his hand, she trailed both of hers over his still bare chest. Just as he was about to kiss her, Lana gave him a slight push and he fell backwards landing on the couch. Lex looked up at her, surprised, and was about to ask what she was doing when she climbed on to him, pulling her dress up to reveal her sleek thighs and placed a knee on either side of his legs, straddling him. He smiled in satisfaction and she watched his eyes darken with passion. "Lex..." She breathed as she stroked his head then ran her fingers over his lips.

"I come home to you, Lex. I belong to you. No other man gets to see me like you do, Lex-" Their gazes were locked, but as she said this Lex let his eyes wonder over her perfect face, taking in her eyes, nose, mouth and lips. His gaze wondered lower, down her neck, over her collarbones to the V exposed by her dress. " No other man gets to touch me like you do, Lex-" She was encouraging him so he leant forward and kissed her smooth neck then began trailing kisses downwards. Wanting more, Lana took hold of one of his hands, placed it on her thigh and began guiding him over her body. Lex drew back to watch the reactions play across her face. Her head was tilted back slightly, eyes closed, her breathing deep and she shuddered when he brushed the underside of her breast. Suddenly she opened her eyes and brought her head up to look at him. In the dark light of the room her hazel eyes looked almost black and he barely recognised her. "No other man can make me feel the way you do, Lex." Lex knew what she wanted and he took his hand lower. Her breath caught as he lightly brushed her and she arched back against his supporting hand. He didn't take his eyes off her face, watching her as she climaxed, and kissed her softly when she sat upright again. She was still slightly breathless and her voice shook. "I don't want any other man Lex. I only want you."

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