All Wrong

by Niping

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All Wrong

She sensed, more than felt, his presence at first. A subtle change in the air around her, the faintest scent of his cologne, the slide of expensive silk on skin as he moved....she couldn't say which of these things had told her.....she just knew. Hearing him come up behind her, soo close now she could feel his breath, she drew a shaky breath, reveled in the tingles racing up and down her spine and tilted her head slightly to the side. She waited.

He knew she knew he was there. He had seen her straighten almost imperceptively. He had heard the way the breath had caught in her chest, and had recognized it. Anticipation. He had held the same breath. He had stopped, a few agonising feet behind her, hesitating, debating, anticipating....and then he had watched her tilted her head, exposing her neck to him. Inviting. It was his turn to draw a shaky breath as he closed the distance between them and encirled her waist from behind with his left arm. Pulling her gently back against him, he placed his right hand reassuringly on her denim coated hip and slowly lowered his head.

Ths kiss started at her collar bone. As soon as his smooth lips touchde her goose bumps shot down her arm, over her body, and she shivered unvoluntarily, but pleasurably. She felt him hesitate and knew he had misread her reaction. To reassure or encourage him, she wasn't sure which, she ran her hands and fingers over the smooth material of his jacket, feeling his muscles tighten beneath it, inching slowly upwards. As her fingers reached his collar and brushed the cool skin at the back of his neck she felt his muscles leap reflexively and his hold on her waist tightened. His perfect fingers dug into her skin, not pianfully, but just enough for her muscles to leap in turn. Desire was coursing through her now but she held back and let her her fingers spider their way towards the spot on the back of his head. His swift intake of breath told her she had found her place and leaning her head back so it reated in the crrok of his collarboneshe closed her eyes and continued teasing/comforting/encouraging him with her feather light touch, lost in the moment.

Heat from her body radiated even through both their shirts and he could feel the beat of her pulse. It had been steady at first, as had his, but having her slender little body pressed flush againt his lean taut frame had cause them both to race. As he kissed her he savoured the taste and feel of her skin on her lips, so smooth, so delicate. Her shudder had made him falter but as her delicate fingers snaked up his arm and around the back of his neck and head his blood had roared through his veins and his head and heart had pounded with unescapable passion for this beautiful girl in his arms. The touch of her fingers on that place on the back of his head had put an end to any hesitation and he had resumed kissing her, slowly working her way up her neck and caressing her midriff, holding her tighter against him. Her long raven hair had fallen back around her neck as she writher in his arms and he reached up and swept the smooth curtain out of the way, placing a light kiss on her ear in the process. He feels her shiver again and knows she likes that. He draws back slightly and gently blows cool air over her neck and ear, evoking a tiny moan from her throat. Blowing again, softer this time, he watches as the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and she whispers his name, he voice stolen by passion.



A few weeks earlier

"Am I keeping you up?" Although to a passer-by his tone would have sounded as light and slightly condescendingly teasing, Lana, instinctively heard the underlying disappoint and, amazingly, hurt he was trying to hide. It was barely there but she still felt a stab of guilt. He deserved better.

"I'm sorry lex" She said sincerely her hazel eyes apologetic as she laid a small hand on his forearm. Inwardly, he was surprised by her action but he kept his face characteristically neutral, a slight raise of his eyebrows the only indication that he'd felt a thing. He regarded her in silence. Sensing that he was still a little annoyed she tried to explain.

"I sorry I haven't been paying attention Lex but I've been so busy this week. What with school, the talon, Nell, my friends....." She trailed off and took a deep breath. "I'm tired Lex. I haven't been sleeping. I've haven't stopped worryi...."

Her sentence was punctuated by yet another yawn and she quickly tried to stifle it. Lex took pity on her. He could she she was exhausted, and not just physically. The last thing she needed was him and his paperwork. He smiled at her-not a happy smile but one that showed Lana that he understood. She could always rely on Lex for that- understanding. Smiling back at him she became aware of warmth spreading from her insides out and a blush spread across her face. Blaming it on embarrassment over her inabillity to stay awake she began to apologize again- carefully removing her hand from his arm. He noticed but made no comment.

" I really am sorry Lex. I should be able to handle this-" she gestured to the empty talon around them but let her hand fall heavily into her lap. Lex realised that she meant more than just being able to handle the talon. "-I shouldn't let my problems interfere with work. I know that. And you don't need to hear my lame excuses." With her head down and a long curtain of hair shadowing her face Lex struggled to make out her expression but could tell she was upset and also suspected she was embarrassed. This was confirmed by her last statement, which was muttered so quietly that he had to strain to hear it.

"Everyone is entitled to bad days, Lana." When this illicited no response from her, Lex gathered up the papers they had been trying to work on and slid them into their folder. Lana hadn't moved whilst he'd done this, but as he slid from his seat and walked to the backroom he felt his eyes on her. She couldn't help but watch, and admire, the way he moved, with such urbane sophistication and confidence that it seemed to be an integral part of him. Watching him go into the backroom she had expected him to drop off the folder, come back , pick up his things, tell her to "go home and get some rest" and drive off. He didn't. Instead he walked behind the counter, selected two mugs from the rack and set them on the bar. Turning, he regarded the coffee machine, with hands on his hips. After a few minutes Lanas' curiosity overcame her.

He answered without turning round. "Ummm?" "What are you doing?"
"Trying to figure out this machine so I can make us both a latte." He'd said it asthough it were the most obvious thing in the world that it took Lana a few seconds to register. Even then it wouldn't properly sink in. Realising she had yet to reply Lex turned round and had to suppress a grin at the way she was looking at him. "Don't look so surprised Lana, please. It's not that amazing you know." He said dryly with his usual smirk playing across his features. Lana realisde she'd had her mouth open and had been staring at Lex with what must have looked like.......well, she didn't want to think about it. Instead, instantly realising that despite his tone Lex was playing with her, she smiled slyly at him, readying herself for another one of their little repartees.

"Sorry Lex, but I always assumed that you'd run a mile at having to do anything remotely menial. After all, since when can playboy millionaires make coffee?" It was taking a physical effort not to grin now, and the muscles in his face where beginning to ache. He had always enjoyed this side of Lana, had done his best to draw it out, and over the years she had grown into quite the sparring partner. "I'll have you know I'm not entirely useless, Lana. I even tied my own shoes this morning, all by myself." He reveled in her laughter as it filled the empty talon and allowed himself to finally smile and even laugh a little along with her. She had an amazing laugh, it not only sounded great, uplifting and light, but it lit up her entire face. She realised that it was the first time in a long time that she had genuinely smiled, let alone laughed. Sobering slightly she looked at him with serious eyes. "Thankyou Lex." Her voice sounded different to them both but Lex couldn't decifer all the different emotions from the jumble. He looked at her for a long time, staring straight into Lanas slightly clouded, innocent eyes with his own enigmatic blue ones, and they were both caught in the intensity of each others gaze. Lex reluctantly broke the spell.

"So,ummm, unless you want to be here all night I guess I'm gonna need your help." He turned back to the machine. He heard her move towards him. "Sure Lex I'll help you." She was right behind him now and his breath caught in his chest as she leaned up to whisper in his ear. "You might want to turn it on first though."

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