Writing on the Wall

by mobiusklein

Clark and Chloe had coffee at her apartment. "Have you ever thought that your life's never been yours? That it's always been plotted out for you?" said Clark.

"Not particularly," said Chloe. "Are you thinking about the cave walls?"

"Yeah. It's like everything was already up there. Naman, Segeeth, the tattoo . . ."

"You know what the problem is?"


"They didn't have erasers back then."


"No, look. You wouldn't be brooding if you didn't have problems with what life has given you so far. Right?"

Clark nodded.

"What is it about your life that leaves you so unsatisfied?"

"I just can't say that this is the life I would've chosen for myself."

"Well, if Superman can't choose to be whatever he wants to be, what hope is there for the rest of us?"

"Are you just going to snark at me?"

"No, I'm just pointing out something. My name isn't on that wall but I still exist. My parents, your parents, Pete . . . There're a lot of choices and things that those walls don't show. The question is what is it that you want."

Clark was quiet for a moment. "I sometimes ask the question 'Who is Clark Kent?' I don't really have an answer to that. Sometimes I think the reason I can fly is because there's nothing solid inside to ground me, like there's nothing really there. I'd really like an answer to that question."

"Think short term and simple."

"I'd like to rest for a while."

"Then do so. You know, I knew someone who went to a therapist. One of the exercises she was given was draw ing the life that she would've like to have lead instead of the one she had. It helped clear things up. Why don't you try it?"

Clark looked thoughtful. "I'll try that."

A few days later, Chloe was watching TV only to hear that the Kawatche caves had been defaced with new characters and symbols put in their place.

Chloe moaned. Why is he so damn literal minded, she thought.

The End

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